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Experiences Character you miss using the most?


Hey, everyone!

I've been thinking about this a lot recently and I was curious. (To be more specific, I was thinking of my own OC who I love dearly and who has been inactive in any roleplays for a while now because I just haven't found someone to replace my old rp partner.)

For my character, he was a twenty year old vampire with black, curly hair and he was also extremely emotional constipated... except for when he was around his cute snake man boyfriend—I loved that for him. ^-^

Anyways, incredibly interested to see what other types of characters you guys miss using!
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Sombra. Lover

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I had an Oc that was a cyborg girl. Her name is circuit, I have been using her in a book, she's now abandoned, and I hope i find someone to go with her.


The Freechoicer
I had a character who was a brainwashed sergeant in a dystopian military who had no charisma and was known for reading out of pamphlets, giving lame speeches about loyalty, and correcting really minor mistakes.

She was basically the only NCO that got anybody in trouble, as well as the only female character that didn't ERP or engage in any relationships whatsoever, so she was OOCly liked but ICly hated.

M.J. Saulnier

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Bones Lancet. I featured him in the "First RP Character" thread.

He was a ton of fun to write. I love a good old badass with layers of armor you can peel back to reveal the sources of pain that created that exterior. To make someone care about a prickly bastard when they didn't really see it coming. I didn't ease it in with Bones, I dropped it like a bomb.

I never really enjoyed playing a cut and dry, thoroughbred badass who "was just born broken". I don't get much out of it. The only exception is Kronos, but no one has played him yet and he's the God of matter, darkness and destruction so it sort of lines up.


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Oh boy, there are so many! I'm the type that makes a new character for almost every RP, but I also put my heart and soul into what I make. One of the results of that combination is that I have a host of characters that barely had use but I really love. Every time I go through my character storage thread, it's a trip down memory lane.

To name a few of the most remarkable for me...

Scrapdramon: My first character, albeit not from RPN, but instead from my first RP site. That little fella was an odd one, but he was very fun to play and surprisingly well-done in terms of character design for my first making a character ever.

Shiiro Inubashiri / Shiiro Lyra: While I remember fondly this character and havign a lot of fun playing them, the "why" kind of illudes me now. She was a character in an RP called "Hell City", and she was a cannibalistic dog-girl and one of the few characters of mine to ever get in a romantic relationship.

Lawneck: Lawneck is surprisingly one of the characters I best remember, even for how old of a character he is. He was my main character in my first group roleplay, a wolf pack RP set during a time of conflict between two packs. My character was the alpha of the sun pack, and someone who commanded through strong and strict rules, order, hierarchy, honor... He was the "do it the right way" kind of leader by contrast with the other pack leader who was extremely lax and laissez-faire in their approach. Needless to say who was more popular, even among Lawneck's very pack. In later iterations he also became a caring father. Either way, his time in those RPs was mostly spend trying to be a leader for his pack, but he was ignored and effectively abandoned, as none would take his orders even if he was trying to organize the pack to put out fires while keeping everyone safe.
I think he was a pretty big lesson for me in what one can get out of situations where what a character is meant to be clashes with what the other players give you to work with. Lawneck was supposed to be a leader, standing atop, commanding his pack in the fight against their enemies. Instead, he was the leader of a pretty much broken pack, unable to reign in his subordinates, questioning himself as a leader while trying to stand firm with his ideals.

Bloody Mary: Bloody Mary was my first attempt at the Fate style of character, basically a fictionalized version of a historical or mythological figure given special abilities based on their legend and summoned to our time to win some kind of murderfest competition in order to fulfill some desire they have (the last two parts are a bit more optional though). It's not every day that I find researching history and such fun, but this kind of character somehow roped me into it. I love the design of personality, powers and so on that I came up with as a result of that research, albeit looking back at it I do think I went quite over the top with said abilities (not in power level, but they definitely had a "it's in here because I wanted them to have this sort of ability" feel to them, as opposed to the more thematic framing of some of my later sheets within that type of character).

Christina Simul Yuno Infabellis Whisperfell: One of the biggest reasons why I miss this character, apart from my general love for the "loli vampire" archetype, is the RP the character was in. It was one of the best RPs I was ever a part of, with one of the if not the best partner I ever had the pleasure of working with. Unfortunately tragic circumstances led to troubles in their life and mental health, and while thankfully they seem to have mostly recovered from it (within what's viable), our RP never did make the same recovery.

Uma Mahone: I made this adorable little character for a magical girl RP with a GM that quickly rammed it to the ground by almost immediately losing interest, and many players who left rather quickly. A member took over as GM in that RP, but they couldn't sustain it themselves, but we did go on to work on other stuff together. Anyway, besides the aforementioned adorableness, Uma had a sort of character arc that really interested me and which had an even deeper root in the character's psyche than many of my previous characters: Uma was a character who didn't know any life beyond being spoiled and having success fall to her lap, but this only further made her want to prove her worth and seek validation as deep inside it haunted her, the fact that she didn't feel she deserved or had earned that success at all. This character led me to one of my favorite intro posts that I ever wrote, a simple common weird "start the day" type of post, but packed to the brim with character and perspective.
Plus, I love the work I did with her CS coding as well. While a cpuple images are broken now, the magical girl transformation effect is still there XD

E'lania Treeance: I'll make this the last character on this post. This is a D&D character from a certain short lived D&D campaign, and I loved every bit of designing this character. Being able to bring the concept of her into a character at all was a big bonus for me XD

I do still intend on making that updated CSs thread sometime. When I have the time to spare on that.


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Here is my dear Marble boi, he's a fennec fox and, as you can probably imagine, there aren't any fennec for roleplays as of now (Note! Yes, I know that Marble-coloured foxes exist and he isn't one of them, but that's the first name that came to mind so I stuck with it)
He's young and gets excited about everything. He's also very fast and an overall positive boi

Scarlet Rose

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One of my earliest characters was a girl who could shapeshift due to DNA experimentation. I dont really remember much about her now that was years ago when I was a teenager but I remember having fun with her.

My current favorite is a synth (yes for the Fallout universe lol) named Artemis who was a courser but escaped 15 years prior to the events of Fallout 4 and now does everything she can to wreck the Institute...or she would if people would just let me use her lol. Havent gotten the chance to yet.


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So many. But, uhhhh, the ones I'm missing most right now are:

Her Royal Majesty, Aurora the Queen-- As a general rule, I love playing a queen character whenever I get the chance. There's something about women and power in a historical setting that just gets me going. I love to play queens as strategy masters, manipulating the situation from above and making deals with all the different factions and sides to secure her own ends, whatever those may be. More power, safety for family members or a child, a bit of agency in her life, freedom from an incompetent king/nasty husband, any and all of them are fascinating to me. Aurora as a queen is a queen with several goals-- freedom from the legacy of her father, freedom from the control of her overbearing nobles, and a path towards rebuilding and revitalizing her country. Aurora, in her canon, took the throne at the tender age of eleven years old. She was never meant to reach the throne, but her father was a little... unstable... and had her mother and all three of her older brothers executed as each of them tried, in turn, to over throw him or reign in his tyranny. As an eleven year old girl, she tends towards the idealistic, but she's been educated from birth with the singular goal of survival, and she is unrelenting in pursuit of her goals. I would love to play her again.

Georgina Littlefield-- A ghost. She died of typhoid fever in 1837, at the age of 19. Georgina was the heiress to a wealthy American family, and prior to her death, she fell in love with a young man named Johnathon. He caught typhoid during a summer outbreak. Her parents fled the family home to escape the disease, but Georgina insisted on staying to nurse her beloved. He recovered, and immediately ran off to propose to another girl, not really caring that Georgina had caught the fever, and she died alone in her family home. Now she's a very sad ghost who's very much afraid of rejection.

Basically, I just want an opulent historical drama or ghost rp. Please. Please.


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I miss my old Pathfinder character, Tuka Silverthistle. We had great fun saving the world and going on many adventures in the land of Arcadia, lol.



to Chaos
I miss my old Pathfinder character, Tuka Silverthistle. We had great fun saving the world and going on many adventures in the land of Arcadia, lol.

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Wow nice art! Who drew it?

I kinda miss some of my vtm tabletop characters. My one angry little so and so Sabbat member, Xiao, was one of my all time favourites. He started the rp with literally nothing, not even clothes... he was found wandering around naked with no idea of how he got there, and by sheer dickishness, willpower and bravery rose his way up to be a Sabbat Archbishop. All the npcs were great. There were petty arguments, betrayals, excellent bad guys, and I loved playing the confrontational little douchebag. :)

with most of my online characters, I feel pretty happy with where I left them although I may miss them more in the future. XD
There was one character whom I never really got to use a lot, on a forum that has since died. I think it can be found on the waybackmachine but I'm not sure. Essentially he was literally just a bum who had been granted "pigeon powers", kind of like a clerical superhero. Back on the specific forum there was a whole system for roleplaying which allowed people to have any powers they could define as long as they were balanced, essentially. Lots of numbers. The funny part was having to write down and balance the power "pigeon-shit tornado" as a legitimate move. I somehow kept the character extremely serious in person despite the obvious caricature he was. I don't know if the character was that fun to play, but the idea of him was super fun. I think his name was Allan Bruvbeski, aka me attempting to create a proto-slavic surname.


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Oh dear... let's give a bit of background before I go into it. About thirteen years ago a friend and I had a very elaborated roleplay, a mix of different fandoms and our own OCs and when that friendship ended, the characters weren't in use anymore and there were a number them -

- Jessika - a dance teacher with ridiculously long dark hair and a 'take no shit attitude'
- Violet - a boarding school headmistress who dressed for the wrong century and dabbled in magic.
- Willow - sadly, I didn't get to play with her as much as my RP partner didn't like her or her family much, but she had silver hair, a gentle soul, training to be a nurse I last remember.
- Cyrus - an absolute genius scientist who strove to get his father's approval but he was always forgotten in favour of his oldest brother, Xander.
- Savannah - a no nonsense zoologist who moved with her husband to Kenya to work on a reservation site and at one point returned home after being mauled by an antelope.
- Dara - the gayest character I dared to make, as my RP character was homophobic towards lesbians, I based her off the David Bowie song 'Rebel Rebel', as in:
"You've torn your dress
Your face is a mess
You've got your mother in a whirl
She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl."

Oh there are more, their faces are in my mind, some of their names too but defining characters are starting to become fuzzy. I should have kept a record.


A Lost Undead
Please read my whole response, because without context, it's weird: a Nazi descendant.

Lucius Heydrich. Grandson to Reinhardt Heydrich, known better as The Butcher of Prague. He was a key orchestrator in the Final Solution, and there are many, many bodies on his hands. There would be more, but he was assassinated in 1942.

So, fast forward 73 years, at least, and we have Lucius. Lucius could not be more different from Reinhardt, but the world doesn't really see it that way. In the eyes of many, Lucius is just another nazi. He tries to separate himself from his lineage, donating to holocaust memorials, funding charities, etc, but nothing is working. Attempts are being made on his life. At around age 40, he is diagnosed with Cancer, and is given about a year to live.

So he gets a caretaker, one to stay with him in his final hours, someone to talk to, to share experiences with, and if I'm being honest, it was the best roleplay I've ever done. Hands down. There was no real plot - there was only the trials and tribulations of Lucius and Lockne (I think. This was years ago.) It was just two disowned souls trying to make sense of everything, and it was a beautiful experience.

I've never used him since. I wish I could.


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-long sigh- It's actually ironic that I stumbled over this thread after recently losing my old rp partner as well. (So when I read that part in your thread, that hit home for me. Anywhoozles!)

Sadly, I have a very underused character (even when said rp partner existed at the time). I adore him. His name is Emmet Bellston, he's my gay loving and usually happy werewolf. He had a lot of bad luck with dating. He was pretty understanding when situations were not the best of times, and even tried to talk things out. He preferred it that way, rather than letting things fester. He always had a personal rule that if anyone were to dump him for whatever reason, he'd like to talk it out so they can still be friends and leave on a good note.

I really miss those days. Especially the days where my more active characters were used, which just happens to be Emmet's father Chuck Bellston. Hnnn, those were good times.

I hope you get the chance to use your characters one day <3 I'm trying to get over my old partner by delving into rp groups and my art, among other things.


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Queen Ayla Faeynore of Terrashieme, Daughter of Revion the Wanderer, Lady of the Frozen Forest and the Icecap Seas.

Ayla was a snow elf, nearly 400 years old. She was a young, headstrong, brave queen, ready to give her life for her people.

When a noble child was left orphaned after a battle in her home, Ayla took the young human girl in. She became her mother. She marched across kingdoms, weathered the strongest of storms, did everything she could for her people.

Only to become the final death of her enemy, the tyrant who was trying to seize her kingdom.

That wasn't the end of our queen's story. She was brought back to life by a god, by a friend. Someone she admired and daresay loved.

But alas, the story has been cut short. I wish I could revive the role, but I'm not sure I could do her justice with anyone else.


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Ah! One character I actually dearly miss playing in roleplays is probably firstly: Desgorn --

He is one of the first characters I have created and I have been developing him for a long time now. He is probably ended as being one of my best characters, with both his callous inside and his wonderfully sweet inside, having to learn to soften to become a father, embracing his feminine side and understanding vulnerability.

As for the second: Trylor

A winged being part of a species I made up, he is a cold and calculating beast who is hellbent on returning to his once powerful position and willing to step on many people at the detriment of his character and conscious to get there. He is a character wracked with guilt and shame, yet never repentant enough to stop.

I absolutely adore them both haha.
As a character roleplayer, I don't often make OCs but one I did have was a Life Cleric in a d&d RP I did! I put a lot of love into her and she was everything I wanted to be as a person (kind, gentle, understanding) I miss her dearly.

Her name was Laila Thorel she was a 25 year old Cleric from the desert city of Calimport. She had been taken into the temple after her hometown was raided and she was left for dead. She then devoted herself to her God (Pelor) and helping those in need and set out to help destroy a monster that threatened the world. Often was the voice of reason and became the "mom" character. Also, she was only 5'0" and packed a wallop.


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Tehieba: A water-based imp-style demon. He's mischievous, fun-loving, and superficially arrogant. Always ends up too eager to please anybody who takes actual interest in him, therefore always ends up with the worst people. Haven't played him in a long time because he hasn't wanted to get back on the horse, he's sick of his own bad taste.


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azeroth du anuewayne, of the house of blades. he's my pfp actually haha! i made him for my irl D&D campaign that's been put on hold due to the COVID-19 craziness. he's a lawful evil high elf knight turned barbarian disgraced by his home court due to his outspoken belief that the newly crowned king (his cousin!) is not the true heir. currently, he's on a quest to find and crown the True Monarch and Restore Glory to His Kingdom while dodging the people that want him arrested for treason. ic, he owes an elven life debt to the (human) cleric (much to his dismay), blew up an entire dungeon (to my DM's absolute fury), and is on his way to developing a stress-induced substance addiction because the rest of his party members are even less sensible than he is.

the idea behind him is that i just wanted to play a fancypants barbarian who goes into a rage because someone used the salad fork instead of the fish fork. i miss him terribly.


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Funnily enough, he's from this site!

A character I miss writing and using is Gaheris Agramar. He's basically a 9 foot (IIRC) slave giant clad in head-to-toe plate armor, dragging along a greatsword who has OCD, a speech impediment, a disabled arm and the uncanny ability to vanish if you're not keeping an eye on him. Yes, size, equipment and all. When his previous masters died in a manor attack, he found out that the master's daughter had equipment made for him and sent him off to work for the kingdom's military in order to free him from his enslavement to them. He couldn't stand asymmetrical things, crooked things, broken things, and always announced his arrival at any battle scene with a loud "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...!!!!!!"

In addition to Gaheris were the two guardsmen I wrote that were basically in charge of keeping watch over him, Karl and Lyle; Karl was a more noble, knightly kind of guy while Lyle was the gruff and short-tempered blacksmith's son. That trio's antics was some of the most hilarious things for me to write, plus I enjoyed playing around with the RP's lore in order to show how it affected Gaheris and caused him to be the giant he is in the present day. I haven't used them outside the context of that RP, but I definitely want to write them again someday.

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