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Change Log - 9/03/18

The Dark Wizard

I haven't noticed any glitches or other problems, but I'd like to reiterate something I've reported before. It's about the Dark Theme's CSS for Tabs in posts.

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So, as illustrated here... The names of tabs are black against dark grey, which you'd probably agree isn't very visually appealing. When you select them, they turn blue on a white background, which is ok, but I'd like to suggest to make the default text color white. It would really help. I remember asking about this at least twice before, but I don't remember what the response was back then. Anyway, t'would be a shame to have a job so well done marred by little details like that, wouldn't it? *woof*
Refresh, applied a small fix. Will work on them over time :)!

Hope that helps!
You used to have to click a thread and scroll down to the bottom to see how many people are viewing it. Now you don't have to click on the thread to see how many people are viewing it. Views are now displayed to the side. I think it is new because I used to have to click my thread and scroll down each time to see if it's getting any views.

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