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Futuristic Burning Sails [CLOSED]

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1973 - 1860 (I AM THE SNEED MAN)
The fight’s over and that marine will not be speaking anymore, thank god, but this fight has left several injuries among the crew that he needs to attend to right away. Fortunately Katja’s recovering just fine, but his scanner is telling him Lauren’s just barely hanging on with all her wounds. He’ll have to attend to her first. His dirtied hand holds her shoulder as he walks up to her.

“Be still.” he commands as he injects her with some painkillers. “Now go.” He says, leading her outside the room and in a safer location so he can get to work.


Servant Supreme
Vixaya jumped back from the battlesuit and deactivated her claws, turning about in search of the next threat, only to see her teammates cut down the remaining troopers. Frozen for a moment, an awareness crept back into her and she relaxed her stance, surveying the room and taking stock of what happened during the preceding minutes. She knew that she had taken down the mech, but everything else was just a hazy blur. Her neck ached from the injection she had taken moments earlier, but that paled in comparison to the throbbing pain down her arm and side. She could recall a grenade blast, but wasn't sure who had thrown it at her. Shaking her head, she walked over toward the others without limping, as the stimpack had yet to wear off.

"What do now?" she asked, dully, flicking some of the excess blood off her hands.


The Demon Fanatic
Valkyrie sighed, looking towards the battlesuit and the corpses of the shock troopers before glancing to Nil's strange ship. "...Patch yourselves up, and check the bodies for anything useful. We'll take the battlesuit with us. Refit it, put it to use." she said, before looking over to Lauren as Typhon helped her out of the room. Lauren seemed to be in good spirits, grinning even as bolts of pain shot through her body from the pellet wounds and bullet holes. She had fun, apparently.

Caiden straightened up, grunting painfully as he glanced down to his wounds. He'd be alright, but it'd take a while to mend all the wounds himself. "Yeah, that battlesuit would probably be useful to your bunch. If you have anyone that can pilot the thing, that is." he stated, looking over to Valkyrie as she holstered her weapon. Nil, meanwhile, was walking over towards his ship. He eyed its smooth black surfaces, as he strolled around it. Making sure there wasn't any tracking devices fitted onto it. Luckily, there wasn't. He then walked up to it, and pressed his hand flat against one of the sides. The ship then stopped spinning, holding completely still. And suddenly, Nil was sucked through the side of the vessel. Passing clean through it as if it was but a simple liquid.

It caught those watching off-guard, Nil suddenly disappearing into the floating object. But Caiden reassured them with his comments afterwards. "He's fine. That's how you enter the thing, apparently. I'd get out of this room quickly, though. A dark matter blast isn't fun to be around." he said, motioning towards Vixaya and the others as he carefully limped towards the exit.

Kalien Station - Station Control Room - Mini-Boss Fight - TURN 1 (ENEMY AMBUSH)
Upyri Federation Office of Naval Intelligence
ONI Infiltration Team B-271 (Agent Mirna, Agent Vorster, Agent Riblin)
(HP = 10 each.)

Special Buffs:
ONI Infiltration Team B-271
Martial Prowess - In close combat, an ONI agent's skills are exceptional. During melee combat, a successful retaliation strike against an enemy does 3 DMG instead of 1.

Special Debuffs:
ONI Infiltration Team B-271
Infiltrators, Not Troopers - ONI Agents aren't the best in open, aggressive combat. An uncloaked ONI Agent suffers a -2 chance to hit, and suffers +2 DMG when hit.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Mirna = 5. Does 1 DMG to Damien. Damien HP = 9.
Vorster = 8 - 2 (6, Enemy is cloaked.) Does 1 DMG to Nathalie. Nathalie HP = 6. Nathalie's cloak has been disabled!
Riblin = 9. Does 1 DMG to Nathalie. Nathalie HP = 5.

As Damien and Nathalie moved to the terminals and began to investigate the data that each held, the others in the room began to close in. Cloaked, they quietly made their way through the shadows and around the computers and counters in the room until they were in striking distance. And soon enough, they made their moves. Damien was the first to be attacked, a cloaked figure quickly shoving his head into the computer screen hard. Cracking the screen and busting his nose. Afterwards, they slapped their shin into the back of his knee, making it buckle beneath him, before jerking his head backwards. Effectively slamming him onto the metal floor with alarming force.

The other two moved in on Nathalie as the first attacked Damien, quickly rushing her as she turned about. One slapped her weapon away from her, before driving their fist into Nathalie's chest. The impact forced her backwards, tumbling over the computer's side. And midway through her fall, a knee was driven sharply into the side of her head from the third figure. Nathalie hit the floor in an awkward position, but both she and Damien quickly sprang to their feet. Hands raised and ready to brawl with their invisible attackers.

Meanwhile, another figure emerged into the control room. Kalashi, whom had stalked after the pair, moved into the room just in time to see Nathalie take her hits. This just got interesting.

Viper Actual

Ask me about my tourniquet fetish.
As her cloak cracked, sparked and ultimately faded Nathalie straightened up her combat stance and deployed the concealed blade mounted to her right wrist while grabbing hold of her combat knife- a tanto-styled blade- from her chestrig.
Now armed with two melee weapons she made a quick nod nod towards Damien before leaping forth, advancing on the agents in front of her as she unleashed a flurry of quick slashes.


Servant Supreme
"Yeah, that battlesuit would probably be useful to your bunch. If you have anyone that can pilot the thing, that is."

Vixaya looked the battlesuit up and down with disdain. "It not useful for him," she remarked. "Is too big for me. I no take," she added, before turning to the dead bodies in search of anything useful, like a medical kit, or an unused grenade. When she was done with her quick scan, she staggered out of the room at Caiden's suggestion and found a wall to lean against at a safe distance. Soon, however, she slid down to the floor, kneeling as the stimpack began to wear off.

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