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Lizzy's Characters
-added Jake Summers
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Andrew Park
Andrew was known to be the one who admired Bruce Jones. Bruce Jones took him under his wind after the death of his older brother. Andrew's older brother became like a father to him because of the fact their father left his mother when they were younger. Andrew’s brother always tries to be a positive influence on him. After his brother's death, he did go down the wrong road but it was Bruce and Rose Lee that saved him from facing death. Andrew is the number one bodyguard for Jones’ family and would do anything for them because they took a chance, not because of the fact of who his brother was to them but they also saw him as family. Andrew does do little odd jobs for Rose Lee but not as much liked he has before. There was a young girl in high school who just happened to move into the town. She was different because of her culture. He had become like her protector along with his best friend she fit right in within their group. They become even closed till the point they made a promise to each other they will be each other first on graduation night. Andrew didn’t think they would actually do it but they did. In a few days, he learned that her father had to move back overseas where they came from because a family member was sick. Every time when he was on a family vacation or a business job for The Jones he would try to look for her but never found anything. He is known to be the bachelor of the town that never will settle down but he is hoping she will appear again.

Andrew Park Details
Picture Base: Kenny Omega Aka Tyson Smith
AGE: 36

Writing Sample
While Andrew was walking in a city the sun would shine so brightly from the sky. Andrew again made a small trip, he was doing a small job for Rose Lee. Rose Lee and some people who work with her have been on a search for something and ask for Andrew to look into some rumors they heard. Andrew was walking around the city market seeing what to get for AJ who he loves like she was his own little daughter.

As he was walking in the crowd from the corner of his eye, he sees a red rose standing out among a pile of yellow roses. He picked it out of the stand and paid for it. He then grabbed a few other things for the day. He walked back towards his hotel to rest for the day. He walked inside the hotel room placing his stuff on his bed. He reaches over to his bag the rose was sticking out from his bag. He opens his bag pulls out his travel notebook placing a pen on the paper to start writing.

"Today I saw another rose and it made me think about her. I know I need to move on but it is hard. There are times I do believe if I do move on that when she will come into my life again. I feel the reason why I can’t move on because I need closure between us."

"There are times I do wonder if she is having a good life because I knew things weren't always good for her. The way the kids would tease her in school. The many fights I had in school just to protect her from the boys that just want to add her to their list of girls they slept with. She always told me I was her Tuxedo Mask. I would tell her if that is the case then she is my Princess Serenity."

At times I feel like our story is just like those two, two people who were met to be but then got torn apart but fate brought them back together. Will I ever see her again? Only time will tell but until I can I will travel to all parts of the road till I found her."

Andrew closed his travel notebook placing it to the side of his bed. He looks around for something and found a cup fill it up placing the rose inside of it with a smile before walking off to the bathroom to change for the night.

One on One Thread Details:
"Princess Serenity"
Female 34 to 36
Andrew and "Princess Serenity" met in High School. Her family wasn’t from American and Father had to move to America because of his job. When she arrived at school people saw her as different because of her culture and everything but Andrew and Jake became her protectors. Andrew and "Princess Serenity" were very close till the point they made a promise to be each other's dates for prom if they didn’t have dates and also that night they would become each other first. This happens and things with them seem fine till they learn she needs to go back home. She when back home to take care of the sick family member since then her father and mother came back without her. Since her parents never truly care for him they don't tell him anything about her when he does ask. Her mother thought could tell he truly cares for her daughter.

Notes: I will play as family members for her to help with the storyline and also I will be playing as Jake his best friend. (will be doing his profile up soon) I would be the mother and also any siblings if you would her to have. If interesting DM if you want to know more information.



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Alexis Jones
Alexis Jones's story is very interesting because of the fact she really doesn't know much about herself, only that she woke up inside of a hospital with no memory. She was 14 years old got adopted by The Jones' Family 5 years old ago before Bruce Jones passed away. The Jones took her in just like she was their own, especially Rose Lee. Rose Lee couldn’t have kids and always want to have a daughter. Alexis in her mind Rose Lee is her mother and Bruce was her father. Bruce and Alexis got closed together because of numbers. Their love of numbers was something and Alexis didn't know why she loved them so much. After his death, she got closer to Andrew who promised Bruce that he would watch over her.

Alexis is the nerd of her school along with two of her best friends. Alexis made her best friends promised not to let Andrew or even her mother know about the bully she was getting at school. One day Alexis's bully chose to place their hands on her without warning Alexis knew right away how to defend herself. Her bully was surprise along with the other students how well she defends herself. She plays it off that Andrew taught her a few things but the truth. He didn't. This makes her start to think more about her past and start to secretly look into her past. Will she be happy with what she will learn? Will, it put her in danger?

Alexis Jones Details
AGE: 18
JOB: Waitress while in college

Writing Sample
It was the summertime and all teenagers who finished school for the year we're usually out just having fun. They are either down at the beach or even out at the mall enjoying the AC at the mall but not Alexis Jones who everyone around town calls AJ for short. AJ was a young smart girl who just finished High School on top of her class chose to be sitting in the library with books in front of her. It was because she was on the search for something. She was hoping this could be a great start on the search she wanted to do for the longest. AJ at the age of 14 ends up in this town which she still doesn't know what happened or why. All she remembers at the age of 14 waking up in the hospital they told her it looks like her mother has passed away after a car crash.

Till to this day she wishes there were moments she could have remembered her but Rose Lee Scott has helped her fill that void by becoming her mother and giving her countless one to keep close to her heart. She never thought about actually looking into her past till a few weeks ago something happened at school. AJ took a stand against her school bully but during the fight, she was actually doing some fighting moves she never thought she knew how to do. Her friends ask her if her bodyguard taught her a few of those moments and laughing it off saying he did but truth be told. He never taught her.

AJ felt it had to do something with her past so she wondered just maybe if there was some type of news article from the day that could help her. She walked inside the library and after a few minutes was sitting down at a table with all the news articles from 4 years ago looking to see if she could find anything. She was wearing a pair of blue shorts with her hair in a ponytail with one of the news shirts that that wasn’t even out on the market yet wearing a light jacket over it. She took each book and started to slide her finger looking at everything best she could.

One on One Thread Details:
"Lost Father... He alive"
(TAKEN) by Valkyira Valkyira )
Male 40 - 42
AJ doesn’t remember anything from her past at the age of 14 she was found at a hospital after a car accident. Her father has been on the run now for many years even way back before she was even born. Her mom ran off along with her father but in the accident, her mother was killed. He fled leaving her with a note which Rose Lee and Bruce received that was written to Bruce actually. Bruce, later on, tells Rose Lee the truth and knows who her father is. For safety reasons, it was better if they did take in AJ. Rose Lee agrees but now he will come back to town. He doesn’t tell her right away who he is and starts working along with his brother Andrew Park as bodyguards for the family. I want it to be like he is a top spy or maybe a killer or even he had to run away because of something. The reason he actually had to come out because of some digging around that AJ has been doing. So he knew he hands to come back to town to see who it was and then he will learn it was AJ down the role.

Note: Andrew Park Character of mine will be connected with this Character so would love to also play a storyline with them within this one too where he couldn't believe that his brother faked his death and tell him everything. DM ME for more details.

The Protector/Lover
Male 20 to 23
The best friend since High School days and his mother are best friends with her adopted mother.
He always was there for her and now they are in college together. I was thinking he would also help with her search. They also have been best friends and he always while they are in college he is her protective and tries to make sure she always stays out of trouble. Didn’t want them to end up together right away but something happened down the road that brought them together.

Note: Once this is thread is set up if you want I can also play as the mother for the young man or you can too. I will also make her adopted mother profile it will be coming soon. We can work out details if you want to play as the mother as to how and why the mothers are best friends and everything.

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Jake Summers
Jake has been on the police force since the age of 19. Jake became a cop because it was a cop who was there for him and his mother when he was 7 years old. Jake and his mother have moved into the town because they were on the run from his father. Jake’s father was very abusive towards his mother. The cop happens to be a good friend from his mother's past. He protected them from his father when he learned where they were. While he was on the police force during the years. He noticed certain things he wasn’t happy with. So, he left but now works as a private detective. He loves what he does because he doesn't have to follow rules and do it the way he sees fit.

Jake, “Princess Serenity”, and Andrew have been best friends in High School. They always looked out for each other. Jake always felt that Andrew and “Princess Serenity” were meant to be but for Jake, he never found that person. He still hasn't and there are times he feels he might not ever. He hopes one day he will find what Andrew felt with “Princess Serenity”.

Jake chose to move out of the city and live in the woods. IT is just him, his dog, and his horse which in Andrew's mind sounds depressing for his friend but him it's good.

Jake Summers Details
AGE: 36
JOB: Private Detective


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Kara Mark
Kara Mark is one of the richest people in the world. The Mark Family is known for running great businesses all over the world and has a few of them overseas. Since the passing of her father, she is now the new CEO and has been doing some great things for her father's company. It was like she left off where her father left off when he got sick. Kara is a very hard strong woman who will speak her mind. She makes sure everyone sees that about her but she have some things in her past. In her past that could ruin her family or even her.

Kara Mark Details
AGE: 36
JOB: CEO of the Company

One on One Details
The Lady and Blackmailer
Kara Mark's family is known around the world as one of the richest families in the world. Kara is known to be the apple of her father's eye because she has the same brain as him when it comes to business. Since his passing, she has kept his company right on top. She knows to be a very strong woman but that till she met your character. Your character got her to start dating him because of some information he learned about her that could put her behind bars but of course, he doesn't know the real reason why she did what she did. While they are together in front of the world cameras they are the most loveable couple but behind the camera hate each other. Kara still trying to figure out what he gains in return for trapping her this way only so far she feels it has to do with the help of status in the world and having money but could there be another reason? or maybe he been controlled by someone to do this?


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Power Ranger Cast


Tommy Oliver


Katie Walker


(I know there a different history for Rita but this is an old Character Idea I had before they created he new history for Rita)

Zita is the daughter of Zordon and Rita Repulsa before Rita made Zordon believe one time she was good but later learn she used him just to get closed to him to get the Green Ranger Power Coin. When Zordon learned that he took his daughter away from Rita and had her living somewhere on earth as a human with no memory of who she was to keep her safe from her mother and half brother. When Zordon let Andos use his life force to heal the world that when the spell was broken and now she just lay low on a planet but while she was there she senses the trouble that was happening and made the choice to send a message out over the Power Grid for Rangers from the past to help her trained a new set of Rangers for a threat that was on coming.

Name: Hector
Age: 21
Power Ranger Color: Red
Powers Coin: Lion
Zord: Lion

Name: James
Age: 20
Power Ranger Color: Blue
Power Coin: Viper
Zord: Viper

Name: Alisa
Age: 19
Power Ranger Color: Pink
Power Coin: Eagle
Zord: Eagle

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Kimberly Paris ?

There have always been two realms in the universe there is the human world where people live normal lives and there is the world that has people who are different. You can say some look different from humans and a few could past as a human but are born with special abilities. In the human world, there was a human name Scott who dreamt about this world while others believe he was losing his mind. Till one day he was walking in the park during the night lost within his thoughts about his dreams. There he saw a beautiful woman who looks human but could tell she wasn't because her ears were pointed. The beautiful woman notices him too as their eyes locked she was in love and he was in love with her. Paris explain to Scott why she was there she was telling him about her world and once she did. Scott told her about the dreams of her world he was having.

Paris then realized he was the person who was supposed to help with her adventure. Scott then learns his family is a long of humans who was from her world but were sent there to protect it from the ones who came from her world that want to take over the human world. Paris told him about how she figured out someone in her world was did doing just that and she was sent to help him on this mission to make sure it doesn't happen. Scott and Paris did everything they could and won the fight with this person.

After the battle was over Paris told her mother the Queen she wanted to stay in the human world with Scott. At first, the Queen didn't want to let her daughter go but could tell they loved each other dearly. Paris and Scott were living in the human world with no sight of danger till one night. Paris woke up with sweat as Scott was wondering what was wrong with her. Paris ran into the baby room looking down at their daughter. Paris told him about her dream she had Scott looked down at his daughter as he closed his eyes. Paris sense that her mother was in danger and they need to get to her right away. Scott and Paris left their daughter with his parents that night. They never came back again.

Many years later, Kimberly didn't like the world she was living in right now. If you were human you were a slave to the magical creature of the world. Kimberly has been on her own now for about a year since the death of her grandparents. Their master told her they were old and was just going to die anyway but in her mind and heart, she felt something else happen. Kimberly couldn't stand her master because of the way he treated her but she has to admit she could tell for sure her master felt bad about their death because she saw him crying over the night he got the news. That was the first time she saw him like that and she starts to wonder why.

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Bella Mafia is an underground Mafia ring that is run by four women who took over for their fathers. As teenagers along with a few good friends of their family got together and learned who came after their fathers. As a unity force, the girls found the killer and now are sitting at the head of the table. They keep taking care of a certain part of the business.

Rose Lee Jones

Age: 45

Bio: She looked over the money for all three families making sure people who owned them paid them on time and made sure things run smoothly money wise for everyone within the group. In the town, she is known as one of the top Fashion designers along running the same company with her late husband Bruce Jone who passed but till this day she believes someone killed him.

Sara Buck

Age: 45

Bio: She looked over the group protection. She owns many gyms within the city where her trained men and women are working or even working out there under her nose watching closely. She makes sure everyone's family is safe and is always being protected.

Margret Bo

Age: 45

Bio: Margaret is the party one front he group who goes all over the world. She takes care of their international businesses. She is known to be the one who just liked to have fun and still do. She takes care of things that need to be done overseas for them.

Name: Jade Cruz

Age: 35

Bio: She is the baby of the group but just as strong as the older woman. She becomes apart of the group when her sister passed away around the same time as her father. Her sister happens to be around the time when her father was killed and got in the middle of crossfire when it happens. The three women took her under their wings and become all older sisters for her. She takes care of the entertainment for their business partners she runs a night club that has a lot of things going with a lot of underground stuff that goes on there.
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Name: Michael Kevin Harris

Age: 40

Michael works at a business company where he is the head of one of the departments there. He has been working for this company since the age of 20 right out of college but you could tell he does not enjoy the job but he does it because it helps him take care of his mother at this moment who is very sick. He was going to get married but on the day of the wedding, the bride disappeared from him. Later on, she reached out to him and explained why she couldn't marry him. She realized she just wasn’t ready for the step and just didn’t know how to explain that to him. Now he has just let his job and taking care of his mother be his life but that was till he was talked into going on a dating site by his mother. That when things start changing for him.

Name: Angel Harris

Age: 30

Bio: Angel Harris works along with his cousin in the AD company. They are known to be the good looking guys within the office that all the women would love to be with. Angel is a very humble guy who picks his friends wisely. When he interviews Madeleine Feliste would do great there with a bit of some help so he took her under his wing. Angel just sees her as a good friend but notices how she has been looking at her cousin. He just laughs softly because he actually thinks the two would go well together but he wasn’t going to push it. Angel thought to have his eyes on someone who has been close to him for the longest but he just doesn’t know how to make a move on her.

Name: Sara Noon

Age: 30

Bio: Sara is one of the top AD workers in the company she is number 1 and wants to go right to the top. That has been with Michael since he is the head in charge and believes they both can rule the company together. She is known around the office as a woman you do not want to try to cross and start to notice little miss redhead how she called her instead of by Madeline's name. She feels maybe it's time to place her in her place and remember her new girl in the office.

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