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Help Can BB code do this?


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This is a commission related question, however, not necessarily a request for someone to spend any amount of their time working on it at all, though specifically, would it be possible to have a interchangeable image background behind a Daggerfall-style paper-scroll text prompt like this coded into a forum reply?


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Also; While I'm posting this question, I have also been wondering about the site formatting. A very long 2016 ago, I particularly remember being able to post an animated .gif image for your personal page and the like, then later finding myself at war trying to reattempt this. I guessed that doing this took up too much memory, so it had been capped per person, however, does anyone know if this is the case or have my own devices or connection just failed to manage it?


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Hello there!

So in regards to your second question, if you'd like to put a "gif" in your signature, unfortunately, it's not preferred to use gifs since it can be very distracting for users.
Here's the information quoted for the RpNation: Community Guidelines forum!
Signatures, avatars, and profile covers should not be overly distracting or violate other RpNation policies. Signatures should be a reasonable length and format, and preferably not include gifs as these may become very distracting. Avatars are not animated as the site software does not support this feature.
Note: Some gifs have very blinding photos and/or very quick for the eyes to read and cause all sorts of problem for different users so it's not recommended!

That said, if you want to edit the details on your "about me" you can use the code [img]link here[/img] to add images to your "about me" section! Or you can click this lil' button at the bar that looks like a 'photo'.

But! For your first question, yes! You're able to code images into "divs" using "bbcode"!
Linked below is how you'd be able to create the image ! You'd essentially stack two "divs" on-top of each other !
[1] div for the background image and another [ 1 ] div for the "scroll" image on-top of that photo!
Some recommend fonts from google fonts would perhaps be “VT323”, “Courier New" , "Roboto" , or "Unica One" !

If you'd like me to show an example, I'd be more than happy to!

You can also find other information in the BBCode Center too!
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I see what you mean; This shouldn't be unreasonable for me to do, perhaps, somewhat later and when or if I continue being involved. I applaud and thank your extensive attempt to help, magic text person.

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