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<So Maggie, if I'm correct, this is a primarily physical mission. The large number of hostiles means that there is no real attempt to find the head of the enemy forces, and thus no need to use a sleeper agent.>

Maggie Anderson sighed, insuring that the locator chip was fixed to the rock properly. The implant had been difficult to secure without any permanent attachment to Gregory, but it was one of the few things the rock requested, and the tech department hadn't been stressed out enough to shoo the request away.

"Gregory, I'm not the one giving the commands. They've requested you because there's intelligent individuals within the hostile deviants and-"

<They would like to see if I can scrounge anything of use up. It's a rather dubious gamble for the expense of retrieving me, from our tests on primates and birds we've established I struggle with non-sapient communication. What if these deviants are using an abstract or primal method of communicating information?>

"Then we'll retrieve you after the fact. You're simply to be supplied to an active agent-" Maggie paused, a large explosion from outside echoing through the city streets. The forward supply camp was well equipped for many things, but sound suppression was not one of them. If the rock wasn't telepathic, she was sure her words would have gone unheard. Several shouts and screams could be heard distantly, as the front lines were showered in the blood of deviants and ground agents alike.

"-And to be attached onto any important person...creatures, they think might give us some information. That's why we had to attach those sticky pads."

<I remember. In the abstract sense that I can 'feel', or at least as much as I think I can, they are uncomfortable. Who will I be utilised by? Our last incident with the beeomancer->

"Incidient Three-Five-Nine is strictly confidential and is not allowed to be discussed in public areas. Also, you're not the one who had to clean up after all those exploded bee-people, so you're not one to talk about uncomfortable." Maggie popped a spearmint into her mouth from her jacket, making sure her bun was done up properly. Some people have to show the mercenaries some class.

"Radio says we have some of the mercenaries at the van. Considering most of them are front-line workers, they won't have your documents or have any briefing info. So keep it natural, we'll pop you on whichever brute is going back into the battle." Maggie spoke as she flipped through her communicator's channels, screaming and orders briefly flaring up through each. Brushing through the tarp from the front-line tent, she walked towards the armoured van that had been parked near the makeshift fencing around the area.

There was a loud knock on the van door, followed by a petite woman opening the back entrance. Several of the medical personal looked up from their work, the woman already holding up her badge of C.H.I.H.O identity and on-site clearance. Looking almost bored, the woman looked at her phone, flicking briefly to check for any new info.

"Agents? You have secondary orders, management wants you.." Maggie paused as she looked up from her phone, being greeted with a banged-up winged bird-lady and a rather angry man in an aggressive stance, dagger in hand.

"Am I interrupting something?"

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It was the sound of another voice that made Tre turn sharply around, her left hand already reaching for a black tipped arrow, her right pulling the now off from her shoulder in a clean swoop. She didn't even have to think about the motions, she had done them so many times.

She found herself facing a woman, holding a phone and a rock. The woman had a badge identifying her as C.H.I.H.O. staff, but Tre was still on guard. Her initial speech was for the agents.

"Agents? You have secondary orders, management wants you.."
Then she saw Tre and Conrad, who had also turned to face the new arrival and remarked:

"Am I interrupting something?"
In her head, a series of extremely snarky comments formed, none of which she voiced. The agents near her thought that she couldn't speak and some who had not been paying attention thought she was deaf. She was going to keep it that way, the element of surprise was a useful thing to have.

But in order to get any thoughts across she had to rely on Conrad's interesting skills. Which was...... awkward.... to say the least. She relaxed her arms, lowering the bow, but still keeping it tightly gripped. With her free left hand she gestured to Conrad, using their own sign language not ASL. "do you trust these guys? I certainly don't, but right now they are probably our best chance at getting out of here alive. Truce?"



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Conrad Nathan Tsung

Out of seemingly nowhere another agent appeared. Upon spotting Tre (who was all but pointing a loaded bow at her her face) and Conrad, who had a blade in each hand and was in a fighter stance she said what would have to be one of the stupidest sentences in human history.

Am I interrupting something?"
Conrad relaxed out of his stance and said sarcastically "you're not interrupting anything at all, don't mind us at all" he tucked on blade back into the sheath on his leg, but kept the second out, just in case. You could never be totally sure what these official type people were going to do.

Tre signed something to him, using their own sign language not ASL. She didn't trust the agents around her not to know ASL. Despite not having seen it for years, it was so deeply ingrained in his brain, that he could translate it effortlessly. He signed back "I don't trust them either, especially not hotshot over there, but I'd take them over the Deviant gangs any day. We can't take down Ta Kai and his minions alone."

C.H.I.H.O. had both the supplies and the people power needed to take down the group. And he doubted they'd say no to extra hands, particularly extra fighter hands.


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Oh god, this was so awkward...
Will’s face burned slightly, heat from his blood vessels rising to the surface of his cheeks.

Abel’s voice broke through the communication line, dragging Will’s attention away from the situation for a couple of moments, gently pressing a index finger against the device planted in his ear canal. “Thank you, Abel. Please proceed with your mission.” He muttered back, trying to worm away from where Tre and Conrad were. This was a private matter and he certainly wouldn’t interfere with it.

Then came the sneeze, a sound that not only made his anxiety shoot through the freaking roof, but also made his blood pressure drop it like it’s hot. Will slinked over towards the pile of gear that seemed to produce the said sound. His hand slowly drawing away the countless harnesses, buckles, belts, and ropes, to find a rather familiar Trainee behind it.

His face contorted horribly, it was if his brain couldn’t make up what damn emotion he wanted to have at the moment. It could only be described as sheer terror, neuroticism, and a pinch of anger.
“It’s official, god hates me.” Will whispered to himself, staring down the Trainee.

His head whipped around once more at the sound of a woman, an Agent as well. How the heck did she even manage to get into this literal hell zone? Well, he’d ask questions later. Will placed the mangle of gear back over the Trainee to hide her once more, spinning around to face the Agent. He probably looked like a total nutbag, that’s technically what he was at the moment. Offering a strained smile and folding his hands behind his back. If she found out a Trainee had managed to sneak in, he’d be dead meat.

“Oh hi, it’s a lovely morning we’re having isn’t it?” Will called out towards the Agent, his voice shaky and somewhat hoarse.

He slowly brought his hand to the device in his ear once more, pressing a button to whisper onto the call line. “Hey everybody, just wanted to let you all know there’s a massive stampede of Deviants heading towards our central area. If you’re on ground level, I recommend you seek cover very quickly.”

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<Maggie, I don't think these people are affiliated with the organisation. The male's voice is unsteady.>

"Mmhm. I realized that, gregory."
The C.H.I.H.O official replied. To an onlooker, it would have looked as though she was talking to nobody. She took out a small compact clipboard from her belt, flipping through it. No records to indicate the forward team had hired any external mercenaries. Looking up briefly, she noted the response from Will, quickly glancing at her phone and scrolling down for a few seconds. If' she'd noticed his neurotic behaviour, she'd either ignored it or brushed it aside. Working with mercenaries meant you acclimatised to unusual personality traits, and he was nothing short of normal compared to some who worked with C.H.I.H.O.

"Ah- Will P. Carns. you're one of our forward operatives? Firstly, I'm going to need you to hand this to someone who's going back on the front lines."

Maggie tossed the seemingly inanimate rock into his lap, attached with a small laminated note on the side.

"And secondly- I'm going to need you to explain why we have unregistered personnel in the relief van."

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Conrad turned to the woman who had just made a comment about I'm registered personnel, emphasis placed strongly on the word unregistered. She said it in an almost derogatory tone. He sighed and turned to her.

"She" he said gesturing at Tre "rescued a bunch of kids from burning building, inhaled a whole load of smoke and passes out. She crashed besides the van, and these good people put her on oxygen and probably saved her life. They didn't have to do that, for all you know we could be agents for the other side. But they did, so give Will a rest, yeah?" his tone and crossed arms dared anyone to challenge to him.

"As for me, well C.H.I.H.O. aren't the only people who want Ta Kai disposed of." he said the name Ta Kai as if it tasted bad, pulling a slight face. "And as a matter of fact we were even considering helping you guys take him down."
he left it at that, he had got his point across.
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Jenne had stayed very very very still after sneezing, hoping to not draw any further attention to the area. Hopefully someone would just think it was something weird that shifted, or something outside, or uh, literally anything other than a rogue trainee hiding out. However, as she heard buckles and gear start moving in a way that couldn't be attributed to anything but another being purposefully trying to unobscure her, she blanched. Eventually, enough gear had been moved aside that she could clearly see the face of whoever was moving the gear, and she knew he could see her as well.

Her hopes of it being anyone she could persuade to stay silent and not tell the boss-man were dashed as soon as she realized it was the boss-man himself. Crap. Giving a weak smile and a wave, she opted for a simple, "heyyyy," in greeting, wincing internally as she did so.

Suddenly, she was being covered by gear again, and it didn't take much to figure out why. She knew she had screwed up by coming on this mission, but she figured it would only be herself she was shooting in the foot, not someone else. Silently, she pushed herself back and better obscured herself with the gear, hoping that would be enough to not get Will into trouble.


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While Conrad was busy being sassy and annoyed at the woman's disrespectful tone (which in fairness was quite offensive) Tre was dealing with other problems. Namely, an alert coming from her backpack. A proximity warning. It was little more than a high pitched beep, but it was persistent.

And she knew which device it was from- a wrist computer, one she had stolen from the body of a dead C.H.I.H.O. agent. She figured they wouldn't miss it, and plus it gave her valuable intel that kept her alive out in the ruins. But somehow she doubted that the agents around her would see things in a favourable light. They'd probably accuse her of murdering him.

But Tre had to know, how bad it was. She reached over to her backpack, pulling it close. She grabbed the wrist computer and slapped it onto her left arm, ignoring the others around her. She had the foresight to duct tape over the C.H.I.H.O. logo and serial number. The device had been battered around and was webbed with scrapes and smudges, but worked perfectly.

The screen booted up displaying She looked at the alert and swore internally. It told her that a massive crowd of Deviants was heading them way and quickly. She brought up a city map and did some quick maths. If they didn't meet anyone along the way, the mob would reach them in a few minutes.

She shrugged back on the pack and signed to Conrad. "we got incoming. A lot of incoming. We got five minutes, max. Get ready to fight them off. I'll do sniper, you take ground? Or do you fight differently now?"

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While Dan sat on top of that building watching the inevitable shitstorm going on below, he heard a hissing behind him, he turned and felt very stupid for not taking into account that some deviants could fly. "Hey birdy" said Dan trying to talk it down, normally he'd just punch it but raining down viscera probably wasn't the best way to make his grand appearance to the super troopers. He pulled out the taser and not expecting much fired it at the monster who charged forward and met the beam. It knocked him overboard but the taser did very well effectively stunning it, causing Dan to want to do a small celebration, unfortunately he crashed to the ground, the actual ground. He was veeeery thankful that his armor helped him tank the impact, seriously whoever had made this thing did an awesome job, five stars. Unfortunately the armor didn't save him from a bit of confusion from head trauma, but he rubbed his head and looked behind him, Aww fuck. Now he wasn't hiding anymore and was in plain sight to pretty much everything he didn't want to be seen by. He jumped to his feet and pulled out his handgun taking a few steps back.

"Oh hey, fancy meeting y'all here. Small world I guess" he called out, shooting at the mob, unlike C.H.I.H.O he wasn't armed with non-lethals but so as not to step on any toes he aimed for non-lethal areas. Legs, arms, and other appendages. That would only last until the monsters got to close of course, then he'd shoot wherever the hell he had to to drop them, so as not to get chomped by an angry deviant. He also hoped that he didn't get shot at by the agents, but hey surely the monster mob was a bigger threat then he was, until there were no more monsters, then things would get awkward.

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Wills voice came clearly through the earpiece as abel with his left hand raised to allow his pointer to press the button on the earpiece he responded by saying"Roger that continuing with mission,also if anyone comes across our target villains dont fight alone move and fight as a team. No one fights alone" with his route through the streets figured out abel started making his way through the streets,his rifle at the ready as he cleared corners and streets taking a shortcut through an alley that would lead him straight to the building;he noticed their was a lot of deviants in this area like the bulk of the force was in the northern part these were the rearguard scattered as they were it was suspicious to him that if allister was in this part of the city where was the heavy force the only place was that his Destination was an abandoned building to the west of his position deviants were congratulated there from the last map up date it looked like to be at 20 and that building was close enough to it that he could get eyes on the state of the situation,as abel approached the building was definitely abandoned from the looks of it,over turned cars some still ablaze from the attack and wreaked streets was the visual of that carnage.

it was dark inside from what he could see as Abel approached the building his rifle at the ready he hurriedly positioned himself on the left side of doorway he slowly went in his rifle searching for targets and his ears listening for any sounds of movement,his eyes were adjusted to dark from night missions..the crackling of debris under his feet was the only thing he heard as he swepted the first floor which was small because of the debris that blocked the rest of the building which he could only assume was some sort of businesses. their was a staircase heading up to the top levels but from the looks of its rickety structure..he wondered if it could hold his body weight,as stood infront of the staircase go up lifting his right he tapped the bottom step it creaked a bit he then stood on the bottom step slowly checking the steps as he took it stair by stair until he reached the top of it..

As abel stood at the top he would sweep the the hall with his rifle trained on anything that moved as his halos looking down the scope their was more stairs but they were intact so he ambled up at least four flights of stairs sweeping the floors as he went through..the visuals of corpses and the aftermath of deviants that had tore through people that didn't make it out,he was use to sites like this over the years of war hes been in.

Finally reaching the roof of the building abel peered out at the visual of the city burning plumes of smoke from burned out buildings he removed the scope from his rifle shouldering it then as he would use the scope as a makeshift spyglass..what he saw was the deviants that were Congregated at that point it looked as if they were protecting something but he couldn't make out from that distance..abel lifted his left hand to the earpiece his pointer touched the button"this is Abel Caine to headquarters I need some satellite reconnaissance 5 clicks north of my position their are deviants congregated there send the stream to my watch real time he requested" as the automated voice came from the other end clear as day..he then lowered his hand switching the scope to his left hand as his right rose to bring the watch into view as the satellites image became clear it at first glance it looked as they were eating something but as the satellite zoomed in more he realized what was going on the deviants were feeding themselves to something big they were swarming it whatever it was he lowered the watch then quickly he reattached his scope the rifle as he shouldered it again..using his pointer he made a weapon request on the watch a 50 caliber rifle along with some explosives shells and also some grenades and a few flash bangs also some claymore mines for some traps..the message came across his watch screen your request approved it would be 15mins before it would arrive..so he stood atop the abandoned building as his left hand reached into his left pocket to remove a half pack of cigarettes from which he took one and lit it up..taking a long pull he blew the smoke as he looked out at the city his mind planning his next moves carefully..as he waited for his supplies..

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