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Adorable Little Nymph
a thread for sharing Horror Stories from your past about specific roleplayers or specific characters that you had issues with whether the player was a spotlight hog, whether they were extremely creepy or whether they were completely argumentive, working to combat or hijack the story your group worked on, or were a rules lawyer or minmaxer or were simply an annoying archetype like the Drizz't clone or the Lone Wolf or that Peasant who refused to work with the group (AKA not a team player).

please keep it civil

please keep it PG13

please don't argue definitions for loosely defined concepts like Mary Sue

please change the Roleplayer's name if you are telling a Horror Story about a bad or even creepy roleplayer from another website.

please don't go into the detail about the creepiness of certain roleplayers, use shorthands and the like.

please keep every horror story simple.


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Ok, well, there was one person I RPed with who would randomly decide that the RP was in an AU, without consulting me first or anything. (It was a Fandom that I prefer to keep non-AU and the person decides to just MAKE it an AU without telling me, asking me first, or saying ANYTHING.)


Adorable Little Nymph
Ok, well, there was one person I RPed with who would randomly decide that the RP was in an AU, without consulting me first or anything. (It was a Fandom that I prefer to keep non-AU and the person decides to just MAKE it an AU without telling me, asking me first, or saying ANYTHING.)
think you can share some stuff on the Fandom in question?


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Well let's see I have a few.

Scenario 1. Sailor Who?
So this was like several years ago on another site. I was doing an email roleplay about magical girls with a guy. It was going fairly well, I had sent several emails back and forth with this person. I had made a character sheet and even a starter. It's all going great.

Then. This. Ass. Is all "Oh are we not doing a sailor moon roleplay?"

Bare in mind I've been plotting with him for DAYS and he's been totally fine with all the ideas I have brought up. I have sent him a character sheet of a clearly original character and he's fine with that.

Then after I make a starter he's all Oh I thought we were doing this totally unrelated thing that I never brought up. We're not? Well bye then.

Scenario 2. WTF Kinda of Cartoon Did You Watch As A Kid?!
So I had an idea for a roleplay that I called "Saturday Morning Silliness" or some such thing. It was basically this really crack idea where like a group of B-List characters ( Draco Malfoy, Rose from Golden Girls, Squidward, and Edward Cullen ) all teamed up a la Sailor Moon to fight an evil furby doll who was going through time and enslaving disney princesses.

As you can no doubt surmise it was meant to just be a lot of silly zaniness. And I specifically stated I want this to be PG-13 like a cartoon for kids.

Well this chick Cat comes up to me and is all - hey I want to do this idea with you but I'd prefer if all the characters were female. I'm like okay that's fine we can either gender bend or find random female characters.

Then she's like I wonder if the Evil Dr. Could be Jessica Rabbit or a Furby wearing a Jessica Rabbit suit? I'm like....I guess?

Theeen she's like for the Disney Princesses could Evil Jessica Rabbit tie them up and humiliate them sexually?

I'm like....THE FUCK?

No. This is PG13 which means no sexy times. It's like a cartoon for kids.

And she's like oooh it will just be for fun teehee and doesn't Wonder Woman get tied up all the time?

I'm like...well yeah. But no sexy times.

She's like okay. But can we tie up the characters?

I'm getting kind of exasperated at this point so I'm like. Okay sure whatever. No sexy times.

Then she's like can they have big titties? You know I like it when they jiggle! teehee

I'm like...I...I mean I guess? Just no sexy times.

She's like ooh that's so great teehee. But can your character tie up my character and humi-

And that is when I just noped out of the conversation and banned that chick.

Scenario 3. Becky is a B.....
This chick was just the latest in a long line of jerkwads that had similar personalities. I can't remember her name so we'll call her Becky.

Becky joined a roleplay that I was a part of that was based on a super hero tv show ( I ended up joining up with the GM to make two more rps that were a part of a shared roleplay universe ). She applied to play the protagonist of the show ( so the "main" roleplay character )

This in a roleplay where the rules where :
1. At least one paragraph
2. Third person
3. Use the Face Claims from the show
( and a lot else but those three are the important ones )

Well first thing out of the gate Becky didn't like using the actors face claim. She whined about how she couldn't crop the pictures and why couldn't she use her hand drawn art?

Because it's not the rules.

But whatever I decide to help Becky out and give her the image for the character sheet.

Then it's waah waah I don't like doing third person I wan't to write in first person.

Again third person is in the rules.

So she begrudingly agrees.

Then comes her posts. Rainbow vomit monstrocities.

She would basically write maybe one or two lines ( a sentence or two tops ) of original words. And that was usually in the vein of

Character gets into a car.

Character walks into a room.

The rest of her posts were basically just color coded recreations of everyone else's posts with maybe a word or two response from her character.

Ex. Geek's Character races to the phone to tell Becky's Character that her nephew has woken from a coma. Becky's character responds "That's great."

Buut she would copy and paste so much that technically her posts were at least a paragraph. Nevermind that the only think you could respond to was - Becky's Character responds "That's great."

And again the rest of the players even tried to help them get better. We would beta read Becky's posts and try to make them better. Which mostly ended us with just responding for her.

Eventually I got tired and left her to the rest of the players.

Then I opened up the sister roleplays I talked about above. In the shared roleplay universe.

Becky was right out of the gate asking if she could break those rules and get special treatment.

And ugh.

Moral of the story. Don't be a Becky.
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Dalamus Ulom

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Was in a rather big roleplay a while back, about two warring kingdoms fighting over a wartorn central area, where several small groups lived. Despite the large size, the GM was able to somehow get everyone to be active and communicated with everyone. Honestly the best GM I've ever known.

Anyway, as the roleplay was kicking off, a certain someone decided to join this rp. For the sake of respect towards Umbrie, we'll call this guy Casper. Now, at first, Casper seemed like a good guy, nice polite the whole nine yards. That is, until he asked me to do a 1x1 roleplay. To ask, he sent me this:

"A Sworn Shield is basically someone who is your servant for life, however, what separates them from a slave is that Sworn Shields do it willingly. Now, I was wondering if you wanted to do a 1x1 with you playing a Sworn Shield?"

I don't do 1x1 roleplays. Haven't done one in years, and I probably never will again. So I refused. Besides that, I had started to get something of a bad feeling in my gut.

A few hours later, my gut proved true when I learned he did the same thing to five or six other people in the rp who were female. Turns out, he was trying to do some Fifty Shades of Grey type roleplays with these girls, some of whom were underage. The GM banned him from the server, and reported him to the site, but the damage was done. The rp fell apart a short time later.

Now, the funny part to this whole situation is the fact that I'm a straight man who almost exclusively plays sexually uninterested men. Going back through the conversation, I came to the conclusion that he thought I was a woman due to my profile picture at the time.

Moral of the Story: Don't assume the gender of the person you're talking to based on their profile pic.
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Ok so I RP on discord alot. One time I was doing a group RP themed around classic cartoon characters/ocs.

I was playing as my OC Abbadon.
My friends were playing Felix, Cuphead, and Oswald.
So the thing happening was they were fighting this one person named, Let's call them, Billy. The person playing Billy would NOT STOP REPLYING WITH SIMPLE STUFF. The person obviously had no RP experience. At one point they only responded with an emoji. We had no idea how to continue the rp so It was abandoned due to lack of detail.

Another one took place here with a person I was organizing a UT RP with. Let's just say they tried to make me do a Fontcest Romance RP.

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