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"You like sweets Lucrezia?"
"I eat them when I'm depressed."
"But you're always eating sweets"

*Lucrezia eats another sweet*

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Camilla didn't have a personality. She just had big boobs, revealing clothes, a seductive bearing, an overpowering obsession with the player's avatar that was supposed to be endearing to the player (I guess), and a tendency to want to kill people who weren't family members or favored subordinates. That's about as deep as she goes.

For all her flaws, she's a hell of a combat unit, though. Carried my ass through Conquest hard.
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I liked her design but that's due to the fanservice of it all. She's just pretty bland tbh.
At least FE:Echoes and Three Houses did a pretty good job bringing good writing back to the series, for the most part. If the games had continued the trend of exclusively using fanservice and overdone anime tropes in place of compelling storytelling, I would have been very sad.


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We're approaching half way til the end of Day 2 - I'm working on posts with Klyn and Sel atm;

Is anyone else not sure what to do or need someone to write with - you've still got plenty of time to organise!

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