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Fandom Cafe LeBlanc (Persona: Wings of Rebellion OOC)

Best Girl? (No Judging)

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One Thousand Club
Awesome, thanks so much. In that case, Daisuke and Takeshi are roommates then I suppose :P

As for my new Persona Idea, if we're doing what the game did and naming them after famous thieves/historical figures/fictional characters I was thinking of going with Don Quixote!

A man who believed himself to be a knight errant righting the world's wrongs, when in reality he was just a loony old coot that read waaaaaaaaaaay too many books on the code of chivalry. :P


One Espresso Depresso
As far as second awakenings go, game-wise were they all rebellious figures or extensions of mythological figures? I think either could fit if people were struggling with a second awakening (like me trying to rethink it lmao)

I'm gonna change Kaida's Persona to Jehanne d'Arc/Joan of Arc, mainly because:
  • She dressed in armour and went against the traditional female norms at the time (I'm thinking of making Kaida more of a closet cosplayer that I hope to elaborate on what that means for other images she puts up for herself to hide that/give a certain air about her.
  • Plus maybe she represents Jehanne/Joan as well as Kaida inevitably would stand against those who would oppress her and put her down, a comparison to Jehanne’s strength during the Hundred Years War and even in her eventually capture and imprisonment. And the fact that so many people tried to stop her going to war in the first instance lmao
As for second awakening... I'm torn between the Morrigan and Morgana le Fay, and I'm still trying to work out connections for both of them.

Also, a little peek of the Persona design for Kaida's first persona 👀


Rusty of Shackleford

Six Thousand Club
Yeah, we're going with mythological figures for the Second Awakenings. Actually, I could totally make Takeshi's Second Awakening Odysseus! Odysseus, while clever and wise, was quite arrogant, but still cared deeply for his family. Despite everything he went through, all the trials and struggles, he never lost sight of what mattered. This represents Takeshi finding a middle ground, of bettering himself to help those he cares for.


Dark Lord of Creativity
We could also reboot this into a Persona 4 RP and have our characters be seeking the truth. With their Personas being based on detectives/reporters/etc.


Dark Lord of Creativity
College students fighting to find the truth in between classes!
(Ezra somehow manages to get his own room alone and then rents the extra space out)


Dark Lord of Creativity
(Persona 4 with our characters)
(After the Investigation Team has narrowed down the suspects they call them all into one room where Ezra offers them potato chips)

Ezra: "Would any of you happen to know about another world behind TV screens? Because I do. And one thing I've noticed is if anyone able to pass into that world eats a potato chip there's a vein that pops up on the tip of their nose!"
(There's a moment of stunned silence as those able to go to the TV world touch their noses. The Investigation Team...and one other person.)
Ezra: "Do you have anything to say for yourself...Adachi? Can you tell us where you were when the killings took place? What part did you play in this?"
Adachi: "Seriously? You must be joking...everyone knows Namatame pushed them in!" (Adachi realizes he's said too much) "Oh SHIT!"
Ezra: "GET HIM!"

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