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Realistic or Modern Cats Au Lait: Welcome Wagon

  • Use this thread as your quick-start guide to the little world of Cats Au Lait.

    On the Applications tab, you'll find the form to make a character sheet for an employee, resident feline, or customer. On the Staff tab, you'll meet the Owner and General Manager and see who's been hired. On the Residents tab, you'll find information on the cats who live at the cafe. On the Customers tab, you'll see who frequents the cafe as a regular, or comes and goes as they please.

    What kind of world is this?

    This is a modern anime slice-of-life roleplay taking place within a cozy Japanese cat cafe. Opportunities for friendships, romance and rivalries arise! Join as a staff member and be privy to the secrets of everyone who visits the cafe; as a customer and discover new relationships with the staff or adopt one of the shop cats; or as a resident feline and live out your alley-cat, house-cat or any-kind-of-cat headcannon.

    Who can join?
    Anyone is welcome to join! The cafe is seeking several full-time and part-time employees who want to stick around for a while - hence the application process. Otherwise, customers and feline residents are free to come and go as they please. The goal is to function as a somewhat realistic cafe where people visit either very often, or only once and then never again. We are ghost-friendly!

    Are there any requirements?
    Post in the appropriate thread.
    Aim for realism while roleplaying.
    Follow all RPN rules and guidelines.

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Agatsuma "Ayu" Ayumu, 22

nonbinary (they/them), pansexual
regular customer
"what's that? you think i look like your favorite pop star? that's sweet! now, could i get my drink?"

Favorite Drink
Strawberry bubble tea, blueberry bubbles
Sweetheart at first glance, brat at second. (Usually lands somewhere in between in the end.)
Goal To get through the day without being recognized
Quirk Constantly humming some unreleased single
Strengths Charming, loves animals, easygoing, ambitious
Flaws Bratty, self-centered, immodest, unreliable

Backstory From a young age, Ayu had a gift for music, and ended up debuting as an idol at the young age of 16. Now, they're a bit tired of their life as an idol, and come to the cat cafe as a getaway.


honey bee
Koga "Kiyo" Kiyoshi, 19
He/Him, Bisexual
Part-time Barista

"Sorry, I can't today. I have to work."

Favorite Food and Drink: Strawberry cake, Matcha Latte
Personality: Kiyoshi has a huge, soft heart beneath his slightly frightening appearance. People who have known him for a while know that he is utterly selfless and cares for his family more than anything. He might be a little shy and quiet at first, but he doesn't let it affect his work. Also, he adores cats of all kinds. He absolutely melts when petting them.
Long term goal: Provide for his family so his mother can have a break, and finish school.
Short term goal: Get the best sales on groceries
Quirk: He has a lot of piercings and a few tattoos, although he usually has to hide his ink under his clothing, and take out his piercings for school and work.
Strengths: Very hard worker, a great cook, smart, dependable.
Flaws: Shy, scatterbrained, sleepy, sometimes forgets to take care of himself.
Backstory: Kiyoshi comes from a family of five children with a single mother since their father passed, and as the oldest son he feels a lot of pressure to help out. Besides Cats Au Lait, he also works part time at a convenience store and a delivery company. His mother tells him all the time that he doesn't have to do so much and he should enjoy his youth, but money is undoubtedly tight all the time with so many mouths to feed. His next youngest sibling is 17, but he helps out more at home with the young children. While working all his jobs he has also promised his mother that he would finish school, so a lot of times he is scrambling to finish assignments whenever there's a lull in work. It wouldn't be strange to find him curled up in a corner with his head in a notebook.
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Minami ( Yuki ) Fuyuki, 20
cis woman (she/her) lesbian.
regular customer
"i'm super happy you got red because of me! that's the feeling of being loved! "

Favorite Food/Drink : every strawberry drink ever & chocolate cake.
Personality: an absolute hopeless romantic. an extroverted at first meet, being able to uphold a conversation with any one and everyone regardless their different preferences or likes. But as people know her more and more, fuyuki is just in a nutshell, a gay mess. She has a weakness to every pretty thing ever ( womenwomenwomen ) and also a sucker for fluffy cats. Despite being a so-called "social butterfly", she's the absolute worst in reading the room. Breaking jokes at the worst timing possible, someone help her.
Goal: Find a gf. Despite her look, fuyuki has never been in a relationship with anyone ever before.
Quirk: Bright bubble pink dyed hair and a costant cheery aura around her.
Strengths: easy going, playful, optimistic and energetic.
Flaws: aloof, sarcastic, insensitive

Backstory: Fuyukifuyuki, a once privileged girl with everything layed out for her. Born as the first daughter in the rich and snobby minami family, she ... had a lot of expectation pushed onto her. Not that she really gives two shit about it, it's better than her younger brother being the one who's faced with such pressure. So she kept enduring for eighteen whole years. Where did it go wrong? A drunken night, when fuyuki snuck out, classic middle of the night to get drunk. In her defense, she got lead on for a whole year, who does that? Four am, she got off the horrid train with green neon lights and went back home. The first thing she was faced with was two angry parents ( at least her younger brother wasn't here to see this scene unfold. ) Exhausted with an unclear mind, she let out all of her frustration to the worst two people she could have done that to. No suprises, she got kicked out. Where are all of the rich families that aren't homophobic smh. Two years later and now she's twenty, with a rented apartment nearby the Cats Au Lait cafe and studying at a random law university. (stressful much)


Fanfic Kitty
Irons “B” Blythe, 21
Blonde, curly long hair with an undercut on the left side of their head, often with the long part in the back pulled into a ponytail. Her eyes are a vibrant green-yellow color.
They are typically seen with their biking jacket, featuring many cat-themed patches on the back and shoulders, ripped jeans, and jewelry including gold hoop earrings and chunky rings.
Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation:
She/They Bisexual Panromantic

Part Time Staff, generalized job, but mostly she designs and builds cat furniture in the back of the shop and adds accessibility stuff to the existing things.
"Cat, you are going to spell my doom!”

Favorite Food/Drink:

Vodka martini Chai latte with a lemon tart.

Blythe is a very down-to-earth, and perhaps even pessimistic person, being very blunt and not the most eloquent. She isn’t unfriendly, persè, but her deeply ingrained scowl tends to scare people away. But when they smile it’s genuine, and their laugh is loud and joyful.

Honestly, she just wanted to get away from her overbearing parents.

Meows back to the cats.
She takes a motorbike to work everyday. It has a special basket and carrier for their cat to ride in.
Wears chunky jewelry as a fashion choice.
Looks like they would listen to death metal, but almost exclusively listens to Musical theatre and has recreated “Circle of Life” with their cat many times.

Can speak English as a first language, and Japanese as a second. Very useful for translating those tourists.
They have sewing skills, often found making little sweaters for her cat.
Can drink five whole cans of (insert brand of energy drink here) in under an hour and NOT have a heart attack! It’s incredible!

Quick to fly to violence. She will FIGHT for the stuff she cares about and ESPECIALLY for her cat. Can confirm, they HAVE punched someone for trying to steal a cat from the cafe, who DOES that?!
Sleep-deprived college student is sleep-deprived.

A foreign exchange student from the UK that goes to a local university for an architecture degree and works part time at the cafe to pay for stuff like food. And cat supplies. Mostly the cat stuff though.
Blythe’s cat, Cordelia, is a beautiful white-gray Burmilla. Purebred. Of course, because of that pure, unaltered bloodline , there were bound to be some birth defects. Cordelia was born with a congenital abnormality that caused her front legs to grow twisted and wrong. For the sake of her quality of life, the legs were amputated and thus she became a kitty-Rex.
Blythe brings Cordelia with her to work, because Cordie loves the attention and because she really shouldn’t be left at Blythe’s apartment alone for too long anyway.


Fanfic Kitty
Cordelia “Cordie” Irons, 3 ♀

Staff cat/resident
"The vocal one”

Favorite Food/Drink:

Do NOT feed ANYTHING unless Blythe specifically gives the okay.
(Savory salmon cat treats/chicken soup/literally anything and everything she will eat the wOOOORLD.)


Just a big baby. A big screaming baby. She is very vocal, a food beggar, and a troublemaker for her parent. She knows that she needs to behave when she’s in the cafe and tones it down, but she is still very vocal. Screams for just about anything. Screams when she falls over, screams for food, screams for attention, screams for MORE food. Thankfully it’s, at the very least, not a grating cat scream. Still very loud though.

Wants your food. Give it to her. NOW.

I scream, you scream, we all scream like we haven’t eaten in three days.
Runs chest-first the sides of chairs when trying to jump up on them. (That’s part of the reason for the sweaters- extra padding.)

Cordelia is a friendly, loving, playful cat who will makes friends with just about anyone. She can sit in a customer’s lap for hours and just be super content.
But if there’s one more thing she loves more than MAKING friends, it’s her first friend ever- her person Blythe. Cordelia has been well attuned to Blythe’s emotional needs for basically the entire time she has known them. Cordelia has been known to disappear from the cafe for hours, only to be found in the basement with Blythe, whom was building cat furniture and getting frustrated as to why it wasn’t looking right.
Just a litany of health problems.
A beggar for food when she has so maNY ALLERGIES.

As mentioned in Blythe’s backstory, Cordelia is a two legged T-rex kitty whom hops and hobbles around on her back legs wearing fancy sweaters and screaming. However, something under the surface that nobody is aware of is that Cordelia, along with her leg problems, has a plethora of allergies, to the point where Blythe had to tailor-make this poor thing’s entire diet after days of research and consultations with a vet. If she eats ANYTHING else, she gets violently sick and itchy to the point of scratching herself raw. This cat? This cat eats better than her person does! While Cordelia is being fed grass-fed organic chicken cubes with a raw egg, omega 3 and fish oils with a sprinkling of raw pumpkin for fiber, Blythe exists purely on coffee, poptarts and adrenaline.
Blythe has put a lot of effort into making the cat cafe special needs accessible


as long as i'm here, you're invincible!
Tanaka "Mo" Momo, 20

cis female (she/her), lesbian

"huh? sorry, i was thinking about how much i hate this conversation."

Favorite Food
Cinnamon rolls
Momo is a very negative person, and is quite introverted, disliking conversation with others unless they're one of the select few who she tolerates. She seems exhausted most of the time, often looking like she's struggling to stay awake through conversations.
Goal Pass her classes
Quirk Perpetual bags under her eyes
Strengths Quick thinking, sharp witted, down to earth
Flaws Pessimistic, sarcastic, tired

Backstory Momo had a fairly normal childhood, eventually going to university. She isn't sure where she wants to be in life, but is working at the cat cafe to hopefully get there.

Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!
Hasegawa "Yuu" Yuto, 19
He/him, Asexual Biromantic
Regular customer
"There’s no such thing as a wasted opportunity, just a learning experience"

Favorite Food/Drink:
Hot ginger or chai tea with snickerdoodle cookies
Yuto is your typical college student, with his insecurities and challenges. Although he does his best to hide them, they inevitably come out. He’s just someone who keeps on trying and improving, despite whatever comes up.
Goal Survive college, learn how to make his own sweets, tea and coffee, possibly get a job here
Quirk He apologizes way too often. He usually wears his backpack with him wherever he goes. He wears a prosthetic leg but always tries to hide it. Whenever you can’t get his attention he’s probably listening to lofi beats through his headphones.
Strengths He is very humble, and doesn’t like to brag. He is respectful of others, and he forgives easily. He’s optimistic, preferring to see the good in any situation.
Flaws He is actually very shy. He lies often, just to cover up his insecurities. He’s slow to trust and is scared to make friends. He usually blames himself for things that go wrong.

Backstory Coming from a small town in Okinawa, he never knew his father, so he was always the working man of the family. Despite this, he was able to receive a quality education as well as athletic training. Against his mothers wishes, he came to Tokyo for college on a full athletic scholarship, where he participated in track and field. However, a horrific car accident resulted in him losing one of his legs, and now he is stuck with not knowing what to do with his education or his life.

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