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Realistic or Modern CAMP RP

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Mr. Sparks

Hello! This will most likely be the classic summer camp rp.
I’m looking for a group of about other people including me, to create characters to be in this camp. We can have more, but it might be a little difficult to manage so many people. The youngest a camper can be is 6th grade, because this is a middle school/high school rp. There will be 2 camp counselors for each age group, one male for the male campers and one female for the female campers. The counselors will also serve as sort of co mods for this rp. I welcome anyone. No writing samples required. I want anyone who wants to be in it to be included because I know how it feels to have people tell you that your writing style isn’t matching for their rp.

A few rules will be:
1. Please try to refrain from smut because that’s against rpn rules, and also most of these characters will be underage. Romance however is allowed, but if some kinky stuff happens, fade to black and don’t mess up the rp with your beautiful between the sheets love making

2. Please try not to fight with one another, please. I don’t want me or the co mods to have to deal with your personal problems. If there’s an issue, just talk to me and I will try my best to help y’all resolve the issue.

3. Save ooc chat for the ooc chat. Simple as that.

Age groups:

Counselors: LichLeechBeach LichLeechBeach

Counselors: Your GaY sibling Your GaY sibling

Counselors: The Fluffiest Floof The Fluffiest Floof
Males: Norepinephrinxx Norepinephrinxx

Counselors: _amaranth_ _amaranth_
Males: GreedyBoy GreedyBoy
Females: that.weird.roleplay2004 that.weird.roleplay2004

To sign up, just comment down below if you are interested and claim a character from an age group. You can have as many characters as you’d like. Ooc chat will be up soon, as will Character sheets.

Thank you!
I will add more details as I think of them!
Character sheet thread is up! View it Here
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