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Fandom Chaos Element (A Multifandom adventure RP) [Temporarily Closed]

Vagabond Spectre

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In a place outside of time and space.

A new star is born...

and it has brought cosmic disorder in its wake.

This cosmic anomaly exists in a dimension that even interdimensional beings are not aware of or not capable of entering such dimension. It is not bound by natural physics in some universes this has happened earlier and for some later. Regardless of the gap in time doesn't matter, for it is inevitable.

The multiverse is in danger. Your Universe is in danger. This star has already ripped through the space-time continuum with relative ease. The literal fabric of reality has been entangled with other universes. Ripping portals to other worlds.

This brings forth things that shouldn't exist and possibilities are expanded beyond belief. This new star has been called the Chaos Star as soon as it opens itself to a universe it brings forth Chaos.

Hello! I am Vagabond Spectre and I would like you to join me in stitching a Multifandom universe together where your fandom universe is twisted with connecting universes! (Like a big yarn ball of worlds) It's more of a sandbox RP where you are free to create a story with others at your pace. There will still be a main over-arching mission

If you have any questions please ask me!

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🎄Merry Christmas!🎄[have a skele-TON of fun!]
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Sounds great. I'll be getting a CS up probs by Sunday as I got things to do tomorrow!


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is this still open? i am.. tentatively interested as well 🥺

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