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Fantasy Burns so Good {specific craving}

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Hello all. I have a very specific RP request.
So here we go. If you want to know more about me then it's all written up on my main request thread, here.
Ok so for the request. I'm looking for a slow burn fantasy setting romance. Arranged or forced marriage as part of the main idea. A heavy focus on learning about the others race, some action, and battles. Some world building
I prefer MxF pairings but willing to do MxM. I'm also willing to double.
Willing to do OOC in Discord

The very loose foundation of an idea. I would prefer to play character B

Character A is the leader of their clan. (Orc, barbarian, dragon born, tiefling, dark elf. any of the "stronger" races/classes) To help the clan grow Character A had made an unlikely pack with a neighboring race. Character B (an elf, human, a softer race) has offered up a gifted (mage, seer, healer something) to try and ensure peace between them and a neighboring race. Character A is for the union as long as it makes their clan stronger. Character B is against it but doesn't want to put their people in danger. They struggle to see eye to eye as they learn about each other and their customs/ culture.
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