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Cordelia Taupe
  • Emblem:
    Name: Cordelia Taupe
Maka 'Mako' Tiri
  • View attachment 502877 Emblem:
    Name: Maka ‘Mako’ Tiri

    Age: 18

    Color (Hex#): #2969B0

    Species: Shark Faunus

    Sibling(s): None

    Starting Area: Mistral

    Allies: HFA; Humanities Fairness Affiliation

    Enemies: White Fang

Castus Clypeus Miles
  • View attachment 502890 Emblem:
    Name: Castus Clypeus Miles

    Age: 21

    Color (Hex#): #D1D5D8

    Species: Human

    Sibling(s): Eight younger siblings, five sisters and three brothers.

    Starting Area: Optional(Could be Vale if he comes down on that ship.)


    Enemies: No one. Hate is a vile and vitriolic emotion.

Kyra Hori

  • Emblem:

    Name: Kyra Hori

    Parents: Bolin Hori & unknown mother

    Age: 19

    Color (Hex#): red

    Species: Human

    Sibling(s): None Known

    Starting Area: Vacuo

    Allies: none atm

    Enemies: Grimm, ex-teammates

Iliaya Rosewood
  • View attachment 491385 Emblem: N/A
    Name: Iliaya Rosewood

    Age: 19

    Color (Hex#): Earthy #7C706B

    Species: Human

    Sibling(s): None

    Starting Area: T.B.A

    Allies: None currently.

    Enemies: None currently.

Ophelia Shayama
  • Ophelia FallName:
    Ophelia Chou Shayama
    (Real last name Fall)


    Color (Hex#):


    Cinder Fall & Adam Tarus

    One half-brother


Iola Sakra
  • Iola Rose SakraName:
    Iola “Io” Rose Sakra


    Color (Hex#):


    Velvet Scarlatina x Unknown Faunus Father

    1 of 4 quadruplets (3 girls one boy)


Mistral's Haven Academy Team

  • WSTN
    • Tyrian Narcis
      Age: 22

      Pronounciation: Tare-ee-en Nar-sis

      Color (Hex#):66023c

      Species: Human

      Parents: Juniper Narcis and unknown father




      Allies: Coral, Scarlet, Phillip, Skyler
      Enemies: Saffron
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  • "I'm in charge. How you feel is irrelevant. Got it?"
    Personal Information
    Name: Lina Aquis

    Age: 18 but looks 11

    Color (Hex #): #1a75ff

    Species: Human

    Parents: Unity and Louis Aquis

    Sibling(s): A weird younger brother
    Tally Ho!
    A marching baton that becomes a whip inside there is a small replaceable dust crystal that is used to power the whip.

    Fighting Style:
    Using her whip she manages the battlefield and forces them to move where she desires. Along with immobilize or tie up her enemies and send them a fun attack with the dust imbued in her whip. Agile and quick Lina uses her speed and successive amounts of pain to take down her enemy.

    Bubble Burst
    Lina is able to produce extremely light but sticky spheres from her body. The spheres are able to stick to surfaces and grow quickly around those who go near it. If shot the sphere will explode into a bunch of smaller sticky spheres.
    Power hungry and strong willed girl Lina is a very vocal and dominant girl. Nearly constantly in a bad mood she doesn't take to other undermining her authority. Vindictive and somewhat cruel she isn't one to talk. She's more likely to fight first and ask questions never. Cynical, but responsible and dauntless she is surprisingly a good leader. Not one to blame others she is able to take full responsibility in her teams failures.

    Lina was born to a extremely wealthy family who was infamous for toppling others to gain their own wealth. Unlike certain cold families the Aquis family was close and spoiled their children rotten, and boy howdy is Lina rotten to the core. Being bathed with everything she ever wanted she would rather flaunt her strength rather than wealth. Admiring the huntsman she met when she was younger she decided to train as a huntsman. Ignoring any and all protests she started her training, pushing everyone out of her way till she reached the top with her team.
    • Born into a wealthy family
    • Spoiled rotten
    • Admiring huntsmen she decided to be one.
    • Pushing everyone out of her team's way she stands as a strong leader.
    Theme Song:

  • "Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."
    Personal Information
    Name: Opal Akane

    Age: 18

    Color (Hex #): Hot Pink #ff69b4

    Species: Antelope Faunus

    Parents: Jenna and Heathcliff Akane (Decedent of the Ruler of Vacuo)

    Sibling(s): One twin sister whom she fights with constantly

    Fighting Style:

    Bullet Body
    Opal utilizes her aura to turn herself into living bullet allowing her to move through the air at incredible speed. Even if someone could detect her trajectory, it is near impossible to catch her. With her speed, Opal assaults her opponents with quick but powerful melee attacks.
    Opal is a strong and stoic individual. Raise to be the opposite of her happy go lucky sister, Opal took her heritage seriously. Not one to use words often, perhaps because she rarely could get one edgewise when her sister was around, Opal expresses herself through small actions. Full of self pride and annoyed at her insecurities Opal uses her aggression to motivate her in a fight.

    Descendent of the Ruler of Vacuo Opal was instilled with pride of her heritage and the need to become just as powerful as her ancestors. Growing up in the dangerous deserts of Vacuo she faced dangers of grimm, starvation, dehydration and many more on a daily process. Training was not optional and she was always pitted against her naturally gifted sister. Constantly failing Opal wasn't lucky enough to skip going to school instead she was told to go to school to become better, hopefully she would succeed with the others.
    Theme Song:

NPCs Villain Trix Gold
Trix Gold
Name: Trix Gold Age: 7 Color (Hex #): Gold Species: Sugar Glider Parents: None of importance Sibling(s): 2 older brothers Weapons: Two Chakrams that unravel into two bladed whips and straighten into a sword.

Fighting Style:
Her fighting style is to keep her opponent on her toes flitting between close and long ranged attacks thanks to her semblance. She lets them teeter between close and long range attacks until they mess up and she takes her opening. Resting on her utter blood lust, once she has you on the ropes you pretty much done for.

Minor Teleportation
Trix has the ability to teleport a half of a mile anywhere in any general direction. Leaving a small afterimage of herself as she leaves Trix uses this to distract her enemies enough to take her on. She doesn't need to see where she is going but it helps with aiming purposes.

Despite her young age, Trix is one of the most sadistic and twisted criminals around. She has a sick love for torturing and believes that she must be a good girl. Her morals are extreme yet corrupted, believing that she is truly good when she has good manners or when she does well at stealing.

Trux was always a strange child, drowning their cat at one and mutilating a few of the neighbors pets and livestock at two.However, at the age of three Trix's parents were killed in a breaking and entering. In the aftermath of that her and her siblings were split up and adopted into separate homes. Despite being adopted into a kind family in her youth, she ran away to join a circus, where she became an acrobat. The skills she acquired in the circus gave her the leg up in her future trade, and helped him hone her physical abilities. Two and a half years later, the circus broke apart Trix was taken in by the more criminal members and started her life as a thief. Surprised by her young age, criminals are more taken aback by her penchant for violence; not content to simply kill, she mutilates her victims leaving them coated in blood, looking almost as if they were soaked in wine.

Theme Song:
NPC Argus Makovo
Argus Makovo
  • Emblem:
    Name: Argus Makovo

    Age: 27

    Color (Hex#): #7C706B

    Species: Gyrfalcon Faunus

    Sibling(s): None

    Starting Area: Vale,

    Allies: Rook, James Ironwood(His teacher)

    Enemies: Any threat to Vale, it's people, or any threat to hunters or huntresses.


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