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Multiple Settings Call me if you need a bad guy to save the greater good (original plots, fandoms, doubling)

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Ya boi
Hello! How are you all doing today?
I’m doing pretty good myself. It’s been a while since I’ve made one of these lol. So I got a few plots in mind that work for in general but also in some fandoms so yee let’s get the rules out of the way.

-Please just give me something to work with
-Be open to ooc
-Plot with me don’t make me do all the work
-That’s all I really got
-be able to double if we do fandoms

About me
-I work full time so be patient.
-Because life has been chaotic I can reply a few times each week but not every day
-I’m fairly accepting and friendly so I’m always to talk.
-I like ooc
-I’m a big romance fan. I prefer mxf (I play m) however I can double or be convinced for mxm

Alright so here it comes the parts you’re wanting the plots.
-Hero X villain: A threat looms on the horizon that forces the greatest hero and the greatest villain to work together
-Welcome to my kingdom:Sold of to the dark lord/lordess of the neighboring kingdom you would never expect things to go welll
-Your obedient servant: The world is filled with the corrupt and greedy. In an attempt to fight it and save it you make a contract with a demon.

*stars show how much I’m craving it. Also if you have a fandom you’re a part of and I’m not I’m willing to hear it out. Finally the plots I sent can be added to fandoms
Akame ga kill ****
-Bleach***(ready the whole manga)
-Rwby (only on volume 6)
-bnha (caught up with the anime)**
-hazbin hotel (bit meh on since there isn’t much yet)
-crossovers**** (I love crossovers)​
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Red Hood's bf
I'm interested in a Hazbin Hotel rp if you want, but I understand if you're not up for it since it says you're no that interested.

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