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Realistic or Modern C.R.S.E, Control and regulation of supernatural entities. (18+)

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The Control and regulation of supernatural entities.

C.R.S.E (Pronounced ‘Curse’)

Greetings recruit, and welcome to C.R.S.E.

My name is Churchill and as the primary A.I of the western C.R.S.E headquarters you and I will become quite well accustomed to one another over the coming years, provided you survive of course.

Here at C.R.S.E we, and by extension you, are the shield that protects the civilized world from the forces that are beyond its understanding. As such secrecy is one of the most powerful weapons at our disposal, the more we can conceal from the public the easier our work will continue to be. And believe me when I say this job does not need to be made any more difficult. As such you will under no circumstances reveal the nature of your emplo- you’ll have to excuse me. There has been a severe breach of containment at our Paris branch, something about a fisherman catching a lyndworm, and the brass want me on damage control.

Head down to basic training and join the other fresh meat, we’ll meet again.


Right with that little intro out of the way I’d like to actually explain this idea OOC.

I’m Foster (22M) and I’ve been around RP nation for a few years now, with roleplaying experience obtained even before that. I’ve always been fascinated with cryptids and the supernatural so something like this has always been the sort of concept I’ve wanted to take a crack at. In a similar vein to the SCP foundation the idea behind C.R.S.E is a global organization that locates, studies and contains everything and anything deemed supernatural. From werewolves to cursed amulets, U.F.Os to ghosts. They tackle it all, no matter how dangerous the threat. It’s not like anybody else can after all. With facilities in almost every country on Earth they are engaged in a never ending fight to maintain the status quo.

For the sake of the roleplay we would be playing agents employed by C.R.S.E, with a wide range of backgrounds and histories available to you. In fact you don’t even have to be human! C.R.S.E doesn’t waste its resources so from time-to-time humanoids captured by the agency are utilized as special agents should they prove compliant enough. All agents are fitted with implants that can be remotely deployed to kill the agent in case of an emergency anyway so there is little risk of special agents going rogue. If your feeling creative you can even make up a supernatural humanoid, provided it’s nothing too crazy. Just run it past me first!

As for what I’m looking for in roleplay partners, I like people who aren’t afraid to pitch their own ideas and really want to invest themselves in expanding the background and setting of a roleplay. I’m a pretty busy guy so it helps a lot to have a team helping me with world building when I can’t commit as much time as I would like to the roleplay. For posting I’m expecting at least a few paragraphs per post minimum but there is no upper limit so if you’re the kind of person who finds themselves writing essays for the fun of it go right ahead. Spelling and grammar are a must, this is a written roleplay after all. It doesn’t need to be perfect, we all make mistakes after all, but please do make sure its clear and easy to read. Oh and this will be an 18+ roleplay, themes of violence and all that goodness so I’m really only looking for people above this age.

Right this is only an interest check so I won’t prattle on any longer, if you want in on this roleplay please either post something in the thread or PM me 😊


Men in black definitely had a hand in influencing things as well!

I mainly listed SCP just because I'm more familiar with it, that and the cryptid side of things were as MIB pretty much only deal with aliens.


The cut worm forgives the plow.
I am... tentatively interested! Haven't read SCPs in a while but have fond memories of the general aesthetic.
Also enjoy group world building & throwing ideas at the wall, then scraping it off with a big plot spatula to see what's been made.

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tentatively interested !! i've been binging scp animation videos as of late so this seems really fun


This never really got off the ground I'm afraid!

How'd you even find this? This thread has been buried for ages now XD


Hmm I might be able to get this going again, with help.

I've just started a new uni term is all so my free time is limited.


Confirmed Memelord
Oof yeah I know how that goes. I'm not sure what your situation is. But I'm willing to sit around for the interim until its more convenient. I doubt I'll have anything going on lol.

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