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Zuriel had to be quick in order to be ahead of the night creature horde that was now heading to the Belmont Estate, or as they were now the ruins of the Belmont Estate. The dark-haired vampire had been a part of the War Council. Doing so, he hoped to persuade Dracula away from killing all humans. However, Zuriel had not realized the extent of the older vampire’s madness. He had stayed to prevent as much damage as possible, but he knew that he couldn’t prevent all of the human deaths that have thus transpired. He didn’t have a single soldier to fight for him, the other vampires would not dare oppose Dracula, and he didn’t have the power to stop Dracula all by himself. It wasn’t until the name “Belmont” was mentioned in the War Council. The newcomer, Carmilla, mentioned their estate that Zuriel realized what he had to do. The Belmonts are the only ones who would possess knowledge on how to stop Dracula. The very next night Zuriel left as soon as he discovered the location of the former estate. Unfortunately he couldn’t be as quick as he liked. He couldn’t leave with a horse without drawing suspicion and he couldn't travel during the day.

How many nights has it been since he left the castle? How many days did he sleep in a cave instead of a bed or coffin? Three nights, four nights? He wasn’t sure at this point, but knew he couldn’t stop for a minute during the night. Whoever was at the Estate right now had the key to stopping Dracula.

The vampire had made it to the grounds of the former estate. His flame-colored eyes scanned over the ruins and he couldn’t help but let out a small whistle. “The Church really did a number on this place.” Zuriel muttered under his breath. He really couldn’t wrap his mind around the Church’s decisions to destroy the Belmont family. They were the one of the few that could actually fight against us. He chuckled to himself. His eyes tracing the ground until he found what he was looking for: footprints. They were fresh and there were a few pairs by the look of it. The dark-haired vampire smirked and began following them until they stopped. “Hm?” The vampire scratched at his head at where the boot prints stopped. It was a stone tablet of sorts and it honestly kind of perplexed him. "So, this is where the Belmonts keep their treasures?” Zuriel arched an eyebrow inquisitively. The answer was obvious, but Zuriel had grown bored of being quiet during his travel here. He needed someone to talk to, even if it was only him talking to himself. He lifted his foot from the muddy ground and poked the stone tablet with it. “Perhaps they’ll let me in if I knock politely?” He pondered with an impish smile. I’m sure they’ll let you in with open arms. Heck you’re only a vampire trying to gain access to a vampire hunting clan’s stronghold. He thought sarcastically, bending his knees and crouching over the tablet. With a clenched fist, he began knocking loudly on the stone tablet. He could probably make his way through another way, but Zuriel knew that that course of action probably wouldn’t give him the greatest odds of conversing with whomever was inside.

Raman had her own set of issues to deal with: one being the latecomer, Carmilla. The Indian vampire wasn’t sure what to make of the latecomer. She had heard of the blonde vampire prior to becoming one of Dracula’s generals. However, she didn’t know much about the other vampires excluding Sharma and Cho. She honestly didn’t pay much attention to the European vampires. Their territories were too far for her to be that interested in them. Although she was currently trying to find a specific European vampire: Zuriel Roth. “The Little Bastard…” She muttered under her breath. The Indian vampire had practically searched the entire castle trying to find, as she “fondly” referred to him as, “the little bastard.” However, her searches came up blank. “First Godbrand, now him.” She muttered. No one had seen the viking vampire in over a week. She honestly didn’t care much for the viking as he had basically propositioned her and every other female vampire in the castle. She found him vulgar at best and was honestly happy that he was gone. However, that meant they were down a general to lead their troops and with Zuriel gone that made two. “Little Bastard.” She muttered as she walked through the Great Hall.

“Careful Raman. You really shouldn’t strain yourself over a vampire without his own brood.” Sharma was by her side, giving the woman a toothy smirk. The female vampire had not noticed the male prior, probably due to her frustrations with Zuriel. She gave her fellow Indian vampire a side glance. Typically he was always very serious with the War Council, but with her he actually showed his true personality. “I wouldn’t care much that he was gone, but without him and the one that pounces on anything with a pulse we are down two generals.” She argued. She honestly didn’t understand why Dracula kept the Bosnian vampire around. Perhaps it was because he was an excellent fighter. She had seen Zuriel beat Godbrand to a pulp after the viking had insulted his honor. Honestly it kind of amused her, and the other female vampires, to see the viking put in his place.

They continued their way through the Great Hall and began to make their way towards the War Room. It was room designated next to Dracula's study that the War Council generals met to discuss the ongoing war with the humans. “Do not worry, even without them, the war continues.” Sharma tried to soothe her worries. Raman was pleased that he was trying to comfort her and honestly he was the only vampire here that the dark-haired woman trusted. She gave the man a small half-smile, barely noticeable but the male vampire had picked up on it. The woman stopped walking before she continued speaking. Sharma stopped as well and looked back at his fellow Indian vampire. “I still am not sure about this war, Sharma. Dracula says we shouldn’t worry about what happens after this war. Perhaps we should worry and the others leaving is a sign that we should follow.” She whispered, not wanting any prying ears to hear what she just said. She feared the wrath of Dracula if her words got back to him. However, she knew that she wasn’t the only vampire concerned about the end results of this war. Based on the look Sharma was giving her, he also had his concerns about the war. “If we leave now, Dracula would consider it a betrayal. Perhaps after this next attack, we need to have a discussion with the other vampire generals.” The man suggested rather than them leaving. His eyes shifted around quickly to make sure that no one was within hearing range.

“Hm…” The dark-haired woman was not convinced that the other generals wouldn’t stab them in the backs. Perhaps Cho could be convinced, but Zufall and Dragoslav would be a different story. She also wasn’t sure about the newcomer, Carmilla. However, the blonde vampire did ask questions directly to Dracula that the other generals were too afraid to ask. Zuriel’s choice would be inconsequential as he didn’t command a brood of his own. Godbrand could easily be manipulated to see it their way. The human generals, Isaac and Hector, would most likely be the ones who would oppose anything the vampire generals suggested. Those two may cause the most trouble. Normally Raman would've disposed of the two discretely in normal situations, but seeing as how they relied on the forgemasters to bulk up their army they had no choice but to keep the human generals alive. “Something doesn’t feel right, but we don’t have much of a choice.” She sighed and pursed her lips. Her statement also made the vampire male sigh. “I fear that you are correct.” He stated. Both began to continue their way towards the War Room.

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