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I think a big theme is going to be people mis interpreting Lucian. He never said exactly that Noire is in danger. I said that things will not go smoothly, and Havelock will be an issue.
One might say this isn't a particularly helpful nor prescient prophecy, considering everyone without clairvoyance could have figured the Black Court might not go smoothly anyway, and also that the pedophile might be an issue around the young children.


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We're approaching the second half of day 1 - night 1 will also be two weeks, since I'll divide it into a Black Court + party/ball kinda thing.

Then from then on, things will speed up with weekly turnarounds between day and night mmkaaaaaaaaaaaay

Also secondary characters will be available from day 2 if anyone is feeling particularly productive


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Koala and I might be done with our collab soon. If we still have time on hand, I might gun for a smol interaction between Sep & Klyn. If not, we can do so at the Black Court meeting, wherever it is permissible.
TheCynicalWriter TheCynicalWriter
I was meaning to respond to this, but I fell asleep. I am always down, if you got the time - totally fine if you got other stuff to do.
I know a few people got some planned introductions + actions to do.


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working with Ultr for Noire's first post so that'll be out in a day or two i expect


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MagicPenguin MagicPenguin Might be quite funny if Athena doesn't like Lucrezia. The same way a cat just inexplicably doesn't like certain random visitors

*Athena Hisses*
Lucrezia: Oh, go chase some pigeons or something
Little does Derwin realize, all the dragon dung he had to clean just happened to be left in odd proximity to Lucrezia's quarters...

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