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Fantasy Catalyst Catastrophe (2/8)

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Realistic, Slice of Life


make like a tree and get out of here

  • introduction

    Hello luvlies! Thank you for viewing this interest check. CC can be summed up like this:

    You're in an eight person friend group going on a road trip to a famous theme park. You decide to stop at a cliffside to take pictures, and one of your friends picks up a mysterious rock. It glowed, showing a purple light. After that, you feel yourself getting transported to a rocky ground, along with your friends, feeling fatigued. People start crowding around you, with surprised looks on their faces. "What's the commotion there?" a high-pitched voice asks. The voice emerges as.. a pixie?! "OH MY! The Heroes 8! You've finally returned! I've been preparing for this day.. Uh, firstly, let's help you to the infirmary." she flies away, rounding up some soldiers. You feel yourself to have no strength to get up, and you look around to see your friends the same. Your clothes also have changed with additional weaponry. They're with robes, armor, staffs, and shields.

    The pixie comes back with soldiers holding stretchers for each one of you. "Move over you savages!" the floating creature addresses the folks surrounding you. "I'm Erina, loyal pixie to the kingdom! Thus, making me devoted to you Heroes too. I-i'll let the queen talk to you, I don't wanna chew your ears off with my rambling, n-not actual chewing! I mean the common phrase.. if I talk too much your ears.. and er.. I'll just leave you to the infirmary."

    …Ok, less of a summary, more of the actual premise. There's more lore in the second tab, and I might put up a thread with even more lore. But for now, the characters can learn more about the world in the roleplay itself.

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    CS: Fantasy - Catalyst Catastrophe - CS

nine lives

oh what? no, i totally didn't give up on changing the colors-

and if anything was confusing you can go ahead and join the discord for questions.
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