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Aura Of Twilight

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Keenan watched as the Sheikah man’s face contorted into one of rage, nostrils flaring as he gritted his teeth. He got into a defensive stance, but before either him or his attacker could trade blows again Atara suddenly stepped in front of him protectively. Giving the other man a sharp retort of her own she abruptly grabbed his arm, Keenan too surprised to react as she began tugging him forwards and further into the village.

He blinked repeatedly, glancing briefly backwards with an almost owlish expression towards an equally as stupefied Rigo. A Sheikah standing up for a Yiga? That definitely wasn’t something you see everyday. While he believed the girl’s heart was in the right place the action reeked of naivety. He couldn’t help but wonder if she would be rebuked by the village elders. Showing compassion to an enemy could be deadly after all.

Keenan shook his head slightly. He really had no right to be critical of someone who was probably the only thing standing between him and an early death if the glares he was receiving from most of the other villagers were any indication. Instead he opted to look around, catching a few glances of simply made houses and livestock before he felt Atara squeeze his arm slightly.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled as she pulled him slightly closer, still pulling him along.

Keenan smiled slightly. “It’s fine, honestly I don’t blame them.” And that was the truth. If he and Atara switched places they’d still be in a similar scenario with the Yiga. He didn’t understand fully why she was apologizing for it. She was an odd girl.

He’d have to thank her for her kindness later, assuming there was a next time. As they approached a house much bigger than the others, clearly the chief’s, he spotted an odd pair standing in front of it, a hooded individual and his pet…wolf? The beast looked like it could lunge at him at any moment, the only thing stopping it from doing so being the touch of its companion’s hand on its head.

“Um.. are you here to see lady Impa, too?” He heard Atara ask. Keenan narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at the wolf for a few more seconds before turning his gaze back to the person before them.

Said individual removed their hood to reveal a young man around their age, his somewhat unkept black hair tied back and manner of clothes suggesting him to be a traveler.

"To answer your question... yes.” The other man replied, frowning slightly. “As a matter of fact, I am. As for why," he paused, gesturing to his temple before adding, “I will admit that it's a bit odd for me to say, but to be honest... a voice came to me in a dream, telling me to come to this village in particular. I was at first coming here to resupply for my journey back to my home village, but... while I am here, I figured there would not be much harm in seeking counsel from Kakariko's elder, no?"

Keenan raised an eyebrow. Another person who had heard the same voice? It should’ve been a relief to learn that he wasn’t going crazy (yet), but all he could feel was a growing sense of unease. Even the scar on his chest was throbbing more than usual. Was it nerves or something else?

Either way, now wasn’t the time to be pondering such things. The traveler had now turned towards him, gold eyes regarding him cautiously.

“I would ask that you mind the wolf-- he very much bites. I would think there's something he knows about you that I do not-- at least, not right this second."

Keenan was beginning to dislike this man and his wolf. He really didn’t need any more people prying into his affairs more than necessary.

Rather than let his annoyance show, he smiled slightly, scratching his cheek sheepishly. “It’s fine, stranger. Most animals don’t like me for some reason. It’s been that way since I was a child.” That wasn’t a lie, most animals either ran away or tried to attack him, in particular after his accident. “I don’t really know why, but I’ve still always loved watching them from a distance.” The numerous sketch books he had left behind were proof of that. “I’m envious of you and your wolf companion honestly.” He admitted. It reminded him years ago of when a childhood friend of his had a pet dog that let him pet its soft fur. The old canine didn’t attack or run away, but instead licked his face. It had been one of the few animals that he could remember accepting him off the bat. He missed that furball.

Keenan cleared his throat. “That being said, it seems we all have similar reasons for being here. You said you heard a voice in your mind, yes?” He looked up at the chief’s residence again. “Funny, I had the same thing happen to me as well…The hero has fallen, and that I was to find my destiny here. It sounds like something out of a fairy tale and yet almost…ominous.”

Almost as ominous as waiting for his possible execution. Lovely thought, that.

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" Fi?" Mina asked a bit confused not sure who the annoying woman in her head had been at least she now had a name for it.

What Link, not Sky said after that was shocking a spirit of the heroes from the past blended together. Just how many times had this repeated? What force could cause the world of light to be in this loop? If gannon had died to her father then was this new gannon just him reborn? There were to many questions that Mina honestly didn't want to ask about she didn't want to mention just how she was related to a link in the past. Sky didn't really need to know such a thing he wasn't Link after all.

" A ghost of the past must be lonely" Mina said as they searched for the mirror fragment. To know everyone you had known and loved had long ago died and moved on without you did sound like a rather lonely way to exist to Minia.

When Link pointed to the goddess statue Mina did feel it a bit funny that a fragment had somehow made it's way to the image of one of the beings that had banished her people. Still Sky made it easily up to the head of the statue and retrieved a shard of what Mina could feel was the mirror. Reach out her hand shadowy tendrils emerged and reached up taking the fragment from Sky allowing him to climb up with ease. As Mina added the fragment to the others she had Sky spoke about a faster way to travel.

Mina smirked yet she did feel a slight pang that her home had been forgotten even by the combined soul if the Links " You really are not him Sky the twilight realm is a place of islands above the void to fear heights is to fear the realm itself so no i do not fear heights "

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“It’s fine, honestly I don’t blame them.”

The Sheikah shifted uncomfortably, knowing even if he could simply accept it that internally it was bothering her. These people, the same ones who had raised her, had a certain knack for not accepting the unlikely. A yiga coming here on the basis of changing, a Gerudo tainting their oh-so special bloodline, Link’s death. It was a bad day to arrive on terms of peace and reacquainting with old ways. Keenan had horrible timing.

Now, she was peering down at a wolf that was snarling at her new-found companion. It’s owner, who had yet to make himself known, calmed it with the placement of his hand on its head. It did nothing to ease Atara and, with the knowledge that the creature didn’t like Yiga, she shifted even closer to Keenan. He was not the most likable person today, was he? What a crowd pleaser.

Finally, the man pulled his hood down and uncovered himself. He surely wasn’t Sheikah, Hylian maybe. Hair that was jet black and eyes the color of the sun, similar to his wolf. She wondered what part of Hyrule he originated from, but knew it would be rude to ask. Coming to the assumption he was a traveler from far-off.

Atara had almost spaced out, almost. All this talk about the woman's voice, a voice it was starting to be revealed a lot more than just she had heard. If her, Keenan, and this stranger had received the same message; who else had? Her curiosity didn’t waver, glancing back towards Impa’s house in quiet longing. She needed some answers, all three of them did and Keenan, well, he needed permission to leave this village alive.

Her gaze drifted back to the wolf, fluffy ears and amber hues gleaming up at them. By all definitions he was cute. A part of her, the nature loving part, wanted to reach out and pet him. However, at the mention of him biting she quickly came the the realization that, just maybe, that wasn’t the most brilliant idea. Instead, she once again shifted closer to Keenan. At this point she wasn’t certain how much breathing room the boy really had.

“He’s a friend,” she confirmed after Keenan had finished speaking. Noting that, while the wolf may not like him, he was still safe. She didn’t know anything of his claim, whether or not animals really did have a particular distaste for him. If they did, she didn’t feel the need to inquire why: the boy probably smelled of Yiga.

Shifting her gaze back and forth between the two men, she finally settled on Zaris. “It does seem we all heard the same voice, I suppose.” She still couldn’t find the correlation, what a weird group to bring together. It was some form of destiny according to the voice and, until they knew more, they would have to go with that.


Hero of the Skies

Sky had nodded a little bit to what she had said when she had questioned the name and such. "Yeah Fi....she is, well the spirit of the sword." He said, dusting himself off now as he turned to start walking out of the ruined temple now once she had placed the mirror shard into her bag, a sad chuckle escaped his lips when she had told him that it must be awfully lonely.

"It can be sometimes, but that's good, about not fearing heights I mean." He said, all of switching subjects as he now stepped out of the temple now, closing his eyes against the bright light of the sun as the slight breeze rustled his hair and clothing some. It was odd, he never thought that he would still be awake after this hero's death, having been awakened to help guide the hero, it seemed that his duty had changed, and would now have to guide those Fi had called.

After a brief moment, he would soon lift his fingers to his lips and gave a sharp whistle, at first it seemed like nothing happen when all of a sudden a large shadow loomed over the temple before a large red bird landed in front of Sky with a large coo as it tucked its wings in and soon headbutted Sky in the chest much to the man's amusement, turning to Mina he smiled a bit.

"This is Crimson, he's my loftwing He'll be able to at least get us at least to someplace that has people." Once she got comfortable around Crimson, he helped her climb up on Crimson's back after climbing onto the small saddle on the bird's back, after telling her to hang on, he gave Crimson the command for up, causing the bird to let out a cry before spreading its wings and taking off with its two passengers.

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The Sixteenth Arcana

Zaris and Mirel

Zaris could only open his mouth slightly and cock an eyebrow in mild shock when both Keenan and Atara mentioned also hearing a voice before coming to Kakariko. "Is that right? Hmm..." It was one thing for Zaris himself to be hearing unknown voices, but for these two as well? Whatever could that mean? Keenan compared this whole scenario to a fairy tale, which Zaris could only agree with, though the premise of 'the hero has fallen' did indeed seem ominous. From stories he had heard along his travels, he had a vague idea of who this 'fallen hero' could be, but some confirmation would be most welcome if he could find it.

Zaris turned to the red-eyed young man, who had mentioned how animals didn't seem to like him. "Well," He spoke, folding his arms. "Animals, by nature, are often wary of people like us at first. If I were you, I wouldn't give up on befriending Mirel just yet, even if you two are evidently not on good standing as it were." Zaris' mouth curved upwards slightly. "If all three of us are here on some supposed 'destiny', then... I suppose you'll just need to show him you can be trusted, no? If I may be honest, I allow the children of my home village to spend time with my companion-- under my supervision to ensure they aren't bothering him too much, of course. He's good to them, but his teeth are still sharp, as are his nails. If Mirel feels he is being threatened or bothered, he has every right to defend himself, for he cannot speak words as we do."

When Keenan mentioned how he enjoyed watching animals from a distance, Zaris gave a soft nod. "Nature is indeed a wonderful thing. I've been just about everywhere in Hyrule many times over, be it the snowfields, the seemingly endless sands, the lush jungles, and even the daunting peak that looms over the land and spews forth the world's fiery blood. Each and every diverse location comes with their own flora and fauna to observe and admire." He reached into his pack and produced what looked to be a weathered leather-bound journal. "I have accounts written in here from my many journeys." Zaris stated rather plainly before storing the journal back away.

"Oh, and... Zaris. That's my name. As I've mentioned before, this is Mirel." Zaris introduced himself to the pair, gently ruffling the fur between his wolf friend's ears when he introduced him formally. In response, Mirel simply let out a low-pitched "ruff" as a greeting.

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Aura Of Twilight Aura Of Twilight


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Mina had followed Sky around to a giant bird, those were thing that didn't exist in the time of the twilight invasion. When the bird took off Mina held on using her hands and also her magic tendrils of darkness securing her to the back of the great bird. Looking down Mina saw the land roll by at great speed, still she wasn't scared there was ground here the twilight realm had no ground like it. This might seem odd but falling and hitting something was better than a never ending fall.

" So how far till we reach this village that sword spirit told us about?" Mina asked not savoring flying for to long, she didn't fear the sky but riding things was not common in her realm.

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Hero of the Skies
Sky hummed lightly as the both of them flew on the back of Crimson, unlike her, it seemed both bird and owner seemed to be enjoying themselves.

"It shouldn't take us too long." He yelled over the wind since they were high up,mostly to avoid the monsters and people on the ground. True to his word, it didn't take them long, or it didn't seemed like that given that they didn't have to deal with monsters and the like along the way.

Landing on the outskirts of the village so as not to scare the locals, he helped Mina down as Crimson soon shrunk down to the size of a normal bird and seemed to hide himself among the folds of Sky's cape.

Smiling, He would soon lead the way into the quiet village, taking in the sights and such until they wandered to where a gathering of people were standing outside of a large home.

"Um...excuse me? Can anyone tell me is this Kakariko?" It never hurt to be sure....though he was unprepared for the utter chaos that was about to happen....all because of the hilt of his sword was a very familiar legend..

Aura Of Twilight

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After he finished speaking Atara shifted noticeably closer, so close in fact that his nose could detect the faintly sweet fragrance of whatever perfume the girl was wearing. Keenan cleared his throat, attempting to move away a few inches—the close contact was making him nervous. “He’s a friend.” She explained, emerald eyes glancing almost longingly at the wolf before focusing on the hylian standing in front of them. There was an awkward moment of silence as she finally added, “It does seem we all heard the same voice, I suppose.”

“Is that right? Hmm..” The other man muttered, thoughtful as his gaze settled back on Keenan. Unsurprisingly, the stranger was definitely an animal lover, his words about how important trust was between man and beast, using his wolf companion as an example. Putting the funny mental image of village children trying to give the wild beast a bath aside, the ex-Yiga nodded. There was a bitter taste in his mouth however—he seriously doubted any animal would give him the time of day after sensing the malice in his blood. It didn’t help that he was feeling almost envious of the talkative (and perhaps annoying if the guy telling his life story was any indication) hylian either.

Best to smile and nod.

Putting the journal back in his pack, the hylian patted his canine friend, saying, “Oh, and... Zaris. That's my name. As I've mentioned before, this is Mirel.”

“Keenan. A pleasure.” Keenan murmured before he gestured towards Atara. “And she is…hm?” He stopped, suddenly feeling a strange chill go down his spine.

Two more strangers had appeared, seemingly out of thin air as they walked towards him and the others. The first one was an extremely pale woman sporting a otherworldly aura, her manner of dress and practically floating footsteps suggesting her to be a person of great importance. Her hair was the color of the setting sun, proud red eyes full of thinly veiled curiosity, as if she was a ghost who had managed to return to the realm of the living.

The other was a hylian man around the same age as Keenan. He looked almost..familiar, his eyes blue and sandy blonde hair short and somewhat messy. He looked like the average male hylian, except just like the woman at his side seemed to be foreign with the unusual clothes he wore. There was also an air of experience about him, his short stature doing nothing to belittle the muscular build he possessed. He had obviously seen many a battle and was clearly a swordsman, the purple hilt of his blade visible from behind his back.

Wait…purple hilt? There was only one sword that matched that description, a blade that was said have been lost or destroyed after the hero had fallen a hundred years prior. Even to the day the Yiga clan celebrated it.

Keenan’s eyes narrowed, his hand instinctively reaching for his blade. How could this be? Hadn’t that voice said that the hero had fallen?

"Um...excuse me? Can anyone tell me is this Kakariko?" The man asked.

The yiga’s heart had begun to pound, body screaming to either run or kill his clan’s mortal enemy.

He didn’t understand how or why, but he was now in the presence of Link, wielder of the master sword.

Keenan gritted his teeth, and before he had even realized it, he had pulled out his katana, pointing it at the hero. “Well, well…if it isn’t the accursed hero. Hello Link.”

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Mina had been rather happy to get off the huge bird, while she didn't mind the whole flight thing she was well saddle sore to a degree. This was her first time riding a beast as in her home you didn't really have need for beasts of burden, they were a people of magic. Thus reaching the ground and no longer having to deal with the movements of a being blow her was very much welcomed. By a home there were several people of different races, the average rabble Mina assumed. Mina was not exactly familiar with people. Sky had not said more than one sentence when one of them some boy decided he wanted a fight.

Mina didn't know what kind of idiot attacked the hero, and she didn't know why in that instant she was ready to defend the spirit. Sky was very much dead and in no real danger from any attack as far as she knew, so she should not even think to defend one that did not need it. Sky was not someone she should defend at least from an intellectual stand point, they were not related, not even friends, just called tot he same place. Still even without her fully being aware of her own actions tendrils of shadow rose up from her shadow, not yet lasting out, but clearly very much ready to do so.

" He isn't link, and you can either put away your sword or see how you fair in two against one" Mina said declaring in no uncertain terms with how she was allied. Mina was really letting her emotions get the better of her and guide her, but she was to be queen soon and a queen protected people even if they didn't need it.

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