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Multiple Settings chaotically falling in love (1x1 m/f m/m search)

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Unlucky Member
- - ABOUT ME - -
• -- hi there! i'm aphrodyetea, but you can call me tea
• -- i am over 21 and would prefer my partners are too
• -- i love roleplaying and coming up with creative stories with my partners
• -- i will try to be as active as i can, but life happens and i can't always post every day
• -- ooc chatting is welcome!
• -- i would love to stay around 3-5 paragraphs/post. i love writing, but i’ll be much faster if i can keep the posts from being novels
• -- i prefer m/m or m/f for the main pairing. i prefer to play the female in m/f. i’m also happy to play against nb or trans characters.
• -- i love a roleplay with action and adventure or supernatural themes. i'm also feeling something a little dark or horror-based right now. bring me two characters fighting for their lives. bring me monsters.
• -- i am also feeling something unhealthy/obsessive/maybe not the best for either one of the characters

- - PLOT IDEAS - -
(bold = my character preference)

• -- a prince(ess) who makes it a personal mission to make the knight's job difficult, throwing themselves into harms way to get a rise out of him
• -- an angel disguised as an art history professor and the half-demon (or half incubus) student
• -- a famous singer who came out to the world as a vampire and their newly hired bodyguard who is now trying to get a handle on all the death threats
• -- the ghost hunter who finds it much easier to connect with the dead than the living
• -- two people that get drafted into the squid games
• -- any idea you’re craving and want to throw my way

- - WORD BANK - -
• -- rivalries
• -- mutual pining
• -- unhealthy obsessions
• -- emotionally constipated people
• -- bickering & fighting
• -- opposites attract
• -- fighting for survival
• -- magic/witches/warlocks
• -- supernatural themes
• -- dangerous situations
• -- unresolved tension that snaps
• -- underestimating each other
• -- action/adventure


hey! i’m ron. i’m 22 and interested in a romance-rivalry rp between utterly emotionally incompetent characters, so i feel as though we’d be compatible. ^^ i’m particularly interested in the first or second plot—do you have a preference?

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