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Realistic or Modern Characters - A Night Bleeds


Out Of Words

Words: Recharging


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ROLE: (example: Magician: Witch or Shifter: Werewolf)
APPEARANCE: (if you use a photo, keep it realistic, otherwise a detailed description is fine. As long as we can tell hair and eye color, etc.)
PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: (What does your character like to wear the most?)
USUAL DEMEANOR: (If someone was to look at your character, what sort of initial impression do they give off? Aloof and casual? Lost in thought? Snobbish? Etc.)
HABITS/QUIRKS: (Does your character rub the back of their neck when thinking? Do they fidget with a sleeve when nervous? Please list only physical quirks others would be able to see.)
CURRENT LOCATION: (Somewhere in the U.S.A. It doesn't matter where the character starts, I'll work with any area in the U.S.A. to bring the character into the story.)
ROLE HISTORY: (Give me some information on how your character became what they are (shifter, vampire, magician, etc). Just a couple of paragraphs is fine, more is just a bonus.)

BONUS CONTENT: (Please include a couple of paragraphs with general information about your character. For example, describe something in their life that had a profound affect on why they are the way they are. Or a favorite memory, and why it is a favorite memory. Etc. Be creative, give me a peek into your character.)

Allison Hagan - Played by @bread-and-butterflies
Clementine Holt - Played by @AsherMasher
Edwin Blut - Played by @Thropian
Leif Hjalkarssen - Played by @KodakWolf
Luciana Romanovska - Played by @Clownery
Maylee Song - Played by @Vinegar Bees
Varya Scuris "Evelyn Harper" - Played by @Maeteris
Winifred Alma Sawyer - Played by @Vinegar Bees
Yeo-Jin Park - Played by @Maeteris

Played by Out Of Words


Role: Shifter: Wereleopard
Occupation: Scout
Age: 17
Height: 5'
Weight: 101lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde/Brown
Eyes: Green
Face Claim: Jonny Lang

Summary: Levi is a smol boi, but his spirit is immeasurable. He was born a wereleopard, a clouded leopard to be specific. Levi fully loves both forms, and can often be found up in the trees as either. He is more comfortable in the trees, than on the ground. There is a strong desire to please others, but if he's ever wronged, it will not be forgotten. He will fight tooth and claw for those he calls friend.


Role: Shifter: Werewolf
Occupation: Runner
Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Face Claim: Jake Gyllenhaal

Summary: Chase was born to be a Runner. His wolf form has large paws, and he flies across the ground. As a Runner, he is responsible for carrying messages between the communities, sometimes to specific individuals. Chase is happiest when he is running, but occasionally, he longs to find a home and just do nothing for a week or two. However, running is Chase's life, and so far nothing else can compare.


Role: Magician: Weaver
Occupation: Freelancer
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 145lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Face Claim: Yida Huang

Summary: Shia is a Weaver, and the strands of magic in the air are actually visible. Shia also has synesthesia, where sounds are seen as colorful threads. At first, it was difficult to tell them apart, until he realized the magic strands looked like they were coated in glitter. Music is a large part of his magic, he is rarely found without headphones on. The sounds merge with the shimmering threads of magic, then he is able to touch the ribbons, and shape them to his will.


Role: Shifter: Cipher
Occupation: Life Enjoyment
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Face Claim: Ryan Reynolds

Summary: Bug is a Cipher, he is able to transform into almost any insect. He is usually in human form, but cannot help some distinctly 'bug' like habits. He will chitter when happy, sad, or with any strong emotion. When he is in a great mood, Bug will often break out into 'song', which sounds like a choir of insects. Understandably, this creeps most people out. Bug is one of the friendliest souls, he is quick to like someone, and quicker to say "I love you", and mean every word of it.

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NAME: Edwin Blut
NICKNAME: Harry (Bear form)
AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 32 | 6'1 | 200 lbs
ROLE: Magician: Druid | Shifter: Bear
APPEARANCE: Thick and unkempt brown hair, roughly cut to shoulder length. Equally unruly beard flows onto his chest. His bright blue eyes hint at his usual smile.
PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: Poncho and straw hat are his only staples. His clothes cycle out on his rare trip into town. Usually tougher work clothes.
USUAL DEMEANOR: Spacey, seems to zone out and lose track of things when not directly engaging. Talks soft and slow, with a care free tone.
HABITS/QUIRKS: Idly chews on things, usually thin twigs but can include pencils or anything else he is holding. Wipes his hands against his pants when nervous, wear marks around the pocket suggest this happens often.
CURRENT LOCATION: Forests of Colorado
ROLE HISTORY: Edwin fell in with the 'edgy cool kids' in middle school. He joined them on their journey into witchcraft and devil worship, and found a certain affinity for druidic works. His 'friends' moved on, continuing their quest to gross the others out, and Edwin stumbled upon some actual druidic rituals. His first attempt at casting a simple spell to empower his bonds to nature happened as he hit maturity and his shifter form flourished. Hours later, having roamed the woods and relishing the easy life of a bear, Edwin finally returned to his human form and decided he preferred his new found life. His time at home diminished, until he simply stopped leaving the forest at all.

BONUS CONTENT: Edwin met a traveling druid, who claimed he roamed the world by the pulse of nature and helped heal the dying lands. He became Edwin's father figure for this new life, teaching him to be calm and in control of himself, to feel the world around him and know how he fits in, and how to make the things he needed. Edwin recognized then that in his rage fueled hunt of the poachers in the forest, that he had nearly lost himself into his bear form. His meditations have brought him back, and brought him peace with the bear.


Conservative Capitalist

Varya Scuris

ALIAS: Evelyn Harper

AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 27 (370) l 6'2 l 161lbs


PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: Dress suits or anything formal.

USUAL DEMEANOR: From a distance, Evelyn Harper carries herself with an air of professionalism, though slightly tainted by the air of superiority and arrogance she possesses.

HABITS/QUIRKS: Evelyn has a habit of staring at peculiar subjects of interest, other times she stares so a point is being delivered. Nonetheless, one would feel the heated burn of her gaze.


ROLE HISTORY: Evelyn's natural haughtiness stems from the fact that she's a descendant of the Harper lineage, a quiet branch of Elves hiding behind a mortal's name. The new world was a ripe fruit, perfect for a long-lived race such as theirs. Time rarely worked against them, as most of their mortal rivals would naturally expire. Fast forward to today, this is where Evelyn stands, on the shoulders of her forefathers who've molded the Harper name to be synonym with industrialization.

BONUS CONTENT: Longevity doesn't always affect every Elf the same, especially for those that live among mortals. Varya had been different once, one could say she was almost human. But after the first few natural deaths of her close friends, a cold outer shell grew between her and the rest of the world; shrugging attempts for companionship from mortals. The gap grew to a quiet indifference, until it broke so far to the point of unrestrained arrogance.

By the end of the second world war, Varya eventually learns to restrain herself. A newfound respect for mortals blooms, while the humans certainly were the ones who sown the seeds of chaos, they ultimately learnt to take care of their own mess without supernatural intervention.​
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NAME: Clementine Holt

AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 17 I 5’6 | 144

ROLE: Magician: Witch

APPEARANCE: Clementine has long brown hair with eyes that shine a bright emerald green. Her hair is usually tied back into two braids that she pulls onto her shoulders. She is a bit lanky for her age with long legs and arms that are constantly moving about. She has a smile that spreads over her entire face and the constant look of determination.

PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: Comfortable, casual clothing. She dresses as a normal teenager; but, her favorite outfit consists of shorts, a T-shirt, and her father’s old college sweatshirt that is a size too big. She also consistently wears her mother’s worn, sun hat as a special sentiment.
USUAL DEMEANOR: Clementine is a relatively positive and excitable person. She truly believes that there is good in everyone and always tries to look on the lighter end of a situation. She has a bubbly personality and is known for throwing herself into a situation before rationalizing. Clem is self conscious of her own magics and often gets frustrated with it, but she tries her hardest to be the best witch that she can be.

HABITS/QUIRKS: Clem is high energy and is always on the move. She is often seen fidgeting with whatever she can get her hands on and has a habit of playing around with objects while speaking or thinking. When feeling nervous or self conscious, Clementine plays with the sleeves on her sweatshirt or the ends of her braids.

CURRENT LOCATION: Nevada, USA with her grandparents.

ROLE HISTORY: Clementine’s mother, Celestine Arroway. was a famous witch within the magic community due to her powerful and special light magic. She came from a well known family of the same discipline that wanted to improve the family lineage through “pure blood offspring.” However, Celestine fell in love with a non magical human man named Jacob Holt. Cast out from her family, Celestine and Jacob married and had their daughter, Clementine. Clementine’s early life was peaceful and wholesome with her family. She inherited her mother’s magic and began showing signs of the power around the age of three. As she grew, Clementine’s mother began teaching her the principles of magic. Clementine learned how to control and manage her newfound abilities through her mother as their bond between mother and daughter grew.

Clem has trouble remembering early years into her childhood, but she does recall her mother’s protective tendencies and that faithful night. Their family home was isolated in a heavily wooded area, with the only visits coming from Jacob’s parents. Clementine remembers watching her mother place multiple protection spells on their home and when questioned why was told they were for “keeping the bad men away.” As Clementine got older her mother’s paranoia seemed to increase.
At the age of 7 Clementine recalls her mother sneaking to place a kiss on her forehead and whispering how much she loved her. The next morning Clementine went around the house looking for her parents, but to no avail. She spent the whole day crying out for her parents, but neither Celestine nor Jacob came to comfort her. From then on Clementine’s parents were considered missing. Rumors, mostly started by Celestine’s family, portrayed Jacob as a hunter that killed or sold his own wife. These rumors spread quickly throughout the community and painted Clementine as a child of a hunter. Celestine’s family refused to take in Clementine as she was not a pure blood witch and could be a danger to the community. Jacob’s parents quickly took in Clementine as their own and began taking care of her from then on.


Luciana Romanovska

"quote here"


Name: Luciana Romanovska

Age| Height| Weight : 102 y.o, turned at 24, 135 lbs | 6'0 ft

Role: Blood Vampire


Slender, standing tall and regal at about 6 foot flat, her facial features are sharp and strong, pallid complexion that remained smooth and unblemished, akin to the classical standards of beauty. She has bright golden eyes that seems to glow in darkness and untamed golden hair lazily brushed back or tied up.

Preffered clothing:

Luciana has preferred clothing that is practical. Rarely will she dress herself stylishly on a good day. Plain dresses, Buttoned shirts, coats, slacks/skirts and maybe simple jewelries are a default.

Usual Demeanor:

Luciana carries a rather reserved and meek disposition, her actions and mannerisms hint a sad and melancholic character. Yet at the same time she has an air of effortless grace about her that appears almost intrinsic in nature, telling of a woman who was once proud and of high status.


Easily lost in thought, has a tendency to daydream a lot and stare into the distance. Has a light feet, blends into the background, has a tendency to unintentionally sneak into people, apologises politely if she stuns them.


Luciana is tame for a traditional vampire. For a child of the night she encompasses a strong morality which helps her put her destructive and predatory instincts under control. She's mostly collected, and would never act upon her urges alone. Her life in the past few decades revolved around a strict routine, especially regarding her feeding habits, as she believes it's the only way to live without posing danger to herself and to people around her, and may even go as far as to protect them, if only to compensate for her own immoral actions.

For that reason, she appears rather distant and somewhat paranoid in person, closing off the opportunity for any intimate relationships with other mortals, or non mortals, as a way to avoid losing her cool. Hence, Luciana's despondent nature is somehow attributed to her long life of loneliness and reservation. She considers it a curse, more than anything. Yet behind her sad golden eyes, hides a hopeful soul, a trait that stuck with her despite everything, believing that even the most cruel of criminals are never defined by their past sins but rather their own personal virtues just lingering within. A belief that she also applies to herself, if only to stop the pain of regrets she had suffered through the years.

Current Location: Baltimore

Role History:

Luciana was born around 1918, just right after the first world war had ended, to well to do parents, who immigrated from Poland to Germany and to where Luciana spent most of her life growing up. She was a rather sickly child, having all sorts of illness plaguing her every so often, most prevalent was a congenital heart disease. The reason why most of the time she was kept at home and under strict surveillance, homeschooling her for most of the years and never really having a proper social life with children her age. Being an only child back then, life was pretty lonely with only her old nurses to keep her company.

At the beginning of the second world war was one of the many drastic moments of young Luciana's life. Germany was under dictatorship, her family was forced to flee the country at dawn. After staying hidden for days, they were unfortunately intercepted by a patrol of soldiers. Those horrifying moments were a nothing but a haze to Luciana now, with most of them being forgotten though time.

Only the screams of her mother and the vision of her father bloodied on the floor that night was the strongest memory she could recall. They were imprisoned for the next two weeks, when they found an opportunity to escape at the dead of night. She along with a fellow prisoner snuck through a small opening on a fence. Just a short moment she heard the sound of the alarm; they have been found out. Luciana could only run, as fast and as far away as she could, whilst gunshots echoing through the night. She never dared to look back. With her every step she could feel her breath shorten, due to her weak heart. She slumped down on the tall grass fields, gasping heavily for air, her vision starting to blur.

Although vividly she could recall a shadow leaned over her, thinking that she had been caught. But that wasn't the case, as another shadow hovered above her, then another until a small group flocked around. Before she could even realize it, she already lost consciousness. The next day, or days was it, she finally woke up with an unusual soreness to her neck. Her saviors were a group of fugitives in hiding, who took her in. They explained to her what they did, turning her that is, thinking that it was the only way they could save her. She wasn't all up for it, to say the least, and left her confused and angry for days. Sooner she mellowed down to it, acknowledging the situation she's currently in and lived with the group of her newfound family for the next few years.

Bonus Content:
-After the war, Luciana was at her prime. She was free, wild and uncaring. She had let the beast within her manifest in it's full glory, having an expert hand for manipulating and murdering aplenty of unsuspecting meals. But for years, her actions were taking a toll on her mental state. Turns out there's a strong bit of humanity within her after all, her tolerance for guilt was much more weaker. She became depressed for a time, and later on slowly adjusting to a safer, and much more tamer lifestyle. By mid 80's Luciana moved to Baltimore, where she spent most of her life in peace at a small apartment building with a couple of decent folks she lived next to. Guiltily, she would consider most of the people in the complex as her flock, where at night she would carefully feed on them in their sleep and every time, she feels utter disgust, and shame in what she does.

- At 17 her mother introduced her to one of her friend's eldest son, as a means to playfully match them up at the family's dinner party. Though the boy was quite handsome, and polite even, Luciana never took an interest on him. She never did quite understand it, not until she met his sister and the two became rather close. Back then a part of her was still confused, if not afraid as realization slowly dawned on her.

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NAME: Maylee Song

NICKNAME: Sometimes scornfully called "Stray" by other werewolves. One of her fathers used to call her "Princess."

AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 20 | 5'2" | 145 lbs.


ROLE: Hunter | Shifter (Werewolf)

APPEARANCE: Though rather diminutive in stature, Maylee is built with lithe athletic muscle that proves her to be far stronger than she may appear at first glance. Her light olive-toned skin flushes more easily than she would like, and her dark brown, almond-shaped eyes often speak of feelings she keeps locked behind her lips. Her hair, a shade of dark brown similar to her eyes, is straight and stringy and falls down to her waist. She usually braids it at the start of each day, but over the course of the day it inevitably begins to loosen itself and hang peskily in her face. For a while, now, she has been considering chopping it off, but a certain quiet attachment has stayed her hand thus far.

PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: Casual clothing with a lean towards sporty. Sweatshirts, crop tops, and sports bras are staples in her wardrobe, along with high-waisted shorts and leggings. Layers are another constant: she often layers flannel shirts and light jackets over her tops. Regardless of the weather, she is almost never seen without her favorite coat, an olive green parka with a fur-trimmed hood. In the event that the weather is too warm for such cover, she lets it hang off her shoulders or ties it around her waist.

USUAL DEMEANOR: Maylee is usually standing stiffly at attention, on-guard with her brow furrowed: she gives off a bit of a brooding demeanor, a seriousness that can feel a bit ungainly. She wears this stern attitude like armor, distancing others from a heart that is, in reality, quite soft and easily punctured. As a child, Maylee wore her kind, gentle heart on her sleeve, tempered only by a timid streak: she felt things deeply and visibly and was easily moved to tears of either joy or sorrow. Her heart, however, has bled and scabbed over too many times for her to leave it bare, and she now regards her hidden compassion and sensitivity with insecurity, locking it away in an effort to prove that she is strong—to herself as much as to others.

HABITS/QUIRKS: Despite her attempts at a stony, undaunted demeanor, Maylee has a laundry list of physical tells that betray her buried feelings. She has a tendency to bite her lip and stiffen her jaw when tense, and when she is trying to stop herself from crying, she blinks rapidly and averts her gaze. She often catches herself wringing her hands when distressed and quickly stuffs them into her pockets or clenches them at her sides. In her most anxious moments, her fingers have a tendency to rest on her neck, at the base of her throat.


ROLE HISTORY: She has only the vaguest memories of her birth mother, instead regarding as parents the two men who adopted her early in her life. One of them was a magic-user, the other a former hunter who had defected from the lifestyle to raise a family in peace. Shortly after they adopted her, they took in a boy close to her age—a boy who wasn't human. There was no reason to be afraid, they assured both of the children. From her earliest memories, her fathers instilled in her the belief that differences need not be barriers, and she soon regarded the boy as her brother as earnestly as she viewed the two men as her parents.

For the length of her childhood, her family was her sun—the center of her universe, a warm glow that made her feel safe, cherished, loved. When they introduced her to their friends—elves, vampires, shapeshifters—they told her of their dream, that all beings could treat each other as family, human or not.

It was a dream she believed in, accepting far more readily than her brother, whose reservations she did not understand. Over the years, her best friend and closest confidant had begun to morph into someone she didn't recognize, someone she had begun to regard with the last thing her parents wanted: fear. Despite her attempts to weather the storm, the idyll of home and family was shattered when she found her brother licking their parents' blood from his hands. Wrought with grief, she tried to fight him off, but he easily overpowered her. When he approached her and wrapped his blood-slick hands around her throat, she was ready to join her parents—but instead, she awoke to a pounding headache and the whirl of sirens, her brother nowhere to be seen.

It was difficult to discern what made her angrier: that her brother had slaughtered their beloved parents in cold blood or that he had denied her a reunion with them by sparing her. Her parents had always highlighted the value in her human nature—being human, they told her, did not make her any less. She could no longer see truth in it. Being human left her weak and helpless, no more valuable than a fly on the wall as she watched her parents die. She could not, would not ever be that powerless again.

Days later, she sought out a werewolf with cursed blood running through their veins and pleaded with them to curse her, too.

BONUS CONTENT: - For a while after she was turned by the sharp fangs in her throat, Maylee struggled desperately to control her transformations, often shifting painfully in feverish blurs. Since then, she has managed to rein in some control over her beastly nature, but she has far from mastered it. She still suffers from involuntary shifts from time to time, but she is generally able to feel them coming on and can stave them off if she is able to ground and relax herself. During strong bouts of emotion, whether grief, rage, or fear, she tends to transform before she has time to collect her bearings.

- Maylee views her wolf self as a necessary evil to combat her human weakness, not a point of kinship or pride. As a result, she takes great care to avoid aligning herself with any werewolf packs in the area, accepting the scornful label of "stray."

- As a hunter, she responds to incidents in which supernatural beings threaten human lives. She tells herself she isn't like those other hunters, the ones who dispassionately extract the teeth of felled vampires for sale on the black market, but the distrust builds within her every time she sees a supernatural being strike down someone weaker. The rage she feels when she thinks of her brother is as stirring as the tremor of transformation, and she is precariously balanced between an innate compassion and a grief-born, perhaps impotent hunger for revenge.

- She plans for her brother to be her last target. When she is through with him, her family will finally be together again.
NAME: Leif Hjalkarssen (pronounced “Life Yalkarssen”)

NICKNAME: Maddox Ward, Cameron Holland

AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 1179, turned at 25 y.o | 6ft | 165lb

ROLE: Vampire: Blood Vampire


Medium length blonde hair with blueish grey eyes.

PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: Mostly dark colored clothing, jeans, boots and jean and leather jackets. He still wears rustic animal pelts for warmth when not among people. He also usually wears a silver armring and a silver ring.

USUAL DEMEANOR: Leif is usually reclusive and not a man of many words, which can come off as rude or arrogant, which is rarely anything personal but instead a result of centuries of putting up with all kinds of human bs. While he might look the type, he nowadays rarely gets involved in any sort of quarrel or conflict, preferring to keep a low profile. He will, however, seem pleasant and charming when looking to find company/prey for the night.

HABITS/QUIRKS: After turning, he developed a fixation for keeping objects neat and symmetrically arranged.

CURRENT LOCATION: Northern Wyoming near the Black Hills, about 2 hours away from the city of Sundance.

ROLE HISTORY: Born in the year 841 in Scandinavia as an only child to a family of good social influence, Leif was well trained from a young age both to provide as in fishing hunting and farming, and to battle, the two things one had to know well back then. He fought alongside his father (and sometimes mother too) and took part in raids and journeys into exciting new lands, also got himself a wife, Kadlin, and land he’d return to every year in time to harvest the crops.

A couple of years later Kadlin died during childbirth of their first child, a young girl named Turid who miraculously survived and kept him at home for that year. The next winter his health started deteriorating with what was thought to come from the gods, but he much later learned to have been a severe case of tuberculosis, leading him to live isolated and hand Turid over to his parents for her well being. His condition deteriorated further, and he was convinced by his father to see some sort of sorcerer no one had heard of before, in hopes something could be done to save his life. He agreed, as it was known that death by sickness, or anything other than battle was a good way of getting a passport to Hel, the underworld.

It turned out to be some sort of dark magic ritual, but he couldn’t grasp much from being burning in fever and blindfolded throughout the whole process. However, the smell of fresh blood on the wet dirt beneath his hands still lingers fresh in his memory, as does the chanting in some familiar but ancient language he could hardly try to grasp a few words of. It initially came from the mysterious woman’s mouth, it was clear by her voice. As time passed, how much he couldn’t tell, the voice uttering the chanting changed, and it sounded closer and closer to the point it felt like it was coming from inside his head. And it was deep, hoarse, guttural.

Leif woke up days later in what seemed like a new body, in the middle of the woods. No weakness, no cough, no shortness of breath, no fever. Only a highly uncomfortable feeling of restlessness he couldn’t quite understand. It took him a while to find his way back home, where he was welcomed with open arms, but his father refused to give him any information on the ritual they’d taken part in, and instead informed him of the news that his daughter had fallen ill and passed away.

The feeling of restlessness only grew over the next few days, as did an increased sensitivity to sunlight, and one night he made his first attack on his own people practically in a trance-like state. Upon realizing what he’d done, he confronted his father who continued to refuse to give him anything other than apologies and excuses that what he did, he did out of love.

Leif left for years in search of answers, which were by no means complete or easy to find, but he slowly came to terms with what he learned piece by piece, and kept in touch with his people for several more decades, until the world he knew slowly changed and he left again to wander the world, doing all kinds of jobs in different places until he came upon the native american tribes in what is now North America, with whom he spent several generations until their lifestyle was no longer made possible by the government, when he finally bought a large piece of land near the Black Hills, a place considered sacred by some of the tribes he spent time with and where he still likes to visit from time to time, when not hunting or visiting nightclubs in the larger cities.

- Leif lives in the same piece of land in a rustic but meticulously organized cottage he acquired in the late 1800’s after he saw no more hope of trying to halt the taming of the west. It is a large area that comprises an abandoned and run down church located near the edge of his land, where the fences are purposely torn allowing access to the stone building to curious hikers that come by every now and then, making for easy prey. Their remains he leaves buried under the church grounds, where one wouldn’t usually be surprised to find bones.
- Having lived so many centuries, he has an almost infinite amount of story material which would make for every writer’s dream. He didn’t let it go to waste and now lives as a reclusive (and rather successful) writer, publishing under the pseudonym of Maddox Ward (he switches names every few decades) a long list of “fiction” novels with the most varied themes. He never types them on a computer, and sends everything handwritten to the publisher.
- While he lives as a reclusive writer, he has a ‘parallel life’ of sorts, occasionally hitting the road to visit larger cities, often in the west coast, for their nightlife scene,where company and prey are plentiful.However, he hardly strikes twice in the same place during a short period of time to avoid raising suspicions.
- He takes pleasure in hunting and often killing his prey, he however does not view these actions as inherently evil, but as part of the natural order of things, even though he’s aware that what he is, is by no means natural. He holds certain grudges against modern society, that has too many rules, way too many people and too much surveillance, making his life a lot harder than it should be. Nonetheless, he gave up any and all ideas he might’ve had to fight it and force humans into submission and prefers to keep a low profile, as he knows those with supernatural gifts (or curses) are by far the minority, and most of them are too sympathetic to humans to ever consider those ideas.
- He collects knives from different places and time periods, and always carries an ancient silver one gifted to him by his father, and one made of bone that was a gift from the time he spent with native americans.
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NAME: Allison Hagan


AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 51 | 5'3" | 196 lb

ROLE: Magician: Witch


PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: Colors are mostly black, grey, and neutral tones. Typical outfit would be a black blazer over a white button up, black slacks. No one would ever mistake her for a fashionista, but she'd always look presentable at a work meeting.

USUAL DEMEANOR: Cordial - reserved - aloof - judgemental

HABITS/QUIRKS: When in conversation, Allison is friendly enough, though she rarely expresses any particularly strong emotion - whether anger, fear, sadness, or happiness. E.g., she smiles a lot, but almost never laughs. When she's not socializing, she will often observe the people around her, sometimes scrutinizing them for several minutes, as if making some kind of judgement about their character or life choices. If she feels anxious, she tends to stare blankly as her mind races, considering every option and possibility, trying to decide the best course of action. She also has a bad habit of audibly clicking her tongue at anything (or anyone) she disapproves of. And on the relatively rare occasions she gets extremely irritated or agitated, she begins mumbling to herself, reciting the code of her coven to remind her to stay calm, collected, and rational.

CURRENT LOCATION: Weaverville, California

ROLE HISTORY: Allison was "scouted" by a local coven at the age of 18. It took some time to get used to the idea that all of the strange occurrences that had plagued her childhood and adolesence were the result of her then-undiscovered magical abilities, but once she accepted it, she quickly found a second family in the tight-knit group of witches.

Her magical training was extensive, involving several years of practicing gestures and education on the particular ethics and code of conduct of the coven, as well as magical theory, before she was taught any proper magic spells. At the age of 25, she was oathed as a full member of the coven. Now, 26 years later, she is one of its elders, her mentors having mostly retired.

BONUS CONTENT: Allison and her coven specialize in oath-based magic, which involves mediating between various supernatural beings and/or factions and casting spells to magically bind parties to the agreements they make. Since this magic and type of task requires honesty and fairness, the coven has a strict ethical code all members must abide by, at pain of being stripped of their magical ability.

A formative experience in Allison's life was her first (and failed) attempt at using magic outside of the coven. She had decided to practice a spell that would compell her to tell the truth for the next hour. However, without the support or supervision of her mentors, the spell backfired, causing her to speak aloud every thought that came into her head for a full day. Unfortunately, she was scheduled to work that evening, and after telling a particularly rude customer exactly what she thought about them, she got written up by her boss and later lectured to at length by the coven elders.

Though her particular niche of magic doesn't pay as well as it used to, a frugal lifestyle has allowed Allison to live in her own small home in Weaverville. It's been a few years since her mother Nora, who is getting on in years, moved in with Allison, and the two have a close relationship. Though her mother has no magical ability, she has always taken Allison's powers in stride, and is supportive of her path, with several of the coven's members requesting Nana Nora's fudge cookies at their meetings.


Conservative Capitalist

Yeo-Jin Park
Shifter: Tiger shark


AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 25, 5’8, 143lbs
ROLE: Shifter; Tiger shark


A simple worn blazer worn over anything underneath, usually a blouse or her training tank-top tucked beneath fitting trousers.


USUAL DEMEANOR: Yeo-Jin is usually laid back and calm, other officers say she’s too relaxed. Though, they don’t usually say anything since she gets assignments done. She’s ditzy but not awfully to the point of annoyance.

HABITS/QUIRKS: She has a habit of jumping straight ahead to conclusions and sometimes recklessly diving into action without a well made plan. Has a habit of disobeying orders and worryingly shows disregard for perpetrators’ lives.


Yeo-Jin Park comes from a family of aquatic shifters from the far east. In a journey that took weeks to accomplish, the Park family settled in Florida in 1961 where coincidentally a shiver of sharks were found beached.

Yeo-Jin is born a few decades later, a queer individual from the litter. She’s rambunctious and almost always a handful even around father shark. No amount of discipline would’ve made her budge. Her headstrong nature allowed her to pass the police academy, to the surprise of her siblings.

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Vinegar Bees

flowers & teeth.
REAL NAME: Winifred Alma Sawyer


AGE | HEIGHT | WEIGHT: Physically 23, has actually been alive 59 years | 4'10" | 87 lbs.


ROLE: Psychic Vampire

APPEARANCE: Diminutive in both height and build, Winnie is often and easily mistaken for much younger than she is, an error she alternately (quietly) bristles at and seizes for her advantage. Her milk-white skin, almost translucent in its pallor, shows its few traces of color very starkly: the scabbed purple-red of her lips, the doll-like splotches of red blooming in her cheeks beneath the freckles lightly dusting her face. Her eyes, large and round and gray in color, are immediately and eerily her most notable feature, appearing as though they might at any moment swallow the rest of her face or perhaps even the viewer. Her hair, too, a long mass of dusty blonde waves, ensconces a frail-looking, underweight body marked by the jutting of bones. Three knobby limbs anchor her tiny frame: the fourth, her right leg, is truncated above the knee and fitted with a prosthesis; she can often be seen rubbing the prosthetic limb as if it pains her.

PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: Shabby, vaguely vintage-looking skirts and dresses (not pants, never pants). She dresses similarly to how one might expect to see a porcelain doll dressed: loose, ruffled skirts, floral patterns worthy of a grandmother's wallpaper, puffy sleeves. And, similarly to a doll gathering dust in an attic, her clothing choices tend not to draw many eyes, the fit too loose and the style too outmoded to flatter her frame. In addition, she likes to layer stockings and socks beneath her rustic boots to conceal her prosthetic limb as thoroughly as possible, and she wears a pair of gloves she is particularly defensive of.

USUAL DEMEANOR: Above all things, Winnie is keenly perceptive and intuitive of others' feelings, and she is able to rapidly alter her own presentation based on her environment—a sort of social camouflage aimed at defending her from potential threats. Certain characteristics are common throughout—Winnie is always meek, always obedient, always trying to cause as little a stir as possible; whether she is mute and obsequious or chatty and saccharine-sweet depends on what she feels is expected of her in any given moment. She gives the impression of one who is quite high-strung, often flitting about with nervous energy, near-manic in her attempts to accommodate. That is not to say Winnie is bereft of a more potent will: indeed, beneath her martyr's skin runs a vein of violent resentment, but she is too cowed—for now—to take it out on anyone but herself.

HABITS/QUIRKS: Winnie is quite visibly unable to stay still, always fidgeting with her hands or hair or a nearby object—even when sitting (ramrod-straight in posture), her legs are usually bouncing, as if ready to take flight at a moment's notice. She has a tendency to flinch at any sudden movements and displays the aftermath of a biting habit in the scabs dotting her lips and the dried blood crusting her nail beds, usually hidden beneath her gloves.

CURRENT LOCATION: Grand Junction, Colorado

ROLE HISTORY: Born in 1961 to an upright, Catholic family, Winnie found the Devil more frequently visited her childhood home than any benevolent God. She speaks little of the events that transpired behind closed doors, instead seizing the earliest opportunity to run away from her broken home as a young teenager. She told herself she would return for her younger sister, if only to quiet the voice at the back of her mind scorning her as a coward.

(A voice that sounded just like hers, naturally.)

On her own, aimless and ignorant in the ways of the world, Winnie found herself floundering for work until a young woman offered her a job as a maid for her wealthy aunt. In no position to refuse pay, Winnie followed the woman to a lavish property, where the lady of the estate—an elegant woman who smelled too sweet, like overripe fruit—tried to sink her abnormally-long teeth into Winnie's neck.

Winnie struggled with such feral desperation that she gave the lady pause. Her fate was never in question, Winnie knows—the lady was as calculated as a cat allowing a mouse a final desperate dash before snatching it between its paws—but ultimately, the vampiress decided Winnie would better serve her as a meal ticket than a meal herself.

In exchange for her life, Winnie was groomed as a pied piper, leading victims to the viper's nest just like the woman who had originally offered her a job. With her innocuous appearance and sugary voice, Winnie was perfectly cast in her role as unexpected predator, all the while justifying to herself that she was merely doing what she must to survive. She lived in constant, paralyzing fear of her captors, but in time, it became muddled with a sort of earnest affection—so much so that, when the lady told her she had finally earned her right to meet the lord of the estate and to be turned by him, she viewed it as a privilege and not as another means of exerting control over her.

BONUS CONTENT: - The process of Winnie's turning was somewhat unusual—while she could rationalize indirectly causing harm, she could not cope with the thought of actively draining someone's blood and so refused any and all attempts at feeding. The intense stress of the turning process, newborn vampire blood lust, and her self-imposed starvation somehow culminated in her body adapting to draw sustenance directly from others' life force rather than through drinking their blood. She triggers the transfusion of life through skin-to-skin contact, thus her reason for wearing gloves at all times except when ordered to remove them. Additionally, she has an extreme sense of empathy and is able to both experience others' feelings and project her own onto them by holding prolonged eye contact. In such a case, Winnie can produce a hypnotic effect in her target, but she also risks being overwhelmed by emotions that aren't her own.

- Her most recent venture involves working for a group of unfamiliar magicians, apparent associates of her vampire lord and lady. Her abilities, it seems, serve a particular need in their vague mission to "recruit" others for some unclear cause. While she is frightened by her lack of information regarding the situation and isn't exactly fond of the work, Winnie long ago learned to do as she is told.

- Since the bleeding of the moon began, Winnie has been experiencing bouts of intense emotional anguish and physical discomfort centered mainly on her eyes. These fits become nigh-unbearable when she is looking at the moon itself.

- Though she presents and identifies as female, Winnie is biologically intersex.

- When questioned about what happened to her leg, Winnie will somewhat cryptically say, "It wasn't an accident, but it wasn't supposed to happen."

- Despite a disillusionment with the faith she was brought up with, Winnie still catches herself praying quite often—though she is far more likely to appeal to the Holy Virgin than any sort of Heavenly Father. Men have always frightened her a little more than women.
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