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see you space cowboy.
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oc, transformers
ray,16y/o, he/him, pst.
hey! i've rp'ed for several years now, and am looking for a variety of rps. prefer partners around my age. i'm up for anything from gritty melodrama to rapid and flashy; only things that are nos is nsfw, m/f and canon characters. not looking for fandoms except transformers. (been craving it for a while)

i'm lgbt myself, and prefer rping lgbt relationships. most of my characters are male or nb, but im up for f// too. if you don't like my plots, feel free to share your own! i don't mind focusing on something you want, but i'd rather that than doubling (multi-chara are fine) i don't mind platonic rps, but prefer some slow romance.

i can write 500+ words to novella rps, but am open to shorter, quicker ones too. (no one-liners though) and a writing sample can be provided. ok with more plot driven or character driven, as long as we work on the world together. i'd always prefer some rough planning of the story.

im sure you've heard this many times, but communication is everything. i myself am busy, and know many are busy too. i can post at least a week if not more, but as long as you're there ooc, feel free to take your time. ok with ghosting. i'll assume you've ghosted if you stop responding ooc after a few weeks.

heads up, i'm pretty chatty, and i'd prefer to have a partner who likes ooc convos than not :') i love hcing, drawing, etc. and want to make friends beyond the rp. wanna talk about your other characters? go for it. fandoms? go for it. i can do onsite or discord (preferred) for ooc and/or ic. willing to try google docs.

if interested, please dm only. replies could be ignored. would love a writing sample, but not required.

*=roles preferred, flexible to tweaks.

burned out.
(modern, highschool seniors | over-energetic club president x vice president who's only here for credits)

muse A is that student: the one who's been on student government since second grade, always high energy, and had their whole life built for them to inhereit their parents' wealth one day. muse B has worked their ass off to get in this school, is certain A has to chug at least a dozen monster drinks every day, and just wants to get through the last stretch: senior year. the club (can be a team, dance committee, etc. too) seems to be the only thing both share in genuine interest. Whoever voted A as president and B as vice-president must have a twisted mind then.

goddamn prophecies.
(high fantasy or futuristic, apocalyptic I prophesized hero x their childhood friend turned conspiracist*)

in youth, muse A and mues B were attached at the hips, eager and wide eyed. as they grew up, for whatever reason, they drifted apart until only letters were exchanged. when muse B became ostrasized for insisting the nation's end is nigh one day and leaving after no one believed them, the two never talked again. it was only years later, when the world is heading towards its impending doom and A is chosen as the hero when their paths cross again...probably doesn't help that B had a huge crush since childhood.

tell me a story, sailor.
(pirates, fantasy, dnd | wanderlust seasoned sailor x bored deepsea spirit)

muse A was certain they'd met their doom. sabotage, jeolousy, and a heavy dose of bad luck led to them falling overboard and into the unforgiving waves. at the depths however, they found no last breath, but instead an ancient minor being of unknown origins, muse B, trapped in the abyss for god knows how long. B made an offer to save A's life, and in exchange, demanded A smuggle them into the overworld to see the tales of adventure A shared. after all, the bottom of the ocean can get quite... dull.

hunting season.
(modern, supernatural | hobbyist ghost hunter* x exhausted ghost)

muse A is a reckless college student with an unexplained interest in "hunting" ghost; that is, in other words, somehow ending up each time unloading emotional baggage heavy enough to defeat even death in order to send spirits to peace. muse B is a ghost that insists they have no ties left in the world, is ready to rest, yet simply cannot move on no matter how hard they try. when B seems to have ties to A's deceased best friend, however, they decide to make a mutually beneficial deal.

these moon dusted roads.
(space western, possible magic| amnesiac robot* x washed up P.I.)

could you really call a society a society when 90% of its population lives on the fringes of the world? the year is 40XX. humans have long achieved space travel, spreading themselves across the stars. muse A woke up memoryless in a junkyard, trapped in a metal frame that feels lightyears away from familiar. muse B is a seasoned detective, stumbling upon A and deciding to help them find their past. you don't see soul transplants every day, and that mark on A's chest says it all.

buddy cop comedy but w/ two minor demon henchmens.
intergalatic beings tasked with archiving dead planets.
far future robots searching for their origin: earth.
prophecies as shitty gps.

guardian angel x the human they mistook for their charge.
ex-mafia doctor x bounty hunter.
dragon knight x dragon.
wizard x rogue.
necromancer x paladin.

dnd. fantasy. supernatural. xianxia. ocean/pirates. eldritch horrors. curses. adventure. floating cities. dungeonpunk. cults. apocalypses. futuristic. space travel. aliens. robots. cyberpunk. slowburn. enemies to friends to lovers. rekindled friendships. mystery. academia. monsters.
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