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Multiple Settings Care To Play A Game? (1X1 RP Search)

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  2. Dystopian
  3. Magical
  4. Meta
  5. Multiverse
  6. Realistic
  7. Romance
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Madness At Its Finest!
If you are reading this, then you have chosen to look into my invitation. Good Choice.
First off, a few ground rules, basic information

  • I usually do not mind age, as long as you are decently literate, and know basic grammar, and are mature enough
  • More on the literate part, my posts usually are about 1-3 paragraphs in length depending on situation. It would be preferable if you could write at least one paragraph per post. I usually find it a bit hard to match people with 8 paragraphs posts, so also keep that in mind. TLDR; Semi Literate
  • I usually prefer romance, though if you would like less of it, we discuss something
  • I usually do MxF pairings, I prefer to play M. Though if you have something else in mind, like before, we can discuss something
  • I also don't really like doubling up, I feel like it can get a bit overwhelming, and overcomplicates things at times
  • I do not mind dark RP's, nothing really triggers me, so the bounds are limitless (Well in accordance with RPN's rules of course)
  • I can usually get a post up at least once a week, depending on my schedule

Now that thats out of the way, we can move on to plots/settings
Please note that I am very open to ideas, and am happy to make any changes to the plots/settings. Nothing written down for plots is set in stone, or definitive in anyway really

Super Powers Settings
- Lab Experiment setting, perhaps two subjects?
- City Vigilante setting, maybe something along those lines?
- Super hero school setting?

- Worlds Collide setting, this could take place right when the multiverse opens up, or something like that
- Bounty Hunters Setting, this ones a bit more well built, though albeit slightly more complicated. Basically, in a multiverse that needs order, MOC, the most authoritarian government employs Bounty Hunters to take down criminals. There is a lot more I have written, DM me for more details

- Zombies setting, perhaps could take place either at the start of infection, or a bit later
- Nuclear Apocalypse setting, complete wasteland type thing, perhaps a few mutated monsters?
- World Ending Setting, maybe during the end of the world, sort of 2012 esque thing
- Aftermath setting, maybe something that takes place decades after, kinda like Horizon: Zero Dawn, or something along those lones

Realistic/Slice Of Life
-School Setting, I don't have much ideas on this, but am open to any

Note: These ones are less preferred, but I am willing to give it a try

Fantasy Settings
Squid Games Settings


show me that smile (he / she / they)
Hey there! I'd love to chat about a World Ending esque roleplay if you're up for it?

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