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That Weird girl

Reach Out to the Truth
Leo Valdez had been working at Camp Half Blood and helping run it for 6 months now and almost everyone knew his name. It was no secret he was quite the bad boy who was one of the best smiths in the camp. He would always show up his half sibling Laura with his skills creating a wedge between them but Leo secretly cared about her very much although his demeanor begged to differ. Leo was actually capable of being serious and caring about the campers but he didn't show it often because well he was still Leo. He usually was working at the forge on some weapons that Chrion wanted him to craft or he was watching over the campers with Hazel to make sure no one got into any fights. Hazel was pretty good with the campers with her bright attitude and outgoingness. Also Andrew was an option to in case Hazel had an off day.

"Hey Hazel," Leo said walking into the staff lounge and casually plopped down on a couch already tired and he hasn't even started the day yet with the campers. Hazel took out one of her earphones and nodded at Leo, "Hey, so are we ready to start the day with the campers? We will be playing capture the flag soon and I will be a team captain like last year." Leo shook his head, "no, you will just dominate everyone except children of Aries...remember when Andrew outflanked you?" He laughed at her.

"He was lucky-" Hazel said with a flush of embarrassment on her face, "Karl gave him a run for his money though and plus he got you." Hazel smirked at him and got up and grabbed her bag and walked to edit the lounge with Leo following. "Yeah well this year I will destroy you Hazel with my team." Hazel snorted since she knew she would have the better team since she was thinking that she could have Laura and Aisling on her side and knew they were good fighters.

It was early in the morning and little to no campers would be up at this time. The two demi gods walked down past a few cabins getting ready to do orientation for the new half bloods who had come to the camp. Hazel was prepared as she had recharged her energy last night and Leo was always ready.


Ten Thousand Club
Laura wasn't exactly aware of the passage of time, staying in a dark cramped room would cause that. She didn't really go outside for various reasons least of all the fact she hated everyone in the camp. She really couldn't think of anyone she could say she liked and in truth she hated her half siblings the most. She saw them as the lucky ones, and they flaunted their skills and their power, and everything about them seemed designed to piss her off. Leo was the one she hated the most given anytime she rarely decided to make something he had to show her up. He always had to come and remind her just how much better he was than her. The only good thing about Leo was that when some idiot asked Laura to make something she could just tell them to fuck off and find fucking Leo. If they wanted a magical weapon that or a computer with internet or anything they could go to Leo and he could enchant their shit. If Leo couldn't make magical weapons well fuck them she wasn't going to help anyone who would go to Leo anyways. The only living thing Laura tolerated in the camp was Legs, her giant centipede, who was already about a foot long, that she had used some spell she had learned to make far more docile. Where once he had been a normal centipede aka a speedy demon of pain, now he was closer to a dog.

Legs's enclosure was one of the few things not piled with various game boxes, and deliveries. The bed in her room was covered with various things with a small space cleared for her to sleep on. With her mini fridge she had enchanted to have an eternally replenishing supply of snacks, Laura had no reason to ever leave her room. Really she should make some kind of teleporter so she wouldn't have to leave her room to get packages. She could, it would not be that hard to make, but then fucking Leo would have to one up her and rub it in her face. If she was just going to be insulted and demeaned for anything she did then why do anything? Laura was perfectly fine just getting her packages and telling whoever delivered them to fuck off as soon as she got them. If the one delivering the package was Leo then well the package was lost to Laura, and even if she took it she might just order another. She didn't want anything Leo touched.

The only thing she thought she might have over Leo was her computer. It was extremely customized and made to connect even way out here to the internet flawlessly, along with running off magic thus meaning it could go anywhere and still have a connection. Her computer was in a way the only place Laura felt comfortable and didn't need to lash out at everyone and everything. Her massive and ever growing collection of games where worlds where she wasn't practically a cripple and wasn't forever stuck in the fucking camp. The was something Leo would never get the feeling of being weak, broken, and knowing you would never be able to go anywhere by yourself ever again. Still she could talk to her parents, not the god parent but her humans ones as she had both of them. That was one thing she had over Leo she had 2 loving parents she could see at any time even if just through a screen. Her godly parent she didn't even count as one, he had not claimed her till practically forced, at least in her mind, so she wasn't about to claim him as family.

Looking to the clock Laura saw that she had played the night away, again, well it wasn't like anyone cared if she slept. Laura was sure everyone looked down on her Leo the most, if she just hid away then they would not come seeking her. Being forgotten was for the best, it was better than the hatred others had for her, or that she thought they had for her, after all she hated how she was so who wouldn't hate her.

" Fuck i have a package due today don't i legs?" Laura asked her pet who despite some enchantments to his mind via magic still couldn't talk or really understand words beyond a dog or cat's understanding. That just meant the foot long centipede that was lounging on Laura's bed instead of in his enclosure just perked up and looked at her. " I could wait for someone to bring it to me, but then it might be fucking Leo and i don't want to order another" She sighed having decided to try 3d printing after seeing videos on it and with her abilities she could improve it so much. She really didn't want Leo to see it and make fun of her only to decide to out due her just to show her how weak she was. " That means i would need to go outside I hate outside it is so open" Going outside for Laura was a pain, she hated the open, she hated crowds, and it felt like the world was trying to punish her for existing. Her eyes were sensitive to light in the extreme meaning she needed dark shades, and if she stayed out for any good length of time she needed the most powerful of sun screen. " So either I risk Leo showing how much he hates me by fucking with me again or I go outside and deal with ... people" She almost spat the last word her tone dripping with hate and venom. To call the things outside people was an oversimplification. They were only somewhat human, far less human than her.

" Gods i need that teleporter, maybe if i make it at night i can keep it secret" She sighed knowing her only good option was going outside. Hermes was good about getting things in early so her big box should be here. Luckily with her hatred of everyone and everyone looking down on her nothing was expected. So her over sized shirt with stains from food and oil on it along with Pajama pants wasn't going to embarrass her. She hated everyone so why should she even care or pretend she could even pretend to have any looks.

With her fate sealed Laura fished out her sunglasses and made her way out of her room and cabin. She did her best to avoid others and should anyone see her they were treated with a glare from someone who couldn't even harm the youngest of them. She just needed to go out get her package and go back to her room with as little contact with the half bloods as she could and if the gods weren't the cruel malicious beings she knew they were then she wouldn't see Leo and if they wanted to disprove her assessment of them then they could strike Leo down. Now that would be the best day ever.


The Northwind
It was early morning and the camp was fairly quite as most campers were still sleep or groggily dragging themselves to breakfast. Jekari sat on the porch of his cabin and sipped from a cup that contained hot tea and nectar as he looked over the lake, marveling at the steam rolling off in waves. Gods he hated summer, it was so hot and his powers were at an all time low but luckily the Boreas cabin is literally made of eternal ice and lowers the temperature of everything around it. The only struggle is leaving the cabin to do his daily activities in this blistering heat that surely came from the pits of Tartarus.

With one final sip of his tea, he stood up and stretched before walking into his dorm to get changed. He stepped out in the typical orange Half blood t-shirt and paired with grey sweat pants and some Nike running shoes he had scored from a trip to New York earlier that summer. He strapped winter’s song to his hip and grabbed his purple book bag before setting out towards the mess hall to get a little breakfast before this hellish day.

He walked down the path that led from the lake and intentionally took the long way so that he could see the Aphrodite cabin “good morning Kari, you coming to our party tonight? Some of the Dionysus kids are practicing their wine making” one of the Aphrodite kids called out to him, running over to give Kari a kiss on the cheek. Kari simply grinned like a mad man “is that even a question beautiful” he said to the boy before heading back down the path still touching his cheek where he was kissed.

As he walked, he passed both hazel and Leo while giving them a smile and moving on as quickly as he could, he knew what today was and he was going to try his best to avoid getting put on a team for capture the flag. It wasn’t that Kari didn’t think he could win, he knew he could easily take down most of the campers that weren’t members of the Ares or Athena cabins but it was like the camp counselors purposely put him against the Ares cabin knowing he would lose. With a small sigh he finally reached the mess hall and grabbed a plate of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, corn beef hash, and pancakes with strawberry syrup “just how mama Davidson makes” he smiled before practically inhaling his food and reminiscing about his mother and how much he missed her.

Unlike most campers, Jekari gets to travel to Quebec in the winter months to spend time with his father, The winter god Boreas, and will occasionally stop by to see his mother before he heads off to the icy north. Seeing as most gods don’t have a relationship with their children, Kari keeps his escapades to himself and tells everyone he is visiting his mother but of course the counselors know the truth.

After eating he headed down to the practice field and began sparring with some of the Athena kids. Although he loses every time he fights them, he knew it was good practice for the rougher Aries kids that usually seemed to have a bone to pick with him. Kari just summed it up to their dad having some dominon over fire and his dad being a winter god simply didn’t mix well and he avoided them like they were the plague.


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It was early morning, though that wasn't a problem for Aisling, she was a naturally early riser. Stretching in her cabin, she got the camp's bright orange t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and her old Converse that has survived her through practically everything, and put it on to start the day. Luckily her cabin was pretty empty, Iris didn't have many demi-god kids, so Aisling had the fortune of having the cabin all to herself. Getting ready rather quickly, she exited her cabin and got ready for the day.

Her first thing in the agenda, breakfast. Sure she wasn't much of a heavy breakfast eater, but she always at least grabbed an apple to start every day. Heading over to the campfire area where they have dinners every night and grabbed an apple. Spotting Leo and Hazel, she gave them a quick wave and smile as she passed by them in her way to the Big House for her next task of the day, mail.

With Iris being a messenger goddess of sorts and everyone maybe being a bit on edge with Hermes kids, Aisling got the job of helping out with the postal system at camp, and she didn't mind. She found it quite fun in fact, she got to see a lot of different campers while she delivered them. Finishing her apple, she knocked on the door to the Big House and entered, Chiron probably knew it was her grabbing mail since she did it every morning and gave him a wave and a smile if she every passed by him. But with the packages and letters in hand, she left the Big House and got to running.

After distributing everything, including a bit of a heavy package for Laura, which she just left at her cabin's door with a note and a knock at the door, she decided to find Leo to ask for a favor. She wanted a new set of throwing knives since her old ones were getting a bit dull, she also wanted to see if he could make it multi-colored in any way, in honor of her mother. So once she saw him again, she wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to him, wondering if he'll be able to do it for her.


Anxious child
Grayson sat on the corner of his bed, pen tapping against his thigh as he read over the contents of the letter for the fourth time that morning. He wasn’t sure why he bothered to deal with the stress of fumbling over his words every week when he knew damn well nobody would read the thing. Sighing, the teen jotted down a sloppy version of his signature at the bottom of the page, wishing the reader well. Grayson carefully folded the paper and slipped it into an envelope that he had on his dresser. Content that the pouch was sealed tight, he made his way over to the bathroom. He took a second to run his fingers through his hair as the water warmed before quickly washing his face. Stepping back into his room, he shifted between the drawers until his hand rested on an old black band tee with skull spewing blue flames and a matching pair of jeans.

Grayson makes quick work of fastening his leather sword case to his hip and throws on his combat boots before slipping out of his cabin into the blistering summer heat. The heat here was nothing compared to the humid swamp he grew up in, but it was still hot enough for Grayson to deem summer as his least favorite season. In the distance, he could just make out Aisling’s form, doing her rounds. He doesn’t bother looking around to see if she had left something for him. He knows better, he lost that expectation years ago.

The rumble of his stomach led the teen to make his way towards the dining hall. Shoving his hands into his front pockets, Grayson smiled and bid the two counselors good morning with a nod of his head as he passed the pair. He had heard the chatter amongst the camp over the past few days of the upcoming Capture the Flag game and with word that Hazel and Leo were the team captains again, he was sure it would be just as interesting as last years. It’s not that he was looking forward to participating in the game. In truth, he wasn’t very interested in running around in this heatwave but there's no way he’d pass up the opportunity to watch the two go head to head. He truthfully didn’t mind which team he’d be placed on, figuring they’d have to balance out the teams to give each other a fair shot.

Entering the dining hall, Grayson made his way over to the vacant table designated for his cabin. He tapped the empty bowl that appeared, watching as it filled with a mixture of fruits and walked over to the hearth. Dropping a handful into the fire, he said a soft prayer to his father. The Son of Hades paused, watching as the flames rippled, glowing blue before dying down and returning to its original hue. After a moment of thought, he scooped up another handful and tossed the fruit into the flames as an offering to Persephone. She was always sweet to him when he visits, despite Grayson knowing well that the Goddess was not fond of her husband's affairs and hadn’t exactly been pleased to learn of his birth. He hoped that she was off with Demeter, enjoying her months of freedom.

Once he’s eaten to his heart's content, the teen thanks the nymphs as the table is cleared before him. At that point, he’s not sure how to spend his day. He could always go over to the arena and see if any of the Children of Nike were awake yet and willing to race. But then again, he was dressed in all black and he was pretty sure it was getting hotter as the morning progressed. Instead, Grayson opted into walking back to his cabin and grabbing the book he had been meaning to finish. He walked past the circle of cabins and sat at the base of a tree that seemed shady enough to shield him from the harsh rays and immersed himself into the story.
Time was a fascinating thing.

How fast it could pass without realization and how slow it could move when you're unaware or focused. He watched the sweat drop from his brow, onto the soft earth underfoot, his heart beat was that of a resounding war drum. The leaves that were supposed to be falling to the ground, instead, seemed to gently float. He could count them all if he so wished. A shadow, one of his own mind, swung it's sword with speed akin to that of a turtle in his vision. With one final dodge of the phantom blade, his makhaira danced through the air, felling the last enemy with which he faced.

Andrew straightened out of his fighting position, his breathing coming back to normal, and with an exhale time began to move normally once again. He sighed quietly with a smile upon his lips. That was a good training session! Fighting shadows was something that David had taught him when he was younger, a common practice in the realm of boxing, where you use past opponents to spar against to improve your overall combat effectiveness. It would come in handy when Capture the Flag was held later on today, he chose to use his memory of some of the people he faced off against last time to better himself for today, he would make sure to do better than he did last time.

Most people make Children of Ares out to be nothing more than war obsessed, training, brute meat heads!...Which, true...didn't mean that he was one of them! Knowledge and actual strategy were just as important on the field of battle, if not more so, than strength. That was one of the things he admired about his cousins, the Children of Athena, though they may not be as strong as his brothers and sisters in terms of raw physicality-they made up for that in their intellect and keen mind when it comes to the fight!

Andrew wasn't totally obsessed with fighting though, he enjoyed it, of that there is no doubt! He mostly wanted to be as strong as he could so he could be someone's protector when the time came. He regularly took time for himself as well to do things like, reading books, listening to music, or whatever other hobby peaked his interest at the time.

As he headed back he noticed that the camp was beginning to burst with life, Andrew had always been one of the earliest risers because of his training schedule, he made his way to the Mess Hall so that he could get a proper breakfast. On his way he made sure to greet as many people as he could, always making sure to give them a genuine smile, and enjoying the times when they would greet him back. As he spotted Leo and Hazel on his way he spoke out, "morning guys, I hope you're ready for today, I'll see you guys on the field!" He also passed Aisling who looked to be on a personal mission, so he just gave her a small wave, and finally made his way to the Mess Hall where he saw Grayson leaving.

Andrew made his way inside, stopping to talk a little here and there, decided to sit beside some of the younger and new campers than his own table. It has already been many years since Andy had entered the camp and mostly everyone had gotten used to him sitting with the smaller kids, joking around, offering words of encouragement, so that they could relax and ease their nerves a little. Especially for a day like today. Capture the Flag could be pretty brutal!

After that he made his way to down to his cabin, opting to change out of his workout clothes and into his armor, after that, then, he would make his way over to the arena and wait for the game to start!


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Rage coursed through Laura she had just missed her box. The one day she decided to come outside and risk interacting with others and they had just sent her box out. If Laura didn't know better she might just curse out yhe centaur that told her, but well Chiron she knew better than to push her luck. She still was visibly angered by the news that her time was wasted. Though she always was mad when outside so it was hard tell she was even more angry with the universe than normal. It was times like this when Laura realized her anger was anger for angers sake that she knew maybe she should get some help. That was at least till she remembered any help here would be half blood or monster ran and she wasn't going seek help from them.

The bright side if any was this anger spured Laura to go make her idea a reality. She would just make an automatic delivery system. This did run the risk of fucking Leo touching her stuff, but today was capture the flag. So all the others would get ready for that. Laura didn't participate she never did and everyone knew there was no point. Sge couldn't fight a human let alone a super human and only ended up with a sum burn for her trouble. Normally Laura would try to build things in the cabin or at night, but this morning should be safe enough to actully use the normal forge.

Heading into the building and feeling the forges heat and being able to see a roof let Laura relax some. While she wasn't crippled by fear being outside always made Laura tense abd even more angry. The smaller the room she was in the better for Laura if she was on a small area she was safe she was secure and nothing would get her. Smaller spaces also let her hide away from the others that she hated so much.

Once Laura had picked herself a free station and gathered various metals and other materials she got to work. The decides would look like a pair of bronze hoops each 3 foot in diameter and a few inches thick. Within were various bits of tiny machinery and more importantly enchantments woven into the machine as it was forged.
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George hummed a tune as stepped out of the Apollo cabin and looked around as a new day dawned of their secret little camp. Like seemingly most days at the camp it seemed like it was going to be a nice and clear one with only cool breeze to keep things fresh and not muggy. He had always wondered if it was something set up by the gods, that good weather was permanent at the campus or he wasnt there long enough to see otherwise or didnt remember. Certainly if the former it is the gods could do for them, being out of their children lives until the could be useful to them.

George had mixed feeling about his current situation. He was not mad about the idea of gods having their way with mortal willy nilly and using their offspring like soldiers, especially considering the story of his consumption. Still, though he did not appreciate the camp the first couple of years in the camp, however coming to his third year now and seemingly a lifetime of change that had occered to him at this point, he couldnt help find solace and enjoyment in camp life. The atmosphere, the fun, training and the larger extended family he found. However, he was unsure how to reconcile the two feeling and it whould mean for his future both here and his life. There was also two future his two families had in mind for him, his mortal adopted family wanting an heir for their legacy and the plan of his immortal family. He felt the next year or two will bring him to that crossroad and he didnt know what to do. He was a different person from when he entered the camp and he was still dealing with the change.

Still right now was not the time to maul over his future, that is the worry of his future self. There was going to be capture the flag today, and he needed to get ready. He had already roused his half sibling in the cabin and they would take some time to trickle out so there was time for a quick meal. Making his way to the cantina, he noted on of the daughter of Iris, a mute if he remembered correctly. "Good morning, beauitiful, pretty day today." He called out to her, he greeted as he tried to think of something funny to say and avoid the topic of her being mute. Something he found surprisingly difficult.

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The day started like any other day for Melly: yelling at her siblings.

"Fallon, I swear, if you lost my necklace, I'm personally hanging you from the rafters." She hissed as she removed all the bedding from Fallon's bed. The girl in question just rolled her eyes as she watched Melly take apart her area of the cabin.

"Melly, Melly, I saw Xavier have it last." Some voice Melly couldn't place called behind her, making her pivot.

"You're lying, Kiel, your voice lifts whenever you try." She huffs, turning her back once again.

It took fifteen minutes, but she found the necklace! On her neck!

Already in a bad mood, Melly left the Eris cabin and headed towards the mess hall. She didn't bother to greet anyone on her way there, already aware of how boring those are conversations will be.

An apple, oatmeal, and orange juice later, Melly exited the mess hall in good time. Breakfast made her feel sick whenever she had a lot, so often she downed the smallest amount and went about her day till lunch.

Leo and Hazel passed her talking about capture the flag today, which made her perk her ears. She was banned from the sport for the last two summers due to pranks gone wrong - usually they went off on Leo and in anger he bans her. Hopefully, Leo will actually have good luck this time round.

She walked around the grounds, keeping an eye out for someone to keep her company. Aisling Abbott and C.J. Parker stood together, the latter talking. She mused about going to them but decided against it. The two would offer her nothing for entertainment at the moment.

As she walked, her eyes focused on someone a ways off leaning against a tree. Bingo. Grayson Venturi.

"Graaaaysoooon." She sang as she made her way to him, stopping a few feet short. "How's my favorite Hades kid doing today?" She asked, plopping herself on her stomach before him. Her head was in her hands, elbows in grass, and her feet were in the air kicking slightly.

Her blonde hair was down and a little knotted - a clear of not having time to brush it this morning. She had dark circles under her eyes from slept-in mascara and a singular earring in her left ear. The other earring was lost to the world the week prior.

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“Yeah sure thing Aisling,” Leo replied taking the note from her and nodding. He was going to get on that before the game started or not. “Leo you can’t not be there,” Hazel said to him and crossed her arms, “who is Melly going to prank then? Clarissa?” Hazel snorted with laughter as Leo rolled his eyes but he did find it funny picturing Clarissa being pranked.

“We all know Clarissa would get angry and need Andrew to convince her to not to smash Melly’s face in,” Leo joked knowing his fellow co worker had quite a temper. Of course she had gotten better but she still was fiery and liked to solve problems with her fists. Unfortunately though she couldn’t because if she did then she would be fired.

“You guys talking about me?” Clarissa asked and walked up to the two crossing her arms as she was wearing a half blood t shirt and jeans rolled up to her ankles. She had just been training the new Aries kids on battling so they wouldn’t just die when facing a chimera or some other monster.

Leo nodded at her question and smirked, “just saying how funny it would be for you to get pranked by Melly since it always gets me…”

“Laura would probably help her,” Clarissa smirked at him knowing the hatred Laura had for him and about everyone. She kind of understood why she was full of bitterness and didn’t really fault her. “Laura probably won’t attend the game,” Leo said sighing, “I bet World of Warcraft is more important to her…”

“She will beat your ass at that,” Hazel said chuckling, “the one thing you can’t do is play computer games.” Leo nodded feeling a little bitter that she had loving parents.

Leo waved at Andrew as he walked by and nodded smiling, “see you there.”

“Oh cheer up Leo,” Clarissa said patting his back, “it’s not like she just hates you although she does really hate you a lot.”

Leo rolled his eyes at her and began walking to the arena with Hazel. Clarissa waved them off and sighed as she began walking in the opposite direction.
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Hearing Leo say he could make her throwing knives, Aisling smiled and signed a 'thank you' to him. She wasn't sure if he would understand the sign purely, so while she signed, she mouthed a thank you hoping he'd get the gist. Grabbing her notepad back from Leo, it wasn't long before more people came towards them. Once seeing Clarissa, she smiled and waved. But what surprised her a bit, was George.

The son of Apollo came up to her to seemingly talk to her. At first when he spoke, she didn't initially respond, not used to people talking to her first. After a few seconds of no one responding to him, she suddenly realised he was talking to her. Aisling quickly turned towards him and wrote. Luckily in her 16 years of life, she could probably write faster than anyone at camp, it was her main method of communication after all, not all campers have the time and interest to learn sign. Flipping the notebook to face George, once he read it he would see.

"Oh gods, I didn't think you were talking to me. But good morning, I agree, it's a pretty wonderful day today. We have capture the flag! Which team did you wanna be on?" As he read it, Aisling would hold it up as long as he needed. And she really was excited for capture the flag. You could think that a child of the messenger goddess Iris would be bubbly and a non-warrior, but with Aisling, you'd be mistaken. She really was pretty good at integrating her powers and fighting style together. So capture the flag was a pretty fun camp activity that can help with her training.

After George was finished reading and answered her question, she wrote an answer to her own question and showed it to George. "I want to be in Hazel's team myself. She picks pretty good teams based on different strategies." Considering the Leo, Hazel, and Clarissa were pretty close to the pair, Aisling wasn't too sure if they could see what she wrote or not, but in case they could, she angled the notepad away from them slightly.

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George could help smirk a little when Aisling seemed surprised he would talk to her. If he was being honest, George was surprised she was willing to speak to him. He knew his reputation he had in the past and mute person was definitely somebody he would frankly make fun of in his previous years. He would be suprised if he hadn't already, though people her seems mostly forgiving and had worked hard to earn. Still one never knew how deep hatred build.

He watched curiously when she began to write in her note pat, curious what she would say what it became apparent she wasn't writing just a scientist. "Wow, for a mute you like to talk." He commented, intended good natured teasing, after reading her note." Indeed it should prove to be a lot of fun. Hopefully it doesn't get too competitive, not that I don't mind some healthy competition but last time some people..."

He shrugged before nottimf that Aisling was writing something else on her pad. It was nice to see someone like her with a none combative god parent powers enjoying the sport. He shrugged once he read it. "Dont really mind to be honest, I am flexible and there is always need someone on range support so it doubt I will find it hard to find a team. Neither will you, you look eager and ready, it helps getting picked." He winked at her encouragingly

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