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Papers flew everywhere on the 7th floor of New York’s C.H.I.H.O headquarters, panicked members scrambling about the office. Shouting and commands filled the air, the confusion seemed to increase in a matter of moments. Agents running back and forth down a isle of computers, barking at the scientists seated at them.

Never before had the intelligence agency seen so much panic and discord present in that very room. In fact, C.H.I.H.O rarely had such a stressful situation in the past. The last one being the mass escape of Deviants back in 2049.

Finally, a loud shriek filled the air from a tech scientist at computer station 57.

“We found him! Oh god, we found him. 43.2965° N, 5.3698° E! Alert Beta HQ immediately! There’s several high level Deviants in the area, we don’t know what kind of destruction they’re capable of if he got his hands on them.”

June 3rd, 8:30 A.M, 2061
Paris, France
C.H.I.H.O Beta Headquarters

“Alert for Prefect Will P. Please assemble squadron group A-6, consisting of members: Alyssa Cordelia Jones-Strategist, Devin Elizabeth Sloan-Tamer, Tempest Brekkr-Tank, David Thomas-Tank, and Leo Benedict-Support. Veteran Abel William Caine will also be dispatched in mission area.”

Will glanced down at his watch, listening closely as a tiny holographic figure of a woman spoke to him. Fading out once she finished her mission statement. Files of said members uploading to the device for Will to read over as he marched down the hall, his right arm wrapped around a box of donuts.

It wasn’t exactly uncommon for him to bring the fried treats every Friday to spoil his coworkers with. Once he reached the end of the hall, being halted by a door, with the flick of his left wrist, the files disappeared, allowing him now to place a free hand on a screen-like panel beside the steel door.

It only took a second for it to read his hand print, the thin sheet of metal rolling up and revealing a meeting room of sorts.

“Welcome to meeting area Gamma 9, refreshments will be delivered shortly. Thank you for your service at C.H.I.H.O.” A feminine robotic voice announced politely from the intercom system in the room.


Will smiled softly to himself, the facility was like home to him. It always comforted him. The young man say the box of donuts onto the sleek table of the meeting room, pressing a button on the corner of the table that linked a microphone implanted in the said furniture to the intercom system.

“Prefect Will P. requesting Ms. Jones, Ms. Sloan, Ms. Bekkr, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Benedict to meeting area Gamma 9. Thank you.”

Discord server link: Join the C.H.I.H.O Discord Server!
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The walls of the training room echoed with loud thuds followed by small metallic clanking; David was working the punching bag as usual. Today the bag was not so lucky; David just let it have it. He barely used his powers to, it he used them too much, he could shatter and break a lot of the equipment he used so much.

After hearing a brief voice over the intercom, none other then one of the several prefects
in the building, he grabbed his towel off the floor and headed into the locker room. In the humid bath area, David showered. He glimpses himself in the mirror; his body was toned from his head to his calves, barley any of his body was fat. Even then it was necessary fat.

Finishing his shower, David threw on a t-shirt, underwear, and shorts. He usually wore something under his suit just in case he needed a quick civilian escape. He then put on the heavier, technological suit. Wrapping his cloak around him, David carried his helmet in his arm to the species room. He couldn’t count how many times he had been in the debriefing room; much too many.
Swinging open the familiar doors, David took a donut, nodded to will and sat in the back. He usually didn’t bother himself in making a statement to everyone; he got the job done and did what he was told.
“Thank you will,” David politely thanks.

The big brute looked out the large body sized window. The pier and doc was all that was visible besides the ocean. The building Sorn was in was a luxurious skyscraper in the edge of the city. He had managed to get the penthouse of the building by persuading the building owners.

A small man came into the room. He didn’t make eye contact, nor did he come within 10 feet of Sorn.
“S...sir, the outbreak just began. Several of the deviants have began their rampage,” The man says in a quiet voice.
Sorn kept his focus fixed in the sea.
With that, the man basically sprinted out the door; he didn’t have to be told twice.

Sorn went to the large cargo elevator. He pressed the bottom button. A small voice came over the intercom.
“Ready the car; I’m going out.”
“Yes, Mr. Sorn.”

When he reached the bottom floor, a large van was waiting. The back was hollowed out, leaving only one massive seat in the back. It was similar to a limousine, but the size of a van.​


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Alyssa had spent her morning as she spends most others, alone in her room. The hybrid enjoyed her alone time in the mornings, often simply gazing out her window, using her enhanced vision in an attempt to spot anything interesting. Granted, there wasn't usually much to see, though Alyssa prefers this practice to being around others when she can avoid it.

Her morning was soon interrupted by a voice over the intercom system, causing the hybrid's quiet observation of the outside world to be cut short. Adjusting her vision to normal levels, she moved from the window with a small sigh. "A prefect wouldn't have called so many of us if this weren't serious. Likely multiple rampaging deviants, or simply a large threat," she contemplated as she picked out a simple maroon turtle neck and a pair of jeans from her drawer.

After swiftly changing into her outfit for the day, Alyssa hurried out of her room. She walked towards the meeting area with a sense of urgency, not wanting to hold up the debriefing. She never did anything slowly, blazing by anyone she happened to pass without a single thought to their presence.

It didn't take her long to arrive at the meeting room, opening the door and stepping in quietly. Nodding to the two men already waiting, Alyssa chose a seat near the middle of the long table. She sat up straight and proper, crossing her arms over her chest as she waited to hear what brought them all here.


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The vid watch upon caine's right wrist vibrated violently awaking the veteran from his slumber. A large yawn escaped his lips as he stretched laying on his back rising up to a seated position having fallen asleep on an empty bench of the armory; he was up for two days recalibrating a new type of ammunition he developed along with the C.H.I.H.O scientists which still had a lot of of bugs to work but if he could get it work the C.H.I.H.O would have less casualties on the battlefield and also less deviants to worry about..Caine then rose turning his neck from left to right with a grunt he said is deep rich voice"i have to find a better to catch some sleep,damm bench kicked my ass worse then any deviant"he reached for his sword which sat next to the bench where he had Fallen asleep strapping it back over his left shoulder. Light booted footsteps carried him to the elevator down the which opened as he approached a feminine robotic voice was heard as it greeted him he would only nod as he said "express to briefing room" after a few moments the elevator took off with out another word..the door opened with a chime as he stepped off heading into the briefing room as he entered he said "hello everyone"to those who were already present in the room as he took his seat on the s left side of the table..Caine leaned back into the chair waiting for the briefing to start


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Leo was in the middle of his morning training when he heard the announcement. More specifically, he was down in the shooting range to improve his aim and practice with a variety of weapons. He stopped immediately and cleaned up his station before signing out. Instead of heading straight to Gamma 9, he made a quick stop to pick up some gear. He'd have time before leaving for a mission to equip all the gear he'd need, so he just pulled on the first layer of his combat outfit, a pair of plasma pistols he reserved for missions, spare ammo, and his daggers.

Feeling he'd already burned too much time, Leo exited the room and bolted down the hall. He turned short of the elevator and into the stairwell where he clambered up the center, grabbing the railings to hoist himself up before pushing off to grab hold of the next level's. This wasn't unusual for Leo when he was in a hurry and only a few newer members at C.H.I.H.O. ever gave him a second glance.

Reaching the desired level, Leo pulled himself over onto the stairs and exited the stairwell. He moved at a brisk pace, but was no longer outright running. He reached the meeting room just after Caine, entering before thee veteran had a chance to sit down. He quickly glanced at the box of doughnuts and snagged one after removing a glove. He gave Will a friendly nod before claiming a seat for himself. He recalled the message and took note of who had yet to arrive. It looked like Brekker and Sloan were the only two remaining, so he sat back a bit in his chair. He couldn't make them arrive any faster, so he might as well get comfortable.


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Dan sat atop of a building sprawled back in a portable chair. There were a few dead bodies lying around on the roof tops with their guns still in their holsters, to be honest Dan had expected security to be a lot better seeing as the guy who was making a meeting below him was one of the most infamous drug lords south of the border but Dan was happy to have a quieter entrance. He crunched into an apple he'd brought. Dan felt his wristwatch vibrate and he removed his shades, squinting against the harsh sunlight he raised the sniper rifle he'd brought up to his face with a safe amount of space in between the gun and his eye to account for the recoil.

There he was. The big man himself standing right there plain as day, this seemed suspiciously easy, but maybe for once Charlie's intel had actually been good. Dan moved the sniper reticle to the criminal's head, the man seemed to be in the middle of some kind drug meeting, Dan didn't know he didn't mess with that kind of stuff he just took out the trash that came with it. Taking into account wind, and distance Dan fired, whispered "Smoke this", and had the three second satisfaction of watching the scum fall over and bleed. Before the other assorted gang members pulled out guns and fired upon his perch. Dan tossed the apple over the side of the building, moved his helmet down to cover his face, ducked behind cover, and holstered the rifle.

Now wearing his full armor Dan sprinted to the other side of the building and vaulted the railing. Punching the wall behind him he skidded down the side and pushed off of it landing with practiced precision in the drivers seat of a black convertible. Dan hit the gas the second it cranked and the vehicle screeched out speeding down the dirt road. There were loud metallic clangs as bullets hit the car, but Dan didn't take any bullets so that made him happy. He began to chuckle at his previous statement about smoking a bullet. "I am a genius" said Dan to himself as he hit the road.

A good time later Dan was driving along a dirt road in a desert, his wristwatch vibrated again and he tapped it. Out came the voice of Charlie, Dan's best informant who might be just a little hell bent on bringing about a new world order. It might seem a little hypocritical for Dan to have any informants seeing as he preached this 'I work alone' stuff at every opportunity but it was a professional and mutually beneficial partnership that made killing bad guys easier so Dan kept it up. "What do you want Charlie" Dan shouted over the car's engine and raging wind.

"Why do you sound so damn mad. The tip was good right.... But ahh whatever. Shit's going down" said Charlie.

"Explain what, shit's going down means" demanded Dan. Steering the car along the curvy road.

"A bunch of those monster things. You might be interested in checking it out" said Charlie. Dan grunted a bit bad temperedly. "Bad idea. Ya know the ole C.H something or others gonna show up, and I don't really want to deal with.... And anyway how do you even know about this".

"Don't underestimate me, mate" said Charlie. "Go to this locale, I've got transport set up. Do it or don't, you've got half an hour to get there". Dan gritted his teeth and sucked on them a bit. He was curious but damn it was a bad idea.

"This better not be one of your plans to. Bring about the apocalypse" said Dan with a bit of flare on the final sentence. Charlie did not respond, but Dan did get a location on his watch, he steered his way towards it and internally cursed himself for how bad of an idea this was.


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Early this morning Tempest had finished her first workout of the day, showered, threw on a white silk button up with blue jeans, and went about her day. Though she usually would work on her computer sifting through the files of deviants and crime cases until her next training time, she had a feeling that she would be called in today. Hence the reason she stopped to get coffee. Tapping her foot impatiently, Tempest waited for her order to be completed. Just like clockwork, she heard her name called over the intercom to report to meeting room Gamma 9. It was a bit unsettling that so many other agents were called too, this meant that it had to be a lethal situation that they would be dealing with. Grabbing the coffees, she hopped on the nearest elevator to go up to the room. As the elevator rose, Tempest checked and re-checked that she had her suit in her bag, her pistol hidden in her waistband, and her daggers hidden in various places under her clothes. It was always better to be over prepared than underprepared, at the C.H.I.H.O you never knew what could happen in a day.

Stepping off the elevator, Tempest’s footsteps echoed against the smooth floors until she got to the meeting room. Will, Jones, Thomas, and Benedict were already seated meaning she was late. Tempest didn’t like tardiness and this time she was the one at fault. Taking one of the coffees out of the cupholder, Tempest set down the rest of the coffees saying “If anyone would like one” before sitting in one of the few open seats left on the right side of the table. What would be disclosed in this meeting would probably give answers as to why the entire office seemed to be in a crazed state. Everyone seemed nervous. Well, except for the people in this room. Tempest took a sip of her latte before sitting back in her chair and waiting for the meeting to commence.


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Sloan's quarters were frequently in disarray, today was no different. Multiple half-unpacked boxes, clothes on hangers laid out across the foot of her bed, and a fat stack of folders precariously placed on a desk alongside a clunky laptop. Though Sloan reminded anyone who critiqued her living condition that she had been transferred to a different room, anyone who knew Sloan, knew that this transfer had happened months ago and there was no excuse for this continued disarray. Sloan sat at the desk, with an open folder laid before her. She meticulously read through the file, information she had collected on a Deviant. The particular file was of a deceased Deviant, previously known as Shiloh McIntosh. She highlighted the man's name and spent a moment considering the life this person may have lived before he was overcome by the experimentation that took place on his body. Sometimes, Sloan collected information about the personalities and preferences of Deviants, but in this case, she had only been able to collect information for a few weeks. He'd been brought in after a brief fight but in containment, his health quickly declined despite her best efforts. In an autopsy, she learned that he was riddled with cancer. She concluded that the tinkering with his genetics ultimately triggered these cells to multiply. At the bottom of the last page of the file Sloan had written, "Traditional treatment would not have worked." It was like a preemptive reminder for Sloan not to get too caught up in 'what-ifs". Aggressive cancer and the genetic alterations meant she would have only been able to extend his life but not save it. Sloan's switched her highlighter for a finely sharpened pencil and began making notes on the file. She was saddened by the loss of Shiloh, she always sought to preserve the life of these individuals, but she was more upset at her failure to preserve the quality of life in his final days. She quickly scribbled, "Should have pursued euthanasia sooner." She looked over the name once more before she closed the folder and placed it in a new pile.

As Sloan reached for a second file, the intercom message rang out. She quickly stood up and began searching for clothes. While she knew most of the team was made up of kind individuals who understood the stress undertaken as a C.H.I.H.O Agent, she was sure they would not be so kind if she showed up in her "Comfy-don't-have-to-see anyone-today clothes. Grey oversized sweatpants and a blue bleach stained t-shirt were great for lounging, but not for professional meetings. Once she found an appropriate outfit, she hurried out of the room. To her disappointment, she found herself very far from Gamma 9. In an effort to save as much time as she could, she took off at a jog down the hallway. She hurried around corners and down halls, passing fellow agents. Nearly everyone seemed distressed or frantic. A feeling of dread crept over her as she approached the room. She stopped a moment before entering in order to tidy herself. She straightened her shirt and took a deep breath. She then entered the room with subtle but observable confidence. That was always important to Sloan. No matter the feelings inside, or the thoughts that went on in her head, she must retain a calm, collected, and confident outside appearance. This was challenged when she realized she was the poor sucker who was last to the meeting. Still, she kept a calm demeanor as she walked to an open seat. She greeted everyone with a nod and a simple, "Good morning." before she took a seat and looked to Prefect Will to begin the meeting.


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“Good morning everyone, my apologies for the sudden call.” Will gently smiled, striding over to the large display facing towards the table, pressing his watch against the screen. Pulling his limb away from it once several files were transferred onto it, images of grotesque looking creatures popped up on the display.

There was only one human-like figure out of all the pictures, a man in what looked to be in his early thirties with straw blonde hair, only a few streaks of grey showing through. He looked to be hurriedly walking across a street of sorts, an emotionless expression plastered across his face, thick eyebrows set low.

“About a day ago, C.H.I.H.O caught word and sight of two of our most wanted persons in Marseille, France. Not too far from our current headquarters. Alarmingly, there are also several high level Deviants in the said area. All capable of producing mass destruction in a matter of moments. There is an extreme possibility that either of these threats could be commanding these creatures, but we currently do not know if they are both working together.”
Will went on to explain, bringing up a map of the French city, small blips popping up on the screen that marked the last location of the targets. The villains being marked in a cyan blue, while the Deviants were in a deep red.

“Of course, the two villains we are speaking of is Alistair Heathers, the twelve year fugitive. And Ta Kai, an intelligent Deviant, one of the very few out there.” With that Will shut the display off, flicking a switch on the side of the device.



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David pays attention to the presentation. He could see all the details and weird creatures. If sorn, as he was called was there, they were in for a lot of trouble.
“When do we leave?”

A small man waited for him as he entered the parking lot. Sorn simply waved to the driver and they left. The van pulled onto the main road before they turned down a street to Marsielle. The deviants he had arranged to be there were beginning to tear up the place.
“Drop me off here,” sorn orders.
The driver immediately pulls over then opens the back.
With his armor on, Sorn leaves the van to see the destruction.​


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Leo leaned closer and inspected the map. Both Alistair and Ta Kai would be plenty bad enough, but the sheer number of additional Deviants was alarming to say the least. He tried to take in every detail and pattern he could discern: average distance between targets, proximity to Alistair and Ta Kai, building density near possible groups... everything he could think of. He might not be an official strategist, but that didn't mean he couldn't try and figure out anything he could. They needed a plan, any information on identified Deviants, and to leave as soon as possible. No matter what they did, the destruction would be incredible, but buildings could be rebuilt. People, on the other hand... "What's the progress on the evacuation?"


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Sloan leaned forward squinting at the screen as the image of a human appeared. The image triggered Sloan's blood pressure to rise and for her body to be overcome with anxiety. She forced herself to lean back into the chair as her suspicion was confirmed with the name of her mentor. She redirected herself to the mission, as a Tamer she was not likely to engage with either the villains. Though Sloan has physically trained for combat, and she was capable of putting up a good fight, her skills were in pursuing, calming, and restraining Deviants. Still, she feared the history she had with Alistair would compel her to reach out to him, and seek answers. As questions were asked, Sloan began a mental checklist of items she needed to bring. The sheer number of Deviants warranted heavy artillery. She'd also need to wear some of her more intense protective gear. She would also need any and all information available about the Deviants in the area.


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Sipping her latte, Tempest looked over the screen as Will went over the details of what the team would be dealing with. A chill went down her spine as the picture of a completely emotionless man appeared on screen. Leaning forward, Tempest asked, “Do we have a plan or are we going in cold?”. With two of the most intelligent and dangerous villains and deviants around, she couldn’t help but wonder what the best way to approach the situation was. Her normal weapons and suit probably wouldn’t be enough to deal with the threat today, and she would have to prepare herself for the physical toll it would take on her as well. Not to mention the havoc the deviants have probably already wreaked on the city and its inhabitants. This would be a messy job.


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Tre woke up to a loud beeping noise in her ears. She had fallen asleep nestled between two sturdy tree branches, at least twenty metres off the ground. She had carefully tied her belongings to some higher up branches. The trees foliage provided the perfect cover, nobody was any the wiser to her presence there.

Groaning she ran a hand through her messy tangled hair, rubbed away the crust of dirt from her eyes. She turned towards the source of the racket. It was her laptop, flashing up an alert in vivid crimson letters. Her laptop was linked to registers alerts from all sorts of dodgy back door snooping operations. None of these "snoops" was in any way legal, but Tre didn't care about that.

The alert was still going strong until she slammed a finger down on the keyboard cancelling it. Considering she had set the laptop to "do not disturb except in cases of impending doom" it must be important. Crunching on a packet of stolen crisps Tre logged in and began to read.

It wants long before her eyes widened in a mixture of shock, terror and anger, all of which slowly faded to determination. A large group of Deviants and two of CHIHO's most wanted were in a nearby town, seemingly about to unleash some form of chaos. There would be agents dispatched obviously, but Tre wanted to be there too and take some of those abominations down for good.

She packed her laptop, power cables, power bank and signal booster into her backpack. Her general survival kit was already packed up. She strapped a knife to each of her upper arms, as well as two to each of her thighs. She slung her quiver over her left shoulder and her bow over the other. She tied her dark, messy hair into a ponytail.

The finishing touches were her arm gauntlets, knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder protectors and a look of sheer determination. Tre launched herself out of the tree, sperspread wings wide and began heading north towards the city.


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Abels grey halos were transfixed upon both Alistair and Ta Kai he knew deep down they would leave this fight unscathed,he would assume the additional number of added deviants would make the evocation difficult for just the regular personnel;Abel's features displayed his anger with a hard scowl but just as quick as his anger had come it cooled then as he would wait till will answered Leo and tempest their questions. Studying the map and locations of the deviants and villains he committed them to memory taking in the details of the terrain where they would engage in the battle as he waited to hear their plan of attack and evacuation orders...


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“Going in cold would be a very bad idea with these two. As for evacuation, we already have officers dispatched in the area to clear out citizens. By the time we arrive all innocents should be cleared out so there’s no possibility for a hostage situation.” Will swiftly replied, plucking a donut up from the box he brought and cramming it in his mouth. He chewed quickly, swallowing after a couple of moments, opening his mouth to continue informing them once more.

“I believe the good ol’ divide and conquer method would work well on these two, but remember, we want them disabled not dead. Ta Kai is the strongest out of the two, Sloan, David, and Leo, I need you to take this big guy on. Abel will assist you when things turn real sour. Tempest and Alyssa, take care of Alistair. He’s not as strong, but his mind makes him dangerous.”

“Our main priority is to capture these two first, with them out of the way, the Deviants will become more disorganized and less thoughtful. They’ll eventually separate from each other, making it much easier for us to apprehend them later. We leave in an hour, please report to docking area 15 at approximately 9:30 a.m. Feel free to bring as much gear as you think you’ll need.”​


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“Yes sir,” with that, David left the room.
He already had most of his stuff on his, so he headed to the docking area.

The city was partially destroyed. Only a few buildings had been taken out.
Sorn shakes his Head in disapproval.
“So much wasted potential.”
Sorn charges into one of the buildings. The walls seemed to crumble before him as he crashed into them. The whole building crumbled to pebbles as Sorn began his rampage.


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The flight took her about forty minutes. From above she could see signs of smoke and ruined buildings. They were all (thankfully) concentrated in one area of the city. From her vantage point, Tre could see the steams of civilians being evacuated. They were assisted by CHIHO officers, none of which noticed her.

Banking left she swooped down, landing soundlessly in a crouch in a small park, not too far from the centre of Deviant activity. She began to carefully stalk towards the Deviant gang. Around her, she could see signs of looting and riots. The shop front all had windows smashed, goods and bits of broken shelves were strewn all over the road. She stepped carefully, keeping low, with her now raised to ward off any attackers.

On her left she saw an adventure sports shop, the front was little more than a pile of rubble decorated with a bent sign. Her scavenger instincts wouldn't let her walk past. She scrambled over the pile of bouleders and to her delight discovered the back area was intact.

The item that immediately caught her attention was a new model hunting bow, fresh off the production lines. It was made of aero alloy metals, with a wound leather grip and carbon nano-fibre string. She grabbed it, slinging it over her shoulder. Two bundles of arrows, a swiss army knife (to replace her old beat up one), two more daggers (because you could never have enough daggers), a micro torch, a medical kit, camp paint, and some pairs of cargo trousers were her victims. All of the strapped on, slung over or shoved into her backpack.

She felt no remorse for her stealing. She needs to stay alive, and that was that. Tre carefully climbed up the ramp of rubble, doing her best not to dislodge anything. Peeping her head over the top of the ruined shop, she spotted two Deviants heading down the main streetet.


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As the meeting closed, Tempest made a beeline for her room. She set her bag down and changed into one of her more protective suits. It was sleek and black with a thin but extremely strong armored plating, though it was armored, the suit didn’t look it and allowed for maximum movability. Sighing as she got to the door, she wondered how the day would go, turned, and headed to one of the various weapons rooms. Tempest placed ten daggers hidden on her body, blending with the armor, and strapped one pistol at her back and the other on her hip, also adding a few flash and smoke grenades.
When Tempest was satisfied with her equipment she headed for docking area 15 and checked her watch. 9:00 am. Though she was early, Tempest began tapping her foot, anxious to get into the city and stop the destruction. Putting her earpiece in and setting it to a channel that would connect to the others when theirs were on, Tempest waited.


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Leo took in all the information given during the meeting and fell deep into thought, pondering it all. Ta Kai wouldn't go down easily. Heck, he'd be a difficult target if he stood still and didn't react. The scary part wasn't even how physically tough he was, but rather how strong. Leo would really have to play into his speed and agility here. Thankfully Sloan and David would make things much easier on him. He would most likely stay further back to provide cover fire anyway. Hopefully all it would take for them to win would be for Sloan to get in a good shot with some of her venom, but the realist in him knew it would be more complicated than that.

Leo stood up after downloading any information he could on the mission and turned back the way he'd come. He had enough time to take it slow and still make it to Docking Area 15. He made his way back down the stairs, this time like a normal person, and returned to the same room where he grabbed his equipment earlier. He pulled the rest of his combat suit, minus the mask, and continued strapping on more gear. He made sure to have several different ammo types that C.H.I.H.O. had given him. Leo would prefer to just put a few regular bullets in Ta Kai's skull, but he had his orders. Finally, he grabbed his rifle and secured it into place on his back. After double checking everything, he left for Docking Area 15. He arrived to see Tempest already waiting and checked the time. 9:08. Too much downtime for his tastes, but he'd just have to deal with it. Leo sat down on a bench and pulled up some information on the mission, going over everything that might be of use in the field.



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“Well... He wasn’t lying when he said there were a lot of’em” whispered Dan, looking around the streets through the scope of his rifle. The man was clad in his silver battle armor and he had to say, there wasn’t really much he could do in this situation. Dan thought of himself as a tough guy he could probably take one or maybe two of these monster things but it’d be tough and it was a lot more than one or two of these big things. Lucky for him it seemed that his old buddies in the C.H.I.H.O were getting people out of the town, but of course that meant that they were gonna probably send some agents which was good in the fact that the more people fighting giant monsters the better chance they had of actually succeeding against all these deviants, but they would also probably not be pleased to see Dan, and he might end up fighting giant super monsters, as well as a bunch of highly trained agents with super powers just as good or better than his own.

He took the gun away from his face and turned around at the moment Dan was sitting atop a you guessed it, building. He found it nice to get the high ground in any operation so that was his normal perch. There was a duffel bag which he dug into and pulled out some gear.

A taser, not likely to have any affect. Grappling hook, might be useful but not good in a brawl. Explosives... Probably shouldn’t. Dan sighed and looked back down into the streets, maybe he should just start punching monsters, it didn’t really matter if they were stronger than him. His power didn’t rely on being stronger he just had to punch a couple holes in them. Still a bad plan with how outnumbered he was. The back of his suit opened up as the duffel bag shrunk into an easily portable shape and was placed into the storage space, he did affix the grapping hook to his left arm it could very easily come in handy here.

“Alright here’s the plan, lay low until something happens, then take the opening” whispered Dan to himself, not a great plan but probably the safest that would let him keep his neck.


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It was regrettable how fast Blythe fell asleep last night after resting her head on the desk. She was awoken up by the noises the Deviants were making around her. They sure were making a ruckus. She raised her head and frowned as she saw the wood slightly burned where she laid her hands and hair on. She must’ve had a bad dream or something. She looked at the papers she had laying about and quickly panicked, opening the draw and stuffing them inside before slamming it with her knee as she stood up. Luckily I’m usually the only one here. She thought to calm herself. Then, flinched as she heard the Deviants again, rustling in their cages. “God, they won’t shut up today.” She mumbled, she walked out of the office through the sliding door and walked down the long hall. The Deviants bustled around her by her presence. Maybe they are just hungry. She walked into the small side room and pressed the button to start preparing the food. While she waited she looked around and tapped her hand on her arms. That was until a flashing light caught her attention above the food button. She walked over to it and tapped the screen. More sections are being closed off? What? That means a capturing is going to happen. But sections? That’s so many. Uneasiness overcame her and she tapped on the screen, searching for what was happening. Then she opened the news reports and frowned as she understood what was happening. “And they were gonna leave me out.” She mumbled. She felt some static radiate off of her in anger. She slammed on the button and started to run back down the hallway. “Sorry, guys. I need to go do something, feed you later.” She told her creatures.

Heading to the only person she trusted, she frowned as he was absent from his office. This had to be serious. He hardly did anything. “Blythe what are you doing? You should be feeding the Deviants?” The voice of Dr. Pac came from behind her. He seemed frazzled and had trouble holding the papers he had. She took half of them from him and entered the office.

“What is going on? And I’m pretty sure any other Tamer can press a button as well as I can.”

Dr. Pac shook his head. “There’s an outbreak in a French City. Everyone is having heart attacks up there. I just had to get away from it. These papers are all blank by the way.”

Blythe rolled her eyes. “What members are going out there?”

Dr. Pac laughed. “Who do you think? Only the best.”

“Tell me who anyways I don’t care.” Blythe said sternly.

Dr. Pac brushed back the little gray hair he had on his head and extended the clipboard to her. She snatched it away from him and flipped the paper up to read off the names. She shook her head. “I don’t trust them.”

“Cool. It doesn’t matter what you think, they already had their briefing with Will and are heading out.”

“Let me go.” Blythe said quickly.

Dr. Pac sat in his chair, rolling his eyes. “Look, Blythe. It’s super cool you’re playing hero right now, but I agreed with the other scientists with letting these folks handle it. They are going to handle it. Not you.”

“They will hurt the Deviants, kill them if I’m not there.”

“Totally agree with you sweetheart, except I don’t and not gonna let you go.”

“Pac!” Blythe complained, then paused to correct herself. “Dr. Pac, you’ve seen it from my results at how much I’ve improved with the amount of Deviants I can sedate and capture. I don’t even hurt them that much.”

“That’s a normal situation. There’s villains involved with this too.”

“Even more reason for me to go and help them!”

“I already told you, I’m too tired to argue, go feed the Deviants.”

Blythe dropped her shoulders, and watched as Dr. Pac turned his attention to something else. She turned around and began to walk out, however, her eye locked onto the card handing from a chain by the door. She snatched it quickly before walking out, putting it around her neck and walked to a control room. “If you won’t me, I’ll do it myself.” She mumbled as she used his card to get into the computer. She grabbed her name and added her name to the group. However, she had no actual intention to stay with them. She just needed to get out there. She left his key there before running out of the control room. Heading over to where she saw the group, she casted her eyes down and looked around for a way to head there separately from there. But she knew she had to say something. “Hey!” She called at the group. “Are you guys gonna keep standing there or something? We need to start going right now. People could be dying every second we stand around talking.”


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As will finished speaking abel then rose to his feet leaving the confines of his chair grey halos were still transfixed upon the images and terrain slowly; he shifted his gaze to the watch upon his right wrist as the others scrambled out of the meeting heading for the scene bringing said wrist up just below his mouth as he spoke into it he said<Computer com link with Leo,David and sloan> after a brief silence the computers feminine voice came through[link will be established when the others accept,it will be placed on standby when ready Mr.Caine]

Abel replied <understood>mean while he headed out of the meeting himself his Destination was the armory his rifle and sidearms were down there upon reaching the elevator the doors chiming open as he approached Abel spoke before the destination could be asked for <armory>as the elevator descended;he thought about each of his comrades strengths and incorporated them into his plan..the bell chimed as the doors opened he strode into the armory to the bench where he was working quickly he equipped his weapons both side arms on the left and right,grasping his rifle
He pulled the bolt lever securing a round in the chamber that sound was like a wake up for abel as a small smile played upon his lips at that moment;leaving the armory he headed for the garage via the side door of the building as he walked into the garage his bike was already waiting started running an aid had taken the liberty of saving him some time..abel mounted it securing his rifle on the right side,he revved the engine pulling his helmet on..he speed off toward the scene..

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Conrad trudged along, following the hulking black Deviant who had been tasked with "keeping an eye on him". This Deviant was once of the stupider ones, whose ability was being able to form thick armour at will. But Concord knew he was good with surprise attacks, especially not ones coming from a lanky twenty-something-year-old, who was in effect his prisoner.

He had been taken to the city as part of whatever plan Ta Kai had. The City was evacuated, evidently, C.H.I.H.O was aware of their presence.

He pushed his dark hair out of his eyes and glanced around the main street it was deserted and nobody was in sight except for the Deviant in front of him. Carefully and slowly he drew the dagger from its sheath on his left leg. From his pocket he pulled a small pouch of fine sand. He glanced around again, it was now or never.

He called out " Oi! You!" and as the Deviant turned he pounced, throwing the sand into the guys eyes and at the same time driving the knife straight into its chest. It met with little resistance, the Deviant being caught by surprise and having no time to form any armour. The Deviant roared in pain, swinging out wildly in the direction of Conrad, hitting him hard, causing the Asian man to stumble backwards and slap off the ground.

Conrad scrambled into a crouch, pulled out a second dagger and ran forwards. He ducked low under the swinging fists, slid between the legs of the Deviant, slashing and cutting the muscles. The Deviant fell like a tonne of bricks, howling in pain.

Conrad pulled out the dagger and administered a series of powerful kicks to the fallen Devoant. He stamped on the guys face hard, cracking his nose. The fight had only taken a few minutes, but it hadn't been quiet. Others would doubtlessly have heard and would be on their way. He began to run away form the scene, hoping that nobody had been watching.


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Sloan's brow furrowed when she was instructed to join the team with the goal to pursue Ta Kai. She opened her mouth to speak but held back. She looked at the group she would be fighting with. She trusted them, they were strong and intelligent individuals. She tried to soothe her nerves and stood up once they were dismissed. She nodded her temporary goodbyes to anyone who she made eye contact with and left the room. She quickly returned to her living quarters and grabbed clothing. Sloan's usual uniform lacked protection but allowed for her to move quickly and use her agility. For missions that involved a higher risk of violent contact she wore more heavily armored uniform. It was bulkier, and would dampen her agility but it would give her a fighting chance against physical attacks. On the flat chest plate was the engraved C.H.I.H.O Logo. Throughout the uniform were attributes to her DNA like winding tendrils and blue circle engravings. It was a beautiful suit both for its aesthetic and utility. The robust uniform concealed a pair of sleek pistols. One on her waist and another tucked into a gun holster secured to her side under her arm. A larger gun hung from her back, useful for shots from a distance but she rarely used it. The last bit of equipment she grabbed as she left was a small earpiece and a thick helmet. She stuck the earpiece into her ear and listened as it powered on and a familiar voice requested permission for communication to be established across multiple links. "Accept Connection." She said flatly as she left the room with the helmet tucked under her arm. It would provide further protection once they were on site but she didn't like walking around the office looking like a robot soldier. Once she got a confirmed beep in her earpiece she spoke, "Good morning Abel."

As Sloan approached the dock she spotted Leo and David. She raised a hand in greeting as she approached. "Morning fellas." She smiled looking to each of her team mates. Together they'd have to take on a hulking beast, one that was smart and would surely give them a hard time.

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