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A man sat in a certain room of a certain hotel in the Center District of Aloiss. In his hands were a smartphone and a notebook, sitting on the pair of football shorts the man was wearing. The television made noise in the background without anyone watching. The man simply sat on the bench without moving a muscle. The screen of the phone was as lively as a page of the notebook.

Came the sound of a door opening. The man turned his head toward the door, seeing who just walked in. It was someone in a grey trench coat, a grey flat cap, and a grey mask. A set that would scream 'suspicious', really. The man rolled his eyes at the sight.

"And there he was. I'd recognise that trench coat everywhere. Grey, tattered, filthy like it was last washed one century ago. It's hard to miss the thick wad of cash spilling off his pockets. Clearly tonight had been yet another successful one."

"Still narrating your life story? And I just washed this trench coat two weeks ago."

"Yeah, and the bloodstain from yesterday is completely not unnoticeable. Change that trench coat of yours, Trench Coat."

The man threw the smartphone across the room, promptly caught by the one called Trench Coat. The sound of a phone booting up appeared. With gloved hands, Trench Coat handled the smartphone as if it was a bomb. The same did not apply to the original occupant of the room who hurled the notebook moments after he threw the smartphone. He missed, however, and the notebook smacked right into the door. This resulted in a raised eyebrow from the information broker.

"Nice throw."

The man simply snorted. He headed to the bedroom, stomping his way there.

The television was the only source of sound in the room for a while with the man gone and the guest in trench coat simply browsing through the phone's gallery. Blurred and strange, cartoon-y pictures filled the whole gallery in hundreds. A single one, however, stood out from the rest.

It was a picture of the inside of an old building. The paint was scraped off the walls at some point while others barely stuck there. Far in the distant out of the door was a blurry neon sign and what looked to be a rundown shack.

"The Warehouse, Slum, and Red District Area, huh," muttered the mysterious man.

By the time the man returned from his bedroom, there was no sign of the man in the trench coat. The only sign of his presence there was the phone on the floor and $100 bills scattered on the coffee table.

The Warehouse Area

It was rarely quiet among the rows of old buildings and dusty passages of Warehouse Area. The day was filled with crates loaded and unloaded off warehouses while the night was ruled by lurking criminals and creatures of the night. Today was no exception.

Many things happened in the Warehouse Area during the night.

The Red Light District

The Red Light District was not a kind area to stray into if you were alone or had no clue what you were running into. The dregs of society often spilt into this area from the Slum nearby. Though thieves and pickpockets were rampant, there was huge ruckus around to be seen. The presence of men dressed in dark red jackets was to thanks for the slight order in chaos.

Men from the Doll House wouldn't take kindly to any troubles running in their territory.

The Slum

Though the Red Light District was bad, the Slum was not safe either. Mugging and assaults occurred with higher frequency here, with some cases of women dragged into an alley and never to be seen again. At times, you could see a group of burly men breaking into a shack or flat to do gods-know-what. Nowhere was safe in the Slum, not even the mountain of trash around who would kill anyone unlucky enough with dysentery.

No one would stay in the Slum if they could.


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The red light district was the last place Laura wanted to be into, but she had to hide from the facility that tried to take her bracelet away. She has been running for three miles straight, not stopping for water nor stopping to make acquaintances. Passing through the strange villain city, she came across all the different districts, places, even the slums. It was the worst place to be in besides the alleyways of Jackson that she used to hide in and hack. Laura quickly stopped in the district and tiredly sat down on the ground, not minding it being filthy and rat ridden. "There's absolutely no way I'm ever doing that again.", she stated to herself.

Back in Jackson, she used to run track all the time before her villainy with Sombra, but she doesn't understand why she's ran a full straight three miles from the scientist to the red light district and became absolutely tired as hell. She quickly grabbed her gun and loaded it in case something was to pop up behind her. The gun was given to her by her grandfather before his death four years ago and it still has his initials in it 'D.K'.
"You're very unlucky to be stuck in the hellhole of a place, if I didn't get the third chip without even realizing the police were on my tail, I wouldn't be stuck here!", she always took her anger out on herself, no matter how hard or how loud it was.

"Amiga, don't be like this," a familiar voice came from her bracelet, but quickly died out.
"H-hello? Is this thing on!? Can anyone hear me?", Laura knocked on her bracelet, but nothing would come up,"oh dios mio... Now what..."
She quickly looked behind her back a couple times before she took out the computer chips. The chips were black and green with gold ribbon cables that connected them to her bracelet, and if even one cable was broken, she would have to find another one. All three chips hovered in the air as she used her powers to try to fix one of them, the contacting chip. After they were fixed, they all went back into the jewels on her bracelet, and she quickly pulled up a holographic map of computers in the place, and just like finding a treasure, there were a bunch of computers in the place, but they were all hard to get too,"so much for that... Where am I supposed to go if I need to hide... "


Dialectical Hermeticist
Two months stalking the city in various guises - a busker, a drifter, a blogger desperate to be picked up by a real outlet - and now he was ready to move.
Dressed in a black three-piece suit with a white shirt and burgundy cravat (stolen from three different places, tailored to fit in three more), he wore a blank oval mask like a sheet of porcelain which completely covered his face. Replacing it, after the expense and time it'd taken to have it made by a villain in San Francisco... he shuddered to think. The short and dirty blonde wig was just another layer of obfuscation.

His feet barely touched the ground, and a collection of suitcases slowly orbited his body, trapped in his telekinetic grip. Drifting like a ghost down quieter streets of the Warehouse District. He'd settled on what once must have been a fish cannery, not too far from the docks, turned into warehousing, and then abandoned. Anonymous, plenty of space, just isolated enough.

Emotions from other minds strobed across the periphery of his awareness; homeless people, petty theives, a rare few security guards. Fear and curiosity and a desire to not be noticed reached him and he ignored them. Let people see him and take note.
He only entered the warehouse when he was suitably sure no one was looking, and piled his supplies in a corner.
"Well," he muttered to himself, "it's a fixer-upper for sure."

Grimy walls with faded tags and graffiti murals. Mould and damp. Broken bottles, broken syringes, the traces of a campfire. All manner of crates, some broken, some not, some filled with canned tuna so old it qualifies as a biological weapon.

He sets a worn MP3 player on top of his own boxes with a pair of battery-powered speakers, queues a playlist, and begins cleaning up.
At least he doesn't need to touch any of it with his hands.


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Nuelie Nefalt / Pierce Cutter

Mentions: Grey Grey

It was all really sudden. The place she knew for the most of her life had been destroyed, people around her were dead and the stench of blood was everywhere. Nuelie giggled softly as the feel of flesh went through her hand. Blood dripped from her right hand and she flicked it off as she watched the person that tried to stop her fall down onto the ground. With a skip in her step, Nuelie followed the trail destruction, humming a small tune as she nimbly dodged anyone that tried to pin her down and decapitated them without missing a beat. Is this what he meant? Nuelie wondered to herself. Freedom?

As she went down the path -stepping over the bodies that were done in by someone else- she found the exit that she was looking for. Nuelie clutched the dogtag that she wore as a necklace hidden underneath her shirt and stepped out of the laboratory, looking around to see if she could find her friend. Seeing nothing but chaos instead, she slipped into the shadows and escaped the area.

Even though it happened a week ago, Nuelie could never forget it. She smiled, remembering how fun that was. The cooling sensation of the glove felt nice as her right hand was constantly warm. She flexed her fingers a little, thankful that she was able to use her hand. Sighing, she focused on trying to figure out what to do next with her newfound freedom. Honestly, it was a little boring not knowing what to do. She could travel wherever she wanted but there was bound to be someone or something there that restricted what she wanted to do. Like, money for example. Apparently, money was a big deal to people outside the lab. She could remember vaguely how money caused her father's death and how terrible it made her life back then. Money was an issue that she would never be free of right now and that did not sit well with her. What is true freedom if she can't have whatever she wanted or do what she wanted?

Having traveled from the Southern District to the Eastern District and picking up a few jobs on the way, Nuelie had heard around that if she needed a new job, there's a place people go to. Nicely enough, her latest job happened to be there too, somewhere called the Harbour? She squinted at the road signs and double-checked that she was indeed at the Eastern District. Last time was bad enough where she went to the wrong place and assassinated the wrong guy but turned out to be a job for another person so she got the money for it anyway. As she headed her way towards the harbour, Nuelie made a wrong turn and went towards the warehouse area instead.

"Something's wrong.." she muttered quietly to herself as all she saw were huge buildings. Some were empty and some had people in them whispering away. Nuelie frowned and took out the small note that was given to her for her next subject. The money rewards were good enough to last her another week so she accepted it. She was to kill a guy wearing black with a suitcase and to retrieve the suitcase and bring it back. The fact that the guy said that it was fine if she couldn't do the job and that there was no penalty for failing was suspicious. Shrugging, Nuelie climbed on top of a tree and waited, glancing around until she found someone that had the same profile.

After an hour or two, someone did come and was rather skilled at going around quietly. Found you~ Nuelie smiled, the rush of excitement surged as she quietly followed, leaving just about enough distance that the person wouldn't notice. He went inside a building and Nuelie found a way to climb on top, watching the guy from a window. She frowned, wondering what he was doing as she noticed he was cleaning up the inside of the building and her eyes wondered towards the suitcases he had. There was so many, which one was the one she was supposed to take?
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Chloe Thornton

Chloe entered the Warehouse Area, looking from the walls at the numbered buildings. She stopped at a specific number, running across the ground and then up the warehouse's wall. Chloe entered via a skylight, leading to an empty, barricaded room. Dead insects lay in the corners, some with fungi growing out of them as the horrid smell of spoiled tuna and a deceased something mixed in with the air. The sound of gushing paint erupted from the room as Chloe exit her graffiti form and into her real body, the scientist slung over her shoulder. The man was a well-renowned scientist in genetical manipulation who traveled to this city for an interview. "Out of all the scientists and doctors in the world, one of them won't be in it for the money," she grumbled.

She lay him in the room, all exits barricaded off save for the hole in the roof. Jumping into the wall, she became the piece of graffiti once more and took her leave. Running on the walls, she bounced and kicked away several other works of graffiti, landing some on the floor and others in places no regular human was supposed to reach. She was heading back to her hideout when she heard noises. Specifically, the sound of objects moving. "A worker?" she said to herself. No, it was too late for them to be out, right now, and especially not in some abandoned warehouse.

She rounded a wall into the open moonlight, and she saw him; a conspicuous man in a suit, donning a mask with dozens of suitcases and other objects orbiting around him. He was... cleaning? Perhaps she wasn't the only one that took to the Warehouse Area in need of a hideout. She'd have left him alone if it weren't for the fact that this warehouse was already claimed. Chloe did not notice the woman watching them, though.

Chloe rounded a corner and onto a wall behind the Accuser. "This warehouse is already claimed, mister." The graffiti piece crossed her arms, glaring daggers. She hated the thought of coming across another superpowered person, under the belief they all fought for money or power or some other greed-filled desire. Chloe didn't feel any different for this man.

Grey Grey Simplymelsh Simplymelsh

Clausewitz Halcyon

Eternal Senselessness
Atropa Solanae (Belladonna)
Location: The Hidden Garden in the Slums of Southern Aloiss
Status: Calling up some allies, planning next steps, investigating leads
Interacting: FearItself FearItself , Virus Virus
Mentioned: StaidFoal StaidFoal , Simplymelsh Simplymelsh , Solirus Solirus , Twin Fantasy
(Sorry if I didn't mention you! This post got way too long!)

Tip, tap, tip, tap. The water line was broken yet again in the slums that housed Atropa's apartment complex, lovingly called the Hidden Garden. A rare sight, to be sure, as the pollution coming from the factories surrounding the slums was so obscene that any semblance of plant life was small and fickle. Only through Atropa's work was this community thriving, a garden in the center with beautiful fruits and nuts growing from trees, a small playground for children, no bugs or rodents whatsoever, and every house seemed well ventilated without using any air-conditioning. In the winter, everyone simply bundled up. Such were the benefits and rules of living in her garden, among other basic things. All thanks to Atropa's ability with plants. Well, that and sums of money.

But power is inherently zero-sum. This money came from the suffering of others, that she knew. But this power was necessary, this little playground, this water pipe that was going to be fixed in around three hours, the votes she got in her election last year, her internal polling data, and the increasing divestment in the community from fossil fuels due to their terrorism... it was all necessary in the eventual goal of taking over this damn city and later this damn country to turn it into a true utopia. With that came the need for success by any means necessary. Soon, things would come into fruition.

Tip, tap, tip, tap

Atropa snapped the pencil in her hand, her antique wooden desk in her office rained upon by little splinters and two large pieces of wood. With a swipe of her right arm, the bits of wood dropped from the surface and were seemingly eaten by a thickened and scaly venus fly trap. Dramatically, the fly trap mimicked a gulp by twisting its stem, and on its thick mouth-petals, the wood from the pencil produced itself, like armor. Atropa turned towards her spreadsheet, looking closely at her finances. She actually was making quite a lot of money, and increasing intensity of guild wars was starting to worry her. Part of this community, this political goal, was to keep her people safe. Safety was the commodity that she traded for support for normal people.

Atropa looked on the outside of her window, seeing the armed guards in red berets and camo fatigues watching the streets. Above them, some people had sniper rifles trained on the surrounding streets. It was enough armaments to scare off any normal person.

Aloiss didn't have normal people in it. She needed to hire someone, someone who wasn't so expensive it would be unaffordable to keep them on payroll. She wasn't looking for a cheap hit, she needed a guard. Atropa reached into a drawer in her desk, finding a cheap flip-phone that she used for work. Her computer screen glowed with some henchman website, looking as archaic as if it was designed in 2002 and never updated. She found a pugilist strongman named Mr. Dirt, or Brick. He was affordable, he wanted things like video games and pizza, and he actually seemed alright. She dialed in the number on her flip-phone. As soon as the answer came through, she began talking, her intense voice stopping any words.

"Hello Brick. My name is Atropa Solanae. You may have seen me on TV. I have steady work for you, with great benefits, unionization, and good pay. Come to the Slums, to the Hidden Garden apartment complex. Do not mind the guards in berets, I will be out to greet you, and we can discuss the job, pay, and benefits. Come by any time, I'll let people know to clear you if I'm asleep. See you within the next two days, after which I'll assume that you don't want the job. Ciao."

Atropa hung up and put the phone away. She picked up a cable-phone that connected locally. She had a backup flip-phone, but this one was useful. She told the guards to inform her if someone by the name of Brick, or Mr. Dirt came by, to let him into their front office and offer him some food and drink. With that done, Atropa got up from her desk to move to another room. The halls had floral designs, with soft lighting, giving it a sort of vampiric look. Her work and personal floor was like this to make sure anyone using up her time was aware of the time being spent, and because she just liked floral designs. Atropa found a door that led to a studio with a green screen, instead of mahogany and painted walls, there were bare walls and cameras. Atropa turned towards a cameraman working the computers.

"Fred? Are we ready for the shoot?" Atropa stepped in front of the screen, striking a pose with her arms crossed.

"Sure is, Comrade Atropa! Give'em hell! Mr. Anchor, we're ready with the Councilwoman." Fred got some staticky response from the anchor at the local news station. He set the green screen to appear as the courtyard in her apartments, if it were cheaper, they'd just go downstairs, but pictures of the area would do. Atropa put on a headset and immediately heard a grumpy voice. Good lord, it was the conservative anchor. She gave her best smile and waved at the camera.

"...Miss Solanae, glad to have you with us."

"I'm glad to be on, what have you got for me?" her voice brokered no-nonsense. A serious, but well-dressed working class champion. Seriously, if this couldn't dig into the voter-base, what could? Shame she couldn't drug the anchor.

"Well, we were wondering about the part in your platform that calls for a violent revolution to overthrow the system. How will you get anyone to support you like this!? I mean, are you going to hang me too, I'm pretty rich!"

"My, my, I think you'll find we advocate for a democratic reform until we find it's unusable. Instead of worrying about a hypothetical revolution, how about you worry about housing prices and school lunch meals? Many children here in our community appreciate our soup kitchen in the slums." she had Fred change the image on the screen to one of the local soup-kitchen operations they ran. The anchor was blathering on about how socialism failed, and Atropa kept ignoring him to focus on the programs they supported, such as group therapies to help those released avoid crime. Maybe some professional types would like that? At the end of the interview, the man was yelling about her ignoring him, at which point all she could say was that, "Look, you wouldn't answer my questions if I yelled like a madman, and you're positively sweating by now! Local channels should focus on local issues, the Worker's Socialist Party is always looking for more registered members, and you can subscribe to our daily newspaper! You can help with our soup kitchen or other events, childcare is provided!" With that she hung up the headset and thanked Fred with a pat on the back.

With that done, Atropa returned to her office, where a new document was on it. Pictures of a man with a mask, calling himself the Accuser. The Accuser was an anarchist villain, notably for robberies and occasional terrorist attacks. Another, The Roach, was known to attack big business targets and other unsavory types. Pierce Cutter was a woman who was totally into murder, seemingly taking any work. Those similar to Pierce Cutter, like Null, and Killbot were only reliable as assassins. The Red Fox might be useful as a thief, along with those like Magnum Opus, and a Sombra copy-cat. The Doll House ever-loomed near them, and Atropa knew she needed allies to deal with them, or at least defend herself.

Atropa had someone look into finding contact information for The Accuser and The Roach. Hopefully they'd come with either a location, phone number, or P2P email-address. Who knows, maybe one of them used a Tor forum or something secure like that. She was tired of having to use fifty phones for each contact. With that, Atropa grabbed her pet sundew and pistol to go for a stroll. She needed to clear the air before hitting their next target: a warehouse full of weapons and interchangeable parts. If they could secure even a quarter of that damn stock, they'd be able to trade it for enough firepower to threaten the Doll House freaks with actual damage. Or perhaps have Killbot selectively destroy one of those oil refineries that kept popping up in this city.

The slums were disgusting, as always. Really, her area was as good as it would get for anyone cursed to live here. As she moved further towards the Red Light district and the concrete maze, only her gun and the look of someone who would kill easily stopped to typical rapists and muggers. It's not as if they'd take her, her sundew would digest them in front of her before they'd so much as scratch her. Well, non-superpowered humans, that is.

As she walked into an alley, Atropa noticed some lights going off in the smoggy-night. A bit of Spanish, oh, she knew that from high school. Atropa approached the huddled girl openly. Someone like that could probably take her, and she wasn't in the mood to die to some freaked out super. She steeled her face to it's no-nonsense mode, a soft scowl and narrowed eyes that were aware of your hands and the way they moved as much as your face. She was a nosy woman or the crazy city councilwoman, not Belladonna. The sundew was the emergency weapon. Atropa raised her hands in the air, but her Five-Seven was still in her right hand. She wasn't stupid. She psst'd towards Laura.

"It's a good thing I probably support whatever mess you're doing. Care to tell a nosy woman what you're doing in the Red Light district? I'll make it worth your while..." Atropa chuckled, a rich and dark thing that bounced from the walls.



Red Light District Area
Mention: Virus Virus
Alberta Instain
"Are you sure she went this way?" asked a bespectacled researcher. Lady Scout, the Hero with retrocognition power gave a nod.

"Positive. There is no mistaking it. She has a 30, 60 minutes lead from us."

Alberta wiped her forehead for the umpteenth time that evening. This was not supposed to be in her job desk. Her job was to input data, writes reports, and the rare task to run odd errands for her superiors. Chasing after a billion worth of a piece of technology with one of the most senior scientists around had passed far beyond the scope of odd errands. Unfortunately, her boss didn't care enough and she wasn't brave enough to mention it either.

"This is troublesome..." muttered the old scientist. Alberta tensed as the scientist shook his head. He couldn't possibly plan to drop the chase, right?

She was the only one in the Archive when the girl escaped through it, but the Archive was large. They couldn't blame her for not running into the girl, right? ...oh, who is she kidding with? They can and they will. No, no, she can't lose this job- she worked so hard for this. Losing it because of this is-

"Prepare to return for now. Tell everyone to retreat."

His next words made her heart dropped.

The old scientist took out his phone and made a call. Soon, agents in plain clothing revealed themselves left the area one by one through various means. The scientist, too, made his way to a convertible parked not far from where he stood, followed by Lady Scout.

"Um- sir!"

The moment Lady Scout's eyes fell on her, Alberta regretted speaking up already. Nevertheless, with the attention of the wizened man trained on her, she mustered the power to continue.

"Why... why aren't we continuing the chase?"

"Do you know where that is, young lady?" The old scientist shook his head. "That's the Red Light District. The home territory of Doll House. We're already pushing it by entering the Southern District with such a large force. If we enter their ground..."

She still wanted to try.
"B-but, what if we send a Hero instead? A Hero-"

"Will be maimed and killed if lucky or used as an experiment if not." Lady Scout's answer shattered her hope. "Get this into your head. That's the main territory of a Villain Faction as old as Factory of Sin. How do you think they will react if a Hero stroll passes their land?"

The last bit of her hope vanished along with the last bit of blood draining out of her face. That was it. She would be fired for certain. And with this dark blotch in her employment history, no one would hire her. Fired from a government office in Aloiss was the same as execution. Without employment, she would slowly eat into her saving until she became unable to pay for rent. And when she was left on the street, what awaited her was death by a random criminal or being forcibly removed to the Slum.

She didn't want that.

"I will look for her!" shouted Alberta.

Her words were met with raised eyebrows. Some of the agents still on their way back pointed at her, but she didn't care. For the first time in her 3 years of employment, Alberta found the confidence (desperation) she needed to speak for herself.

"I- I have a Power. I never told anyone about this. I'm not registered as a Hero. I can look for her."

The old scientist and Lady Scout stared at one another. Seconds passed like minutes for Alberta. Her heart was racing. Her entire career, her entire life, depended on this.

"Hypothetically," started the old scientist slowly. "If I do give you permission to find this girl and retrieve the bracelet. How are you so sure you can find her?"

At that moment, Alberta knew she had won her gamble.


While Laura contemplated her choice, the Red Light District did not wait for her.

"Look out from above, kid!"

If Laura heard the warning and looked above, she would notice something falling down. It was the body of a man, the body of a woman, and the body of a dog. There was also some debris. Most importantly, they were all heading straight for her. From above.
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Me, the radio demon? I'm a glitch radio demon!
Mentions: damafaud, and Clausewitz halcyon

Laura was still looking at her map, when she heard a shout from above, and she quickly bolted out,"Jeesh, that was close... Mhigkgi, watch where you're going, numbskull!", she mumbled and shouted as she saw the bodies and gagged loudly.
"So much for hiding in the district, time to find another-"just as she was going to run, she saw a girl with a plant speak to her. Completely scared and white as snow she shouted,"who are you!? What the crud do ya want!?"
Her bracelet sparked and fizzled with holographic hexagons that covered her like armor,"what do you want!?", she shouted like no one heard her.
The Puppeteer
Damafaud Damafaud Virus Virus Clausewitz Halcyon Clausewitz Halcyon

The darkness of the night continued to descend upon the city of Aloiss. The night was largely cloudy throughout most of Aloiss, although speckles of the moon’s gleaming light could be seen through some parts of the city. For some of Southern Aloiss, this is the only form of light they’ll see throughout the night.

It was under this light that Nicholas traveled. He came across little company during his journey through the impoverished Red Light District. This was an area that no one wanted to live in. Those that do, had little choice in the matter.

The eerie air and apprehensive darkness made up the district malevolent atmosphere. Like much of Southern Aloiss, crime prospered within the southern parts of the city with the Doll House being the most dominant power there. Although they’re willing to share their territory with lesser crime syndicates, nothing occurs here without their knowledge.

Earlier today, Nicholas had been summoned by his supervisor, Marcus. He brought before him a new mission, one that had been passed down from old Dolly herself. It was drastically different from Nicholas’ traditional tasks of overseeing the Doll House’s human trafficking operations. Rather than being ordered to kidnap, Nicholas was given the task to speak to one perchlorate individual regarding a villainous meeting set to occur in the near meeting.

While such missions aren’t usually within Nicholas’ field, he’d accepted similar tasks in the past and excelled at it. He was more than happy to do so again as he was proud that Dolly and Marcus were willing to present him with such an important task.

As always, Nicholas was presented with all the information that the Doll House could gather on this particular individual in charge of the meeting. Named Atropa Salonae, codenamed “Belladonna”, this individual seemed to be someone of a rather mysterious and ambitious nature. Nicholas could tell from the files he was given that the Doll House has been watching her for a while.

Atropa was seeking to gather a small team of villains, or so their intelligence reported. While the Doll House typically wouldn’t interfere in the activities of most villains, they would in investigate in case considering the location that this event would take place. Such a large gathering may lure in both villains and heroes alike. If something of such magnitude was to occur in the southern district, the Doll House needed to be in control of it. At the very least, they would need assurance from the one called Belladonna.

After a quick briefing, Nicholas would set off with a small number of associates. The male did not fear his target, although he understood that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. One never knows when a hero or rival may attempt an ambush. Given his position and status within the organization, his capture would also be a major blow to the Doll House’s human trafficking profits. Nicholas was instructed to spectate the meeting and act in a way that would benefit the organization. In translation, it’s to do “whatever is necessary”.

Ironically, Nicholas did not have to travel far to meet the one called Belladonna. In fact, he didn’t have to walk much at all as his target was coming to him. Just as Nicholas prepared for his departure, he was informed of Belladonna’s presence within the Red Light District. Could she have found out about the Doll House’s interests in her and came first? Or was this some coincidence? Either way, this made Nick’s job a lot easier.

Using the power of one of his men, the group remained within the shadows of the tall buildings. Nicholas and his entourage slowly closed in on the last reported location of his target. Just as the group neared Belladonna, one of Nicholas’ men spoke.

“Shall we block off her escape, sir?” He asked as the others prepared to move in.

“No, not yet.” Nicholas said bluntly, his eyes focusing into the shadowy alleyway. “She has company…..”


There is nothing to fear
Aloiss Slums-
Ridgewater apartments apt 932>Home depot>Hidden Garden Apartments.

"YEEEEEAAAAAH BOOOOIII, how'd you like that ass whoopin Byatch." mark said as he casually dropped the xbox controller on the coffee table and his friend Justin scoffed and tossed his on the pizza box that was on the table. "Yeah whatever anyone can spam ice balls, beat me without sub zero." Justic complained his voice echoing in the small messy apartment. was about to reach for the controlled when iggy azelia's "Work" started playing from his back pocket. "Brick spea-" He started but was cut off by a flurry of words that he immediatly knew he woukd have issues remembering so he put it on speaker and both Justin and his other friend Rodrigo turned to listen. He was about to reply when she hung up and he turned to his boys. "Solonae? Aint dat the one socialist lady whose always on the news." rodrigo chided causing mark to bring his thumb and index finger up to his chin in the tale tell thinking gesture. Finally he pointed that same hand at justin. "Get those duffle bags outta my closet." he shifted his finger to Rodrigo "You pull the Truck around front. Were going to home depot boys." both of the guys shrigged and went to do as they were told and mark reaching into another pizza box to take half of a two day old pepperoni pizza and bite into it without a moments hesitation.

The drive to home depot was rather uneventful however once they got there things rapidly got more interesting. Mark, Justin, and Rodrigo were about to go in the store when the man at the door stopped him saying mark couldnt go in without a shirt. The man quickly became uncomfortable and wondered who he was talking to when Mark told justin to give him his own shirt and wait in the car, and to the mans surprise justin listened and passed it to mark on command. With a smug grin mark walked into the store and his green skin and tusks drew many eyes much to his amusement. They each grabbed a cart and wheeled through the store grabbing several seemingly unrelated tools.

A pair of heavy duty sledgehammers with solid steel handles, several dozen two packs of circular saw blades, at least thirty trailer hitch balls, several dozen feet of heavy iron chain, two propane tanks, A titainium crowbar, and a 320lb solid iron anvil. Needless to say their carts were loaded to the brim and heavy as all hell. Rodrigo had already stopped pushing leaving Mark to pull a cart in each hand. Unfortunatly for the store mark didnt even bring any money as he had no intention of paying for any of this. He simply pulled the heavy carts through the door which immediately set the alarms off. However the truck was already waiting for them by the entrance allowing mark to pour the carts contents into the bed of the truck before tossing the carts into the dorrway hard enough to shatter the glass and knock the doors partway off their hinges effectively blocking the door. Meanwhile rodrigo hopped into the bed with the stuff while mark climbed into the passanger seat and tossed the duffle bags to rodrigo in the back. "Pack that up and lets go meet this lady...by the way is she hot?" to which Rodrigo just shrugged and held up eight fingers which caused mark to smile all the more. "Alright i guess thats cool not that it matters, she said it pays well and i could use a tailored suit ya know? It'll make me look distinguished." he said with a grin that faded as his friends began to laugh at the thought of him in a monkey suit. Luckily the place was right around the corner and including the trip to the store they would arrive about an hour and a half after the phone call was made. He quickly tossed the shirt back to Justin now stretched beyond recognition, and then grabbed the two dufflebags out of the bed, the only things left behind being the anvil and the propane tanks. His friends would park and wait in the car with their guns tucked in their waistbands meanwhile the shirtless wall of green muscle named mark walked directly up to the first guard he saw and said. "I am Mr.Dirt." was all he said putting on his serious face.
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Aloiss Warehouse district- Shipping center parking garage, 4th floor.

Joe sat patiently waiting for the white van he was told to look for. He had only been sitting for three and a half minutes but each second was a moment he was painfully aware of, the seconds seemed to take longer since he woke up. However he was slightly bemused at the lack of discomfort he felt. No fidgeting feet, no nervous glances, no annoying pounding in his ears or shortness of breath. The stolen blue honda suv he sat in was silent with the engine off and parked in the dead center of the empty garage floor. He was so lost in thought that he nearly missed the squeak of tires on the second floor. He saw the time in his peripheral vision and decided this had to be the contact so he opened the door and stepped out closing it nearly soundlessly behind him in his right hand he held the suitcase containing 50 thousand dollars, blood money gathered from the safes of his victims so far. In his left hand he held his pistol his grip was loose and it pointed at the ground but the message was clear he was not leaving here empty handed one was or another.

Sure enough the headlights came around the ramp and hit him directly in the fave as the driver positioned the van in front of him. Again he found himself amused as he didnt need to cover his eyes at all to compensate for the light. He could still see the driver in the van with enough detail to make out the veins in his eyes. ok this body is kinda cool . he thought to himself, his fave didny crack even the slightest however after a few seconds he spoke over the engine of the van. "Cut the lights already its starting to annoy me."he said in a flat almost bored sounding tone. Inside however power was being distributed to his limbs getting them ready for if this situation turned foul. He wasnt hoping to get a reputation for being a bad tradesman however at the same time there was no way he was gonna let himself get robbed.
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Warehouse Area
Joe ( FearItself FearItself )
: Null ( Solirus Solirus )​
The driver had no intention of following his request. A kick opened the back of van wide. Two men, muscular, confident youths with tattoos all over their body, climbed out with no trace of a smile on their face. Without a word of greeting or self-introduction, one of them kicked a duffel bag in Joe's direction.


No threats, no coercion. Just a simple statement made as if it was the natural course of action.

So far, there was no sign of the man Joe made an agreement with. There was no sign of X.


Dialectical Hermeticist
In the midst of sweeping broken glass with a wave of his hand, Accuser's eyes narrow behind the mask.
Curiosity. Distaste. Irritation. He sighed internally; wasted time, perhaps. Perhaps.

He let the broom float gently at his side and turned to face the voice, arms up in surrender. A painted lady, eh?
Eyes that follow you around the room, he smirked to himself, and then spoke in an even and friendly tone.
"My apologies for the intrusion, ma'am," he said, "I didn't see any claims, and I imagine your tags must be spectacularly unmissable if they're half the work of art you are."
She couldn't see him smile, of course, but it carried in his voice.
"I had been under the impression this was abandoned, and a suitable place for me to set up camp - but if you insist, there's no shortage of carcasses around here for pests like me."

Are they together? No. No recognition, no fear. Tread lightly, Jacob, no one needs to get hurt.
Chloe Thornton

Chloe would shrug. "Honestly, I couldn't bother with the claims. I'm only doing this gig until I get what I want; I'll be no villain after that." She traveled across the ground, going underneath the masked man and climbing onto the warehouse door. "And why would I want to kill you? We've only just met, after all." Whoever this masked man was, he didn't freak out or do anything stupid at first seeing her. He was not a rat; the police in this town do nothing to begin with. One of those supervillains she's heard about sounded more likely, but the last time she checked her phone was after the incident... The only names she knew of came from newspaper headlines, like "Accuser" or "Belladonna," but no pictures.

If he really was a supervillain, he must've had resources—resources that she lacked. "Then again, I only care about one room in this whole damn thing." Chloe slipped inside, and soon enough the lights flickered on, but just barely dim. "This warehouse is isolated and near the docks; a perfect hideout if you ask me." In the corner of the walls were paintings, cracked and dusty on the ground. They showed a shakily drawn woman, but their faces were all punched out or crossed furiously by red paint. Empty paint buckets sat on shelves, random spots of color on the floor like polka-dots. The lights were still flickering, and soon the sound of a person banging on metal emanated from a boarded-up office upstairs. With a sigh, Chloe slithered through a skylight and into the office. The man inside screamed before a louder banging noise echoed throughout the building. She only knocked him unconscious for the time being.

Chloe appeared on the wall in front of the Accuser. "Tell you what, I'd be willing to share. We can help each other out in that time. You definitely look like a man ready to take on the world."

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Nuelie Nefalt / Pierce Cutter

Nuelie's guard went up when another person came into the warehouse. Was this another person she was supposed to take out? She thought to herself and frowned a little. Not that there was anything wrong with killing another one but she wasn't going to kill another person if it meant only getting paid for killing one. She backed away from the glass-less window and got a good look at her note, which indicated that there was supposed to be only one guy. Just then, a chilling breeze came by and the note slipped out of her fingers and into the warehouse. Nuelie processed the situation for a moment, a little shocked. She groaned inwardly at the thought of being discovered as it was going to be a hassle and peeped from the window, hearing the words "there's no shortage of carcasses around here for pests like me" from the suitcase guy.

Glancing around, she found the note on the floor which had a very convenient cover of crates for her to use. Nuelie jumped down from her window and landed right where she wanted, behind the crates and out of sight. She was too fast and quiet for any normal person to notice. Holding her breath, she picked up the note and stuffed it back into her pocket. She looked back up to the window and did a mental face-palm as she realized that she did not think this through. There was no escape routes she could take as if she were to climb back up, she would be very noticeable. There seemed to be no other way to leave except the front door but the random lady and suitcase guy was right there. In fact she had a feeling that at least one of them knew she was there already.

Nothing else for her to do, Nuelie peeked from the crates to see what was going on. Hopefully they will all decide to leave and settle their business and then she can leave. The screaming of a person could be heard but Nuelie tuned him out, focusing on the conversation between the two. "This warehouse is isolated and near the docks; a perfect hideout if you ask me." She heard the random lady said. Warehouse..? Nuelie frowned in disbelief and actually made a small groaning sound. She was at the warehouse! No wonder this place was filled with buildings.

She was at the wrong place yet again and there goes money for another week. Maybe there was still time for her if she went to the docks? She knew this was not going to work out well for her but if they were to do something she could always defend herself. She stood up from her hiding place and looked at the two of them for a moment. "Hey.. how far is this place from the docks? she asked.

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Eternal Senselessness
Atropa Solanae (Belladonna)
Location: The Hidden Garden in the Slums of Southern Aloiss
Status: Calling up some allies, planning next steps, investigating leads
Interacting: FearItself FearItself , Virus Virus
Mentioned: Rising_Sun Rising_Sun

From Laura's wrist, dancing lights swirled around her, surrounding the surprised teen in some sort of armor. Atropa finally understood who this woman was! The Sombra-type she had read about. Honestly, Atropa thought such a thing was a joke, thinking that the 'villain' was really more of a showgirl. Seeing is believing, and while she questioned whether the surprised villainette was really that capable, the ability to break through any secure system was valuable for some important blackmail.

Atropa trained her weapon directly at Laura, the sleek pistol not looking as impressive as some revolver or rifle, but to those that understood what it was, they knew that the FN Five-SeveN was one of the most notorious weapons, used by secret police all around the world for its armor piercing rounds. Atropa honestly wanted to go, feeling an unease about the commotion in the Red Light District. Her sundew was also itching to attack either Laura or some rodent around her, the glistening red buds becoming more gelatinous in nature, though somehow they never rubbed off on Atropa's shoulders.

"Listen here, I might be your one ally in this hell-hole, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into, have you? If you've seen TV in the last year, you've seen me on it one way or another. Follow me, don't turn on that bracelet, and I promise that even if we do not have business, I will let you go on your mission without delay." Atropa slowly backed off from the alley, motioning with two fingers for Laura to follow her. As she began to turn away from the alley in which Laura fell into, her plant began to turn away from Laura, and up into the windows. Atropa had a vague understanding of the Doll House gang. She knew that one of them was a heavy weapons specialist, another could do some sort of hypnosis, their leader can turn people into dolls, and their capo can make any kind of drug, somewhat like her. Her hesitation as she kept her eyes trained directly level with the ground would surely alert whoever was above her if they were trained. From within her dress, a sort of rumbling could be seen from outside, the protective and thick stem of a sunflower surrounding her chest. If they were just interested in watching her, Atropa didn't mind. She was in their territory, it was only reasonable.

Once again, Atropa turned towards Laura. "I'd follow me now if I were you. I'll bet you a subscription to our daily newspaper for a month that your mission has already been compromised, I mean, you saw those bodies, right?" Atropa chuckled into her hand. If the person on the roof wanted to talk to her, that'd be fine as well. This is what happens when you go on a walk without your full arsenal, you might just be shot in the head by some patrol who's over-eager. Though if that happened, perhaps her people would simply start lobbing rockets at the district? That'd be horrible and suicidal, but perhaps those sociopaths might consider it as reasonable for her little group.

Atropa finally lowered her gun to walk away, but within her skirt-pocket her hand was still ready to fire the damn thing at the girl or whoever else was up there...

At the base, the guards saluted Mark and his boys before showing them inside the office. The walls were a soft cream color with lacquered wooden floors and some dramatic song playing softly in a harsh foreign language. The contradiction of a rousing-sounding song and its soft volume was kind of silly, honestly. It felt like you were in a historical museum if you closed your eyes. Once inside, someone showed the gang to a plush couch and chairs, before a secretary type got up from a desk to take care of their guests. One of the guards stayed inside, while the other one returned outside, actually giving Mark a thumbs up. On their jackets one could see a 'United Revolutionary Fighters' pin. Atropa wasn't kidding when she said that the job would be unionized.

The blond secretary went up to the group without too much apprehension. Scratching her hair, she sheepishly began, "Hello there, Mr. Dirt! I'm Susan, it's nice to meet you. And ah, your friends! Right! It's nice to meet you too! Ehe... Can I get you all something to drink? Maybe a bite to eat while you wait? We also have some of our newspapers if you'd like to read. Comrade Atropa is on a walk right now. I think she went ah, that way." she pointed vaguely towards the Red Light District before filling up some water for them.

The newspapers were emblazoned with red hammers, worker's fists, and so on. If one took the time to read the articles, they were actually well written, focusing on how workplaces attempt to not pay wages, pressure to not take overtime, interesting events on villains and heroes (with much disdain for heroes and sociopathic villains), and a more polemic section with op-eds on local policies, usually in the negative opinion.


Dialectical Hermeticist
Captive, terrified, confused. Hm.

"Well then," he says, "let me offer a demonstration of solidarity. We're all stronger together, after all." He bows, with a little flourish, "you can think of me as a man of wealth and taste - can you guess my name?"
Interesting that she'd assume he assumed murderous intent. Has a rep, maybe.
"What's the story with your prisoner up there?"

Before she can answer, the other stranger makes themselves known. Accuser doesn't even look at them; he simply points.
"Down the street there, take a left and keep going. And consider forgetting what you've seen here."


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Mentions: Clausewitz Halcyon Clausewitz Halcyon

Laura was impressed to see the little sundew up the girl's sleeve, or something moving. "Miss... I just got here, I'm not following-", soon enough, she saw people surrounding her. Her hexagonal holographical armor gotten blacker to cover her,"there's a reason for everything, I'm following. But don't expect me to follow orders."

"And of course I saw those bodies! I have instincts, ugh..."", she said it like the girl was a bit dumb, she turned her armor off.
And she followed suit, but..."Laura where do you think you're going?"
"Sombra, I'm sorry, but I fly solo...", she turned the contacting off and Sombra screamed,"Nooo!"

"Newspaper subscription? Please no, I already have enough police on my tail..."


Four is the Best

Null had been waiting on the upper most level of the structure, not knowing exactly where X would show up, but knowing they would be smart enough to not do it at the very top. Null knew though that he could potentially be seen at the top of the structure so he was simply laying on the ground near one of the walls to hide himself with his usual equipment on him and having a large bag laying next to him as well.

He had accepted this mission and given specific conditions as to make sure nothing traced back to him or his employers. Though he was free to do anything else. Upon hearing the faint sound of a van traveling up to one of the levels, Null slowly got up and began to travel down into lower level while carrying the heavy bag he had. Once making it to a level down, Null pulled out his knife and carefully began carving in the round and pillars, weird symbols that didn’t make sense, he kept doing this travelling lower and lower to the other levels until he was a level above where the deal was occurring.

Though when Null got close to make sure he heard correctly he heard the words “Payment.” in a tone of seriousness and even seeming urgent. Without wasting much time Null opened the bag and pulled out a grapple and quietly placed it on the edge of the building. He grabbed on to the grappled and traveled down through the side of the building swiftly and quietly avoiding the lights of the van and anyone looking at his direction.

He was now directly under where the deal was taking place, he yanked off the grapple, making sure it didn’t hit the side of the structure and placed it again on the bag. With the bag still opened, Null began pulling out explosives and placing them on places which would make the structure collapse, he placed more and more as he traveled down, and once he reached the bottom he dumped the bag hiding it under the last ramp while also removing the grapple he used.

He had now set up both batches of explosives, the ones that would make the building collapse and the others that would be detonated after the building collapsed, potentially killing any potential survivors and adding to the destruction.

With everything set up, Null swiftly left the area and blended back into the shadows, hiding and waiting to hear the van move so he could set off the explosives.

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There is nothing to fear

Joe couldnt help but grin as the sample bag was tossed into the middle of the room landing with a soft metal clang as it did. For a moment he thought his motion detectors had registered some small movement just outside the building, but he quickly chalked it up to a bird or a bat, after all they were on the fourth floor and there was no balcony on this parking garage. While his brain rattled off those calculations his eyes did some of their own tracing the perfect arc and tossing the bag of money right where the sample bag landed right between joe and the two men by their van. "Well since we arent gonna be doing things by the book it would seem...hows about you open the bag and show me what youve brought me when you go and get the money." he said gesturing to the suitcase of Money that had landed beside the duffle bag. His eyes betrayed no emotion, no worry or fear. For a second time his bodies motion detectors would register this time on another floor and again he would write it off as a animal of some kind. He would be able to "hear" any footsteps of a person from the ground floor and clearly this wasnt that. "When your satisfied load up the car and be quick about it." his respectful demeanor had been shattered the moment they tossed the bag at him and slowly but surely he was losong evermore of his patience.

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Mark was honestly taken slightly aback by how professional the guards and secretary were but his surprise promptly turned to delight as the mention of food was brought up. "I could definitly go for some food if ya dont mind...you guys want somethin?" he added turning to his boys. Justin nodded but Rodrigo shook his head and instead grabbed a stack of newspapers and began reading. Justin on the otherhand immediately started to flirt with Susan seeming to forget he wore a recently stretched to oblivion t-shirt and some dirty jeans and probably smelled a bit to mich like Mark musk from sleeping on his couch the night before. Mark finally took a seat setting his heavy bag down on the floor beside him and as susan returned with the food he asked "how long ya been here susan? You like it here? Is there anything i need to look out for?" he said clearly trying to take a professional tone and cutting off Justins cheesy line mid sentence.

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Chloe Thornton

"Your name? I dunno, you look like some nameless villain in a mask that'd kill to get what they want." Chloe spoke in a low, rushed tone, not used to holding conversations that didn't involve yelling or interrogation. She moved across the outer warehouse wall, shoving away other graffiti pieces to get her mind off at least one thing. Why'd he ask her if she knew his name? Perhaps he was some well-known villain that was amused by this interaction? Maybe, but Chloe couldn't care less. As if to explain herself, she said, "I haven't had time for current events, I only need a solution for my... dilemma."

She paused when the Accuser asked about the prisoner, as if tossing thoughts in her mind just how to word it in a way that she wasn't in the wrong. "That man is going to fix me, and if not, then there's someone he knows who can." Chloe almost went back inside when another person made her presence known. A young woman in glasses, close to her age. Moments after asking her question, Chloe was on the wall beside her, eyes narrowed. "How long have you been standing there!? What did you see!?"

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Warehouse Area
Joe ( FearItself FearItself )
Mention: Null ( Solirus Solirus )​
The two men exchanged a glance. As if prearranged, they both approached where the duffel bag and suitcase were. One immediately started counting dollar bills while the other bent down next to the duffel bag and started pulling out weapons one by one, showing them to Joe before returning them to the bag.

The driver tapped his fingers on the wheel impatiently.

A puff of smoke escaped from the back of the van. It was faint, but there was a scent of herbs in the air.

It didn't take long for the two men to finish. The men carried the suitcase back to the van before unloading out boxes to the same spot where they threw the duffel bag. If calculated, the total volume of the boxes was larger than the volume of the back of the van by a few decimeter cubes.

Once the last box was unloaded, the two men climbed to the back of the van without saying a word.

The van started to move in reverse.


Four is the Best

Null had blended in with the environment around him, though he had not left too far from the parking area as he would still need to hear the van moving to signal him to activate the explosives.

Just as expected, the van had begun moving in reverse and Null was able to hear the subtle sound it made, though he waited just a bit so that the van would be right on the ramp when Null set off the explosives. Null waited for 2 seconds before he pressed the button to set off the first batch of explosives.


In that instant the explosives went off, causing a loud sound and destroying the most important support pillars, causing the entire structure to collapse, with the top part even losing strength and collapsing on top of the van and the dealer. The building collapsed into rubble with the van sitting right underneath the second batch of explosives. Null waited for a bit longer to let the dust settle and to evacuate the area as the second explosion would be even bigger and could launch a ton of remaining rubble into the nearby area which could potentially hit him as well.

Once he had traveled far away to be safe, Null once again activated the switch again, detonating the second batch of explosives, creating a massive fireball with large and small pieces of rubble being launched. Though Null would be coming back to the area to pick up any weapons he could get if they were still intact and easy to get, though he'd need to be quick as civilians, the cops, and even heroes could travel to the area.

FearItself FearItself Damafaud Damafaud
@ Everyone in the warehouse area who heard the massive explosions.


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Nuelie Nefalt / Pierce Cutter

Nuelie glanced at the wall, amazed by how the random lady suddenly got there. Was that paint..? Did she just turn into paint..? Walking towards the wall, she stared at the random lady with great interest. What would it be like if she touched the paint? Would it harm the lady in any sort of way? What if she just broke the wall right there? What could the lady do? With a small chuckle, Nuelie thought of the things she wanted to try and do and was tempted to remove her right glove in order to find out, but decided against it. She had work to do, be it if she can even make it on time. Seeing how the colour of the sky is, there is a high chance that she wouldn't be able to make it. Humming a small tune, she backed away from the wall as she tried to think about what she should do.

"Well" She spoke after awhile, looking at the head of the graffiti. "Seeing as I've been here the whole time keeping an eye on suitcase guy here, I pretty much saw everything..?" she said with a slight drawl. "Though suitcase guy, I'm not entirely interested in all this seeing that you ended up to be the wrong target but I can't guarantee I can forget things just like that" she said with a frown. Even if she wanted to, how can he tell her to lose her memory just like that? "I'd consider trying at least" she continued, sounding a little sarcastic without meaning to.

"I was supposed to go after a certain target and be on my way for more work, but.." she continued on, glancing at the suitcase guy and the random lady. "Suitcase Guy and Random Lady.. you both seem a bit more interesting and fun" she said with a decisive nod. "Perhaps I could talk to one of you to allow me to work for you?" she proposed, tilting her head a little.

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Dialectical Hermeticist
An explosion rocks the district, and Accuser pauses briefly to listen.
Not my business, he decides.
The graffiti-shifter has a goal - he can respect that. The young woman of uncertain providence seems like an opportunist, and naive to boot. No threats, at least not immediately, and their motives seem... malleable. Perhaps they have some sympathy for the cause.
"I'm known as Accuser - you may have heard of me. And my mission," he says. "Allow me to make a proposal. You," he gestures at Chloe, "need answers and assistance. I'm sympathetic; perhaps you'll allow me to speak with your captive. I can be very persuasive. And you," he turns to Pierce Cutter, "are looking for work. Perhaps you should close your current contract before you come to anyone else, but I am open to finding allies to aid the struggle. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

He reigns in his urge to make a speech. Hook them in first, then explain. Win over the graffiti person, make a compelling case to both. Neither seems too refined in terms of skill or approach, but if they're willing to learn and to aid in ending the injustices that brought all three to this point...
Chloe Thornton

An explosion echoed in the distance. Chloe tensed up at the noise, flinching her arms around herself and checking if the wall she was on was still stable. With a sigh of relief, she looked back at Nuelie. Chloe didn't know a thing about having henchmen. The closest to that would be the projects back in high school where she was made leader, and even then she did an okay job. There was also no telling of whether or not this girl would rat out her location... The dock was nearby, and the explosion should have hopefully distracted potential witnesses, except he stood right there.

Chloe's impromptu plan took a rest when the man introduced himself as Accuser. "I think I saw that name on some newspaper," Chloe remarked, "and just how will you make him talk?"

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