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C.S.R.T [Modern fantasy hero rp][CLOSED]


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Cander City, or better known as Criminal City, is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country. This could be because of the dwindling amount of officers that reside in it. It would be odd not to hear of at least 1 bank robbery a week. Something that also should be noted is that the crime rates are rising exponentially. Reasoning? Well, some informants have come forward saying that many of the cities most powerful gangs are coming together and are going to attempt a full scale take over. The local police forces call bullshit, but government officials in the area are taking it into consideration. They have recently set up a training facility and called forth people who have special abilities that make them especially effective in the field. It initially had around 200 members, but over the its course those numbers have whittled down to a fraction of that. These are the few that have stuck through the training and were seen as the most useful in a team. This team has been titled the Cander Special Response Team. Now, they will be pinned with the task of assisting the locals, and if it comes to it, defending the city.

This is an rp I've been thinking about for a while now and I've finally decided to put it out there. This isn't necessarily a superhero rp. The abilities our characters would have aren't anything crazy like metal manipulation or super strength or speed, but rather simpler things like enhanced reflexes and combat skills they've obtained from actually training or have them naturally. This is a modern-fantasy rp as well and I will list acceptable races in a lore and info page when I decide to start this. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below. This will also be a casual to detailed rp. So I will expect a decent paragraph or more a post.​
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I'm gonna add this right now because I just realized I forgot to include it. This will be a casual to detailed rp, which means I will be expecting a good paragraph or more for posts.


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So just wondering if the threads have been made and I have just missed them or if they haven't been made yet? Not trying to rush you just wanted to make sure I haven't missed them.

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