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Multiple Settings Care to look at some plots or pairings? updated 1/17

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About me
  • Name is Os, they/them
  • I tend to write in 3rd person, 2-3 paragraphs, mediocre grammar and spelling
  • I tend to play f and almost all my characters are lgbtq+
  • on weekends 4-5 replies if I'm not busy or working
  • weekdays 1-4 a week
  • not really the biggest ooc talker
  • fxf and mxf only sry
About you
  • Be respectful
  • doubling required if fandom roleplay
  • at least 1 paragraph, 3rd person, decent grammar and spelling (I just need to be able to read it)
  • Tell me your triggers please
  • Share your ideas for the roleplay and help me plot

Harry Potter

Willing to play: Draco, Harry, James Potter, Fred Weasley
Looking for: Charlie Weasley, Pansy Parkinson

Percy Jackson
Willing to play: Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse
Looking for: Luke, Selina

Willing to play: Miss Martian, Wonder Woman, The Flash
Looking for: Batman, Artemis/Tigress, Red Hood

Avatar the last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Prefer OcxOC

Willing to play: Korra, Sokka, Mako, Bolin
Looking for: Kuvira, Azula, Zuko, Asami

Maze Runner
Willing to play: Gally, Newt, Theresa
Looking for: Thomas, Gally

Pairings Bolded is preferred role
superhero x
immortal x immortal
Grim Reaper x
Death x Life
Werewolf x vampire
Vampire x Vampire Hunter
Bullied x


Forbidden Royalty I would prefer to play A
Muse A
is the second born of the royal family of Gartend. They have gotten whatever they wanted as long as they stayed behind the scenes. A was willing to do anything for their parent's attention. They faked passing out, ran from their guards, flew across the world to get drunk just for a sliver of attention of the Queen and King. Muse B is A's bodyguard who has been by their side since they were 16. A was determined to become friends with B and from that, the two became close friends. B has never let A drag themselves down. They have been the firm rock A leans on for a few years. Now, as A gets older everyone is pushing on them to get married but they have never been able to keep a formal relationship up as they are in love with B. B has always set their love life on the back burner as their job was always their first focus but over time they realized the had feelings for the royalty they guard. What happens when a prince(ss) is in love with their bodyguard? Will one admit there's something between them or will it break B's heart when A finally finds "the one."

I live next to a Mafia Hideout?!
Muse A is a teacher who lives in the suburbs of a big city. They have always lived a mundane life and they were content with that. They enjoyed their black and white life. The only thing they felt they needed was a partner but they could never seem r=to find someone good enough. Muse B is a mafia boss who happens to be hiding from the FBI. They have always lived an exciting life from the time they were old enough to remember. They loved adrenaline racing through their veins. They happen to be A's next-door neighbor. When they see their neighbors they are polite and say hi. A always seems to be out at the same time as B and likes to make small talk. Over a few weeks, they develop a friendship. B starts to enjoy their daily catch-ups with A and eventually their friendship grows. They start having each other over for dinner or movie nights. B chooses to open up to A who is less than ready to learn their neighbor is a mafia boss.

Craving Idea
Best friends who everyone thinks are dating and it's mutual pinning and awkwardness cause both are too scared to tell the other they like them and all that fun stuff. Would prefer fxf for this rough idea
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