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thunderkiss '65
ezgif-7-c17fcb600135.gif❝ we never leave eachother
'cause we leave eachother so
makes it melt away

naruto one on one w xxdeadly_nightshadexx, please don't post !
au plot where the uchihas overthrow the leaf
| name | Aika

| full name | Aika Suzume

| nickname(s) | Aika-chan and Ai.

| birthday | October 31st

| astrological | Scorpio

| assigned sex | Female

| sex identity | Female

| sexual orientation | Bisexual

| marital status | In a relationship.


| hair | Dark Brown, almost black.

| eyes | Pinkish-red.

| eyesight | 20/20

| skin | Pale

| piercing(s) | Navel and Nose

| nails | Painted the same pink that is in her outfit

| height | 5'3

| weight | 120

| overall appearance | Aika!

| posture | Always straight

| dominant hand | Uses both

| handwriting | <3

| speech mannerism | Mumbles when really nervous and tsks a lot when she is badly annoyed.

| scent | Raspberry Vanilla.

| blood type | O+

| voiceclaim | Talking and Singing


((I link her outfits))


| personality type | INTP

| personality strengths |Great Analysts, Abstract Thinkers, Imaginative, Original, Open Minded, Objective, Honest, Enthusiastic, Crafty, Etc.

| personality weaknesses | Very Private, Reserved, Withdrawn, Absent Minded, Can be Insensitive, Loathe Rules/Guidelines, Second Guess Themselves, Hard Time Trusting Others, Etc.


| infancy 0-3 | Aika was born in the Sound village on Halloween. She was the perfect child, never getting into trouble and always listening to her parents. She was a good baby overall. She had three older siblings, her being the youngest of the children. She got along really well with her sisters Megumi and Mizuki (twins) but her brother was a bit jealous of her since he was the baby before she came along.

| childhood 4-12 | Aika grows up being obedient and just waiting for when she was eight so she could go to the ninja academy , but when that day came, her parents denied her that right. The only one allow to go was her brother, and it was because he was a male. In the Suzume clan, women were wives and mothers. One night when she was nine, she sneaked away in the night and ran away from home. The next morning, her mother cried in her father's arms, her sisters were heart broken, and her brother, who she got closer with over the years, was determined to find her.

| adolescence 13-17 | Aika traveled until she reached Konoha, a place her grandmother always spoke of. She had met her first love there (which was the Third Hokage) and Aika wanted to see the place for herself. When she got there, she was almost not allow to stay, until the Third Hokage saw the black choker with the pink crystal on it. It had been her grandmothers, and so Aika was allow to stay, but only if she didn't talk about where she came from. She had to say she came from another village, mainly because of the feud between Leaf and Sound at this time period. Aika promised, and she kept her mouth shut about it. She was put through academy, and graduated quickly. She met everyone, and she had a lot of friends, the only one she couldn't get to warm up to her was Sasuke, in fact, they were rivals, always competing to out do each other. She always was able to keep up with him (not beat him, but not lose to him either, in other words, they were equals) and it bothered Sasuke. When Sasuke left to go to Orochimaru's, she repressed her emotions and she became very closed off from everyone. The only people who she hung around after were Naruto, Shikamaru, and Gaara when he was in (which was not often). She worked hard, and she is suppose to take her exam to become a Jounin in the next week or two.

past & present

| hometown | Sound Village

| living | Leaf Village

| living with | No one

| pets | None

| occupation | Ninja/Healer.

| dream job | Anbu (Hunter-Nin)

| sports played | None

| musical instruments played | Guitar, Sings, and Bass

| smoke | Sometimes

| drink | No, never has

| addiction | None

| mental illnesses | None

love life

| how many relationships have they been in | Two and currently in her second.

| how many hookups have they been in | None

love interest

| name | Sasuke Uchiha

| looks | <3


| likes | Music, Dancing, Singing, Candles, Incenses, Meditation, Being Alone, Rain, Entertaining People, and Dumplings.

| dislikes | Tea, Bullies, Liars, Her Clan's Old Fashioned Ways, Rules, Being Used, Earbuds Being Ripped Out, Snakes, Being Told She Is Wrong, and Fangirls.

| favourites |
food(s) | Sushi.
snack(s) | Strawberry Pocky.
dessert(s) | Tiramisu.
candies | Dark Chocolates.
ice cream(s) | Vanilla.
colour(s) | Black and Pink.
animal(s) | Ravens.
flower(s) | Blue Bells.
season(s) | Fall.
holiday(s) | Halloween.
| traits |
optimist or pessimist | Pessimist.
introvert or extrovert | Both.
daredevil or cautious | Both.
logical or emotional | Both.
peaceful or aggressive | Peaceful until pushed.
popular or loner | Loner.
day or night person | Night.
big picture or little details | Little Details.
disorderly and messy or methodical and neat| Messy.
prefers working or relaxing | Working.
confident or unsure of themselves | Unsure but doesn't show it.
| nervous tics | Playing with hair, biting lip, bouncing leg when sitting, tapping foot when standing, hiding behind hair, and grinding teeth at times.
| mannerisms | Tilting head in thought, Sticking tongue out while focused/thinking, Eye twitching when highly annoyed, and Cracking Knuckles.
| allergies | All Insects that fly and sting.
| phobia(s)/fear(s) | Losing her loved ones, Being brought back to her family, Snakes, and Complete Darkness Alone.
| smut & swearing | Yes.
| extra |
~Her sisters and her brother.
~Her Main Weapon.
~She has a very uncontrollable temper when she is angry.
~Her father grew up always correcting her and never thinking she was good enough so she has a lot of issues of where she thinks she is a failure and is not good enough for herself or anyone else.
~She sometimes opens her mouth when she shouldn't.


thunderkiss '65
koyuki inamami - one the hidden leaf
v2d5vt7.gifkoyuki cannot stand the heat that characterizes the country of fire.
for weeks she had traveled - crossing borders of snow and ice, scaling glaciers of blue and gray - riding along beaten paths of old mountain roads and ancient forests.
she was finally leaving the arctic, and yet, the brutally warm weather does not excite her. she was out of her element, her familiarity, her home.
she had heard rumors of how hot the sun could be when summer began to replace winter and fall, and foolishly, she didn't believe them. not like this, atleast.
compared to the unforgiving environment of the hidden snow, where it was below freezing all year round, the need for a season such as
summer was laughable. it measured the migration of the caribou and the alignment of the planets, in some strange, insignificant, way. (or for those who were interested - she assumed.) but now, as she begins to leave behind the snow and bitter temperatures, she regrets it. her fur skirt clings to naheles saddle, the bandages on her arms itch at every touch. her hair feels dead and the sweat on her back constantly irritates. 'mother knows best,' she had huffed once, taking a break near a rock filled creek. small stones were infused deep within the bed and silver fish darted between the cracks, poking for food.
she remembers asking, no,
begging her mother to let her attend the lantern festival - located in the hidden leaf. similar (yet not so similar) to the chuunin exams, they both allowed ninjas of all villages to attend. the festival, however, was less violent. there, cultural foods, weapons, dress, and utilities were sold and shared. her older brother had attended the year previous and would not stop boasting of the pounds of seasoned tofu he had eaten. that had gotten her attention. the trinket he had brought back, a gift to her, was a ornamental lion. it was so beautiful that during the bleak mornings she would let it dance off the suns rays - a proud bauble on her neck. and truthfully, she was attending for the jewelry, more oddities to be added to her physique. so, coyly, koyuki had approached her mother, begging and crying. the first excuse was that she wasn't old enough - the second that it was too dangerous. but as koyuki grew, she never stopped pleading. finally, a month ago, her mom caved. 'you'll regret it, koyuki,' she told her, not looking away from the mirror as she brushed her blonde hair. 'the weather is awful and the journey is long. you've never even been outside of our borders before.' but koyuki was older, and she was getting stronger by the minute. 'fine,' her mother finally breathed, almost as if a headache was already coming on. 'just bring me some coffee jelly.' she smiled and gave her a satchel of coins.

but now, koyuki nears the leaf village, thinking of those very words.
the ghost of a scoff plays on her lips and it takes her all not to curse her mother out then and there. the face she imagines she'd make if she saw her outfit, dressed to the nines and in traditional yukigakure wear!
koyuki knew she did not appear from the leaf, or the country, or anywhere nearby. she was a foreign ninja and one that would be watched if the ninja in the leaf were wary. yet even more obvious was nahele, her hartebeest. his white fur and beige antlers stood out among the green of the forest. the few travelers who have passed her have given her a curious look and not more, refusing to respond to her friendly hellos.
was it really so strange to see someone like her?
as if reading her mind, nahele chews on the bit in his mouth, bobbing his head. she huffs and crosses her arms, as if he really cared.
"well i'm glad someone is enjoying their selves," she mumbles, sassing a deer. god, if someone saw her right now they would really think she was crazy!
she was self conscious and worried and the new environment was stressing her out. surely she could see what she has to see, rest, and leave. and as she confirms this, the gates of konohagakure break through the tree line.

Madara moved through the trees, headed toward Konoha as quickly as he could. The male seemed to have an agenda, and one that he refused to be late for. Of course, he wasn't doing the plan yet. First, he had to meet up with Sasuke and his team. He seemed to be determined to hurry and catch up with his relative, one that was distant, but still an Uchiha that was related to him. The male was just ready to get this whole thing started. He knew that if they could pull this off, it would not only avenge the Uchiha Clan, but it would put the remaining members at the top. Madara had not been able to recruit Sasuke until recently, so it was nice to know that he now had someone from his clan on his side.

Of course, Madara's concern was the avengence of the clan, but also the restoring of it as well. He knew that Itachi was a member, and so losing him meant the Uchiha's were closer to being completely gone. He knew of only Sasuke and one other that were alive and had at least some of the Uchiha blood coursing through their veins. Madara snapped out of his thoughts once he caught sight of Sasuke and his team. He looked at the male, pausing before speaking up. "Are we ready to strike at the festival tonight?" He questioned as he looked at him, his eyes onyx just like Sasuke's. He supposed it was one of the things the two have in common. He looked over at his team, then at Sasuke once more.

"We will have the revenge you seek, Sasuke. Just wait and see." He told him, wanting to confirm to Sasuke that this was about revenge. Of course, he didn't tell him about how it was a bit more, but he figured it wasn't important. Not to Sasuke at least. Madara knew it was all about getting revenge, it always has been, after all. Madara leaned up against a tree, looking over at Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo, pausing before he spoke up. "We should send them into the village to see if we can have them find out everything we will need to know so our attack goes perfectly." He said calmly as he then looked at Sasuke to see what he thought about all of this. He respected Sasuke, and he knew more about Konoha than he did so he trusted his opinion on this.


Aika moved through the village, smiling as she helped with the festival set up. She only stopped giving instructions when she felt arms go around her neck from behind, hugging her. "Hello Yuudai." She said, laughing softly as she turned to face him. "Hey." He said to her, kissing her cheek before letting her go. She turned to face him, smiling as she did so. "I am surprised you are so involved in this. Usually you don't like being in charge." He teased, and she smiled a bit. "Well, I want this festival to be really good. Konoha has been through a lot lately." She explained, but then she looked over at Tsunade when she came up to her. "Lady Tsunade, how are you?" Aika asked politely, as Yuudai held Aika's hand.

"Aika, there is someone at the gates I am going to have to approve of personally. Do you have the time to come with me? I may need you to help me." She said, and Aika paused but then nodded. "Yeah, I am done here. Everyone is wrapping everything up mainly." She said, smiling. Ino can take over, she is my second in command anyways." She said. "I'll tell her for you." Yuudai told her, then kissed her cheek and went off to tell Ino the news. Aika moved with Lady Tsunade, listneing as she spoke. "If she causes trouble, I will need you as backup." She warned Aika, causing the girl to take her guitar off of her back and carry it, it resting on her shoulder as she walked with the fifth hokage.

When they arrived at the gate, Tsunade stopped and looked the girl up and down. Aika did the same, staying quiet as Tsunade spoke up. "Hello, what is your name and business in the Hidden Leaf Village?" Tsunade asked her, her arms crossed over her chest. Tsunade knew if something was up, she would know. She had not been wrong yet when she herself was doing the investigating into a new person, after all. Aika kept silent, letting Tsunade handle the talking. She was just here to fight by her side if she needed her to. She didn't plan on attacking until Tsunade directly told her to though, not wanting to act rash. "I am Tsunade." She told the girl. Aika eyed her clothing, knowing where it was from. "She is from the Village Hidden in the Snow, my lady." Aika said calmly to Lady Tsunade.

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