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Fandom Carcerum (Multifandom RP) Extra Information

Lunaria Silver

One Thousand Club
Carcerum Realm (Also Plot)
The realm in which the story takes place is called Carcerum. It was created by Lux as a prison for Tenebris. Because of the nature of the two twins, Lux knew that he would have to be imprisoned alongside her. Neither Lux nor Tenebris can leave the realm so long as their counterpart still remains. Despite Tenebris' efforts to kill him, they are equals and therefore cannot destroy each other without destroying the world. The two knew that, so Tenebris never tried to fight him directly.
Long before the beginning of this story, Tenebris used her power to put Lux into an eternal sleep. Unfortunately, before he fell asleep, he used poured all of his power into a shield surrounding him, so Tenebris could not make a move at her current power level.
Tenebris waited a long time before announcing to the Multiverse Council that Lux was dead, and that if they didn't want her to destroy their worlds they would send her a biannual tribute of strong beings.
She plans to gather hundreds of thousands of powerful people and then drain their power to add to her own. She then intends to kill Lux and subjugate the worlds.
After thousands of years, her plan is in the final stages, as she has almost gathered enough power in the realm.
Some Multiverses assume they are sending tributes to die, thus they send criminals too powerful to be contained as tributes. Other Multiverses assume that they are sending their most powerful and deserving heroes to live a life of luxury.

Sovereign (Tenebris)
The sovereign is the being that everyone in the realm has been sent to appease. She demands one person from a multiverse every two years. She is gathering enough power in order to actually destroy the only being in the Universe who is her equal, Lux. Her twin brother. She cannot leave her realm until Lux has been destroyed, although the Multiverse thinks he is already dead.
Her name is Tenebris.

Lux is the sleeping being that Tenebris is working so hard to destroy. They are two sides of the same coin, twins. He is the light to her darkness. It has been assumed he is dead, although he was actually put into a deep sleep millennia ago by Tenebris. He is asleep in a luxury cell in the heavily guarded and fortified catacombs under the mansion.

Vassals are those who know of the Sovereign's plans, and are granted the freedom to do whatever they want; excepting the fact that they cannot deny a request from the sovereign. If they do, they are stripped of their privileges and go back to being a regular subject. Depending on the nature of the request, they may even be killed. Vassals do not participate in the biannual tournament, so as such they do not have a rank. They are exceptionally powerful, and have done many heinous things to gain Tenebris' trust.

Subjects are the people who reside in the mansion that aren't Vassals. They are the strongest in the realm, and are ranking members from the biannual tournament.

The serfs are those who are not ranking members from the biannual tournament. As such they are not permitted to reside in the mansion. They are the residents of the city that resides on the other side of the forest which envelopes the mansion.

The Resistance
This is a group of very few Vassals, many serfs, and a moderate amount of Subjects who are dedicated to awakening Lux to put a stop to Tenebris' plan. When engaging the loyal followers of Tenebris in battle, they typically wear masks to prevent her from learning their identity.

Awakening Lux
Awakening Lux can be done only by finding a spell to counteract the magic he used to shield himself, and place his magic back inside his own body. This is something that Tenebris has been trying to do for an exceptionally long time, which is why she gets a new shipment of books every week.
Of course, merely giving Lux his magic back will not awaken him. Only by getting a hold of Tenebris' spell book can her sleep spell be reversed. Tenebris keeps her real spell book on her at all times, which is disguised as a small bible she keeps in her pocket.
There is a decoy in her chambers, which is elaborately decorated to fool people into thinking it is the real book. Should somebody open the book, a tracking spell is placed on them.
Only her most trusted adviser knows about the decoy. Unlike the decoy spellbook, the real spellbook is in Latin.
Of course, merely having the required spells doesn't mean that just anyone has the power to cast them. Most humans will not have the strength to do so without being bolstered by the magic of another powerful wizard, witch, magician, or mage.
The catacombs under the school are reached by descending to the heavily guarded dungeons. The catacombs are not guarded, as Tenebris is the only one who knows of their location. There are traps, and alarm systems rigged down there leading to Lux's chambers. To access the catacombs, one must use a cell that has a secret door that recognizes Tenebris' magical signature. Getting through there will not be easy.

Notable Locations (There are more locations and rooms, feel free to make them up.)
--Where everyone arrives, directly in front of the mansion.

--An enormous library that stretches across all 3 floors of the mansion.

First Floor
--Where all common areas are located.

Second Floor
--Where the rooms of all subjects are located.

Third Floor
--Where the room of the Sovereign and the Vassals are located.

Dining Hall
--A ornately decorated dining hall designed to seat about 100 people.

--A large kitchen where subjects can request a meal at any time or find a snack at any time. Connected to the dining hall.

Sovereign's Room
--Strictly off limits. Always has two guards posted.

--Dungeons below the mansion. Strictly off limits. Accessed via a side door in the kitchen. Entrance guarded by chefs. Dungeon guarded by...guards.

--A system of rooms below the dungeons. Accessed via a secret stairwell in one of the dungeon cells.

Lux's chambers
--An ornately decorated room where Lux sleeps. Tenebris visits the room at least once a week.

Training Yard
--A large, walled in area outside connected to the first floor. A clear dome overhead protects it from the weather. Can create scenarios upon the users request. Due to it's size it can create multiple scenarios at the same time.

The City
--A large, modern city located on the other side of the forest surrounding the mansion. Inhabited by Serfs.

Notable NPCS (Feel free to take temporary control of them for the purpose of the RP.)

--Those residing in the city. There is a large variety of them.

--10 faceless, soulless magical puppets designed to be chefs. They also guard the entrance to the dungeons. Must cut off head and limbs to incapacitate them.

--Faceless, soulless magical puppets designed to be guards. There are 30 of them posted throughout the large dungeon.

--Vassals have 2 faceless soulless magical puppets that follow them around and do their bidding.

Library Aids
--There are 20 faceless, soulless magical puppets in the library to assist people with finding things or to fetch them a specific book.

Nameless Subjects
--Not all the subjects in the mansion have an rper. Feel free to make some up when the situation calls for it.

Carcerum Rules (Your character can break these, but they may be 'punished')
1. Do not go in any area marked as off limits.
2. Do not kill your fellow subjects, but feel free to kill serfs.
3. Never enter the Sovereign's room without permission.
4.Never refer to Tenebris by name. Always call her Sovereign.
5. Do not wear full masks outside of your room.
6. Do not associate with resistance members. If you see them, attack on sight.

Carcerum (Multiverse RP) Sign Ups
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