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Big Mans
Yo! SilencioBD here, but I'd prefer if you'd call me Shibe. Or whatever you'd like. Doesn't matter!

About Me:
Been Role-playing for about 4+ years now, so I'd consider myself sort of experienced. I mainly Roleplay causally, so I wouldn't expect too much from me in terms of length. Despite this, I don't accept one liners. A paragraph is my average, but I'd be willing to send out 2-3 if the stars align. (More on that later.)

What I'm looking for:
Just a fairly consistent, casual partner. Preferably one who doesn't take things too seriously. I'm also looking for someone who's into romance! Romance is definitely one of my favorite things to do on this site, so please be open to that. For Romance I typically do M×F or F×F.

My Hero Academia (A fav of mine. Love the world and characters.)
Pokemon (Idk why, but this a fandom that consistently gets multiple paragraphs! Really one of my favorites!)
Resident Evil (2 and 7) (Never done one of these before. It'd be neat to play Ethan or Leon.)
Monster Hunter World (Never done this either! Still sounds awesome!)
DC/Marvel (Big fan of superheros. Pretty self explanatory.)

Non-Fandom Stuff:
(Always been a fan of Fantasy. From LoTR to D&D. Super enjoyable.)
Sci-Fi: (Same vein as fantasy. From 40K to Doctor Who, to Star Wars.)
Wild West: (A bit more odd. I. Adore. Cowboys. Cowboy stories, cowboy guns, it's amazing.)
Zombie Apocalypse/Fallout: (These are similar, so they're together. I'm a fan of survival rp's where the world has ended and such.)

Romantic Pairings:

Stalker × Stalker (The idea for this cracks me up. Two people stalk each other, and then they finally realize what they're doing, and they fall in love.)

Princess × Knight (A favorite of mine. A forbidden romance between a Princess and her loyal guard.)

Demon/Angel × Human (Both are good! An Angel or a Demon falls in love with a human!)

Demon × Angel (Another forbidden Romance. I'm a sucker for these.)

Prince/Princess × Servant (Similar to Princess × Knight, but slightly different.)

Wizard/Witch × Warrior/Warrior...ess? (Brains and brawn! I'm a fan.)

So this next segment is the set of Romantic RP's I REALLY want to do. Like really. These the ones I crave the most. In these, I will be playing a human male, and the other will be playing a Monstrous/Mythical Female. Here they are.

Drider × Human
Lamia × Human
Harpy × Human
Siren × Human
Gorgon × Blind Human (THIS ONE. I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH. It tugs at my heartstrings. A Gorgon finds a blind human who isn't in danger of turning to stone and falls in love, keeping him for herself. PLEASE DO THIS.)

That's all for now. Please consider doing some of these with me! Have a nice day/night! Feel free to either drop a comment, hit me with a DM, or send a friend request to my discord at ShibeGuy#9210.
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The Ultimate Cookie Muncher
Hello! I'd love to try out a pokémon rp or just about any of the romantic pairings that you listed!


Timezones are a mess

Been ages since I've done pokemon, so that could be fun. Stalker x Stalker is totally hilarious and I do love darker themes. Lastly, I'm an absolute sucker for demon x angel or demon/angel x human. I'd be up for any one of these ^w^

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