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The Neurodivergent Urge to go feral
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Hello Hello!
I’m Gal/Tea/Moth! Call my any!
19 || They/She

I’m currently searching for Harry Potter related RPs with partners 18+ age wise (I prefer rping with folks my age!)

I’m looking for OCxOC Pairings and OCxCC Doubles!

I’m all for some canon divergence! (Especially because of she who shan’t be named)

[ What I will do RP wise ]

-OC x OC Pairings ( gxg, nbxg, bxg)

-OC x Canon Doubles (gxg, bxb, BxG, nbxg, nbxb, ect.!)

-Platonic and Romantic Pairings!

-AUs (depending on the AU)

-Omg- and like, an RP inspired by fics like ‘Kaleidoscopic Grangers -AdmiralPegasus‘ and ‘The Bell Tales -Revanius‘ I’d die for this-

[ What I won’t do RP wise ]

-Put up with any Transphobia, Homophobia, Racism, or bigotry


-BxB OCxOC pairings (I don’t have any dude ocs sorry-)

-Teacher x Student pairings

— — —

I write 2-4+ paragraphs per reply in 3rd person!

I’m not too picky on plots and love brainstorming together! I love chatting and gushing about pairings/ships and headcanons! I can move off-site!​
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