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Camp for teenage parents--- interest check

Sub Genres
Realistic, Romance, School

Reiia silver

Queen of romance!
Couple one
geek-- (female) -- @Winter_Wolf
Jock -- (male ) -- @glitchychip

Couple two
popular -- (female) -- @General_warNpeace
loner -- (male) -- @TF81

Couple three
skater -- (female) -- @dvds12
prep -- (male) -- available

Couple four
bad -- (male) -- @FluffyPancakes
good -- (female) -- @Reiia silver

People in charge of the camp/teachers:
-available role
-available role
-available role
-available role

So the plot goes as followed, four couples who are different as could be are in a hard situation, they are all about to be teenage parents. Because of how many are becoming parents, they are sent to a camp in order to work things out with their significant other/the father/mother of the child. This isn't like normal camps, while most camps are in the middle of the woods somewhere, this camp is in the middle of the city. They are given a certain amount of money, having to make it last and having to try to make sure they have money for everything, on top of that they are not allowed to flirt with other people and must stick with the one that they hooked up with. Some of them could've been a couple, some maybe it was just a fling and others maybe it was a drunken night at the party.

This is going to be a slow-paced role-play, me and tf are in other role-plays, so we get a little busy sometimes. But, for the most part we are always up for chatting! My co-GM is @TF81..... Even though this has some subject matter, please keep things clean or we will have to kick you. I'm open to adding more roles if people are interested!
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you had me at whiskey
I'm a guy but I feel like living dangerously, so I can take the female geeky role (I'm thinking some sort of gamer girl)

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