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Cerberus Vale - Reverse:Rebirth [IC]


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Act 0 - Dawn of the New Day

A whole universe restarted with just one snap of fingers. The continent of Bordova would never know who, or what did it. But deep in the dreams of all, there lies a thought that perhaps there was an alternate reality, or perhaps a second life unknown to them in this new rebirth.
Your fate is entwined with The Vale, and today is that fateful day, where it all began for you.


"You're losing this game, you know." A young man sat in a black wooden chair, another young man nestled in one much the same. They were playing a game of chess, the boy on the right who had chosen the White pieces, was pale as can be, long black hair that settled across his shoulders. And it seemed as if he was rather sophisticated, wearing a suit that seemed a perfect fit. Sharp.

The other male, seemed more relaxed, if almost confident. Brown hair slicked back, a cool, sly smirk. One leg perched on the seat while the other hung lazily on the floor. The man in the suit was named Genya, and the man on the other side...Well..He never actually knew his name. Who was he, what was he? Why did he always come to him in his dreams and play a game of chess with him?

"Quiet, I can see the board." Genya spoke, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He never actually took the time to study what his dream world looked like, but when he looked around for the first time, all he could see was floors polished till they gleamed. A table across the room, most likely reserved for dinner parties, books crammed into shelves on walls. And when he turned his head he was met with a window, overlooking a beach outside.

The man who noticed Genya had lost interest in the game, chuckled. Picking up a black knight, and a white knight chess piece. "You know, the universe was restarted once, but I assume you don't remember..Or even know, for that matter. Two worlds, both heavily identical to one another...And yet so different at the same time."

Genya turned his head, raising an eyebrow. "What do you mean? What are you talking about?" He asked, curious he extended his hand up to his chin, resting it there.

"Lets say this," the man put the black knight down. "This here, is a man who lost all he had on a bet one night, he never could pay the price for it. So he was killed." The man then set down the white knight, right next to the black one. "This, is that very same man. Except in that world, that new reality, he instead won that very same bet, and became rich because of it. Perhaps there might be a few differences, such as his name, or his occupation, or perhaps even his whole life was different. But one thing remains the same. He is the same person, and holds the same soul."

Genya watched the two chess pieces, then looked up to the man. "I guess I understand..But you tell me this although I won't rememeber it once I leave." The man nodded, smirking. "No, and that's okay. You need to wake up...Because your new recruits are arriving today. Let's just hope that accident doesn't happen again like with the last bunch of greenies you enrolled..." Genya was met with a smile as the dream world faded away...And much like the dream world, Genya's own memory of that happening was also whisked away.

Genya, the Leader of The Vale. 25 years old, and stone-faced most of the time. Rough around the edges it seems, but Genya gets the work done. And that's how it works. That's how its meant to work. Awakening and leaning up from his bed, Genya could hear Jacques, the Butler calling for him from a few feet away. The door was locked.. Genya remembered, today was the day. The new recruits were coming..Staring out the window of his bedroom, Genya dreaded the thought of another accident like last time...


The Vale Estate, each owner of The Vale has received this Estate when becoming the next Leader. Genya is currently the third leader of The Vale. built in a rectangle, the garden is settled in the middle of the Estate's grounds. (as you can see from the picture) The training grounds is found at the far north side of the estate upon entering the front doors. Going farther north you will be met with the staircase towards the beach from the training grounds.

(As with any roleplay there should be rules set to keep the Roleplay fair and fun. My rules are actually rather lax. So don't get scared just yet.)
  • Rule 1 - I will give EVERYONE a week deadline for a post in story content. If I post on a Saturday, I will post again on the next Saturday (Unless everyone has posted already) , I can give extensions if people are not yet able to respond in time. I do this because I know people can get stressed with posting a reply while having to deal with a multitude of other things in their lives. Though do keep an eye out, I would like to keep this roleplay in action! More replies means more fun for me to read and move the plot! (If you need to leave for an extended amount of time, I will ensure your character goes off on a secluded mission. Until you return!)

  • Rule 2 - Be kind to everyone in the roleplay. is simple, why you hafta be mad?

  • Rule 3 - I will make sure to keep you all in the know, instead of using an OOC thread, I will add anyone who has joined the roleplay into a PM convo with the group, OR I can have the members also join a discord, whichever one is better at contacting you!

  • Rule 4 - Any ideas you have as personal growth arcs for your character you can come to me and we can work it into the roleplay! I like to anime-ize my roleplays by giving them arcs/seasons. You may very well become one of the spotlights for an arc I have planned!
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Act 1(Beginning)

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Act 1 - Vow for Success: A Team's Desperation.
Important moments
- The Arrival of all the students, and the formation of a team begins. A class of students who will either become Hunters, or discarded as failures.
- Supplies are gifted, books and other items needed for the scholarly side of being a hunter.
-Free Period. (Allows players to build relationships and do other non-important story stuff)
- First training sessions begin.
-First assignment begins, all students either pass or fail entirely.
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Location: The Vale Estate.
Date & Time: April 3rd, 10:01 AM.
Genya and Jacques were in the hallway, Volga and Leon both waiting for them near the stairway down towards the front door and its massive room. Genya had a slightly annoyed emotion plastered on his face, although that was pretty much his usual face. Bordova found him new students, some orphans, others not. In all honesty, Genya found them being orphans the easiest part, probably made it easier if one of them did suffer an injury beyond repair. No one would come back to bite Genya in the ass for what would happen. In the most knife-wrenching words ever, you could pretty much say no one cared about them in the end anyway. They would be arriving very soon, traveling their way to The Vale on foot was in itself a chore. The Vale stood outside of the Inner City, with a diverging path from the main roads towards the different lands. The Vale stood out from afar as the destination for any that would travel on foot. And Jacques was prepapred to greet them, his ability to create clones from magicka was also very useful when getting his chores done in the maze-like estate itself and thus he ad created one clone to stand at the ready outside. When Leon caught sight of Genya, he held no happiness in Genya's lateness..

"C'mooonn! Why the hell do you get to sleep in but we're meant to be awake, prepped, and ready 3 hours BEFORE they arrive?! You're literally walking down here not two minutes before they're HERE!" Leon yelled, throwing his hands up in the air. Volga on the other hand, snickered, his hood up high to conceal his snake-ish face.

"Shut your trap, Leon. The day you become the boss is the day you can start slacking off. Sadly my days of slothing around are over. New recruits means more work than ever before, all over again." Genya grumbled loudly. Leon crossed his arms.

"Ahh, whatever. I wouldn't wanna be the boss anyway, just look at you. You look like Death's illegitimate child. I don't want that on my person when I become as old as you." Leon laughed, turning around and getting into his position finally, standing at the right side of the staircase, while Volga was on the left. Genya was at the top of the steps, straight in the center. He decided to sit down on the steps as well, ready to examine his new pair of students to take under...

"Then stop complaining, you're beginning to get as annoying as Miss Hot-Habanero." Genya groaned out, tapping his cheek with his fingers softly.

"You know she'll just return to yell again and break something!" Volga said, his finger pointing up to the sky as if he were telling the tale of a prophecy to one day come true. While he did so, he looked around for another Senior Hunter in the group.. "Where is Wes? Shouldn't he be here too?" Volga looked at Genya.

"He'll arrive shortly, I had him go out and make sure the training field is set up earlier yesterday, I'm sure he'll be done within the minutes to come." Genya answered, stretching some before relaxing fully. "He knows we have work to do. He won't miss it."
Jacques on the other hand, remained pleasantly silent. His smile a true and warm welcome when he would open the doors for the students. His magic clone
awaiting for anyone to arrive at any moment. The butler caught eye of some movement from afar. His smile grew wide with excitement, finally! someone had arrived. Maybe more would be just around the corner? Jacques bowed dutifully to a new master.

"Good morning, young master.. It is a pleasure to meet such a new face today, I hope you enjoy the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Please, follow me when more students have arrived. I shall take you to the Estate and afterwards, and settle your bedding arrangements!" Clone-Jacques bent up, smiling. "Need no worries for your bags, my magic will take them all off your hands."

(I re-vampled the Opening, I'm sorry for the inconvenience! The bus has been taken out in favor of being able to travel your own way to The Vale!)​
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Alister Krict

"Safe at last..."
The Vale... The estate that raises once so called weak mortals like him to Hunters of tomorrow. A place where he can finally learn to grow and feel peace within himself. The vale establishment has been known to be the best of the best places in Bordova to raise themselves among others, this was the dream of Alister Krict.

1552056574506.pngMeet Alister Krict. An orphan boy who had lived his life alone in the world, raised with little love and compassion. This boy is probably the youngest member of the new Vale members up to date. The boy who is different from any human in Bordova, an incorruptible specimen that seems to hold a future. Alister is small, unhealthy and unclean as seen at the moment. At first glance, he is obviously a weak boy who lacks the superhuman physique to perform beyond human tasks. He is malnourished, as if he hasn't ate anything healthy for months. he was also shivering in coldness despite the given weather as of current, this is because of his ragged clothes, his over sized once pearly white white shirt was not covered in black and brown dirt and soot, his work shorts were torn and filthy, barefooted and lacks more clothing. It was obvious that the boy is not properly groomed, judging by his appearance. His white hair is a mess, his skin is covered in scabs and stains as he folded their arms in complete silence. The boy had scent of the wild in him followed with his body odor which was not too strong to kill anyone. To top this all off, Alister's face looked upset and did not bother to hide it. It is the face of boy who had lost his home. Wherever this boy came from is a pure mystery but one thing for sure is that he has been through a lot lately.

Alister got of the public/private transportation vehicle, first. His bare feet touched the ground as his eyes looked up to be overwhelmed by a huge manor towering over him majestically. Alister's miserable face softened as he saw this majestic magical place before his eyes. He looked awed at the manor that he spaced out and did not notice the butler in front of him. Alister was the first to arrive and space out on the estate. The boy's attention was finally caught by butler which to his surprise was someone he didn't expect. The man appeared to be a butler, but to Alister's knowledge a butler is something he has never actually seen before. This butler seems to be pleasing in Alister's eyes, probably the friendliness factor he is giving off. The butler did not seem to introduced himself as they got straight to the point with the orientation. To mention it. Alister remembered that he came to the estate empty handed. Not a single item on his pockets or anything at all. Alister was embarrassed that he is probably the most poorest among them. The boy continued to observe butler with folded arms. Checking Alister's spiritual energy levels. He has the standard human level of spirit energy. No anomalies, no nothing. He's clean.

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“You’ll have to walk from here. This is as far as I go,” the taxi driver said as he pulled the cab to the side of the road.

“I know,” Vaeryn replied simply. When she boarded this car in the Inner City and said she wished to go to the Vale Estate, the driver explained that he would not take her all the way. The accident. She didn’t know much about what had happened three years ago, but whatever it was had spooked this guy. She would have to walk the last mile or so.

Vaeryn was pleasantly surprised when the driver got out and opened her door for her. He even took her hand as she exited the car. She was used to being treated like a noble back home, but never expected it here. He was just a simple Inner City taxi driver, not a chauffeur. Then again, she was paying him a lot of money for this. And her expensive kimono marked her as someone of wealth and taste.

“Thank you,” Vaeryn said as she stepped out. Everything about her attire was clean, from her lacquered red sandals to the pure white and deep reds of her kimono, to the jade pin tying her silver hair in a neat bun, and the silk ribbons wrapped around her six tails. She looked like Mokujin royalty. She had even spent hours brushing her fur. Maybe she’d overdone it, but she didn’t want to make a bad first impression. Today was the most important day of her life.

“You are too kind,” she said with a slight bow as she offered the man his substantial payment.

“No problem,” the taxi driver replied with a grin as he pocketed the cash and lifted her luggage from the taxi’s trunk. He set the bags at her feet and pressed his business card into her palm. “The Vale ain’t what you think it is. Trust me. When you give up on this fantasy of bein’ a hero or whatever, gimme a call. I’d be glad to give you a lift outta this place, m‘kay. I’ll even waive the hazard pay next time. My treat.”

Oh… so that’s why he was being so nice. Vaeryn’s eyes narrowed at him, but she kept her tone civil as she replied. “I’ll be fine, thank you,” and tightened the strap on her quiver before picking up her luggage.

The man just shrugged as he slid back into the car and waved at her out of the window. “That’s what they all say, hahaha. See ya.” He sped off back toward the city.

The kitsune turned away and began to walk toward the Estate. The enormous manor loomed in the distance. It seemed impossibly close, yet terribly far away. The weight of her baggage made her slender shoulders ache. She was used to traveling on foot, but usually traveled much lighter. And the sandals and kimono weren’t helping. She would rather feel the soft ground under her paws and the wind in her hair. She would rather run wild than be bound by these superfluous human adornments

But there would be time for all of that later. Today was all about appearances and making the best first impression. Today, smile and play nice. Tomorrow, show them what you can really do!

The kitsune was second to arrive at the Estate. The first was a boy. A dirty, small, poor boy, clearly too young for this. Don’t stare. It is not polite to stare, Vaeryn thought, though she couldn’t help but wonder whose child this was. Why is he here? Who will keep him safe? Where did his injuries come from?

When the butler addressed her, she placed her bags at his feet. He was a butler after all. Even if he hadn’t said so, she would have assumed it was his job to look after her stuff.

“That young boy,” she said, speaking telepathically to only the butler. Her lips did not move. She didn't even nod in the boy's direction to give any indication she was talking about him. “Is he lost? Where are his parents?” Her tone was one of compassion. Unless the boy could intercept her telepathic messages, he would have no way of knowing she was talking about him. “If there is anything I can do...”

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Kardia Shardel
The gentle rumble and rocking of the city trolley gently began to lull her to sleep, despite the pure adrenaline coursing through her veins. She was a bubbly mix of nervousness and excitement, so much so, that she barely slept a wink last night. The long-winded journey she took just to get to the Inner City from the Tundra Fortress did not help her fatigue either. Not to mention the rickety bed of that cheap inn she stayed in last night. Simply put, Kardia was not at her best, which she really would have liked to be for her first impression during her induction into the Vale.

Her eyes began to drift off and blur, until she caught sight of an iconic building in the distance, alarming her mind enough to force her hand to the 'stop' button near her seat. Quickly, she tidied her messy ponytail and rubbed her eyes, before slinging her backpack over her shoulder and marching out the trolley door with a thankful nod towards the driver. The fresh air seemed to invigorate her mind, as she began the long trek to the Vale Estate. The trolley could only bring her to the outskirts of the city afterall.

With thick leather boots, more suited to trudging through snow, and a matching backpack, Kardia seemed to appear as your average traveller, if one ignored the direction she was headed. She wore a simple light blue tunic padded with fleece, a common garment found in the North, which matched her piercing eyes. Notably, the only real decoration she had on her figure was on her cotten jacket, which was embroided with the pattern of a small rose. Other than that, her overall impression was rather plain. Although, she preferred it that way. Practicality was above aesthetics, in her mind.

As she drew near the grand building, she finally viewed the estate in all its glory. It was a magnificent, overwhelming sight, so much that she didn't even notice the three figures in front of it until she was within talking distance. For a moment, she stayed silent, taking a pondering look at each of them. One of them appeared to be a servant of sorts, another a young, seemingly poverty-stricken boy and a pristine kitsune. A little shocked, she wondered if this was some kind of test. She quickly withdrew the idea, as she walked towards her possible teammates with a friendly smile.

"Good morning!" She greeted, as she was quickly told of the induction information from the butler. Placing her hefty backpack beside him with a thud, she proceeded to offer the young boy her jacket. "Are you not cold?" She asked with concern, holding out her outer garment in his direction. "You don't have to worry about me, I come from the North where the temperatures are far lower." She grinned reassuredly, not particularly phased by his appearance. She had seen worse during her time adjusting to the Tundra Fortress afterall.
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Wes Gavo

Training dummies? Stuffed and set. Strategy corner? Cleaned up and tidy. Dueling area? It's a circle on the ground, but if Mr. Iori says it needs prep, it needs prep! Obstacle course? Fixed up, ready, and just within safety regulations.

His hands finally had a chance to wipe the sweat from his brow as the final task was checked off and the training fields were finally sitting comfortably within The Vale's prestigious standards. All in day's work. A tireless, meticulous job well done... by Gyin Welbor. Newly hired custodian and Vale handyman!

"How's that, Mr. Gavo?"

Wes Gavo, Senior Hunter, and the guy whose job Mr. Welbor had just done, rested against a tree and turned the page of a pulp novel. He yawned and barely looked up from his dime quality read.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. It's fine. Good job." he gave him a thumbs up and started reaching into his pocket.
"Only the best for a place like The Vale. I gotta say, I'm real grateful for this job, it mea- woah!" Mr. Welbor stopped to catch the coin Wes had just flipped him, "Oh, Mr. Gavo, no extra payment is needed! I'm just happy to-"
"That's a uh, modesty tip."
"Modesty... tip?"
"Yeah, so you're compensated and don't feel the need to brag about what you do. Cause... telling people about the work you did is real bad mannered, y'know? So don't tell anyone and ya get tipped."
"I've never heard of anything like that..."

Wes tapped the book closed and stood up. He stretched a little, patting the field's dust off his clothes, "It's a thing The Vale does. And like a lot of Vale things," he put his finger to his lips, "We don't talk openly. Like a traditional thing."
"I... think I understand."


Wes's arrival was announced by the whistled tune he blew as he walked up to the other Senior Hunters. He wasn't really as elegantly dressed as the others. In fact, he seemed downright casual by comparison.

"Mornin'." he greeted the others, strolling up with his hands in his pockets, "Genya. Leon. Volga. Jeeves."

He gave Jacques a pat on the back. A glance over to the gates told him that at least three students had shown up. He squinted, trying to make them out, "Already got a couple in, huh?"

"Oh and the field's done, by the way. You're welcome." he said with a fake little bow.



Beginnings suck. Walking sucks. This sucks.


Everything hurt.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, every bit of him seemed to ache. Akki couldn't help but wonder as he limped down the never-ending path if this was Erysic's way of protesting the idea of going to the Vale.

More tasties in other place, it whispered. Hunger. Eat.

"Eat," Akki repeated softly to himself, face twisting as another wave of nausea hit him. Again. Easing himself down, he sat on the path with a sigh, wondering for the hundredth time why Ma couldn't take him the whole way. Maybe it was 'cause Erysic was getting snippy, but that was normal.

Then again, it'd never tried eating their horse before.

Body shivering, he reached an arm out, vines snaking their way down carefully until they became something like a rope, ends twitching on the dirt path. Glaring at them, as if trying to intimidate the damn thing into cooperating, Akiya held his breath and closed his eye, the vines weaving themselves together to resemble a cane.


"Yeah," Akiya croaked, using it to haul himself back on his feet. He always found it odd... how much he relied on the thing that was killing him.

"Yeah, it's enough. Thank you."


Voices. Hear Akkiiiiya? Tasties. Get, get, eat.

"I hear," Akiya whispered, walking as fast as his body would allow towards the Estate. People, he assumed other recruits, quickly came in sight, and he couldn't help but allow himself a weary smile. "Good morning!" Akiya wheezed as he approached, waving with his free hand. He only had a bag on him- more of a pouch, really but Akki was glad. It was less weight to carry around.

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Nádúr Ulster

It had been a fairly long and unpleasant ride on The Vale’s bus for Nádúr as he was never a fan of vehicles of any sort. Walking was his preferred method of getting around and although he could have tried using magic to locate the institution, there was no way to know how long that walk would have been. Missing the entrance was not something he wanted.

With the bus’ arrival to the massive estate Nádúr’s eyes narrowed into a scowl. Places like this took up way too much space and often times Mother Nature and the animals were the ones to suffer, all so someone could have ten bathrooms. When the doors opened Nádúr took his time getting off of the bus and he looked around to take in everything. Over his shoulder was a hand-woven basket that was stuffed with magic instruments, potion ingredients, and his grimoire. Clothes were absent from the bag as the only clothes he owned were on his body at the moment. A black silk tank-top paired with some black, cotton shorts. A long sweater stretched down to his ankles, made of cotton as well and also dyed black. He wore it open however so it wasn’t really doing anything to keep him warm. Lastly were his feet, which were bare as he never wore any shoes.

As his callused feet meet the ground a shallow smile stretched onto Nádúr’s face. He was glad to be able to feel nature again. The fact that the butler had addressed them was completely missed by the wild Sorcerer and he started towards the large doors and well lit windows that were up ahead. Already he saw some odd looking people, but the one that caught his attention was the boy with the plant covering his body. There was certainly and interesting story there and whatever the plant was would certainly be an interesting study. But right now he had to focus on getting into the institution and not engaging in bewitching others.

As he approached the doors the people within became clearer and clearer images. They were definitely not your average beings, especially not the butler person. With caution Nádúr stepped across the threshold and into the mansion.​

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Alister Krict

The boy whom looked straight into butler's eyes have diverted his attention to the newer arrivals to estate. looking back, Alister took notice of a Kitsune type creature. A rare species that Alister has never seen before. This was not some random creature however for it seems to have arrived after him, assuming that this Kitsune creature is not a regular of the Vale. Perhaps maybe they are a new member too. It didn't took long for Alister to pay attention to them as another new face has greeted him.

It was a young woman. She looked very foreign to Alister to say the least. Alister is not a judgemental individual but that was just his impression. The boy looked back to the butler before to check if he has something else to say. After doing so, Alister was greeted by voice that was adressed directly at him. This sent an unexpected chill down his spine. Quickly turning back to the young woman. Alister had a nervous look in his eyes, it's almost like he was expecting a trip to pain or something. The boy did not greet the young woman propeerly our of pure nervousness and panic. Luckily, Alister was able to react rationally un front of the woman. She was actually offering him her coat, a jacket to kep him warm. To Alister's perspective, he was hesitant and nervous. It's almost like the boy was not used to good treatment. Alister stared at the jacket as hia arms remained folded at this time. Alister genuinely doesn't know wheter or not, the young woman was serious or just messing with him. He slowly drew his hand out towards the coat but hesitation in his movement. He did not grab the jacket out of the young woman's arms.

"N-no... It is yours. I-l don't need it, thank you." The boy said weakly under breath as he did not reach out coat out of pure hestation. It was obvious that the boy hadn't interacted or converse with anyone for a while, based on his weak and hesitant response alone. This was a failed attempt of decline for the young woman still offered her jacket the second time. This forced Alister to give in easily to the young woman's offer for he didn't want to disappoint them. The boy sughed gently as ge reached again for the jacket slowly and gently out of the woman's hands. One can tell his upset look disappeared in his eyes for who knows what upon taking the coat. Alister wrapped it around himself instead of wearing it while his arms returned to their folding position. He turned to the young woman and gave her a small bow for his gratitude.

"T-thank you..." He said softly in his breath. It was near un-hearable but it is still understandable to some. The boy's tone was soft yet it was sincere. He felt warmth again after venturing out for a while. One can tell Alister was fond of the jacket, it's like he just received his first gift ever.

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Location: The Vale Estate.
Date & Time: April 3rd, 10:05 AM.

Clone-Jacques smiled down at the young boy. Allowing him to take in the sights, though he was upset that the child had no items on his person whatsoever, that would change in time. Uniforms would be provided, and warmth would be kindled inside the child's heart and soul. Especially with Jacques cooking. When he met eyes with the Kitsune, Vaeryn he smiled pleasantly once more. Speaking to her with their telepathic connection for the moment.

"I do believe he is not lost, if my records do show truthfully..He is indeed meant to be here, as are you young master Vaeryn. It is a pleasure to have you here, and I hope your stay is most enjoyable." With a snap of his fingers, he lifted her bags up with ease, they began to float in the air as if weightless.
It seemed more students would roll in just as quick, Young master Kardia also arrived just on time as well. Clone-Jacques watched the exchange between her and Alister with a slight chuckle, it was cute to watch Alister's shyness get the best of him during their interaction. But in the end, he was thankful for the jacket that had been given to him. Hearing a tak of a cane from afar, Clone-Jacques looked up to meet Akiya.

"Ah, Young Master Akiya, good to see you've arrived as well!" He flipped the pages of a book he was holding, which held the records of the students, at least whatever was within the system of Bordova was all The Vale had.

"I must say..Do not over-exhert yourself, Young Master Akiya. Please, allow me to help you." Clone-Jacques snapped his fingers once more, and from the ground rising up were tendrils of vines, sticks, and bushes all morphing into a chair for Akiya. It gushed with excitement and butted into Akiya, would-be forcing him to sit down and slowly it slid its way towards all the others by making a path of vines to slide across. When Akiya was strolled all the way towards Jacques, he bowed to him. "I hope the ride was fun, Young Master."

The last was Nadur, and it seemed to Jacques that he was more eager to go inside than he was to socialize with the others. Which gave Jacques the impression it was indeed time to bring the first set of students inside. "Please, follow me Young Masters." Clone-Jacques turned, and began walking ahead of the group, leading them towards the front doors. Akiya was given a special ride on that super-cool chair though, the vines slipping and sliding across the ground and twisting Akiya around the others in glee. Before it stopped behind Jacques at the front doors. Clone-Jacques awaited for the others to meet them, and soon enough he opened the doors. Whence he did, the Clone-Jacques disappeared and returned to his position outside, allowing the students to step inside to the main room. Where they would see Genya, Leon, Volga, Wes, and the real Jacques standing inside.


-Moments before-

Genya nodded to Wes upon his greeting for the morning. "Good to know you've done the training field as I asked." He decided to pay no mind to Wes being rather clean for having supposed to be working on the Training Field. He blew it off as something unimportant, but Jacques would not let that slide. Volga and Leon simply gave Wes a salute, then returned to their stations among the stairs.

"It would seem that you look...Rather dashing for a man who supposedly was just working outside, do you not, Master Wes?" Jacques turned to meet Wes' eyes. His smile was quite creepy this time around, his eyes closed as he smiled, as if he didn't need to see Wes to know that he was lying about working on the Training Field. "I would suppose you even have skills with cleaning that keeps your person rather presentable hm?" Jacques folded his hands together. Continuing to give off the creepy vibe amongst Wes.

Volga and Leon both chuckled, Volga chiming in. "C'mon Wes, before Jacques interrogates you, your position is right at the bottom of the steps in the middle."

Leon added in with the conversation. "Before that mad butler turns your tea into poison.. What do you think about the students Genya? You think they'll add up?"

Genya narrowed his eyes softly. "I don't care about how they'll add up. They will either be failures, or they will be Hunters... This, will be the hardest they've worked in their entire lives." Right after that, the doors slowly opened, revealing the sunlight and brightening up the main room. Allowing Genya and the others to meet the first set of students..


Junior Member

Vaeryn was pleased when a red-haired young lady --presumably a new student as well-- arrived and offered the boy her coat. It was such a simple act of kindness, but seemed very profound for some reason. His gratitude brought a smile to the kitsune’s face, briefly breaking her seriousness. But she quickly returned to her neutral expression, dutifully awaiting further instructions.

“I see. I will respect him as an equal,” Vaeryn said in response to the butler’s reply that the boy wasn’t lost and belonged here. She was momentarily surprised that the butler could use telepathy, just like her. She had not met many people who could do that, or do it so effortlessly. They usually replied with spoken words. Then again, the Vale Estate was no ordinary place and this was clearly no ordinary butler. He even levitated her bags with a snap of his fingers.

More people began to arrive. First was a young man who appeared quite sickly and frail. Some manner of parasitic vegetation had taken root in him and he looked as if he could barely stand, but the butler summoned a chair of vines to carry him inside.

As she followed the butler inside, Vaeryn began to wonder if this was some kind of test. Poverty-stricken children? A young man who appeared to be on his deathbed? How could the Vale turn these people into hunters? Even the red-haired girl seemed rather, umm, normal. As did the black-garbed fellow who strolled past them without saying a word. Vaeryn didn’t like to judge anyone by appearances, but this was all too much to handle. If the vale’s training was half as rigorous as she’d been told, they’ll all be dead in a week, tops…

Aha! This must be a test! For the second time today, Vaeryn smiled. She must protect them. That’s what a true hunter of the Vale would do: protect the weak, defend the innocents. Even if the ‘weak’ and ‘innocent’ are fellow hunters.

When the doors opened, revealing a group of people she could only assume would be their teachers, the kitsune proudly stepped forward. She put a fist over her heart as a sign of respect and honor and bowed her head. “Vaeryn Akshalla, sir… erm, sirs. Reporting for duty,” she said with determination.


The Lunar Fae

Kardia Shardel
Mood: Confused
Location: Vale Estate - Entrance Hall
Mentions: @Ginko The Mushishi @Vagabond Spectre @AnonyMouse

"You're welcome." She smiled softly as he finally accepted the jacket, although she was a little confused at how he chose not to wear it properly. The world he grew up in must have been harsh for him to react like this. Frowning for a moment, she addressed him once more. "You can keep it if you want." Kardia patted the boy on the head gently, before beginning to stretch her limbs in preparation for what was to come. Ugh, she really wished she wasn't so tired. Now that the nervousness of arriving here had subsided, her fatigue was seriously beginning to kick in. She refused to fail the training just because of something like this, determination bubbling through her.

"Ah, Young Master Akiya, good to see you've arrived as well!"

At those words, Kardia spun round to greet the new arrival, but just as quickly as she turned to look at him, an amazing chair of forestation had formed from under him. "Wow." She couldn't help but be in awe for a moment at how quickly the magic had formed. Perhaps later on she could learn such magic, she thought to herself excitedly. Taking a curious glance at the boy, she noticed he seemed to be infected by a plant of sorts. She was concerned, but if he deemed himself well enough to come here for the training, then she wasn't one to tred on his determination. Not like she was in a great state either.

"Hello, Akiya, I assume?" She gave him a friendly wave as they all collectively began walking onto the estate, following after the figure that had passed them by earlier. She stayed beside the young boy she had given her coat to earlier, somewhat watching over the innocent youth out of concern. As the doors opened, she took a deep breath, wondering what her mentors would be like. They were more normal-looking than she intially would have thought, but she could just sense that they were far more skilled than they let on. Suddenly, the kitsune from earlier bowed with an introduction, everything about her seemingly proper and respectful. For a moment, Kardia was confused and panicked a little, wondering if they were supposed to do the same.

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The Lord of the Uneaten
"Rokka, look! Grass! Trees! Butterfly! Flowers! Ahahaha."

"L-lady Sonia, please don't overexert yourself. I'm tasked to monitor your condition too."

"Nooo, it can't be helped. Finally papa give me a new friend and let me play outside. I'm soo happy! Thank you Rokka!"

"I-I don't think I deserve a thanks, Lady Sonia. I'm just doing my job."

"Stop calling me Lady, just call me Sonia. We're roughly the same age anyway."

"I can't. You are a noble, it's just appropriate for me to call you that."

"Eeehh.. Pleaaase? Pretty please?"

"A-allright, I will try, La- I mean, Sonia. But you must stop jumping around like that. We don't want your fever to come back."

"Horay! Now that sounds more like a real friend."

"I said stop jumping around!"

~~~Rokka Mokona~~~
Time: morning
Location: The way to Vale Estate

Loudly munching some hardtacks in the rearmost seat of the Inner City's trolley, Rokka was wondering why she decided to recall that memory from eight years ago. Memory of her first day assigned as Sonia's 'bodyguard'. Might be because that day and this day had a similarity, both are the days when she opened a new leaf of her life.

Rokka quickly rung the bell when she realized that the trolley was slowing down towards Lainis Junction, signaling the driver to stop. The trolley continued its trip the moment Rokka stepped outside, leaving dust and dried leaves flying behind. There, from this junction ones could saw the regal estate of The Vale outside the city. The luxurious building towers over the much smaller buildings that occupied most part of Inner City outer district. She wondered why The Vale built a mansion instead of a barrack.

Slinging her bag over her left shoulder, she didn't rush her pace while walking towards the mansion. The further you go from the center of Inner City, the more greenery you could see. It's a nice change of scenery for her. After a few minutes, Rokka finally arrived at the front of the mansion, where a neatly dressed butler awaits.

"Good morning, sir. I'm Rokka Mokona from the Noire district of Inner City. Ready to begin my duty at The Vale." Rokka greeted the butler with a bit more formality than she usually use, might be because the butler also looks formal that she unconsciously cranked up her formality.

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Ginko The Mushishi

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19ce7a9c082a0a71348d336731c6eb15.jpgName: Xearo & Isla
Magic: Xerxian Sword Magic
Location: Border of The Inner City (Running Late?)
Date & Time: April 3rd, 10:10AM
Tagging: @Spoiled Bread
The young man was causing havoc as he went, rushing through the streets of the Inner City, hellbound to make his way towards The Vale Estate. Isla, the Faeire that was his soul floating close behind. The two of them bickering, but to the eyes of all the others, it just seemed like the boy was crazy.


The boy named Xearo was huffing and puffing, sliding and pushing through crowds of people as he went. "Shut UPP! It's not my fault! You know I always help the spirits return to their rest when I can. IT JUST HAPPENS! I'M SURE THEY WON'T MIND ME BEING FASHIONABLY LATE...Right...? RIGHT!?"

Isla facepalmed, shaking off the stupidity that Xearo just spoke right now. Her eyes went wide the moment she opened her eyes again. "XEARO, WATER!!!" She pointed. At this, Xearo leaped into the air as high as he could! There was a boat nearby, please for the love of all the God's who controlled the wind let him hit...That...BOAT! A large crash, Xearo made it but the boat was going haywire because of the sudden impact. The man who was controlling the boat cursed at Xearo for his overly dramatic entrance and rudeness, to which Xearo solemnly apologized for, but quickly squeezed in that he needed help to get to the Estate..

The man sighed, after arguing with Xearo for a good minute, he agreed. "I'll take you to their entrance from the river, but no farther. That place is cursed..I don't like to say it, but I'd be surprised if you made it out alive. They have some sort of hellish training that could kill kids like you." The ferryman spoke, swishing the oar through the waters and taking Xearo to his destination.

"I'll be able to handle myself, I'm sure of it." Xearo smirked, rubbing under his nose a little. "Just gotta keep my tippy toes on the toes...Of...The toe line..Where toes meet. And toe." Xearo said, blinking...That didn't come out right, evident by the awkward silence even from Isla, whom brushed it off. The Ferryman would speak once more, as the location loomed ahead. "What is your motivations to be here for? Only people I'd ever know who would WANT to come here are people with a death wish.."

Xearo turned, tilting his head. He didn't understand the question and its contents, and he was more-so interested in why the man thought people would only come here if they had a death wish...Another thing was..He truly didn't know why he wanted to come here. Isla at least told him it would be a place worth checking out, but he was so excited to be here even at the mention of the name..

"I guess I'll just find out along the way..?" Xearo said, the boat finally came to a stop, Xearo hopping up and out of the boat, and began to climb up the steep hill from below the Estate. He was lucky, considering he had just arrived as Rokka began to talk to Jacques..So in the end, Xearo truly wasn't late at all! Huffing and puffing like a convict on the run, Xearo made it to the entrance..

The ferryman below sighed, moving off the path of the Estate and back to his own area.. "You'll see one day kid.. With a place like that.."

Ginko The Mushishi

Traveling Mushi-Shi
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Location: The Vale Estate.
Date & Time: April 3rd, 10:05 AM.

The arrival of both Rokka and Xearo turned Clone-Jacques to meet them, Rokka spoke up first being rather formal with the man. He bowed low, smiling. "Master, it is a pleasure to meet you! You must be.." Clone-Jacques flipped through the record book, finally landing on Rokka's page. "Master Rokka! Ah, a pleasure to have you." When he turned to meet the ugly, sweating pile of hyperventilating that was Xearo on the other hand...Clone-Jacques was a little concerned...

"A-Are...You okay? You certainly look like you had fun arriving here.. "Flipping through his record book once more, he came upon Xearo's name nodding as he spoke it out loud. "Master Xearo?" Looking up, he watched as Xearo would give a wagging nod up and down. Finally, to ease the torture the child was going through Clone-Jacques pulled a handkerchief out of his breast pocket, giving it to Xearo. Who took it without a word and dabbed his face with it furiously. Sweat clung to the handkerchief for dear life as Xearo slipped it into his baggy pockets...Whereas Clone-Jacques would have been fine taking it back. "Very well then..It seems like you two are the only ones left for now, the others might come. Though I daresay Master Genya will be furious and probably force more training upon their person.. He does not like people who are late."​

Clone-Jacques turned his heel, leading the last two students to the Front Doors. "Once you enter I do believe Master Genya will begin his speech, ah..It seems as if Master Vaeryn is rather determined in becoming a Hunter!" Clone-Jacques opened the front doors, scooting the two of them inside together and closed the door behind them.. Allowing them to finally get in with the action in store for them.

Genya observed his students, his eyes rolling over each and every one of them in turn. Figuring out their strengths and weakenesses just from appearance alone. It wasn't hard to find them, these ones were still green horns, no matter how much they might have studied their craft they would never be able to use what they've learned in a real fight. A fight for their life, the silence from the halls would etch itself into the students before long, and it would surely make all of them antsy. He blew away the greetings from Vaeryn, though she meant well it would not do her any good here. Genya would believe her and all the others useless unless they proved themselves worthy by merit and teamwork. Standing up Genya was ready to finally speak to all of the newcomers.

"I do not care for your upbringing, or your hardships. The training you shall receive here on this day, will be hell. There are only two paths that all of you, as a whole can take. Failure, or success. I will be blunt, you all will be tasked to succeed and motivate your comrade to succeed with you. If even one of you fails, you ALL fail. I will make myself clear here... I no longer care for those with special talents in my Organization. You wish to become a Hunter of The Vale? The only way to succeed is through merit, and teamwork. The sweat, blood, and tears you all will shed here will all be for a path that Hunts man and monster. You all have talents I am sure, and we will certainly work on those talents, but your weaknesses make you a target."

Genya's familiar, the skeletal bird flew down onto his shoulder. Sqwuaking softly. "My name is Genya Iori, I am the leader of The Vale. I will instruct you in both scholarly training and physical training when not on missions. After every mission you undertake accompanied by a Senior Hunter, you will report to the Training Field and we will do physical training every day. Every morning for 4 hours you will study a plethora of things ranging from monsters, runes, magic, the lands, and more. Uniforms and scholarly items shall be given to you all by Jacques."
With that, Genya raised his hand towards Jacques, who stood behind all the students. When they would turn their attention, Jacques bowed low. Happy that he could introduce himself to his new masters.

"I am Jacques The Butler, one may consider me the most powerful mage or sorcerer of Bordova. I am over 100 years old and know magic that goes beyond life and death. Though I am simply a Butler, I shall not teach my magic but I shall teach those proficient in the magical arts what they need to know to go long in their life of training. I also can be called upon for any assistance you so desire." Jacques smiled as he rised up after bowing.
Genya returned his hand to his side. Now allowing Volga, Leon, and Wes speak for themselves..

Volga spoke first, raising his hand to the students. "My name is Volga, I am a Senior Hunter of The Vale. Some days you may work with me on a mission or I may supervise you on your own missions that will eventually lead you all to becoming a Hunter. I specialize in certain magics that control marrionettes and puppets as weapons. I will be tasked with training those who control magicka to condense and control your magicka to a point where it is finely tuned to yourself. Magicka of the body is always specific to the wielder, one might wield an amount of magicka that is dense and always overflowing, though it is possible to control that well of magicka and make it submit to its wielder."

Leon spoke next, smiling at the students mischeviously. "Howdy kiddos! Name's Leon, ya pipsqueaks sure are tiny from where I stand. But let me tell you all something, if you keep each other afloat through this Hell-like training you all will succeed with flying colors. I don't have magicka, not one ounce in my body but I make up for that with my giant ass brain. I'm a machinist and I create boatloads of inventions for The Vale. I even created my very own mechanical arm!" Leon showed his mechanical arm, smiling proudly down towards them. "Got a lot o' fuckin' special treats inside this bad boy I do. Now that I'm past the goofy shit, I'm also a Senior Hunter and shall be supervising your missions. Not only that, I am tasked with tactical training, which will include stealth, traps, and strategic planning between your allies. If you go in guns 'a blazing during a stealth operation you're all being dumbasses. That's why I'm here. Even though I like to go boom-boom, I know how to plan things out to go in my favor."

(Re-edited after some mistakes I made in the post. I'm sorry for this happening, and I will make sure another mistake doesn't happen again! Thank you for helping me and pointing out when I've made a mistake you guys!)
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Alister Krict

Onwards towards the great estate. Alister's filthy feet tramples the ground and leave his dirty foot marks with each advancing step he takes. Despite the fact Alister is about to enter his new home. Alister did not feel it's welcoming open arms to him, thus his face remained unchanged throughout the entire trip. He doesn't seem to be aware of his surroundings and the fact that the kind young woman who gave her jacket was watching over him. Everything in Alister's eyes were nothing but a blur. His peripheral vision was thickening on the edge of his sight, perhaps he is too exhausted and starving to stand firm. The coat that was given to him started to give him his deserved warmth. He was hunched back on their way into the manor. On the first cold flooring of the ground, he felt a chill up his spine feeling the coldness. Alister saw the the manor's well designed interiors with his own eyes. Although he payed little attention to it's details. Alister adored the manor and respect it's residents. Alister's poor appearance was now in full detail as the manor's light shone upon him. Alister was being observed but he doesn't seem to the same.

Soon, Alister met his superior senior hunters and masters. All looking grand in their own way. Alister boy who silently spectates aside, watched the scene unfold his very eyes. Although he expressed little to no emotions. Alister was obviously nervous and tired. The recent events he has been through lately really drained all his energy as far as one observes. Alister kept his arms folded as he looked into each new faces straight, trying his best to focus on their details. He cannot fully remember their faces but their major details is what he'll remember. Luckily the lad's ears were functioning perfectly. His ears listened to the words of his superiors and took mental notes of it. The words by far was more uninspiring rather than it should. He already felt like an outcast to the manor and not all he can think about is that he may have entered a military camp rather than a home. To make things even worse, he is starting to remember his past. The days of his abusive orphanage... Alister's exhausted facial expression shifted into a visible and genuine stressed out face. His eyes closed tightly, his mouth started to mumble to his self in a rapid pace. His head looking down to the ground, hiding his face. Despite the room temperature, one can see that ALister is shaking tremendously if observed closely. His right barefoot began tapping on the cold ground rapidly, almost leveling his lips moving. If one were to listen to his fast paced mumbles, they can hear a lot of negative lines. All inaudible and hard to understand but a few words can be heard clearly, like...

"...No please, not again..."

"Get away from me!"

"...Please... Stop!"

"I don't want to! Time is ticking..."

"...I am going to suffer here..."

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Monet Berger
Interacting: @ Everyone
Location: The Vale Entrance Hall

The world around Monet passed in a blur of green and grey as she moved in silence, the only sound being the rhythmic impact of Skoll's paws hitting the ground. They were late it seemed, but not by much. They had been traveling for days now, the journey wasn't too difficult but despite all its legends and folktales, Monet felt a rush of relief as the Vale came into view. The two had chosen the more scenic route to get here, traveling through forests and fields instead of cities and busy streets. A girl riding atop a giant wolf often seemed to disturb the common folk. Plus, neither Skoll nor Monet seemed to be one for conversation these days. Monet loosened her grip on Skoll's smoke-colored fur as his loping slowed to a half-hearted trot.

Skoll stopped in front of the opened doors to the Vale Estate. "We're here," he said bitterly. Monet slid off of the large beast with her lips pressed tightly together, forming a barrier to keep her spiteful words within. Although her action was in vain due to Skoll and Monet's sharing of a single mind, she still found it to be the more polite course of action. The moment her boots met the ground the beast behind her vanished and her shadow reappeared. Monet doubted Skoll was going to make a reappearance anytime soon. He never enjoyed introductions and disliked pretty much everyone. He seemed to tolerate Monet, but never failed to remind her how much better her mother was compared to her.

Monet ran her hands down her clothes to smooth them. She wore a brownish grey Victorian styled dress that ended at the knees and was decorated with floral print. The scalloped collar was buttoned all the way up and small fabric bows were fastened around her arms. It was a gift from the witch that took Monet in after finding her lost and wearing nothing but flaking, dried blood. Monet stayed with the witch for several years, learning about herbs and the earth's raw magical qualities. It was the witch that convinced Monet to join the Vale and become a hunter. She claimed it would bring peace to the never-ending war within Monet's soul and help her learn how to safely use her power's to their full extent.

So, here she was, slipping through a door and following the soft murmur of voices until she found the gathering of recruits and their trainers. All of the recruits looked so diverse. From very young and gauche to more mature and elegant, members from completely opposite social standings were now being shoved into a team and forced to cooperate.

"They are all young and weak" spoke Skoll through thought only Monet could hear. "So are we," Monet retorted mentally, staring down at the floor with slightly furrowed brows. "You are weak, Lamb. I am more powerful than you will ever know. It is your own weakness that hinders me," came Skoll. Monet pushed her bangs behind her ears and looked up at the instructors, relaxing her face. She was done speaking with Skoll.

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The Lord of the Uneaten
----------Rokka Mokona------------
Location: Vale Estate

Rokka was amazed at the estate. The interior was almost sparkling. Sonia's mansion felts much more humble compared to this, though that might be caused by her father's taste. She gathered with another students and paid her attention to the people in front of the students. Wait, why was the butler here again? she was sure he stays outside, Ehh.

The speech turns out to be more or less introduction stage for Vale's mentor. Rokka tried to memorize each mentor's names, faces and expertises.

After Master Leon finished her introduction, Rokka noticed something strange. One of the student, the one that looks the youngest seemed to be mumbling something, too fast to be heard clearly. Curse?

Rokka slowly approached the student. Now that she looks closely, this student looks so... out of place. Barefooted, dirty, thin, young and probably sick. At least the others seems healthy enough to walk around the mansion for ten laps. Guided by curiousity, Rokka tried to check his forehead. She wasn't surprised when she felts his cold sweat on her hand.

"Master Genya." Rokka raised her hand and looked directly at the leader of the Vale. "I think this one is sick."

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Should've Died in the 60's
Wes Gavo

"Eugh, I hate public speaking..."

Wes cleared his throat, holding one hand up to his mouth, the other stuck firmly in his pocket. He sighed; truth be told, he always felt awkward standing up here,

"Right. I'm Wes Gavo. I think I'm pretty straightforward. I'm a Senior Hunter, like these guys. Martial arts and hand-to-hand are my thing, and you'll be learning a lot of both from me. Even if you don't think you need it... you will. I'm here to make sure that you don't spend your entire career relying on a gimmick, so you can actually do what you gotta do without a crutch. Because the worst Hunter is the Hunter that can't do anything outside of a few neat tricks. So that's physical training, and self-training. Learning to think on your feet, fight with what you've got, and think outside the box. And most importantly, keep you from building a box around you to begin with. So beef up. Cause once we-"

He frowned. Someone was raising their hand and interrupting. There was at least one *every* year. Honestly!

"Yeah? Questions are supposed to wait until-" he cut himself off, squinting and then pointing towards the back of the crowd. At small, dirty figure hunched over, and clearly convulsing, "Woah, woah, okay that guy over there's having a heart attack. Jacques? Heart attack, twelve o'clock, do something!"

Ginko The Mushishi

Traveling Mushi-Shi
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Location: The Vale Estate.
Date & Time: April 3rd, 10:14 AM.

Jacques was observing from the background, at least..The true, real Jacques. When called upon by Master Wes, he sprung into action. Asking the students to back up and give Alister some space. When all were at least 2 to 4 feet away Jacques finally began his assessment. If one watched closely it could even look like Alister was having an inner battle with himself rather than just a normal old panic attack. Jacques continued to examine the situation, and decided to bring a little magic into the mix. Tracing runes within the air, the room grew dark, pitch black. A calming black. One that swallowed both Jacques and Alister up, but did so as if it were comforting the both of them. Only the two of them were within each others line of sight. All others seemed to have disappeared. When the spell had been completed, Jacques decided to sit in the endless blackness before them. Smiling at Alister.

"Perhaps not a best first experience, Master Alister." Jacques spoke softly, letting his distance and voice both show no antagonism against Alister. "Here in The Vale, we may seem intimidating but we all care for our fellow Hunters. Genya is a little rough around the edges but he always means well. I believe it is because of the accident that he no longer feels he can be soft. But I have little say of that matter...I wasn't there as well, and Genya's shield magic couldn't hold up.." Jacques seemed to grow solemn in that moment, but quickly returned to normal. "You will be safe here, The Vale is a good home to those who work for it. But you must work hard, and grow strong for not only yourself but your new family."
On the world outside, where all stood in the main hall. Jacques and both Alister seemed to have stopped moving completely. Within minutes though, both Jacques and Alister would return from the spell that Jacques cast on both of them. As if nothing had happened, Jacques slowly dusted off his vest as if there were some microscopic dust on himself and smiled at everyone. "Master Alister will be fine now. He simply grew overwhelmed."

Vagabond Spectre

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Alister Krict

The intensity of his own stress has completely deafen, silenced and blinded him from the world around him. His non-stop mumbling with his hands on both sides of his head had gave away the signals of stress. This was drawing attention to most members of the Vale. Alister's mumbling slowly increased it's volume revealing more of his muttered words.

"...Leave me alone! Not this time!" He cried. The boy was shaking more than ever as he continued on. He crouched down to the grab while his hands grasped on his head as he poorly assesses his own personal overwhelmed mind. He weakly muttered words after crouching down. The drawn attention caused one of the members to touch his forehead for a quick check for illness which only caused Alister to panic more upon physical contact. He groaned in discomfort after being touched in the forehead and muttered something under his breath. Probably in the lines of "Get away from me!" or "No! Do not!" He shaked intensely as he tried to calm himself down.

This went on for a couple of seconds until the one who can actually diffuse Alister made it into the scene. His savior, Jacques, the butler of Vale. Alister's eyes were tearing up and closed at this point. He was shedding tears, little did he know that his time of need is now here. His hands were clenched and his teeth gritted as he trembles in place. The next thing he realized the world around him was now... Nullified. Like, he was in a world that was no longer his own. Almost like he went to another place yet feels like they are still there. Existing in both planes of reality. It was a feeling beyond comprehension to the boy but one thing he can assure that he felt peace in his mind. His eyes opened and is greeted with the calming blackness of the world around him, Jacques towers before him.

Without hesitation, Jacques began to do what he does best. His smile, calming than a friend's smile, his words can inspire an army, his presence gives peace. This is Alister's first impression of the butler despite meeting him a few minutes ago but he felt very real to him, very human. Each passing second felt like healing to Alister as Jacques explains and relieves his worries. Who knew that someone like Jacques was the person Alister needs. Alister was humbly listening to each word that comes out of the man's mouth. At the moment he was finished, the boy was now calm. Arms are now folded again, his cheeks had streaks of dried tears and his stance was back on his feet. Truly an interesting man of mystery, Jacques is. Just like that, Alister ended the conversation with a gentle bow, followed with soft tone of words from his mouth.

"Thank you, Sir Jacques... I understand..." The boy said before perfectly timed out of the calming black reality. Alister stood on the same spot as if nothing happened to him. The only difference now is that Alister is now more relaxed than before, way even before he entered his high stress levels. He had an upset look on his face during his first way in but now he has been pacified. The only difference now is that he has a slight blush on his face due to the embarrassment he to himself causing trouble and a scene in front of the new guys. Wanting to make up for his troubles. Alister bowed without hesitation in front of everyone to apologize for his inappropriate behavior.

"i'm sorry for the trouble..." He said weakly to others as soon as Jacques was done speaking.

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Ginko The Mushishi

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Location: The Vale Estate -Training Field-
Date & Time: April 4th, 1:00 PM.

The return of Jacques and Alister from the spell brought the situation to a close. Though tension might have been in the air for the students, Genya seemed the most displeased. If this boy could not control himself, what would happen to the others around him? He did not like this. Every fibre of his being told him to end it now. Fail all of them now, leave him to deal with more important things. But in the end The Vale did need more home defense, all the Hunters that have been in the organization for at least 10 years or more were already off in different continents. Far enough away from Bordova to not be called back into action so easily.

Those Hunters were all tasked with watching over these different continents, and relaying any information that would seem alarming. Bordova does not raise its sword against any continent but it will do so if provoked. One continent in particular was certainly a threat, but has yet to act against Bordova. The Odaros Empire, a large war hungry empire that has grown so powerful with its magitech that even Bordova can't keep up. The difference in that is Bordova does not allow its public to use magitech so freely. The Military is the only confirmed users of magitech in Bordova.

Genya would order the students to explore, allow them to get accustom to their new home. Each room had its own personal bathroom, a gift from the 2nd Leader of The Vale. Having it installed after she acquired leadership with the massive amounts of money she owned through being one of the nobles of The Inner City. Grand as it all was, The Vale was certainly large enough to accomidate over 100 members!

The day would quickly roll by, and all the students were gifted their scholarly supplies and uniforms, there was even a training uniform! Jacques would create both lunch and dinner at their respective times and by god was the table full of foods of all kinds. Jacques knew how to cook, especially for a large amount of people, luckily The Vale wasn't packed at this time. Jacques would have had to make sure everyone was able to eat if so.

The morning was coming strong, and by 5:30 AM, Genya had all the students up and ready for studying. The "school" day had begun, and he wanted to begin their teachings quickly. Today they began to learn about different monsters; all basic in theory and understanding. They would move onto different topics and weaknesses of each said monster, and learn of their folklore as well. Around 10:00 AM, Genya would teach them the history of each set land in Bordova. Which consisted of The Inner City, Mokujin Kingdom, The Deserts, The Iron Fortress, and The City of Rememberance. Each land had an important past to learn, and each had distinct features. Monsters of all kinds would always adapt and be different than ones you would find in another, and the same would go for humans as well.

The time passed like water flowing freely, and Genya noticed the time to be 12:00 PM. Turning his head to the students he would speak loud and clear for their attention. "Class is dismissed, I would like all of you to report outside to the Training Field. You'll find it to be directly South from here. Once outside, I will start you all off today with physical training. We will be doing a range of physical activities. Today you all won't need to worry about undertaking a mission, not until we get through a few days of training. Tomorrow Wes will have you all for hand-to-hand combat training, Jacques will then take you all for magic training. Leon and Volga will follow suit the day after tomorrow in training you all. From there, You all will be ready to take on missions accompanied by a Senior Hunter."​

Genya dismissed the class for themselves to get ready, and this was where the real training begins. As well as where all of the students would begin to truly open to one another. The physical training wasn't deadly, it was simply some normal work-out regiments. Stretching and running, all of that type of stuff. If anything, Genya thought the students would do well with having it. Keeps them in shape and on their toes. He himself would switch out of his suit in favor of a t-shirt and gym shorts. Awaiting outside on the Training Field for the class, planning on basic stretching before going into running, and then he would have them all do some push-ups for starters. After that, the physical training would grow harder and harder with time...And they had a lot of time to kill today.


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Bright sapphires shimmered curiously as she listened to the words of her seniors. The experience they had was immeasurable to hers: she was just at the start line of her journey afterall. She noticed her poverty-stricken companion had suddenly started having a panic attack, but just as she was going to reach out to help, the situation had been solved. It was a prime example at how their adequacy was simply far beyond hers.

Time flew by quickly as bedding arrangements and training preparations took over the rest of the day. After a fufilling meal, with cuisine seemingly richer than in the North, Kardia rolled up in her soft cushiony blankets and fell fast asleep. Fleeting thoughts of how she hadn't interacted with her peers much yet concerned her, but she was sure she would bond with her teammates in time. Hopefully anyway. Her fatigue seemed to melt away as sweet dreams overcame her.

Before she knew it, the second day had dawned. As much as she would have loved to continue sleeping, her excitement forced her wide-awake. Monster theory was interesting, and compelled her to learn more. Whereas in contrast, she found learning history about the different lands a little boring. That was most likely due to having learnt most of it before: it was not like she was uneducated as she grew up. However, she knew that the others were not quite as priviledged, and contently sat through the lecture.

Finally, the time had come for her energetic nature to shine. Swiftly, after given the instructions, she changed into the training gear they were given and headed outside. She personally preferred her own outfit for exercise, but she thought that it would be polite to utilize the garments that had been specifically tailored for her. Her eyes twinkled as she began stretching her arms in preparation



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The incident with the young boy and Jacques only reinforced Vaeryn’s resolve to protect her teammates. She wasn’t sure if the boy was ready for this, but that was irrelevant. It was her duty to make him ready or, should she fail in that, defend him. Even if Genya hadn’t said what he said about them all passing or failing together, she wouldn’t allow anyone to falter. Hunters had to stand strong, together. The world couldn’t afford anything less.

But now wasn’t the time to take Alister under her wing. After being introduced to their instructors, the students were shown around the estate and taken to their living accommodations. The boy needed time to think and find himself. And, frankly, he needed clothes and a bath, two things the Vale would provide.

I will see him tomorrow, Vaeryn thought, after he is a little more… approachable.

Kitsunes do have a sharp sense of smell, after all.

Anyway, Vaeryn didn’t remain in her room for long that day. Even back home, she didn’t like to be cooped up indoors and used to spend a lot of time in the mountains and forests, running, hunting, and training. After changing out of the stuffy kimono and into something a little more comfortable, she walked around the grounds until dinner. After that, she made her way to the training field, where she practiced her archery until sundown.

During the next day’s classes, she asked a lot of questions --probably too many-- and took a lot of notes. She was already fairly well-versed on history and some monster lore, especially the creatures of the Mokujinn Kingdom, but she didn’t come all this way to fall back on things she already knew. By the time the class ended, many of the students seemed half asleep or totally zoned out, but Vaeryn was wide awake and perky and had written over a dozen pages of notes.

When class was dismissed, Vaeryn tucked her notebook into her quiver and quickly walked back to her room to change. Genya hadn’t said how much time they had to get to the training field, so she assumed that meant “immediately.” She was probably faster than most of the class, so she hoped to arrive first, but squeezing six tails into a pair of gym shorts is harder than you’d think. She sprinted back to the training field and was mildly disappointed to find she was the second to arrive. Her disappointment was tempered by the sight of Genya in shorts and a t-shirt. It looked… wrong… in a good way.

Vaeryn shadowboxed and bounced on her paws while she waited for the others to arrive, and practiced some stretches, easily bending over to touch her toes and even backwards to do the same, ending in a half flip. And that's when she potted one of her arrows lying on the ground. "Oh," she said as she quietly picked it up and tucked it back into her quiver. She could've sworn she had picked them all up yesterday, even though she had probably fired hundreds of them.
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The incident with Alister left Xearo confused, and yet he kept himself quiet for the remainder of that time. The words his superior Genya spoke were harsh in nature but that only inspired Xearo to surpass that challenge brought to him. From those harrowing words, "The only way to succeed is through merit and teamwork." Xearo just knew he could throw in that extra 10% to help his comrades whenever they were in need. That's what being a team meant to him. Work hard, and extend your hand to your peers in need.

When given free reign of the mansion, Xearo explored every nook and cranny of the estate; peering into rooms of all kinds, running around outside, and taking in every little piece of the mansion he could. Much like a child in a candy store, Xearo just couldn't keep himself from exploring all around! After his adventure, Xearo settled into a room of his own and shifted out of his clothes into the uniform. The uniform was a perfect fit actually! He liked the way it looked on him. Rather classy, so take what you get!

Dinner was something Xearo could only dream of, never in his wildest dreams did he believe a whole banquet was up for grabs in The Vale. He wasn't shy with grabbing whatever he could and chowing down either, he ate like a vacuum. Whether it bothered his teammates or not didn't really make much difference to Xearo, he saw food and his first instinct is "eat."

After the pig-out session, Xearo slinked his way back to his room and plopped down on his bed, letting out a long sigh of happiness. Isla on the other hand went to bed as fast as possible, and more than likely wouldn't wake up until the morning. Time moved slow when you don't sleep, and so to pass that time Xearo climbed up to the roof of the mansion and watched the sky, he sat there the whole night watching the stars and observing clouds pass by the moonlight, up until sunrise. When the first lights of dawn streaked across the skyline, Xearo Jumped up high to holler to the waking world his excitement for training


... That excitement would be destroyed as he realized "school" was in session. Class was a true bore, and despite knowing this stuff was important to remember, it was like sliding your fingernails across a chalkboard and slamming your head multiple times into a wall at the same time. Xearo was patient though, and listened to the best of his own abilities to jot important stuff down in his notebooks. At any time Xearo was confused on something though, he rejected the idea of asking questions, too embarrassed to even raise his hand. He sat stone-faced in his seat with the occassional nervous sweats until the end of class..THANK the gods that training came after, as Xearo zoomed out of the room quickly to get ready.

Slipping into his room and throwing on his training uniform, Xearo slipped outside, jogging towards Kardia and Vaeryn with a smile. Throwing one hand up in the air and shouting over to them "Heyyo! How's it going?!" He stretched his arms a little, and bent low to stretch his legs outward, still holding that big dumb smile on his face before he arrived to the others. "Haha! I've been waiting for this all day!" His eyes seemed to glitter with excitement now, fists clenched and held tight against his chest. Time to make some friends, and get some training done!
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