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Fandom Chainsaw Man Craving


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Hello! I'm Stelle -- recently I've been interested in writing in the world of Chainsaw Man! I'm a 23 y/o from the US and I've been rping for around 7 years now. While I do have a discord, I would prefer to stay on site for now.

I prefer my rps to be paragraph per each character if we double, preferably multi-paragraph! The more you write the more I will. I'm more than happy to double up and I write mxf, fxf and mxm!

Cravings :
I am looking to pair an OC against -- Aki, Denji, Kishibe or Quanxi!
I am comfortable writing Asa, Power, Kobeni, Denji, and Angel Devil. I am also willing to try my hand as Reze and am open to an oc x oc pairing.
I do have experience writing as Makima, though I will not write romantic pairings with her.

While I don't have many canon / canon pairings, I'm open to suggestions! My main one at the moment is Asa/Denji, preferably writing as Asa.

DM me if you're interested!

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