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Fandom Casino Cups Sign-ups


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I'm just posting this to see if anyone is interested in roleplaying as canon/Oc characters from Casino Cups
The Oc characters can be yours or you can roleplay as canons: Mugman or the devil etc ^~^
The plot I'm aiming for is: Just working at the casino and interacting with the patrons (canon charas') for...how long we stay interested in the fandom
There's going to be separate sign-ups:
Oc sign-up:
Preferably an image of ur oc or a good/nice description of them ^~^ (( I hope I see at least a few of these!))
Canon: Just post a pic of ur fav pose of them and tell me why you would be fitting to play as them~
*If more than 1 person wants to be the same canon chara' I'll choose who gets to be them, by choosing who sold themselves to be fitting for the role*
Sorry if I seem picky, I'm rusty at rps so I want to get the right person for the roles...
/^\ apologizes for those who feel offended by my post

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