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Realistic or Modern Champions of Chi- Wrath of the 13 Devils


May The Me Be With You.
Thousands of years ago the Gods clashed in a brutal struggle for power that resulted in the destruction of divinity itself. What caused the war has been long since lost to history but what is for certain is that the destruction of these divine beings filled the universe with the divine energy of life called Chi, a rare few beings in the universe could use this energy to achieve feats that mirrored that of the gods, and among them was humanity. Though very rare and usually requiring years and years of dedicated training, chi masters did exist on earth and were among the universes most powerful champions however humanity was a young and violent species and their history would reflect as such.
In the days of old there were hundreds of Chi masters all honing their skills and perfecting their technique, they lived in harmony and peace until one among them rose a question…who is the greatest master. This would spur the masters into contest with one another, which at first was merely friendly competition. However as pride in ones abilities grew so to did resentment grow in those who were bested. Rivalries would grow, blood would he shed and eventually sides would be taken. The two sides would call themselves the Kaio, And the Oni. The Kaio believed that the masters of Chi should be peaceful and merciful, forever wandering in search of students and never using their power for personal gain. Meanwhile the Oni beleived it was their right to rule and that they were the inheritors of the authority of the gods. For hundreds of years these factions clashed until eventually their numbers were reduced to seven on each side. These last seven masters met in an area known as the last mountain, where their clash would shift the very worlds landmasses and in the end only one member of the Kaio remained.
Two hundred year have passed and the last Chi master, Kame Kaio has held true to the tenants of The kaio. He has wandered the world training students, honing their skills and passing on the techniques of his fallen brethren. However despite his incredible longevity and power a tragedy has struck. The village of Damio , a town very close to where he dwelt during the spring season was rumored to have been destroyed in a battle between a god and a demon. The Students of the Kame Kaio would know all to well that such a thing had to involve their master and they have gathered in the ruins of the town to find their master and learn what is going on.
Hi people. This is an original story im working on that draws alot of inspiration from Dragon ball, Bleach, Naruto, and more epic tales such as journey to the west, the gigantomachy, and the epic of gilgamesh. Players will be filling the roles of the past students of Kame Kaio, luckily one of his techniques that he teaches is longevity allowing players to have diverse age ranges as the old man is nearly five hundred. Now im pretty lax when it comes to abilities and characters development but that said there are some parameters i would prefer we follow.

1. it takes around 20 years to master the “Basics” of chi manipulation which is what kame kaio teaches only adding enough to allow characters to develop their own techniques and master the Kame Style techniques of Longevity, Physical augmentation. Alot of that time is developed to habit building, education, training, and Rituals meaning it doesnt vary as much as many would like.

2. the most recent students were released from their training about seven years ago meaning no player characters will be his current student. That role is filled by a rather important plot character. To with training factored in, the age needed for him to start training which is around three or four with special cases…that means the Youngest characters allowable by the circumstances of the plot is between 27 & 30 years and even that is a bit of a stretch as it would require basically starting your training as soon as you could walk.

3. Characters can have themselves and other players be from the same “class” as Kame Kaio will be able to train up to three students at a time with the exception being the current “class.”

4. No aliens currently please. Also no Characters based off of Sun Wukong or Goku, No gods, No Demons. That stuff is literally the meat and potatoes of the plot and thus having players as that early on will derail the entire thing so basically we are all humans.

If you have any questions ill gladly answer them. Im looking for a crew of about 4-6 players for this.​


May The Me Be With You.
This might be fun

Just to save me effort and keep everything in the same place here ya go. You make person number four so it seems i need to get a cs page up.


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