Fandom Chaos Ensues

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  1. "You may slice fingers off if you rub it too hard," Trion warns.
    He looks towards Nitro.
    "Which of you is faster?" He asked.
    Trion wanted to get the best bot for the job, and spark a bit of a rivalry here.
  2. "Uh, me, obviously" Racer drops the sword and grabs Nitro in a choke hold, rubbing her fist on top of his helm (like a noogie) "Aint that right, Nitro?"
  3. "Depends on if there is a prize or not, which there is, so I am faster," Nitro claims.
    He speedily releases Racer's hold on him. He puts Racer in the same hold and knuckles her head back.
  4. Racer laughed, looking up at Trion while still in the choke hold, "Nah dont listen to him, I'm waaaaay faster" She says, trying to pull away from Nitro. "Okay okay, truce" She was a lot weaker then he was.
  5. "Let's race for that truce," Nitro says.
    He released Racer from the choke hold. He transforms and does donuts around Racer.

    Trion looks at the young transformers. He wanted to help them gain more experience as best as he could.
  6. "Your on!" She jumps over Nitro and transforms. "321go!" She says really fast, but just revves and doesnt go anywhere. "Just kiddin! That would be unfair" She said.
  7. "We could enter the two of you, who ever wins the trophy, wins the title of fastest bot," Trion admits.
    He saw the more playful relationship of the two bots before him.
    Nitro transforms. He straightens his back and looks towards the Primes. He picks up the Star saber.
    "Sorry sir, I let my careless attitude roam free, it won't happen again," Nitro apologizes.

    Trion takes the sword from the young velocitronian. He was surprised he would apologize to a prime, it rarely happened on Cybertron.
  8. Racer transformed, tilting her helm. Nitro was always the more mature one of the two. But she did drop the sword. "Yea, I guess I shouldnt just drop a weapon like that" She says. "Buuuut, if we aint racin now, there is no truce!" She jumped and tackled Nitro again, quickly disregarding the two primes.
  9. "I suppose an arrangement must be made," Trion says, "You shall win the trophy for us, and we shall take you to other worlds."

    Nitro's eyes lit up when travel off world was mentioned. He had always wanted to see space and the other colonies. He quickly stands up and breaks free of Racer's grip.
    "It's a deal," Nitro says.
  10. "Whoa, off world? Frag yes! That'll be awesome!" Racer stands up and bounced a little on her feet. "I wanna go! I wanna go!"
  11. "You must win the race tomorrow for that to happen," Trion says.
    "Yes sir!" Nitro says
    He races off to practice his skills.
    "They seem promising," Micronus says.
  12. (Quick idea, since Racer is weaker compared to a lot of other bots on Velocitron, what if there were maybe bullies or something like that, that pick on her cause they know she cant fight back. ANd since I am assuming her and Nitro are like best friends or something, he can help her out. I imagine Nitro is pretty strong as well as fast)(I dunno, this is just to kind of create some kind of conflict)
  13. (Okay, I was going to have Nitro have super strength)
  14. (Okay Sweet! Should it be a group of them? If so you wanna be a few? If not I can just be the bully)
  15. (Okay Sweet! Should it be a group of them? If so you wanna be a few? If not I can just be the bully)
  16. (A group could be plausible, but it would be easier if it were 2-3 bots)
  17. (Yea k wasn't thinking more than three. So you wanna be one or no? Cause I think I'll be the 'leader' of the group)
  18. (Do they have to be Velocitronian?)
  19. (Not really no)
  20. (How many do you want to be?)
  21. (Well if you just wanna be one than I can be two or the other way around)
  22. (I really want to be Tarn)
  23. (Okay you can be Tarn)
  24. (We could make the DJD the main villains in this quest)
  25. (Remind me who the DJD is)

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