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Fantasy Caraval CS


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  • You are formally invited to this year's Caraval.

    from the pen of Caraval Master Legend


    nine lives

You are formally invited to this year's Caraval.
from the pen of Caraval Master Legend

On normal days, mail is just mail. But this is no ordinary day, and this is not just mail. You flip through the mail, bills, bills, junk, and more bills. Oh? What's this? A royal blue envelope stands out from the normal garbage. You break the gold heart wax stamp and pull the cardstock out with ease. The metallic red reflects on the edges as you read. Caraval. You'd always wondered what it would be like to play, but this year, you've gotten your turn. This year's prize is one wish, something you are in great need of. Just as you finish reading the invitation, another piece of paper slides out of the envelope. You flip the small rectangle in your hand, revealing a card from the Deck of Destiny. You're vaguely familiar with the cards, they're often used by fortune tellers, but you're not sure what they have to do with the game. You flip the card over again, the back has the same seal as the wax. With only a few days until your departure, you put the meaning of the card aside and begin to get your affairs together before your trip.

Welcome to Caraval!

If a specific card calls to you, you may pick it. Otherwise all cards will be randomized. I can add more if needed

Any generic CS will do, but make sure to add your character's card, relationship to legend, and their wish.


The Murdered King

Killed by his long lost queen, The Murdered King can be tricky to interpret. The card can represent the ultimate betrayal from a loved one. On the other hand, it can bring back something precious that has been lost. One may chose to look upon the card with caution, or take advantage of the power it holds

The Prince of Hearts

The Prince of Hearts represents unrequited love. Cursed to have a fatal kiss to everyone but his true love, the prince only experiences heartbreak. When this card is drawn, the recipient is bound to feel anguish.

The Maiden Death

Abandoning her roll as a consort to Death, The Maiden was locked in a veil of pearls to prevent her from marrying anyone else. Her card represents the loss of a loved one as Death takes out his anger upon the card puller.

Mistress Luck

Lady Luck has never lost a single gamble. Pulling her from the deck brings good fortune to the holder.

Jester Mad

Jester Mad was the puppeteer. He wore a mask with a smile, but went crazy trying to fake happiness. Pulling this card foresees that happiness will soon come to an end.

The Lady Prisoner

The Lady Prisoner was innocent of the crime she was accused of, but took the punishment of her loved one. Pulling her card brings love at the price of a great sacrifice.

Priestess, Priestess

Priestess, Priestess always knew how to find the truth. Pulling this card will guarantee the recipient will discover the truth, but it won't always be what they want to hear.

Her Handmaidens

The Handmaidens were the silent spies for the queen. Their card represents power and undying loyalty. The cardholder will soon know their true allies as they gain something they've always wanted.

The Shattered Crown

This fated object represents an impossible choice between two paths.

The Aracle

The Aracle shows a glimpse into the future. However, once seen, this future is near impossible to change.

The Map of All

This map shows the user the place they truely want to go. However, it's not always the place they need to go.

Reverie Key

The key predicts dreams come true. Upon entered into a lock, the door will open to see anyone they wish. However, this power cannot be taken, only received.

The Menagerie

This card represents a new beginnings. Upon receiving this card, adventure is on the way.
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