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Multiple Settings Casual Parter Search: September Edition [Too Little Too Late]

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Playing Persona 4 Golden
Hello all! My name is Silencio, but lately I've been going by Shibe. Not sure how many people know about me or my system but I post a new thread at the start of every month. Unfortunately, due to certain real life circumstances, I was unable to come up and create one for September, until Now! I've finally broken out of my slump and I'm prepared to get back into the RP scene.

About Me:
I am 17, Male, and Heterosexual. I've been RP'ing for about 5 years, and I care a great deal about it. The ability to escape into another story with someone else has always been amazing and has definitely shaped my development as a person.

What to expect from me:
I'm comfortable going casually (Just a few lines) to Semi-Lit. (Definition varies but for me it means 2-3 Paragraphs.) I've definitely improved my writing style over the years, but I'm a bit rusty at the moment so please be patient. I'm most comfortable laying things out, such as starting premise, characters, setting, etc. I don't like having to stop to answer a question. Unfortunately off-site I'm rather busy, but in addition to this I'm a very forgetful person, so if I forget to message you, It's usually me and not you. Feel free to send me a message to remind me every once in a while. (1 a day is fine) I'm not the biggest fan of playing Canon Characters, But I might be willing to if I feel like I can understand their character. OC Content will always be my favorite! Romance is almost always encouraged!

(The stars indicate craving level)

Fandom RP's I'm Looking For Right Now:
ATLA/TLoK (Definitely a fan of the concept. OC would be amazing.)
Warhammer 40K (I love The Adeptus Mechanicus)
⭐⭐⭐Persona (3, 4, 5) (Maybe even OC Stuff)⭐⭐⭐
⭐⭐Furry (Not really a fandom but It wouldn't fit anywhere else)⭐⭐
⭐My Hero Academia (Get that BnHA out of here) (OC would be great. Having someone play a Canon Character for my OC would be nice.)⭐
Soul Eater (OC content)
Doctor Who

Non-Fandom Pairings/Plots: (Italic shows my preferred role)
God x Mortal (I could totally play either. I prefer gods of Fire/The Sun)
Wizard x Warrior (Having a wizard guy and his big sword wielding girlfriend sounds amazing)
Angel x Demon
Servent x Master (Either or)
Human (M) x Monster Girl (A guilty pleasure of mine. By monster girls i mean Gorgons, Lamias, Driders, Harpies, etc)

That's it for now! I'll be sure to add stuff as the month goes by. Hope y'all have a nice day.
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