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Fantasy Canis Lumen/Wolf rp ship maybe? MxF (ISO M)

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What am I looking for? Someone with a male character that is wanting to do a perhaps long term roleplay. I'm seeking one person and hopefully if it works out, if not this will be reopened. Any feeling will happen organically and will not be forced. Whether they be negative or positive. Im looking for someone that can write at least two paragraphs in 3rd person past tense.

My character:

Name: Ekvali

Gender: Female/Demi-Hetero

Race: Madraí or Lumen (original design Commissioned from KhaliaArts of FA and DA, species made by Areot) depending on RP

Theme Songs: War of Hearts by Ruelle

Personality: Dutiful, but only to a point. She has dreams, but keeps them contained because they do not fit in with what she is supposed to want. She chooses duty over herself, almost every time. She does what is expected of her. She doesn't question her parents' choices for her. Part of her is jealous of her sister, envious of the freedom that Zaria gets to have. Her inner personality, the one she hardly ever acts on, is to come out via role-play.

Fur Form: A dark furred wolf with red-orange feather glow markings. She has tufts of extra fur on her shoulders and on the tips of her ears. Her eyes are the color of fire. She has a lithe build and is built more for speed and endurance than strength.

(Feather & Wind markings with combination of Realgar and Golden colors.)

Fears: Disappointing her parents, leading, and never truly being happy are Ekvali's biggest fears.

History: Daughter of two alphas, Dorian and Kassa, she is destined to be married off to another pack's alpha to build pack ties and create a treaty of peace. She has two siblings, a sister named Zaria and a brother named Ryker. Ryker is to be the next alpha of her parent's pack, his mate is to be the daughter of another pack that has already had a treaty with his parents' pack for many years. Zaria is not betrothed to anyone, as she is planning on dispersing; leaving to be on her own.

Credit: Canis Lumens are a species made by the artist Areot. My character, Ekvali, was Commissioned through KhaliaArts.

Your character doesn't have to be a lumen, but does have to be a wolf with the intelligence of a human/elf. No skin forms, however glamour can be added to the rp to make them *appear* human on the outside for a short time. You'll find most of the information on lumens on DeviantArt, if curious, however I am not going to be linking it because the roleplay will be taking place here. Just look up "canis lumen" and your information will be right there. The glamour is added in by myself for rp, it doesn't have to be added, and you won't find it in the species information. Do not steal my character and definitely do not steal my art. I paid for it ._.


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