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Full Name: Kayla Walker

Nicknames: Kay, Walker, Daughter of Poseidon

Age: 17

Sexuality: Bisexual

Godly Parent: Poseidon

Appearance (& face claim):
Perfect Beauty by https://www.deviantart.com/ivantalavera on @DeviantArt |  Blonde hair girl, Digital art girl, Beauty

Height: 5'3
Weight: 50kg
Eye shape: Round & big
Eye color: Heterochromia (one green, one blue)
Hair type: Long, slight waves in her hair, once humid can be puffy
Hair color: Blonde with slightly darker roots
Body type: Slim, athletic, hourglass
Skin tone: Beige (mostly always has tan lines)
Scars: Small slit on eyebrow

Personality: Outgoing, brave, compassionate, humorous, stubborn, sensitive, & loyal
Kayla's first impression certainly does not define her character. In the beginning she can seem closed off and builds up a wall to protect herself.
Towards the people she loves, Kayla’s personality seems to change significantly. She considers ‘love’ to be her greatest weakness, as she would do anything and everything for the people she loves, even if it means sacrificing herself. She is completely sensitive and open towards people she trusts, and extremely caring as well.

Likes: Water, swimming, beaches, rain, animals

Dislikes: Rude people, losing, fire, feeling vulnerable

Weapon of Choice: Silver sword, somewhat in the shape of a trident

Special Abilities: Hydrokinesis (controlling water), Water Immunity, Cryokinesis (manipulation of frozen water), Vitakinesis (healing some wounds in water), Watercraft Manipulation, Atmokinesis (slight control over weather), Zoolingualism

Backstory: Kayla had been in Camp Half-Blood for roughly 3 years, but claimed by Poseidon for 2 and a half years. Before she was claimed, most of the camp assumed she would be claimed by Aphrodite as she had both very similar personality and physical traits as the children of Aphrodite. She is very well known and liked throughout the camp and gained a lot of respect and admiration, maybe even jealousy for being a demigod of one of the big three. Kayla never really had a strong relationship with her mother, who caused her a lot of trauma when she was living with her.

Her mother remarried to a former olympic swimmer, who shares a hateful relationship with Kayla. She now considers Camp Half-Blood as her home and family, rarely ever visiting her mother (who had seem brainwashed by her step-father).
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Name: Laura Eldridge

Nicknames: the shut in, ghost

Age: 17

Gender: female

sexuality: gay

Godly Parent: Hephaestus

Power: Laura has inherited her fathers gift with creation namely, give her the materials or an idea and she can make most anything with some time. She also is highly adept with technology able to able to create complex circuit boards with relative ease. on the more esoteric side she can find the faults in machines and weapons, identifying weak points and such. She can also tell what a machine is used for and made of simply by touch. Finally she can detect nearby mechanical traps. Larua has developed the ability to enchant items she or others make by herself while not as powerful as a god given power these can still give people the edge in battle.

Hair Color: white( it is straight and reaches to her mid back her hair is barely cared for and full of knots and split ends)

Eye color: red pupils appear red as well as irises

Height: 4' 5"

Body Build: Overly thin most might think she is starved from it.

Distinguishing Marks: her chalk pale skin, her prematurely white hair her seemingly pupil-less red eyes.

Positive Traits: Despite Laura being rather standoffish and enjoying being snarky and seemingly mean hearted, she will generally make anything she is asked to make. She is also surprisingly loyal if she says she is with someone then she isn't going to be switching sides anytime soon.

Negative Traits: Laura is seemingly lazy,not wanting to leave her room. She has issues with being out in the open and in crowds. Laura's attitude towards her fellow half bloods can best be described as antagonistic if given a chance she will try her best to hurl a few insults and remind people of their screw ups. She has a very low self image of herself that causes the aforementioned abuse.

Strengths: Laura is able to make just about anything and can use magic to enchant the things she making her or at least the stuff she makes very versatile. She is also very good with technology so anything that relies on it can't resist her long.

Weaknesses: With her weak body Laura is not a fighter, she has agoraphobia.

Habits / Quirks: Laura is a shut in, and will often try to create a smaller space in a room for herself. She likes to be carried .

Style of dress: Laura tends to wear baggy clothes that are less than clean often long pants or even pajama pants and when outside she wears fairly dark sunglasses.

FACECLAIM / PICTURE (optional): none

Laura is above all things known as a shut in she has issues even leaving her little room in her cabin at times. When she actually interacts with others outside she is very snarky and hostile keeping people as far away from herself as possible. She is known for often giving insults to other half bloods and being overall very spiteful towards them which has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. If she sees another mess up you can count on her to bring it up over and over if it bothers them. The only time anyone has seen her friendly is when talking to people online seeming actually nice for that short time. Her fears of just about everyone outside have made Laura into a nearly complete shut in and would almost rather die than leave camp, the only way to get her out would be with a prophecy.

All this is something of a front as all the venom and spite she spews at others is what she feels about herself as well. Laura views herself as the least loved least skilled and lowest of her siblings. She fears others simply being better at her in everything and wants to keep them away to keep what little she sees herself as having. This also plays into her online attitude where she doesn't constantly feel inferior to everyone around her even the smallest of children. Still if anyone could get past all her venom and her issues Laura would likely stick with them no matter what.


Brief Bio: Laura grew up with both her mother and father who actually have a good amount of money enough to be called rich. There was some trouble when Laura's mother found out she was pregnant and the time she could have gotten so was when her father was away. She maintained it was her husband that had done it no matter what and they two somehow sorted it out enough that they were able to remain together though there was a wound in their marriage that would last for years. Laura being born albino was also something of an issue though to a lesser degree and despite her parents loving her there would grow some doubt in Laura's heart feeling they were saddened with how she was born. This doubt mixed with her own intolerance of the sun helped make her into something of a shut in even in her youngest years.

It is a wonder someone like her survived her first run in with a monster but perhaps the gods felt like giving Laura a break. Laura first encountered a sphinx that broke into her home, the monster already injured from a small group of half bloods out on a quest needed a snack and managed to sniff out a nascent half blood. The sphinx thinking it had lost the hunters decided to play a game with the young Laura, though not a game of riddles but trivia. It was luck and wit that Laura managed to stall the beast long enough for the supposedly lost hunters to follow after the beast. The group would engage the sphinx and defeat it. This would end with Laura and her parents being told about the half bloods and the danger Laura was now in.

Getting to camp Half blood was fairly easy for Laura thanks to her parents being able to throw enough money at it to easily get her there. Still arriving there and being exposed to so many people and finding herself by far the weakest and the least like any god planted some self loathing and dislike of the gods, that was not helped by the fact she wasn't instantly claimed and instead only claimed after her first year when she tried to make something and found a talent in it. With Laura being the weakest half blood she has come to live in the camp year round and after her second year started creating her own room packed with some enchanted technology in her cabin becoming a shut in that comes out so rarely she is often forgotten about.

legs the giant centipede
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Timothée chalamet

  • Name:
    • Grayson Eli Venturi
    • Gray, Eli
    • Sixteen
    • Male
    • Straight
    Hair Color:
    • Dark Brown
    Eye color:
    • Light Brown
    • 5’8
    Distinguishing Marks:
    • Tends to have freckles in the sunnier months.
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Full Name: Savannah Smith
Nicknames: Smith, Daughter of Hecate
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Godly Parent: Hecate

Hair: Blonde, shoulder length, curly
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weight: 140 pounds
Skin: Pale
Savannah is a loyal friend, a good person, and someone determined to do the right thing no matter the cost. She loves to help others out and solve problems with others. She is smart and creative just like her mother and knows how to use her abilities to help herself and others.

Savannah is the only daughter of Daniel Smith. Daniel was out late one night drinking at a bar when he noticed an attractive woman eyeballing him from across the bar. He made his way over and the two drank and flirted with each other for the rest of the night. Soon after that, this woman became pregnant by Daneol and they had Savannah. Later on, it was revealed to Daniel that the mysterious woman he impregnated was actually Hecate. She didn't stay and raise Savannah though. Hecate is one who cares about her own, especially her only daughter. She protected and guided Daniel in raising Savvanah and made sure she had everything she would need growing up.
Savannah's likes consist of reading, nature, writing poems, and comedy movies.
Savannah's dislikes consist of rudeness, uncleanliness, extreme cold, and being put on the spot.
Savannah's abilities are mystokinesis and Mist Control. Being able to control The Mist, she can use it to create illusions, false memories, hide stuff, teleport, and many other things.

Savannah also has Mistform cards which she can use to summon people and weapons to her aid.
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Full Name: George Jonathan Parker

Nicknames: Georgie, C.J

Age: 17

Sexuality: Bisexual

Godly Parent: Apollo

Appearance (& face claim):

Benjamin Stone

Height: 5'9
Weight: 80kg
Eye color: green
Hair color:
Body type: Muscular & athletic

Personality: When first arriving from the camp he came off as an arrogant obnoxious rich brat. He had been brought back down to e and improved and in the years since but still retails some arrogance and cockiness. One thing that hasnt changed since he is an incorrigible flirt, always showing of to the ladies but admittedly the latter is more for comedic purposes. He is self-aware of his past and how he came off, so he would often joke about it in a self-deprecating manner. Though may still come off as a bit self-centred, he is generous and dedicated to those he considered friends. Though reasonable intelligent with a mind for medicine, he can be aggressive, known to act without thinking and aggressively.

Likes: singing, swimming, medicine, motorcycles, action movies, crime books, docs and serials, dogs

Dislikes: being taken advantage of due to his wealth, spiders, people like he used to be, cats, vulnerability.

Weapon of Choice: Silver Bow

Special Abilities: Photokinesis, Natural a bow and arrow, instinctual knowledge regarding medicine and healing, capable singer and instictial knowledge and skill with musical instruments.

Backstory: Result of a one-night stand between Apollo and struggling musician. Mother died not long after his birth so went into care, went through foster care and orphanage eventually being adopted by a wealthy family. WIP


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Name: Aisling Abbott

Age: 16

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Godly parent: Iris


Short Backstory: Aisling's life wasn't great from the start. First off, she was born mute. When she was a child, she wouldn't scream or cry, that's because she couldn't. On top of that her mother was Iris, so she never really had a strong motherly figure around. Her father, a mortal, deemed her as a mistake, and that he wasn't her child. He only kept her around and fed her, sent her to school, and took care of other necessities because he was scared he would be cursed by the gods if he didn't take care of her.

Her school life wasn't great either. She went to a public school, although her father made no effort to put her into a special education class, she wasn't even sure if her school had one. She couldn't recite in class or talk to classmates and staff. None of the people there bothered to find out she was mute, they called her a freak for not speaking. Although she was very intelligent, being able to pick up the concepts in class easily. She ended up learning sign language by herself, in her room. After practicing for a long time, she became fluent in a few months. That may have been the best decision she made because she was able to talk to people now, but she didn't use it often. She was still a kind but shy soul.

It was summer break one year, as usual she had nothing to do and her dad was out probably drinking his life away at some bar. That was when she found out about her powers. And that was the coolest thing she ever had, although she knew no one would believe her if she told anyone, so she told no one.

Rainbow Generation: She is able to create or generate rainbows, although not as big and grand as her mother's.
Pyrokinesis: She can use light from her rainbows to create multicolored flames and burns to ward off enemies.
Energy Blasts: She is able to unleash blasts of multicolored energy from her rainbows, causing great damage in structures like buildings.
Blindness Inducement: Through utilizing her rainbow's light, she can blind enemies.
Hallucikinesis: Through utilizing her rainbow's light, she can create illusions.
Control of Animals: Since Iris' sacred animals are pegasi, she is able to summon them and communicate with them.

Personality: Aisling is mute, she can't speak. But if you get to know her and be her friend, she is very loyal and willing to do anything for a friend. She is also very kind to people, her main form of communication being acts of service, helping or doing something for someone. She is very shy however, and being mute isn't much of a help when she wants to talk to people or speak up.

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Likes: Calming Music, Books, Cooking and Baking

Dislikes: Very Hot Weather, Very Loud Sounds, Taking Risks

Mics: She knows how to make nectar
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The Northwind
675B9A86-CBBE-4870-A26A-45F46E51AB9A.gif B56C8472-98FB-4790-8143-87E9381C00EA.jpeg

Name: Jekari Davidson
Nicknames: Kari, Airhead
Age: 17
Height: 5’9
Weight: 190lbs

Sexuality: Homosexual

Godly parent: Boreas

Aerokinesis- like his father, Jekari can manipulate wind to the limit of using the air to push objects, making himself float, and creating short but powerful gusts of wind.

Cryokinesis- Due to his father’s role as a god of winter, Jekari inherited the ability create and manipulate ice. Typically he freezes the wind around him to create ice constructs (swords, arrows, shields) but with intense focus he can freeze water.

Personality- Jekari is a jokester at heart and loves to joke and prank his fellow camp mates. He loves to help out the younger campers with their training and is known to be a kind soul.

Northwind’s blessing- a pair of wings that follow Jekari’s mental commands. They are hidden in the form of a purple book bag and spread out to form purple wings while granting Jekari greater control over his Aerokinesis.

Winter’s Song: a celestial bronze sword with a white wrapping

Likes: Hiking, ice cream, any of Aphrodite’s sons, winter

Dislikes: being underground, capture the flag, summer, hot weather

•much like his father he is very fond of the children of Aphrodite and is known to do anything they ask of him, especially the sons.
•fluent in French

Backstory: Jekari was born the only child to a woman named Maya Davidson in New Orleans, Louisiana. On October 18th, maya was celebrating her twenty-first birthday at a bar with her friends when she began talking and drinking with a handsome man that sported beautiful black hair and eyes like glaciers. Jekari was born in the middle of a irregular winter storm and he turned out to go against all of the deathly prophecies given by voodoo priestesses by being the most lovable baby the town had seen in a long while.
As he grew up he made friends with all of the French quater and eventually began to do jobs to help out his mother at the age of twelve. On his thirteenth birthday his mother caved into his request to go camping for his birthday and against her better judgment they found a quite campsite near the lake and began to enjoy the scenery until nightfall. At some point during the night, a bear creeped into their camp with the intent on getting a midnight snack but deemed the snoring tent to be more interesting. The bear began slashing at the tent causing both mother and son to jump from their sleep, screaming with the full force of their lungs. The bear slashed through the tent and it’s claws landed in maya before it tried to drag her from the torn shelter. Something inside bubbled up in Jekari and with an ear piercing scream, the wind seemed to respond as it whirled into a tornado that pulled the bear from the ground and flung it into the sky while Jekari held on to his mother for dear life.
After this ordeal, Jekari fainted from exhaustion and awoken hours later to his mother driving on the highway. She went on to explain his heritage and told him that since his powers had presented themselves he would need to go to a place where he would be safe and could train, that place being camp half blood.
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That Weird girl

Reach Out to the Truth
Leo Valdez


Sexuality- Straight

Godly parent- Hephaestus

Ability- Pyrokinestis, Technokinesis, trap detection, fire immunity.

Leo is easygoing, mischievous, upbeat, energetic, eccentric, funny, flirty, and loves to tell jokes constantly, even if they aren't particularly funny. He is usually a troublemaker, as he gets in trouble constantly with Coach Hedge for tampering with his megaphone. Leo is genuinely very intelligent and honest and cares about his friends and family. He sometimes doesn't think before reacting and he enjoys pulling pranks on people, especially those who he doesn't like. Despite his jokey attitude, Leo is emotionally scarred from the death of his mother and is crushed by guilt as he indirectly caused her death. He later realizes that it wasn't him who had caused her death and opens up to his friends more and more. He hides a hurt and angry demeanor with humor. Leo has been shown to have a serious side, which happens when he is angered by someone or when the situation calls for it. He is also seen building small bits of machinery and equipment and is very skilled and serious about his work.

He is also known to frequently fall in love with any beautiful girl as long as she is completely out of his league

Whatever really

Beautiful girls
His friends
The kids (sometimes)

Mention of his mother Esperanza

Charmspeak works on him like a charm

After helping Percy and his other friends save the world Leo tried to live a normal life in New York but found it hard because of his ADHD and Dyslexia. So he decided to try to land a job at Camp half blood which he managed to get. He was naturally a hotshot with the ladies and the men but he also had to learn to be strict and watch over the kids and not cause so much trouble. Leo sees the kids of Half blood as his responsibility and works on keeping them safe from harm with his other friends.


That Weird girl

Reach Out to the Truth
Name- Hazel Levesque

age- 24

Sexuality- Straight

Godly parent- Pluto

Ability- Use of the mist to manipulate memories and use it to travel. She is also great at sword fighting and has trained Piper to go toe to toe with a giant.

Personally- Hazel is bright and outgoing with a love for creativity and horseback riding, but a has dislike for boating and curses. Percy states that she was a great comfort to him and Frank, at times even saying that she seemed confident. Percy also describes her as being very mature for her age, although he felt a little uncomfortable when he started depending on her for comfort, but was glad she was there. Hazel tends to ignore others at times for her own preferences.

Calvary sword

Horseback riding
Her friends
the campers

Getting embarrassed because its easy for her
Seeing her friends get hurt

Backstory- Same as Leo becaUSE I am lazy tonight.
1658934866232.png(FC: Brant Daughtery)

Name: Andrew Stone
Nicknames: Andy, Stone.

Age: 17
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 pounds/95.25kg
Body Type: Muscular/Lean

Sexuality: Straight

Godly parent: Ares

  • Telumkinesis: He's able to adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal. He has the power to curse his opponents' weapons and transfigure any object into any weapon. Examples include making a sword too heavy to lift properly or turning arrows into rubber, forcibly disarming his opponents.
  • Odikinesis: He can unconsciously arouse feelings of impulsive anger, hatred, and bloodlust in people, to the point of instigating physical violence.
  • Enhanced Physical Prowess: Enhanced strength and swiftness.
  • Intelligence: Excellent war strategist, he is against mindless brute force over strategy like his father and siblings.
  • Fighting skills: Natural fighter with inborn fighting skills.
  • Slow Motion Perception: During battles, time seems to slow to a crawl for him, allowing him to think quicker, be more aware of his surroundings, and move that little bit quicker to avoid certain death.
  • Extra Ability (The Blessing of Ares): A blessing given to children of Ares, when they have shown great courage or bloodlust in battle. It cloaks the bearer in a glowing aura of flickering red fire that grants temporary invulnerability to pain and all physical harm.

Personality: Andrew has always been more of an extravert, preferring the company of others to solitude, though he does understand the need for space to oneself as a necessity, so he doesn't push past peoples personal boundaries. He can be very intuitive, usually going with instincts to read other people, so he tends to follow them- something that's helped him out immensely while growing up. Some have taken to calling him the "big brother" of Camp Half-blood, always looking out for others, trying his hardest to make sure everyone is taken care of. This was also a detriment as he was younger, but, has learned to take his own needs into consideration with age. He's quick with a smile and has a hearty laugh.

He's easy to get along with generally, genuinely caring for all those around him, especially those who call friends. He is especially brutal to those who hurt the people he cares about.

Weapon: He is able to use a multitude of weapons, he likes to use whatever weapon is best for the situation, so he trains to use as many as he can-though he does seem to favorite his, Celestial Bronze Labrys Axe.

Likes: Training, a vast majority of music, books, woodworking(carving mostly), cars, motorcycles, rain.

Dislikes: Stupidity, obnoxious and rude people, rash people who don't think before they act, pickles, and anything/anyone who would try and harm his loved ones.

Background: Andrew was raised in an orphanage after his mother, who was poor, died after giving birth to him inside one of the orphanages rooms. Growing up there he was affected by all the usual feelings of anger, resentment, and sadness that the rest of the children had. He was quick to fight, winning more often than not, with other children and older teens who teased him about his circumstances. There were always potential parents who would try and adopt him, trying to give him a loving family, but after one too many strange incidents- like houses being broken into, numerous car accidents while he was in cars, and the couples getting hurt in other kinds of freak accidents, people stopped trying to adopt him. They called him a Cursed Child. This, of course, only caused his feelings to grow. That was before a trip that involved everyone in the orphanage, caused his feelings to bubble over, and made him do something stupid. This caused one of the other children to be terribly injured due to his rash actions. Since then he's done his best to make do with what he's got, trying his best to correct his own behavior, and making the decision that, no matter what, all of the other kids that were younger than him would be taken care of and he would become a positive role model for those who couldn't find homes. This caused the orphanage to become a place of happiness rather than sadness and the other children there all look up to him.

He found solace in an old mechanic whose name was David Stone, his very own role model/father figure, who took him in and taught him everything he knew about cars. Often paying Andrew an income despite his age so he could help provide for the other children. This ended in a tragic fate, when a chimaera had attacked him within the shop while he was working one day. David had turned out to be a demi-god, a Child of Ares, one of his older brothers who had tried his best to live a normal life after leaving Camp Half Blood.

David did his best to protect Andrew, alas he was too old and too out of practice, and Andrew wasn't strong enough to stop the Chimaera from inflicting a mortal wound upon David. Even though this provided the moment Andrew needed to pick up David's weapon and deliver the finishing blow while invoking the Blessing Of Ares. With his last dying breaths David told Andrew of his lineage, Camp Half-blood, and what being a Demi-god meant before passing.

Andrew would then make his way towards Camp Half-blood with a promise, to become strong, strong enough to not let those he loved be taken from him again-taking on the last name of his older brother/father figure in his honor.

He was twelve years old when he first stepped foot in the Camp.


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Melly Alton

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    #As if

    ❀ N.Name(s)
    Mels, Bugs, Drama Alert
    ❀ D.O.B.
    Orange County, California
    ❀ Godly Parent
    Eris, Goddess of Strife and Discord
    ❀ Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral

    ❀ Female

    ❀ Scorpio

    ❀ Bisexual

    ❀ Drama queen

    ❀ Height
    ❀ Weight
    135 lbs.
    Slightly muscular, though she hides it well, can appear smaller than actual size.
    ❀ Hair Colour
    ❀ Eye Colour
    Baby Blue





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Name: Lina Ramirez

Age: 16

Sexuality: Bisexual, preference for girls.

Godly parent: Iris

Ability: Can Summon Rainbow fairies to do her bidding (or attend tea parties <3)

Personality: Shy, held back, will do anything for her friends but doesn't feel like she deserves them. Major social anxiety.

Weapon: Enchanted Dagger

Likes: Reading, Drawing, Blue Rasberry Icees, Animals, and the colors pastel Pink/Purple.

Dislikes: Crowds, Cotton Candy, Herself, and bullies.

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