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Fantasy Celestis' Employment Sheet

Celestis Employment Sheet
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Place of Birth or Origin:




Stelle type:

Stelle element(s): (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Pure Myst (Arcane), Nature. Only a maximum of three can be picked.)

Applying for division: (See below.)

A Background on your Character: (If possible)

Additional Personality and Traits:

(Before the acceptance of a member, they undergo a test to see if they are capable of that division and after that, a seminar to educate the new member(s). A special debut expedition is prepared for specifically for the new members, possibly solo, or with other new members. Expedition schedules are posted in the schedule board at the main hall and announced throughout the whole headquarters)

Green Division
Captain: Revel Briggs

The offensive division. Consists of members who possess lethal means to finish off any living obstruction quickly.

Blue Division
Captain: Jelt Erion

The vanguard of Celestis. They offer protection for everyone to the best they can. Usually consists of capable knights, but there have been times where Mysticks who focus on protection has entered this division.

Violet Division
Captain: Karatriss Pureheart

The dedicated utility bringers. Some consider this the hardest division to offer. Though they offer little to no combat skill, they are the most important assets to the division. They carry specialized non-combat bags for supplies such as repair tools, Myst replenishers, and some are even capable of healing spells. Sometimes, they will be the difference between death, and life in a long expedition.

The Ranks, Gold, and Items

Will be implemented once the RP is further on live! Each expedition a member completes will give them rank points, which when accumulated, can allow them to rank up, allowing for better paying expeditions. Some expeditions can also reward special items that may be used, and such. Gold is used for buying stuff for your character, such as equipment and food. (Don't starve. Please.)

...Now, how the Main and the other tab works. There will be two tabs for roleplaying. The main expedition tab, and the tab for those on the fort.

Expedition Celestis Fort
  • Tab for expeditionists currently on their expedition.
  • After the objective or exploration has either failed or succeeded, expeditionists will be extracted and end results will be posted.
  • No more posting after end results, transfer to Celestis Fort as you are marked on break.
  • Tab for on break expeditionists.
  • Here you can roam freely around the fort, waiting for your next set expedition and interacting with others. Leaving the fort requires permission.
  • Check frequently at the board (Updates tab) because you may see your name assigned for a mission or expedition!
  • An announcement will be made for those who will be sent out to a mission or expedition.

Lastly, the fort. There are three floors. The first floor consists of the Feast Hall, where most food are sold, and the training grounds filled with all sorts of dummies to practice upon. It is covered by a glass dome, spanning two floors high. The second floor's south wing is a circle of rooms where the sleeping quarters of each members are. The north wing consists of the office of the captains, and the Grandmaster's Seat, a room where the Grandmaster of Celestis resides. The third floor houses the armory and supply deck, where everything is stored.

Happy questing!
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