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Realistic or Modern Chessie's Writing Partner Search Thread

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Adventure, Romance


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Hi there! Ive been RPing off and on for a good few years. Life gets busy and I have to take time off. But I always seem to find my way back.

I like to write, and tend to enjoy writing a good few paragraphs. Sometimes if the RP gets really detailed, I can write entire chapters. LOL.

I write female OCs mostly. I certainly don't mind writing with Cannon characters. But I myself don't tend to know shows well enough to pull off Cannon myself. I do LOVE having a scenario where my OC meets a cannon character in a certain scenario and seeing what comes of it. But Im down with your OC and my OC getting to know one another.

Im a sucker for Romance. Im always excited if it works out in our plot. And.. its almost Christmas, so added bonus for doing a Christmas plot. *Grins*

Music tends to inspire my writing. I have a few songs, that I'd like to make a RP out of. See below for examples.

I like long play writing. This means I don't mind taking time to get to know your character. I expect that our RP might take Months to come around.

I can't reply hourly. Sometimes not even daily. I have a job and a family. RP is entertainment for me. Not a priority. Keep me in your back pocket for something to do when you get the chance. If you expect hourly replies, you best have some other RPs on the go. ;)

Ok on to the 'Good stuff" ((I'm new here, and this is kind of lame right now. I'll add to it as I go.))

There's a song that plays quite a lot in the Christmas music on the radio. I'm somehow not sick of it yet. When I hear it my creativity sparks. I see a group of 'carolers' singing before 'the king'. They have probably been selected to do so, and will be paid a good amount to do so.

My thought is, that perhaps the 'prince' or what have you found himself in trouble in town a few weeks prior. His identity hidden. My character helped him. Whether she knew who he was or not we can work out. But he gets back to 'The Palace' safe and sound. Never to see her again.

Until he recognizes her in the group of carolers.

I have more ideas, but I hve to get on with my day. So I'll leave this here for now, and update a bit later.

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