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Fandom Castlevania Angst&Fluff!

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AU, Magical, Romance, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural


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Hello there! My name is Lilu and I'm on the search for a fellow Castlevania series fan! I wish to have a fluff/angst AU with Dracula and Lisa (it is preferable that I am Dracula). Hopefully, someone will be interested!

A little bit about myself:
—I prefer long posts, so it will take me a day or so to answer! In between you can expect friendly conversations and future plot, as well as character discussing
— English is not my first language, but I speak it fluently. I will try not to have any grammar or spelling mistakes, but my punctuation isn’t that good. So you can feel free to correct me any time! I would appreciate that!
—It would be much appreciated, if we could play as multiple characters sometimes for more depth of plot!

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