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Fantasy Camp Rebirth

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Meta, Multiverse, Mystery, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural


Five Thousand Club
In the year of 2016 world leaders came together to resolve the long standing problem of the existence of mythical beings. The world leaders felt like this was their planet and they wanted to take it back from the world of the supernatural. By doing so they crafted the inorganic four horsemen. These horsemen were completely congruent with their organic counterparts. With the help of these creations humanity faced a world in which the supernatural no longer exist. Though this world didn't last for long due to the inorganic horsemen developing a personality of their own. These inorganic beings not only killed off all of the supernatural but also killed off all of the humans by using their own weapons against them. For over 20 years the inorganic horsemen have roamed the Earth as if it were rightfully theirs, making creations of their own as they went. Upon the year of 2036, August 14th a lone surviving sentient orb that has stored fragments of the previous worlds power has awoken from it's slumber. It's purpose was to store power in an isolated camp to resurrect the stored beings within itself. In the form of adolescents, distinguishable mythical figures have been reincarnated to train within the safe and empowering bounds of the camp. If they can train hard enough with no guidance or direction other than themselves, unlock the world's true secrets, and survive the incoming threats, then it is possible to free the world from the inorganic beings and transcend once more, and maybe, just maybe, they will do right by the world this time

Supernatural beings from all walks of life are welcome! Let's make something awesome!

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