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Nation Building By the authority of the King and Parliament (A Fantasy/Semi - Historical NRP - Based on the East India Company)


ゆうじん A
Excerpts from the Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth to the East India Company
Dated the 31st December, in the 43rd year of Her Reign. Anno Domini, 1600.

ELIZABETH, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all our Officers, Ministers, and Subjects, and to all other People, as well within this our Realm of England as elsewhere, under our Obedience and Jurisdiction, or otherwise, unto whom these our Letters Patents shall be seen, shewed, or read, greeting. Whereas our most dear and loving Cousin, George, Earl of Cumberland, and our well-beloved Subjects, have of our certain knowledge been Peti- tioners unto us, for our Royal Assent and Licence to be granted unto them, that they, at their own Adventures, Costs, and Charges, as well for the Honour of this our Realm of England, as for the Increase of our Navigation, and Ad- vancement of Trade of Merchandize, within our said Realms and the Dominions of the same, might adventure and set forth one or more Voyages, with convenient Number of Ships and Pinnaces, by way of Traffic and Merchandize to the East-Indies, in the Countries and Parts of Asia and Africa, and to as many of the Islands, Ports and Cities, Towns and Places, thereabouts, as where Trade and Traffic may by all likelihood be discovered, established or had ; divers of which Countries, and many of the Islands, Cities and Ports thereof, have long since been discovered by others of our Subjects, albeit not frequented in Trade of Merchandize.

KNOW YE THEREFORE, that we, greatly tendering the Honour of our Nation, the Wealth of our People, and the Encouragement of them, and others of our loving Subjects in their good Enterprizes, for the Increase of our Navigation, and the Advancement of lawful Traffick, to the Benefit of our Common Wealth, have of our especial Grace, certain Knowledge, and mere Motion, given and granted, and by these Presents, for us, our Heirs and Successors, do give and grant unto our said loving Subjects, before in these Presents expressly named, that they and every of them from henceforth be, and shall be one Body Corporate and Politick, in Deed and in Name, by the Name of The Governor and Company of Merchants of London, Trading into the East-Indies, and them by the Name of The Governor and Company of Merchants of London, Trading into the East-Indies, one Body Corporate and Politick, in Deed and in Name, really and fully, for us, our Heirs and Successors, we do order, make, ordain, constitute, establish and declare, by these Presents, and that by the same Name of Governor and Company of Merchants of London, Trading into the East-Indies, they shall have Succession, and that they and their Successors, by the Name of The Governor and Company of Merchants of London, Trading into the East-Indies, be and shall be, at all Times hereafter, Persons able and capable in Law, and a Body Corporate and Politick, and capable in Law to have, purchase, receive, possess, enjoy and retain, Lands, Rents, Priviledges, Liberties, Jurisdictions, Franchises and Hereditaments of whatsoever Kind, Nature, and Quality so ever they be, to them and their Successors. And also to give, grant, demise, alien, Assign and dispose Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, and to do and execute all and singular other Things, by the same Name that to them shall or may appertain to do.


The Far East has long been a source of mystery and amazement as stories of strange spirits, peoples, grand riches and exotic beasts have long trickled to the West, tickling the imagination of man. The first explorations of the region reported sightings of giant aquatic snakes, often threatening to attack passing ships should they stray too close to its territory, tiny, stout men who built sturdy ships out of rock and even metal, and grand Empires whose cities were built upon gold and precious jewels. The riches of the East became... tempting, urging the nations of Europe to find ways to access the markets in these distant and foreign lands. You will be RPing a commissioned (or contracted) officer of the fledgling East India Company of the British Empire, all working to grow the power and wealth of the company in these foreign, but rich lands. Whether it be a native dark elf pirate captain who offered to join the Company as a cultural and naval adviser, or the son of a major shareholder, seeking to secure your family's fortune with a mercenary company backing you up, you have a lot of flexibility in developing a character.

Using this as a means to see how many people are interested and to answer any questions people may have.

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