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Fandom Calling All Walking Dead Fans

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Hey there friends!

I'm looking for someone to play Daryl for my female OC. I've only seen seasons 1-3 but I'm still working through the show. I can double as anyone from seasons 1-4. I've had the most experience with Rick and Shane, but I'm open to trying new characters. Since there are a lot of characters I would ask that we each play multiple side characters to keep things interesting! I can RP either here or over discord.

I usually write between 1-4 paragraphs per character, depending on my partner's preferences. I just usually ask for no one-liners/text talk. I can usually respond daily, though recently, I've had a bit more free time so I can reply a few times per day. I love to plot together so we can have an OOC chat going during the RP as well :)

Leave a comment or PM if you're interested!
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