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Fantasy Café Presbytery! Your Home Away From Home |A Story Begins|

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Jason Riley


Location: Café Presbytery
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The sun rose on the dew cover city. Birds chirped their morning melodies as the bustling shop district was just starting to come alive with venders opening their stands and stores. Markets coming alive as the first bits of sun beams start to heat the crisp, early spring air. The first customers of the day were always other shop owners, coming to purchase the produce, meats and other such things for the long day of business ahead. A few normal customers scattered the thoroughfare as shops opened and bars shut down. Many shops were about to welcome in their first customers, but there was a clearly much more dedicated fan base waiting outside a very particular Café.

Standing at the far corner of Café Presbytery coffee station was Jason, the mystery man of the kingdom and owner of this wonderfully fresh concept of an establishment. A place where people of all types, backgrounds, ethnicity and race could come and receive the same treatment as any other customer. It was a sensation in these dark times of prejudice and distance.

Café Presbytery was a marvel. Hard woods and plant life created a wonderfully modern twist on a classic fantasy style. A beautiful tree built into the far left of the store, hanging lights of fireflies from the branches. The entire wall just beside it filled with the finest spirits and wines the shop could offer. The bar a dark oak with only the finest equipment. Nestled between the bar and coffee counter was the open window and door that peaked into the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, open flame and flat top cooking and a custom made refrigerator. A truly wonderful place for a chef to hone their craft. The coffee station was filled with all manner of equipment to master the subtle art of this most beloved drink. A wide selection of beans, roasting methods and brewing methods. Everything from presses to simply brewing the coffee. The far right and the rest of the floor was dedicated to seating. Beautiful booths and singular chairs on a speak hardwood floor directly behind the host station. The far right wall turned into a large book shelf where customers can pick out from an ever expanding collection.

Jason was happily walking about. Taking inventory and writing down all the figures needed to do the books. He often did this so Sam wouldn't have to. She did a lot as his manager and he appreciated her greatly. He made his way to the back and took a deep breath. Smelling the wondrous scent of the cooks preparing breakfast specials for the impending wave of customers. Anona working tirelessly on her sweets and breads. Jason had Vulmar preparing the breakfast special platters that were extraordinarily popular. The entire kitchen smelled wonderful and he loved the sound of their jovial cooking.

Coming out to the bar he smiled at Varrhis, as the old dragon born and Akane cleaned glasses in preparation of opening time. Jason stopped and saw all his hosts and waiters ready to start the day. The windows filled with the faces of those so happy to start their day here. The owner simply smiled as he walked to the table where Sam was sat down to do her paperwork. He set down his counts for her, gently petting her head with a smile if sweet fatherhood on his lips. These lost souls were his kids. They knew so little of him, but he felt like they all looked at him this way. A lot of them lived in the living quarters that he had above the Café anyways. So, to him at least, they were his family.

The strangely eccentric owner spun on his heals, holding his hands out and smiling brightly "Okay! Listen up, oh children of mine." He waited patiently for his crew to loosely gather to where they could see him. His deep azure eyes, a blue deeper than the ocean and brighter than the sky, gazed upon his busy band of misfits "Just to let you all know, thank you for your hard day of work! This place is a hot spot thanks to you all being such wonderful workers. Now, let's get this show on the road!" He motioned to the hosts to open the doors. Immediately you could see the stress and worries of the world melting off the customers faces as they entered. Like the air in the Café just brought you to a new world. Jason smiled as guests were greeted and seated. Songs requested of the bar and coffee ordered. Drinks made and food starting to be served. A feel of home spread as the calming atmosphere soaked into the very souls of the workers and customers of Café Presbytery!


It was a beautiful day as Dahlia left her apartment above the café in a nice flowy floral dress. She entered through the Shop's doors excited to start her day of work, creating a calming aura as soon as she walked in. She gave a warm smile and clocked in before saying good morning to Jason and Sam and all her coworkers, "Morning Everyone!" Dahlia said with a great big smile. She went around having conversations with everyone and chatting about the day ahead of them before joining everyone as they all listened to Jason and opened up shop for the day. The customers started filing in, being seated by Philomena. Dahlia goes around to all the tables taking orders and making conversation with all the customers and giving suggestions of Teas or Coffees she could give them to help with any problems they may have, drawing helpful sigils on all of their cups that she then serves with any food that accompanies them to happy customers with a smile. When she's not busy she may even accompany a customer or two at their tables or chatting with some other coworkers when they're not busy and even occasionally lightheartedly flirting with some of the girls that come in.



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Fiona hopped out of bed and grabbed some clothes out of her wardrobe. After she was dressed, she swung down to the main floor on a vine and made her way into the kitchen. She quickly grabbed her apron and started the coffee maker. "Morning everyone!" she practically yelled in her typical bright, cheery fashion. She proceeded to grab a scoop of beans and toss them into the press and started working on orders. And of course, in her typical fashion, experimented with some new combinations in between orders. "Blonde espresso with 2 pumps of hazelnut, 2 pumps of southern butter pecan and 3 pumps of white chocolate raspberry.." she took a sip of her new concoction and her face lit up "Voila! A new masterpiece!" she proceeded to quickly write down the recipe on a sticky note, folded it up and put it in her pocket so she could give it to Jason or Sam after her shift was over.


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As the sun fills the room and the busy sounds of the outside world woke up the hivemind, they were quick into preparation for the day.

They emerge from under their bed, like a shadow forming as light highlights the bed. The clicking of their pincers began, an exercise that allows every single of them to be fully awake for today. Hopefully this time they don't get any complaints from their next-door neighbor.

Once all were fully awake, they exited through the doggy door like contraption and headed into the restroom, where they filled the sink so they have a place to clean themselves. As soon as they were clean, every single worker wore a tiny little bowtie that signifies their affiliation with the cafe. The queen however had a tiny golden crown to represent her status.

They were ready to work.


As expected everyone was busy at work.

Bai was no exception, going through all the unkept tables than leaving a clean and customer-friendly table as they pass, working like they were flowing water. Some of the workers were very friendly while others were more or less grumpy or disinterested.

Jason gave an uplifting speech, his words were always respected among the hive, giving them the drive they need to work through the day. As the doors to the cafe opened, the hivemind finished working on the lasts of the table, prepared for what work needed to be done.


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Filomena had been casually waiting near the doors of the cafe for permission from the big boss man to let the patrons inside, her gaze flitting over those visible so that she could get a feel for the personalities at play. Hm, what mischief could she possibly stir up today, she wondered with a bit of a shimmer to her gold-flecked eyes. After Jason gave his rousing speech, she flashed a grin toward the man she had grown to respect more than her own family. Not that it was a terribly high bar to overtake, but that wasn't the point, right?

"Welcome, my dashing lords and lovely ladies, to our humble establishment. Please, follow me, right this way. I don't usually like to show such open favoritism to our customers, but I cannot help but give you the best seat in the house. The sunlight coming in this window makes your hair shine like liquid gold. I'm sure your sister here, agrees," she teased with a wink to the young woman's mother. "With your seating secured, I'll allow my wonderful coworker to take over from here. Believe me, you're in the most capable of hands."

Filomena stepped away and gave a wink to Dahlia, her usual teasing grin on her lips. "All yours, Dahlia, dear. I've seen quite a few lovely faces among our customers today. Try to save a little fun for me, hm?"

She spun around as she took note of the tables, several of which were still unoccupied but more spotless than even her family's estate had ever been. She cast a look toward Bai, always curious about how the workers operated. Did they have differing personalities? Were there disagreements? How did such disputes get settled? It was fascinating!

"Top tier work as usual, Bai!"


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The kitchen was f with the sounds of what seemed like multiple Chefs working all together chopping, slicing, grilling and boiling whatever was necessary to fulfil the orders in reality all this was being achieved by a single man well man probably wasn’t the best term to describe Vulmar not woman, as they where a slime maintaining a humanoid form that looked rather masculine today. Six tendrils extended from their back snaking around the work space doing various tasks while his main limbs focused on making the platters presentable before they where carted away to be displayed so lovely Vulmar loved doing this honestly cooking was one of the slimes favourite things to do alongside eating of course. Jason grabbing everyones attention to announce a word of thanks to everyone before opening everything up to the customers. Vulmar chuckling a bit. “Well thanks dad“ Vulmar chimed jokingly in response to how Jason greeted them.


Varr rolled his creaky joints, in preparation for the opening rush. He missed the days when he could spring out of bed, full of energy for a new day, and not even minding when he knocked his head against the same wooden beam that ran parallel to his bed. Turns out, in his burgeoning old-age, he more creaked out of bed, with enough wisdom to duck after he rose from the sheets. Today however, he hadn't ducked, and had spent a bleary eyed minute cursing out the low ceiling in his room above the Cafe. On the odd day that this happened his lumbering weight could be clearly heard by the early-risers below, a dull cacophony of thumps and curse words as his large frame bounced off the solid timber, and onto the floor.

He had calmed down, eventually. The customary shot of his own specially imported cactus rum always managed to settled his mind, once he had gotten dressed and headed down to the bar. The stuff was deadly, straight from the desert badlands, the label reading 'Kaktos' in scrawling, hand-written print. Varr gave a sigh of relief as the liquid warmed his belly, and he set about his duties. He hadn't given more than a grunt of acknowledgment when he came down, but now that his mind was sharpening, his careful eyes surveyed the cafe. He gave a gentle nod to Jason, as he did his rounds.

Varr leant over slightly to Akane, giving his usual thoughts on the course of the day, lending his experience to aid her security job.

"Shouldn't be too bad today, at least not for a while. Mostly families, and the elderly in for breakfast. Heavy-hitters on grog won't be coming in until sundown this time of week, though the odd mother or father might get sloshed and rowdy trying to escape their children."

Varr's gruff voice rarely conveyed much emotion, but he had the tiniest crack of a smile on his scaly face as he looked out over the shop. His deeply scarred hand set down the glass he was cleaning, before throwing the rag over his shoulder. Varr saw a lot of himself in the demon girl opposite him, he had burned with pride at watching her drag drunks by the shirt-collar out onto the street. While Varr appreciated the hard work all of his co-workers, there was a special place in his scaly, reptilian heart for people like Akane; straight-shooting, and fiercely committed to her fellow staff.

Varr wasn't too worried about the stream of people entering the cafe as Jason opened for business, things were usually quiet at the bar, as he had told Akane. He mainly served cold beverages, and juice to the patrons who weren't avid coffee or tea drinkers. He settled in, for another day in the Cafe.


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Anona combed her natty hair, and as she brushed near her flowers they would bud - only to rebloom once the brush was elsewhere. She took a sip of the glass of water that was on her nightstand, feeling refreshed as her day started. She walked to her window and opened it the reveal a small patch of flowers that was growing in an attached box. She reached over to the watering can that laid next to her now empty glass cup, and began to water her plants. Once she was finished, she replaced her nightgown with her work dress. Her last touch was a bow that laid at the top of her chest. She made her way down the stairs to see all of her fellow coworkers getting ready for the day. She waved to all those she passed and gave them a cheerful, "Good Morning!"

Anona made her way hastily to the kitchen, her comfortable domain of creativity. She turned on the stove with a pot on top to begin to boil some water. Once it was ready, she grabbed the flower of the day from her head - today was roses. She washed them in the sink and then placed into a strainer. She then lowered the trainer into the hot water. Giving it some time to settle in, she watched her other fellow chefs make their arrival to the kitchen as well. "Good Morning John! Good Morning Vulmar!" She said joyfully as she finally poured herself a mug of her tea. She put a spoonful of sugar into as well and began to stir it with a tiny teaspoon. Her ears then heard Jason calling to everyone, and so she walked towards the main room and poked her head out of the kitchen door to see if she heard right. She confirmed she did and stood in the back near the stairs.

Listening to Jason and his final words of 'Let's get this show on the road' made Anona excited to start the day. She cheerfully went back to her position and began to start working. Today's menu item for breakfast was a puffy pastry with cream and fruit filling in the middle. She pulled out a bowl and combined water, butter, salt, and flour to create the dough for the pastry. Once made, she rolled it out and used a knife to cut her own unique shapes which - of course- were flowers. She had fun designing each pastry different as she made outlines of sunflowers, roses, and tulips. She baked them in the oven and once ready, painted the top with cream and fresh fruit. She used blueberries in the middle and strawberries to shape petal decorations. After sprinkling some sugar on top, Anona proudly put her pastries on a tray - ready for anyone and everyone to enjoy her sweets.

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